Chapter 017 – Seems like I fooled him

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No matter how anxious he felt, what fate had planned would still occur.

It was seven minutes past 4 p.m. in the afternoon. The sound of the door unlocking came from the living room.

Xiao Yu held his last bit of hope as he looked around the bedroom. He scantily confirmed that he had not left any ‘footsteps’ behind in the room and hid in his small house as he shivered.

Don’t find out, don’t find outtttttt…

Yan Jin stayed in the living room for quite some time, which was rare – previously, Yan Jin would enter the bedroom straightaway after he go to the villa. Regarding that, Xiao Yu often questioned the practicality of this villa. In fact, Yan Jin only used the first level and that one bedroom, but he was living in this huge villa. Didn’t CEOs in television shows always have some servants or butlers? But it was just Yan Jin (and now one hamster) – wouldn’t he feel lonely staying in such a huge place?

After staying together for such a long time, Xiao Yu had never seen him go up to the second level – and never did he bring Xiao Yu with him upstairs. Xiao Yu was very curious about the second level; if it was before, Xiao Yu might have felt that maybe Yan Jin was hiding someone up there. But Xiao Yu had never seen Yan Jin bring anyone into the house – it seemed like the rumors about Yan Jin keeping his hands clean was true after all.

But then again, with Yan Jin’s net worth and age, putting aside the fact that he had no intention of getting married – he didn’t even have a single scandal partner. That alone was weird for Xiao Yu..

But it was not the time to think of such things now. Xiao Yu still wasn’t sure what Yan Jin was doing outside. Yet, before he had time to wonder, Yan Jin’s footsteps approached and finally stopped at the doorstep.

Xiao Yu dared not move an inch; even his breathing got lighter. He silently practiced his speech for his ‘real identity’ in his heart.

A hamster that had become a spirit after cultivating for years – he usually stayed in the deep mountains and forests and occasionally roamed into the human world to play. He was somehow picked up by Yan Jin, and seeing the decent food that Yan Jin provided, he reluctantly stayed behind… something like that?

Xiao Yu raised his paws and scratched his head, and deceivingly thought to himself: Yan Jin would believe that, right?

If Yan Jin did not believe him, or if Yan Jin thought that a hamster spirit was too scary, would he throw him out?

Wait, wait, wait, he should not be thinking that negatively, that was just the worst-case scenario. Maybe Yan Jin did not even realize anything and thought that everything was just normal?

He would wait until Yan Jin entered the room. He would sit down before his computer and start working on his company matters, and then buy him a small tomato, a walnut, or a bunch of melon seeds perhaps?

Sadly, Xiao Yu was destined to be let down.

Yan Jin had already entered, but that was all he did.

He stood outside the cage and stared at it for two whole minutes. Even with the cage between them, Xiao Yu could sense the horrifying aura coming from Yan Jin.

That tiny bit of wishful thinking that Xiao Yu had began to sink.

He found out.

He definitely found out.

The actions that Yan Jin displayed these two days were more than enough to explain why he decreased the amount of time he allowed Xiao Yu out of the cage. Not opening the cage this morning was also on purpose.

And he risked getting his identity exposed just because of a boring game!

Xiao Yu regretted it.

Must he really leave this place?

Although Yan Jin was a nasty chairman, there wouldn’t be a second hamster owner like him in this world anymore – tasty hamster food, freedom, an iPad to play with and his little tomato as well…

If he had to leave, would Yan Jin agree to let him take those things along with him?

Tears started to accumulate in Xiao Yu’s eyes. He suddenly despised himself: how could he think poorly of Yan Jin all the time but act so reluctant when it came to parting ways.

It was all because of that idiot, Yan Jin.

“……” Xiao Yu seemed to hear a voice, but it was unclear. He quickly rubbed his face with his paw and perked his ears to listen to the commotion outside.

“… Fishy?”

“Fishy, fishy?”

Yan Jin seemed to be calling him.

His voice wasn’t loud, but it did not sound angry.

Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment. Then he gathered all his courage to allow him to break his limbs, stick his head out and get beheaded, and thirty years later, he would become a….

A good hamster?

He cringed in fear again.

It was not easy to get reborn again. What if things didn’t work out the next time? That was so not worth it. But he had to face his problems: he needed to tell Yan Jin the truth and pray that Yan Jin would let him off.

After making up his mind, Xiao Yu wobbled out from his little house.


Xiao Yu stepped out from the cage and saw Yan Jin standing not too far away. They both had some distance between them.


Hn, scaredy-cat.

He was even scared of a hamster spirit.

“Fishy!” Yan Jin suddenly raised his voice and that successfully shocked Xiao Yu, who was already upset. The angry squeaks immediately got extinguished.

Next, a surprising thing happened. Yan Jin did not suspect Xiao Yu’s identity like the hamster thought he would have. He instead took three big strides towards the cage and grabbed him immediately.

Xiao Yu could not even react in time as to what had happened. In the next moment, he was pressed against Yan Jin’s cheeks.

Pressed on Yan Jin’s cheek.


What happened? Wait? What happened?

Before he could even retort, Xiao Yu’s entire hamster body was viciously rubbed against Yan Jin.


