Chapter 006 – I’ve Done My Best

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Lying on his back on the cooling carpet, Xiao Yu blanked out.

The whole thing that happened seconds ago kept replaying in his mind –

Yan Jin quickly stood up from his chair with his hand outstretched, attempting to catch him. But the angle he fell from the desk was horrible; it absolutely missed Yan Jin’s hand.

The hamster ball fell from the height and dropped onto the ground. He tumbled two rounds before he came to a stop.

Xiao Yu was shocked. Falling from such a high spot, no matter who they were, they’d definitely be shocked. At that very moment, Xiao Yu’s mind had scripted that he had fallen to his death with broken limbs all over.

However, after lying still for a short while, Xiao Yu did not feel any sort of indescribable pain from the script.

Weird… Squeak!

Not waiting for Xiao Yu’s next move, he was lifted completely.

That was probably the only time Xiao Yu ever sensed a panicked emotion from Yan Jin’s ever-so indifferent, ‘whoever I laugh at is whoever gets unlucky’ face.

That feeling was marvelous, although Yan Jin’s expression did not change much. No shaking hands nor cold sweat on his forehead like those TV dramas. In contrast, the hands that held Xiao Yu were stable, dry, and warm.

It was completely unlike the temperature that a cold-blooded chairperson should have.

The first person who calmed down instead was Xiao Yu.

No matter what, he had just painstakingly gotten another life, and Xiao Yu sincerely treasured it.

Falling from a height that was seven or eight times taller than himself was terrifying, and yet there was no pain anywhere in particular.

Huddled in Yan Jin’s palm, Xiao Yu already felt that there was nothing wrong with him. He was not sure if it was the fear of the powerful opponent or the yearning of warmth from the palm, but Xiao Yu did not flail about and quietly crouched into a ball.

Xiao Yu thought that his behavior was excellent, but little did he imagine that in Yan Jin’s eyes, his unmoving status looked like he was badly injured.

Yan Jin looked around at his surroundings and strode towards the window. He picked up a small towel, placed it on the desk, and carefully put Xiao Yu on top of it.

Lying on the soft towel, Xiao Yu tried to move his limbs. Indeed, it didn’t feel particularly painful. Perhaps the carpet on the floor and his body covered in gray fur helped absorb most of the impact.

When he was picked up by Yan Jin, Xiao Yu was in complete shock. But now that he realized that he wasn’t injured at all, he was rid of all his fears again.

Xiao Yu straightened his body and turned a few rounds on the spot to show Yan Jin that nothing had happened to him.

However, the moment Yan Jin put down Xiao Yu, he was already dialing a number on his phone immediately, not even noticing the hamster that was coquettishly stroking his hair on the hand towel.

Xiao Yu: SQUEAK!

Was that phone call really that urgent? He was still in a life-threatening situation!

Yan Jin said something hurriedly into the phone, which Xiao Yu did not catch clearly. He heard just some phrases like ‘immediately’ ‘right away’, so he guessed that it was probably Yan Jin’s company matters.

After hanging up the phone call, Yan Jin turned his gaze to Xiao Yu again. At this point, Xiao Yu had already tiredly flopped over. With a squish, he laid flat on the towel into a hamster pancake.

Yan Jin watched the listless hamster as a flash of anxiety that was hard to notice appeared in his eyes. Yet the words he said was:

“Falling from such a height, you’re too stupid.”

Xiao Yu: ……

If a hamster could send emoticons, he would have sent imnotsurprised.jpg

Even though it had only been just two days of being owned by Yan Jin, Xiao Yu thought that his dislike for Yan Jin had already reached its peak; you could even say that it had surpassed the amount he had when he was a human.

Back then when he was in his office, the ladies in his office would chat about the opponent company’s CEO Yan Jin — every day without fail, about how amazing he was and so on. At that time, Xiao Yu tried to refute a few points but ended up getting scolded for saying the grapes were sour when he couldn’t eat them.

But now, as a person who had spent time with Yan Jin, he could proudly tell those people who admired him that –

You people are truly blind.

Xiao Yu closed his eyes and sprawled out into a big hamster pancake. The squarish shape looked adorable, but Yan Jin could only interpret that as Xiao Yu feeling unwell. He stretched his finger and smoothed out Xiao Yu’s fur, consoling him:

“It’s okay, just wait awhile more.”

How would waiting help? You only know how to make phone calls.

Xiao Yu was displeased that Yan Jin made no preparations to bring him to the veterinary hospital.

