Chapter 31: Sliced Finger

Translator: Scrya

Editor: Faith


No matter what, humans could not outrun a sword.

The moment the door was broken through, Xiaodong understood that running was futile. Backed against the wall, he held his sword tightly as he stared straight at the intruder who broke the door.

Naturally, the person standing outside was not Old Crow, and nor did she bring a brazier.

He recognized this person.

Didn’t Senior Liu’s group already leave? Why did Lin Yan return?

Xiaodong held the sword horizontally in front of his chest, as though he could only get peace of mind by doing so. Looking at Lin Yan’s especially foreign appearance, he was so anxious he found it hard to breathe.

Lin Yan did not place Xiaodong’s little bit of resistance in her eyes. She raised one of her hands and smacked away the sword he was holding, reaching out to grab his neck with her other hand.

In the few days she stayed here, she had already clearly investigated the situation on the mountain. This little disciple of Spiritual Master Li had only just entered the sect. He did not have any foundation and was barely any different from the regular humans down the mountain. She intended to grab him successfully with a single attempt, but despite her eyes on him, for some reason her grasp landed on empty air. She then looked at Xiaodong again. He was clearly still standing unmoving in the same spot.

Lin Yan was stunned. Her grip on the sword tightened.
Could there be someone else in the room?

No way! She had already asked the person who came to deliver the brazier. There was only this brat surnamed Yun inside the room.

Lin Yan focused as she struck out with her hand again, this time not as unmindful as before. She felt that she could catch him this time, with enough force to snap Xiaodong’s collarbone.

Lin Yan’s movements were as quick as lightning and Xiaodong’s mind blanked at this moment. He could not think of anything as his sight was filled with the hand striking towards him.

Time seemed to stretch in that instant. Lin Yan’s hand movement felt infinitely slow and heavy, to the point where Xiaodong could even see the blood dyed on her fingertips.

At this moment, he even had the leisure to think. Whose blood was it?

It did not belong to Lin Yan, nor was it Xiaodong’s.

When he recalled how she spoke with Old Crow’s voice outside the door earlier, Xiaodong vaguely figured it out in his heart.

The blood most likely belonged to Old Crow.

Lin Yan initially thought she had him this time, but she never expected that she would still grab onto empty air on her second attempt. The brat was clearly standing in front of her unmoving, so how did she miss twice in a row? Not only did she miss, she did not manage to touch even a strand of his hair. Was her vision blurred? Or did her hand slip? Or was there something amiss with this brat?

Lin Yan’s faith began to weaken. With how things were especially successful so far, she had actually been brimming with confidence. However, she never expected that things would go awry the moment she entered this residence. Even when they were separated by the door, she was instantly seen through by this brat, or she might have not imitated his familiar attendant well. Then, her hand slipped the moment she broke in. This could be attributed to carelessness for underestimating the brat, but when she failed to grab him even on her second attempt, Lin Yan sensed that something was amiss. She no longer cared about the plan of keeping the brat alive as a hostage, as she was afraid that if she were to delay any longer, undesirable changes would occur. She did not want to be stuck here and delay her other tasks.

Lin Yan sharpened her focus and raised her sword, wanting to pierce the brat to death. No matter how strange he was, he was still of flesh and blood. His body could not possibly be tougher than a sword. Lin Yan did not believe that with a distance of about an inch between them, she would fail to slice or pierce him.

Only a dead person would pose no threat, and only a dead person could calm one down.

The motion of a sharp sword piercing flesh was the most delightful sound in the world.

When Mo Chen broke through the window and entered, this was the scene he saw. Lin Yan had the strand of a sinister smile forming at the corners of her lips, and she had already forced Little Junior Brother to the corner of the wall. Cold light glimmered on her sword. The technique she was using was a killing move.

Mo Chen’s sword was faster than hers. Before Lin Yan’s blade could touch Xiaodong, Mo Chen’s sword light caught up from behind. Lin Yan did not feel any pain at all. She simply felt her right hand suddenly turn cold as her sword slip out of her hand and fell onto the ground. At the same, a flesh white finger fell onto the ground.

Mo Chen’s robe fluttered like a white roc, and his long sleeves circled around Xiaodong, embracing him.

The moment Lin Yan saw Mo Chen, her final bits of courage to fight had all disappeared. She picked the sword off the ground and dashed out towards the darkness of the night.