“Thank goodness, I thought…” Yan Jin only said his sentence halfway, leaving Xiao Yu completely lost.

After Chairman Yan finished his crazy antics, he held Xiao Yu on his palm and gave him an ultra-solid walnut.

Xiao Yu, who was still in a daze, accepted the walnut, still unsure what exactly Yan Jin was up to.

Whatever, I’ll calm myself down with a walnut.

Kakk –

What the-, this is murder!

Xiao Yu looked at the ‘walnut’ that almost broke his teeth. He instantly felt his heart beating a lot faster.

Technically, it was a walnut, but it was a golden walnut!

Or more accurately, it was a walnut made of gold. The exterior was carved beautifully with the insides emptied out. The design looked good and it was light, which was a very suitable gift for a powerless little creature.

Xiao Yu’s teeth left two light dents on this handcrafted “walnut”. It was not obvious, but Xiao Yu suspected if he had used more strength he might’ve lost his teeth.

He looked up and watched the creator of this evilness.

Xiao Yu’s gaze glowed dangerously with an ‘I don’t care what explanation you make, I’m going to bite you to death’ expression.

Chairman Yan did not sense Xiao Yu’s anger at all. He tapped on Xiao Yu’s little head and said: “I’m glad you’re still here.”

That random sentence instantly changed all of Xiao Yu’s frustration into doubt.

“Squeak?” What?

Looking at Xiao Yu’s confused and silly-looking face, Yan Jin happily gave the hamster a generous rubbing.

“Keep it well, that walnut is yours from now on.”

Xiao Yu looked at the slightly damaged golden walnut again, not knowing what else to say.

Although receiving presents was something to be happy about, what use could such ‘decorations’ do? (He seemed to have completely forgotten that just a while ago, he was tearing up while wanting to take that unnecessary ‘decorative’ tomato with him earlier.)

Yan Jin was in fact not a very stern nor difficult person to be with. Although he was indeed aloof and had a private Mr. Chairman personality in the eyes of the public, after getting closer to him, Xiao Yu could see the different unknown sides of Yan Jin. There were bad ones and good ones. And Yan Jin’s image in his heart had already become livelier.

So, Xiao Yu’s current confusion was, what exactly was Yan Jin happy about? “You’re still here, I’m glad.” What did that sentence mean?

Suddenly, Xiao Yu came up with a seemingly logical explanation.

Maybe, every month, for a few days, Yan Jin would always… go crazy?

Unsure if it was Yan Jin’s joyful influence, or if it was because of his wonderful imagination, Xiao Yu wasn’t as depressed as he was earlier. He stole a glance at Chairman Yan who had ‘happy’ written on his face. Xiao Yu felt relieved.

It looked like his identity had not been exposed.

Everything aside, at least he wouldn’t be chased out of the house.

After the crisis was over, Xiao Yu started to consider a question that he was wondering for quite some time – why was Yan Jin acting so differently these few days?


The doorbell rang.

Yan Jin held Xiao Yu on his palm as he walked to the living room to open the door. Normally, Xiao Yu would lay on his stomach when he was on Yan Jin’s palm. But Xiao Yu felt guilty this time. So, he put aside his walnut and flipped himself over, exposing his stomach with his limbs spread out.

The rare scene of ‘lying down on palm’ quickly caught Yan Jin’s attention. Chairman Yan stretched his index finger and poked Xiao Yu’s stomach that was covered with white fur.

Next, his finger was caught by Xiao Yu’s unusually coordinated limbs as the hamster hugged his finger like a ball.

Yan Jin watched with interest as he swirled his finger and scratched Xiao Yu’s little stomach. Xiao Yu felt ticklish and squeaked his protest, but he did not let go of the finger.

The human and hamster interacted for a while. When Yan Jin tried to pull his finger away, he did not expect Xiao Yu to have so much strength that he was unable to withdraw his finger.

Yan Jin tried a few more times but all his attempts failed.


The doorbell rang through the entire house, almost forming a rhythmic three short, one long staccato pattern.

Yan Jin reluctantly gave in: “Fishy, I can’t open the door if you act like this.”

Xiao Yu gripped on even tighter.

“Fishy, let go. Fishy?”

Even after calling the hamster out a few times, Xiao Yu refused to budge.

“Squeakkk.” There is a hamster pretending to be deaf, it needs a pricey bribe.

Yan Jin actually understood as he laughed,

“Look at what’s on the table. Wait until we get that uncle outside the door into our house, then we shall start eating, alright?”

Xiao Yu took a glance at the dining table. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at what was present before him.

A huge cake and some…. Random, random things everywhere.

That was what Yan Jin was up to for so long?

Cake? Was it his birthday today?

Xiao Yu vaguely knew when Yan Jin’s birthday was. When he was still a human, he once attended Yan Jin’s birthday party, but he remembered that it was not during this season.

Regardless of whose birthday it was, Xiao Yu was still delighted to be able to share the glory and have some of the cake. He cooperated and let go of his hands and legs. He flipped over and obediently laid on his stomach.

Yan Jin smoothed the gray fur on Xiao Yu’s back as a reward and then made his way to open the door.


The person who realized that doorbell wasn’t useful started banging on the door.