Chapter 021 – Those Years With Some Xxxbao Owner Who Produces Replicas

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The moment that mystery designer did not make an appearance, Lin Zhou’s scheme would be successful. That was a result that Xiao Yu did not want to witness no matter what. As long as Lin Zhou could not fulfill his wish, Xiao Yu was willing to do anything.

Even though hatred had almost occupied most of Xiao Yu’s mind, he was thankful for his clear consciousness. Instead of coming up with ways to expose Lin Zhou, it would be a better revenge to have him put everything in the basket and end up with a tragic loss.

Then, Xiao Yu’s mind came up with a wonderful yet scary thought.

That unfathomable yet reasonable thought had already been brewing in Xiao Yu’s heart for days.

There was a wall in his heart that oversaw his rational and cowardly side, and yet that thought came in fast and unreasonable like a storm, loitering outside that wall. Although it could not enter his heart, it continued to chip off the bricks from that wall.

Perhaps it was because of that insanely gorgeous mini town, it gave that storm its power to crush that last piece of brick.

Yan Jin was worthy of this provocative victory, and YL would also be worthy of the clients for the next eight months.

Mr. Mystery.

Xiao Yu silently chanted the nickname that was given to the mystery designer and then he made up his mind.

Lin Zhou’s plan must never succeed. The mystery designer must make an appearance.

If he could take over the mystery designer’s identity, then by the butterfly effect, he would end up as him!

Yes, he would become that mystery designer.

That was the decision he made after considering it for many days.

Xiao Yu knew every order that would be happening in the next eight months. Plus, his memories about those drafts were clearer than anyone else’s. Back then, he spent at least close to half a month’s time to compare his own work with that of the mystery designer’s while  attempting to discover the areas that had hints of plagiarism.

No one else would be more suitable to become that mystery designer.

Talking about it, it did seem like a joke. The human Xiao Yu would never had thought that he would end up betraying himself to help YL’s designs.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

But Xiao Yu had long decided that he would not help the human Xiao Yu. One mistake was a mistake, and two mistakes was still a mistake. Since the person he was defrauding was himself, then he should not be blamed for it.

He should not linger on that question for too long, otherwise Xiao Yu might start thinking that he was going to develop split personalities.

After he made up his mind, Xiao Yu began his preparations. The time frame was way too short – if he had to start the design all over again, it would be one hundred percent impossible to make it on time. However, Xiao Yu did not only have his own draft, he also had the impression of the final product in his mind. The directions were clear, and hence the completion would be faster than usual.

That was, if he could draw.

Even a clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. Even if Xiao Yu had outstanding capabilities, there was no way he could use a hamster’s four limbs to draw his drafts.

He thought of his round body and the four, short little paws buried in his fur – if he attempted to hug a pen, his entire body would be using the pen as an axis to roll around.


Don’t ask him how he knew that would happen; it was a lesson learned through blood and tears.

So, to achieve his goals, Xiao Yu needed a collaborator.

This person had to be someone he already knew. It didn’t matter if that person was in design or not, even his standards didn’t need to be too high. But that person had to understand that his design style could not be related to SI or YL.

It would be even more perfect if that person owed him a favor – that way Xiao Yu would be able to guarantee that the collaborator would not end up exposing himself half way through the deal. However, that person must not be someone too close to him. Because once that person had a close relationship with human Xiao Yu, then he would sooner or later become exposed.

With such strict conditions, it seemed like no one would fit the criteria.

But the world was so amazing that sometimes the fate between humans were inexplicable.

When Xiao Yu made his decision, he immediately realized that he had no way to draw the drafts personally. Yet Xiao Yu did not consider that factor as a problem amidst his entire plan.

In fact, he did know of such a person who was not in the business and was somewhat considered a designer. Not only did that person owe him a favor, he also did not have a close relationship with the human Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu had known this person for quite some time; it was somewhere around two years ago when he had just joined SI to work. Once, when Xiao Yu went to xxxbao for online shopping, he accidentally chanced upon this xxxbao shop that specialized in selling jewelry ornaments. The shop name was Nannan’s Whispers.

The shop owner was called Nannan. The first impression of this nickname made Xiao Yu think that the shop owner was a lady. Only later did Xiao Yu realize that Nannan was a man from head to toe.

Nannan’s online shop was decently maintained, and his client base was stable as well. Xiao Yu saw the original jewelries that were sold in the shop. He could only say that there was nothing too special about them. However, the reason why this shop was so popular was because it sold replicas of the popular brands that were available. In other words, Nannan’s Whispers not only produced original jewelry designs, but they also plagiarized the majority of the well-known brands out in the market. And their main target to plagiarize was from SI Jewelry Group.

It was not surprising for Xiao Yu to find out about this shop. Nannan’s Whispers had already been plagiarizing SI’s products for many years. But the shop did not lie about their products being original works, as they clearly stated and were tagged as ‘Replicas of SI’s Autumn Season Conference Release’.

The coined term ‘replicas’ series was very popular. The feedback under that tag was filled with ‘It’s the same as the authentic version’, ‘The quality is amazing’ and some even said, ‘It’s definitely authentic, and it costs way less than the actual shop’, and etc.

Xiao Yu was pissed beyond words when he saw that the $9.90 shipping was included in its price tag.

Seriously, they dared to say it was the authentic version while selling a necklace at one to two thousand dollars plus a $9.90 shipping price, where had their consciences floated off to? Such comments were obviously made by a troll that did not use his brain. The item tags did state that they were ‘replicas’ and yet they insisted that it was the authentic version.

The materials used for these ‘replicas’ were extremely inexpensive. The diamonds and jewels never glittered and the best chain they had was only silver. The pictures in the item description were even stolen from SI’s official website.