Xiaodong held onto Mo Chen’s robe and shouted, “Senior Brother, hurry and give chase!”

In response, however, Mo Chen asked, “Are you injured?”

Xiaodong was incredibly anxious. “I’m not injured. Senior Brother, hurry and chase after her!”

Mo Chen did not place Xiaodong down and instead put Xiaodong on his back. “Hold on tight.”

Xiaodong let out a shocked gasp as Mo Chen leaped out of the broken door. The incoming biting cold winds poured into his mouth!

The night winds on the mountain were strong, and Xiaodong could barely open his eyes. He was lying on Mo Chen’s back and his two feet were dangling in the air. Even without Mo Chen’s instruction, he would still grasp onto Mo Chen as if his life depended on it. Xiaodong did not know how strong Eldest Senior Brother’s martial arts was, but he knew that Eldest Senior Brother was currently not stepping on solid ground. If he were to let go and fall, most likely, he would die with his body parts splattered everywhere.

At this moment, Xiaodong’s fear was beginning to subside. Though his body was dangling in the air and though he was a little confused, with Eldest Senior Brother here, he was no longer afraid of anything. Even with the cold winds blowing against his face, he did not feel cold at all.

His belly was currently filled with doubts.

Why did Lin Yan return? Why did she want to kill him? Why did Eldest Senior Brother come here? What about the rest of the people on the mountain? Did Master know about this?

Even though he had so many questions, he did not dare to ask Eldest Senior Brother now, as he was afraid Eldest Senior Brother would lose concentration.

Though… Why did Eldest Senior Brother bring a huge burden like him on this chase? Could he still catch up with someone on his back? If he caught up and they had to fight, wouldn’t Xiaodong be in the way?

Unless there was a reason Eldest Senior Brother had to bring him along?

For example, leaving him behind might be more dangerous for him?

Due to the strong winds, Xiaodong was burying his face into Eldest Senior Brother’s shoulder, but he was not the least bit afraid at all. He had complete trust and confidence in Eldest Senior Brother. Even if Lin Yan had some sort of scheme in mind, it would all be futile in the face of Eldest Senior Brother. Earlier, the moment Eldest Senior Brother arrived, she immediately turned tail and ran. She was incredibly fearful of Eldest Senior Brother alright.

The night was as dark as ink. The northern winds were like blades and Xiaodong could not even open his eyes as the wind howled into his ears. His back was ice cold from the wind, but the part of his body that was leaning against Eldest Senior Brother was both warm and fuzzy.

Jiang Fan came rushing over from another direction with a sword in hand, raising his voice from afar. “Eldest Senior Brother, I captured one.”

Mo Chen replied, “Keep him alive.”

His voice was not necessarily loud, but calm and mild. Even though Jiang Fan was a little far away, he could still hear Eldest Senior Brother’s reply perfectly.

When the two senior siblings met up and Jiang Fan saw that Mo Chen was carrying Xiaodong, he was extremely surprised. “Eldest Senior Brother, why did you bring Little Junior Brother as well?”

“Earlier, Lin Yan wanted to harm Little Junior Brother, and she fled this way after I injured her.” Mo Chen placed Xiaodong down and lightly pushed on his shoulder. Xiaodong involuntarily stepped forward a few steps, standing next to Jiang Fan. “Take care of Little Junior Brother, I’m going to chase after Lin Yan.”

Jiang Fan hurriedly replied, “Then Senior Brother, go on. I will take care of things here.”

Xiaodong watched as Eldest Senior Brother’s back disappeared into the darkness in a flash. A hint of worry and unwillingness surged in his heart.

Jiang Fan pulled Xiaodong over and inspected him. “Junior Brother, you’re not injured, right?”

“I’m fine. Fortunately, Eldest Senior Brother came quickly. He even chopped off one of Lin Yan’s fingers!” When he recalled that frightening moment earlier, Xiaodong’s heart beat fast.

Jiang Fan responded, “It’s good that you’re fine.” He was still rather puzzled. “Why did Lin Yan look for you?” Could it be she was thinking of taking Little Junior Brother as a hostage? But that did not make much sense.

Xiaodong wanted to know the answer too! Even now his mind was foggy. He did not have the slightest clue at all.

“Senior Brother Jiang, just what is going on?”