Chapter 030 – Little, Little Apple

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Thankfully, Xiao Yu’s prayer did not go unheard. Yan Jin, who was a light sleeper, was woken up by Xiao Yu very quickly.

“Fishy?” Yan Jin opened his bedside lamp, adjusted to the brightness, then promptly flew off the bed.

Xiao Yu laid limply on Yan Jin’s palm listlessly.

“Squeakkk…” Stomach pain…

Yan Jin did not understand what Xiao Yu was trying to say but knew he for sure knew that Fishy was not feeling well. When he got closer to the cage, he could smell an odor and spotted some slimy substance at Fishy’s toilet area.

Yan Jin recalled the pizza they ate earlier and guessed that Xiao Yu might have had an upset stomach from it. He took a towel and folded it into several layers and placed Xiao Yu on top of it as he picked up his phone.

Twenty minutes later.

“If it’s not because I have an emergency operation tonight, I swear that I wouldn’t be coming here, I swear.” Chu Ge nagged as he entered the house. The doctor did not even have time to take off his white robe as he reeked of disinfectant from head to toe.

Having said that, this was the first time Chu Ge was summoned at two a.m. in the morning and that was new to Chu Ge. Even without that emergency operation, Chu Ge would probably do everything possible to get here.

After all, he was tortured by Yan Jin from a young age.

“Fishy seemed to have an upset stomach.” Yan Jin used the damp paper towel that was dipped with warm water to wipe Xiao Yu’s lips. Xiao Yu did not even have any strength left to raise his head as he laid on the towel with his eyes closed.

Although Chu Ge had come from a thousand miles away, he had no idea about what exactly happened. So, he decided to understand the situation first.

“What did he eat?”


“Pizza? Haven’t I told you that hamsters can’t eat human food?”

“You only said not to feed those that often.” Yan Jin reminded.

“Fine, fine. My fault.”

If it was just diarrhea then there would be no major issues, he could just give it some medicine. If it was really serious, then he could probably get his stomach pumped and problem solved. But, that was only if Chu Ge was dealing with a human.

Chu Ge wondered if a hamster could eat human medicine?

From the perspective of anatomy, the structure of their digestive system did look similar.

“What should we do? When you were on your way, he had diarrhea twice.” Yan Jin asked anxiously.

“… shall we try to feed him some apples?” Chu Ge suggested hesitantly.


“Apple, APPLE. Those organic acids might help.”

Yan Jin did not look convinced: “Will it be useful?”

“We have to try even if it’s useless, young master. It’s like three to four hours before the sun rises again. Have you made an emergency appointment?”

“I did. They said to observe his situation first. If it’s not wet tail then there’s no need to rush. The vets are already on their way here.” Yan Jin pointed at Xiao Yu’s butt, “There’s no wetness around his tail, I’ve touched it.”

The weak Xiao Yu silently blushed. His tail was so short that it was barely visible, which meant to say that Yan Jin was practically touching his butt on purpose.

Chu Ge was a little frustrated: “You’ve already made the emergency appointment. Then what did you ask me to come over for?”

Yan Jin replied faintly: “Just in case.”

“… fine, asshole.”

Chu Ge poked Xiao Yu with his finger but did not receive any reaction in return.

“It’s probably feeling unwell – it’s not even biting back.” Although that was meant as a joke, Chu Ge was in fact quite worried as well. He knew how Yan Jin valued this hamster, and as a doctor, he did not want to see a life disappear just like that.

“Place a hot-water bag underneath the towel and switch off the air conditioner for the time being.” Chu Ge instructed.

Yan Jin switched off the air-conditioner as instructed. Noticing that there was no hot-water bag in the house, he quickly made a call to the veterinarian who was on the way to grab a hot-water bag from a nearby convenience store. Chu Ge went to cook the apple and sliced the unpeeled apple before he tried to feed it to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was so unwell that he did not want to eat anything, but he knew that it was for his own good. So, he forced himself to nibble two mouthfuls, and then laid back limply on the towel.

“Squeak.” I can’t eat anymore.

“Just one more bite okay? Be nice, Fishy.”

Xiao Yu refused to budge nor was he willing to open his mouth.

Chu Ge: I’m a surgeon, not a pediatrician. I really am not good at coaxing.

Helpless, Chu Ge sent his SOS gaze towards Yan Jin.

Yan Jin took over the small spoon in one hand as his other hand gently grabbed Xiao Yu upwards. He placed the small spoon to Xiao Yu’s mouth and said quietly, “Fishy, open up.”

Xiao Yu cooperatively opened his mouth and obediently swallowed a mouthful of apple.

Chu Ge was between laughter and tears: “This is so unfair?”

Xiao Yu ignored Chu Ge’s protest. In his heart, he thought that it was a privilege to be fed by Yan Jin, probably because no one else in this world had such treatment yet. Putting aside that his stomach was not feeling well, even if he was dead, he would probably spring up alive again to be fed.

About another half an hour later, the veterinarian arrived. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu stopped having diarrhea. He wondered if it was due to the cooked apple taking effect (or perhaps it was because he was fed by Yan Jin?), but Xiao Yu no longer felt as bad as before. The veterinarian checked on the hamster’s condition and announced that there were no big issues.

“A reminder to not overfeed him from now on. Every meal should be a fixed amount and do not let him overeat once it’s past the limit. And of course, hamsters should not be given human food for consumption. It’s okay to tease it with food but not too often. Don’t panic when he has diarrhea, just feed him some apples. It’ll be good if he gets well from there, but if it’s bad then you can buy some medicine to give to him instead. I’ll write down those medicine names for you…”

Finally, the veterinarian tactfully concluded, “Next time, don’t ask for an emergency appointment if the problem isn’t too big. After all, house call expenses aren’t cheap…”

Yan Jin conveniently asked, “How much do you earn in a month? Including the house calls.”