Is it possible that a veterinarian would come with a phone call?

Never would Xiao Yu have thought that the phone call Yan Jin just made was really for his sake.

However, the person that Yan Jin called wasn’t the veterinarian. It was the Yan family doctor.

The generation’s medical specialist, Dr. Fang Sicai – with a well-known reputation that even Xiao Yu had heard about, was, in fact, Yan Jin’s family doctor. As Xiao Yu listened to the young man explaining himself as he panted heavily, he had this urge to split open Yan Jin’s head.

“Yan Jin, are you alright? It’s really late at night now, so it’s not convenient for Teacher Fang to come over. He said that you still sounded energetic during the phone call, so he told me to come over and take a look first. What’s wrong with you? If it’s bad, I’ll send you to the hospital right away.”

The young doctor was still wearing his white coat, holding a medical treatment box in his hands as he hurriedly dashed into the room, questioning Yan Jin’s condition in a panic and then……

“Yan Jin! I’m breaking off relations with you!” Chu Ge’s entire body was trembling as he pointed his shaking fingers at Xiao Yu who didn’t know what else to do.

Yan Jin gave a sending-off gesture: “Take care, the door’s that way. And get your teacher over here.”

Chu Ge was going to combust in anger: “Teacher Fang is already seventy years old! And you want him, an elderly old man, to come over to treat this, this… mouse?”

“Hamster.” Yan Jin corrected.

“What’s the difference?!”

Yan Jin sat on his chair and clasped his hands together, as if he was sternly briefing his subordinates about some year-end meeting, “It’s very different, but I probably don’t need to explain it to you. Either you treat him or get Elder Fang over to treat him.”

Chu Ge: “Elder Fang is seventy years old.”

Yan Jin: “As long as he doesn’t hand in his resignation, he’s still my family doctor.”

Xiao Yu: SQUEAK!

After being in a deadlock with Yan Jin for a while, Chu Ge still gave in at the end. With a crestfallen heart, he picked up that icy-cold stethoscope and reached out towards Xiao Yu.

At this very moment, Xiao Yu truly sympathized with Chu Ge. Xiao Yu recognized the uniform that this person was wearing – he was a doctor from the best hospital in S City. Xiao Yu visited that hospital before, it took half an hour to even queue for registration, and the appointment with a specialist would be an even longer wait. A people’s doctor was now currently forced by Yan Jin’s tyrannical abuse to part-time as a veterinarian!

As a young and promising resident doctor, even studying under famous teachers, all these years had always been smooth sailing for Chu Ge –

As long as Yan Jin didn’t create trouble.

Chu Ge, who was self-proclaimed as distinguished and accomplished, elegant with outstanding intelligence, was not sure why he ended up in this situation where he was constantly bullied by Yan Jin.

Sigh, there was no other way, was there…

Chu Ge depressingly thought about this; this brat Yan Jin was the boss in their group. Now that he was the employer of his own teacher, he could only obediently follow his instructions.

The last living thing that Chu Ge touched that resembled Xiao Yu was back when he was still a research student, to give a white mouse an abdominal cavity injection. Back then he could still analyze the test subject’s body condition. However, at this moment, he was having a headache from observing this gray little hamster as he could not find any problems with it.

Although, if he really found any problems then that would make his headache worse – he was a surgeon, okay?!

Chu Ge made Xiao Yu do some repetitive movements for a few times and finally looked up to face Yan Jin. With a serious expression, he asked: “You’re saying that it fell from this spot?”

Yan Jin answered yes.

Chu Ge pushed up his gold-framed spectacles and sternly said, “I’ll leave some medicine for it. Give them accordingly. Other than that, it’s all up to its fate.”

Those were not some positive words; Yan Jin hesitantly asked: “You mean…”

“I’ve done my best.”

‘I’ve done my best.’ That sentence had some special meaning to it, especially when a doctor said that.

A death sentence that needed no tools.

Yan Jin became a bit flustered, but his voice remained stable: “I’ve only had him for two days.”

“That kitten that you kept only survived for two weeks.” Chu Ge reminded.

Xiao Yu: Meow? How could Yan Jin believe such nonsense!

Yan Jin’s face suddenly turned sullen as he depressingly poked Xiao Yu who was on the desk and asked, “Before a hamster dies, will it run off on its own?”

Chu Ge waved his hand in the air: “I don’t think so, it’s not like an elephant that needs to hide its tusk.”

Xiao Yu: ……