Xiao Yu was not sure what kind of mental state he was in, but he ended up ordering all of FISH’s replicas. When Xiao Yu received the goods, one of the ‘Replicas of SI’s Summer Season Conference Release’ gave him a stunning shock.

It was really the same as the authentic version.

Putting aside the change from the platinum gold chain to a sliver chain and swapping the jewelries to plexiglass; setting aside the difference in material limits, every other detail was exactly the same as the original.

That was not an easy thing to accomplish. When the factory mass-produced a product, they needed a drawing of the design. It was impossible for Xiao Yu’s drawings to be leaked to the public. That meant that this xxxbao owner drew the exact same design drawing as the final product that was displayed only once, during the conference through the internet.

It was such an accomplishment; even a professional designer like Xiao Yu would not dare to promise that he would be able to do it.

Eventually, Xiao Yu contacted Nannan for a conversation. At first, Nannan insisted that he had the property rights to his products. But after Xiao Yu disclosed his identity, Nannan started denying all responsibilities. In conclusion, he had neither money nor his life to offer.

Compensation, no way; taking the items off shelves, that was even more impossible.

Once again, Xiao Yu got pissed wordless.

His original intention was not to ask for compensation. It was not easy to manage a business, plus such a thing was not for him to decide. If SI wanted to follow up on the case, they would have done so themselves. If the company did not care, then there was no need for him to ask for compensation from Nannan.

Xiao Yu contacted the shop owner simply because he thought that he was a talent, and Xiao Yu wanted to get to know him. Xiao Yu did not expect Nannan to assume that he was trying to get him to compensate.

Actually, Nannan was not to be blame for acting that way. After all, as a pirated dealer, their number one fear was probably seeing their legal counterparts looking for them.

After explaining everything to Nannan, the two of them even added each other as friends on QQ. Nannan even invited Xiao Yu into the Nannan’s Whispers’ shopper group chat. Apparently, he was treating Xiao Yu as one of his potential clients. Too bad the chat group was too noisy; Xiao Yu muted it the moment he entered. After that, the two of them had never stayed in contact ever since.

Never did he expect for such an insignificant incident to now become the core of Xiao Yu’s plan.

Xiao Yu logged in to his own account and found that xxxbao owner.

[FISH]: You there?

[Nannan]: Hey dear! The Double Seven Festival series has hit the market! Order now with a $50 minimum purchase and we’ll give you a small present! Don’t miss the chance, make your orders now! The popular models are…

[FISH]: ……

[FISH]: I’m SI’s FISH.

[Nannan]: Guru? What’s up? That’s the auto- reply.

[FISH]: I’m aware. There’s something that I need your help with.

[Nannan]: What is it? Just tell me Guru, if I can do it, I’m willing to go through hell for you!

[FISH]: Well, I need you to help me draft a design.

[Nannan]: ?

[Nannan]: You need me to draft a design???

[Nannan]: Could it be the design drafts for the Autumn Season Conference?

[FISH]: …… the draft for Autumn Season Conference is one of them. But before that, there’s one more.

[Nannan]: startingtoloseconscious.jpg

[FISH]: … I’m serious. I’m in a bit of a difficult situation right now.

[Nannan]: I don’t how to explain to you. Iamapig.jpg

[FISH]: Please, please, please/ I really can’t find anyone else right now.

[Nannan]: It’s not that I’m not willing to help, Guru. But if I can draft designs for SI then why would I be hosting this online shop and selling replicas?

[FISH]: I will give instructions on all the details. You just need to help me draw it.

[Nannan]: Guru, did you fracture your bone?

[FISH]: I had a small problem which is similar to a bone fracture. Can you add my other account, and then we’ll talk more? The account is xxxxxxx.

After Xiao Yu became a hamster, he registered that side account. His motive at first was to register for the game accounts, but little did he know there would be such a big use for it.

The account he had logged in to was his previous QQ account, which was the human Xiao Yu’s account. He even took into consideration to only log in when the human Xiao Yu went for his weekly meetings, fearing that his log in would raise suspicions.

After Nannan agreed to add his side account, Xiao Yu immediately deleted their conversation, erased their dialog portrait, logged out, and switched to his own hamster account.

Ding dong, Nannan has requested to add you as a friend.


[Nannan]: Hey dear! The Double Seven Festival series has hit the market! Order now with a $50 minimum purchase and we’ll give you a small present! Don’t miss the chance, make your orders now! The popular models are…

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I know, auto-replies.

[Nannan]: Guru, it’s just, can you reconsider? I really can’t do this.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It’s up to me whether you can do it or not. Just try.

[Nannan]: No, I mean, can you tell me the truth? Why do I feel like I’m doing something illegal?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: … selling replicas aren’t illegal?

[Nannan]: lifeisharshdontexpose.jpg

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: After all, we’re on the same boat now. You have to help me no matter what.

[Nannan]: Meow? Guru, can you explain again?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I need the design drafts now, but due to personal reasons I can’t draw them myself. So, I must find someone to draw on my behalf. I will describe in detail to you. You just have to follow my instructions and draw until I’m satisfied.

[Nannan]: ….. but the Double Eleven Festival is approaching, our shop is getting busier my dear… TAT

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Stop lying, it’s only August right now.

[Nannan]: I’m trying to reject the offer tactfully, Guru… TAT

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I’ll give you five hundred thousand for each draft.

[Nannan]: … okay Guru, no problem Guru. 

Translator’s Note:

  1. FISH – Human Xiao Yu’s nickname that he used for his products (almost like a branding?)
  2. Double Seven Festival & Double Eleven Festivals, also known as July 7th and November 11th, were “memorable dates/sales day” that everyone should celebrate by spending money (Trust me, sale gimmicks).

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