The veterinarian paused for a moment. By right these kinds of questions should not be answered, but for some unknown reason, the veterinarian decided to answer with the truth: “When the times are good, probably close to ten thousand, when it’s bad…”

“I’ll hire you for twenty thousand — you’ll be Fishy’s private doctor.” Yan Jin gently caressed Xiao Yu’s back, making that little hamster comfortably lie on the towel as he melted into a hamster pancake.

“You can continue to work at the veterinary clinic. Try not to do house calls so that I can contact you when needed.”

Veterinarian: “… you have the contract?”

“It’s too late now, but I’ll get my secretary to send you a copy of the contract before tomorrow night. You can take your leave now.”

Xiao Yu peeked at the veterinarian who was stunned by this huge opportunity, as he mentally shook his head in disapproval.

I must be mad to think that I wanted to save money for Yan Jin.

Did he not know that money could in fact make a person invincible?

After the veterinarian left, Chu Ge suddenly felt that something was amiss. He doubtfully asked, “Wait, does that mean you’re not planning on calling me in the future again?”

Yan Jin did not even spare a glance at Chu Ge as he replied: “Do you wish to come over in the middle of the night?”

Chu Ge: ……

Chu Ge finally understood the feeling of a stone being smashed on his own feet.

It was true that he did not want to rush over in the middle of the night to see a hamster. But without the chance to see that hamster, he would also lose his only chance to see Yan Jin in person. And Yan Jin would never ever cooperate with him again to do health checks, what should he do now?

Indeed, the result of pushing away his responsibilities all the time when he was needed eventually resulted in the rejection of his help.

But, he didn’t really push away his responsibilities, right? He was just saying some empty words, it did not hurt anyone to have a little bit of arrogance, no?

The alarm in Chu Ge’s arrogant yet delicate heart went off. If he didn’t do something right now, he might end up meeting Yan Jin only one year later for the hospital checkup.

No way!

“Oh, that’s great. Then I finally won’t have to be ordered around again…” Chu Ge stubbornly acted like he did not care at all and then immediately changed the topic: “But, Fishy’s my godson now, I have to meet him at least once every month.”

“Whatever you say.”

Chu Ge heaved a sigh of relief.

What a close call. At least he preserved the rights to enter the villa once every month. That way Yan Jin wouldn’t be able to skip his monthly health checkup.

When Chu Ge was about to continue talking, Yan Jin suddenly put his finger over his own lips and gestured a ‘shhh’ sign.

Chu Ge lowered his head and realized that the hamster that had tortured them for the night was already deep asleep. He had drifted off to his dreams as it laid on that warm, soft towel.

It was four in the morning when Chu Ge headed home in his car and Yan Jin returned to sleep.

The next day morning, Yan Jin unexpectedly did not wake up from the alarms.

Xiao Yu had woken up instead. He realized that he was still lying on that towel. Beside him was a phone and it was vibrating at the moment.

Xiao Yu hesitated for a second and then quickly crawled over to off the alarm.

Today was a Saturday; he thought he should let Yan Jin sleep a while more.

Xiao Yu didn’t want to fall back asleep right after he had woken up. So, he went to open his iPad and logged into his QQ account.

There were no replies from the congratulations message that he sent Yan Jin yesterday.

Nannan however, had drawn some drafts for him.

After a quick look at those drafts, Xiao Yu determined that those were not satisfactory. So, he left this issue aside for the time being.

There was something he always wanted to do and now was the perfect chance.

Xiao Yu painstakingly lifted up Yan Jin’s phone. Thankfully, the phones nowadays were all slimmer and lighter, which gave Xiao Yu this opportunity to fulfill his wish.

He leaned the phone against the folded towels, adjusted the camera lens, and unlocked the phone.

After spending time together with Yan Jin, Xiao Yu already knew all the passwords to Yan Jin’s phone, his laptop, and his QQ account. To be honest, at this moment, it would be possible to find out whatever password he needed. No one would be cautious of their own pets — especially a scheming hamster that always pretended to look elsewhere.

Xiao Yu opened the camera app and aimed it at Yan Jin’s bed.


Even though there were limitations to the angle he was taking the picture from, Xiao Yu was still very satisfied. The photo only showed that someone was on the bed, his face couldn’t be seen at all.

Next, Xiao Yu took a few pictures of the room and finally took a picture of the leftover apple from last night.

Xiao Yu happily took all the pictures and sent them to Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both through Yan Jin’s QQ and then deleted the conversation chat history.

He opened his “Fishy’s iPad” and posted an update on an ‘only seen by me’ setting.

Today, our Mr. Chairman is adorable as ever, you’re my little, little apple.

Pictures attached.

Xx Hotel.

After hacking into Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both’s account, the hacker who had set to receive all notifications from that account spit his mouthful of coffee onto the screen.

“What are you doing?! Do you know how expensive this new monitor is?! Are you going to compensate me if it’s ruined?!” Nan Wei raised his voice in horror.

“Ask Yan Jin to compensate you.” A certain childhood sweetheart replied.

“Huh? You’re pushing your mistakes onto my cousin?”

“See for yourself.” A certain childhood sweetheart grabbed some tissues and started wiping the monitor.

“What are y-…” Nan Wei moved closer to the screen and stopped talking.

Wow, Cousin really found a person of the highest quality. Gosh, little apple?

This is making my teeth itch.