Chapter 42: Sword Burial

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It had been a long time since Mo Chen began taking care of dealings with other people and sects for Master. Though he was considered young and did not have much fame to his name, he was after all the first disciple of Li Fulin. The identity as a first disciple had given him this responsibility and also the accompanying confidence to handle such affairs.

If strangers were to make a visit at a time like this, when Returnflow Mountain was being targeted, it was natural that people would suspect them for having ill intentions.

“Did you let them know that Master is presently not on the mountain?”

“Naturally, I told them. However, they said that meeting Eldest Senior Brother will achieve the same purpose.”

This was a little interesting.

Mo Chen was silent for a moment. “Then, I will meet him.”

Jiang Fan was very worried. “Senior Brother, I’m afraid that he has ill intentions.”

“Don’t worry.”

Mo Chen’s leisurely look calmed Jiang Fan down as well.

That’s right. With Eldest Senior Brother here, what was there to fear? Even the people that came to attack them that night didn’t manage to leave unscathed. Other than that demonic cultivator who disguised herself as Lin Yan, who had managed to flee, the rest had all died under Eldest Senior Brother’s blade.

Furthermore, Returnflow Mountain was not an easy target. Even if those people really had ill intentions, they shouldn’t even think about acting brazenly on Returnflow Mountain.

“Alright, then I will invite the visitors to the guest pavilion next to the main hall.”

Mo Chen lightly nodded. “I will make my way there soon.”

Linglong was giving Xiaodong pointers on a sword technique. She knew that she didn’t have a good temper so she first demonstrated it once, intentionally slowing down her movements so that Xiaodong could see them clearly. After that, she had Xiaodong follow her movements together twice. However, when she finally allowed Xiaodong practice on his own, she still couldn’t hold her impatience in. The moment she saw his posture, she wanted to help practice for him, so that she wouldn’t feel anxious just from watching him.

Seeing Jiang Fan from afar bringing someone into the guest pavilion, Linglong felt a little puzzled. Coincidentally, two outer sect disciples passed by with the tea sets. Linglong waved her hands and stopped them.

“What tea did you guys brew? Did visitors come?”

The outer sect disciples were very respectful to Senior Sister Linglong and replied after stopping their feet, “Yes, I heard from Senior Brother that he is from Sword Burial Valley.”

They had no choice but to be respectful. If they were to offend Eldest Senior Brother or Third Senior Brother and make them angry, they might receive a lecture or two and that would be fine. However, offend Senior Sister Linglong and she might directly beat them to a pulp!

Linglong frowned. “Sword Burial Valley?”

She did not remember associating with Sword Burial Valley.

Speaking of Sword Burial Valley, in the past, they once had some fame. They could no longer compare, but as the saying went, a starved camel is still bigger than a living horse. Not to mention they were more prominent than Returnflow Mountain.

But why did Sword Burial Valley send someone over at this time?

Linglong could not sit still anymore and instructed Xiaodong, “Practice on your own, don’t slack off.” After that, she sprinted to the direction of the main hall.

She could not enter the guest pavilion, but behind it was a bamboo forest. Even if someone hid there, no one would know.

It wasn’t like she wanted to pry, she just did not feel at ease. If the visitors had ill intentions, she could more or less help Eldest Senior Brother by blocking their escape.

As she was quite far off, Linglong could not clearly see what was going on in the guest pavilion. She could, however, make out that there were two visitors. One looked a little younger, while the other already had a long beard.

Jiang Fan took over the tea set and poured tea for the two guests. Mo Chen courteously said, “Even though you two guests came from afar, our Returnflow Mountain does not have much to offer. This Yunwu Tea is made personally by our Master and is brewed with the spring water from the mountain peak. Guests, please try it.”

The two did not state their purpose of visit upon arriving, so Mo Chen was not in a hurry either.

Jiang Fan accompanied him at the side. He kept feeling that these two people were strange.

They did not look like they were here for important business, but if it wasn’t important, why did they have to see Eldest Senior Brother at this time?

The older one was Sword Burial Valley’s Elder Lu. He looked like an extremely friendly and refined person. The one accompanying him was Jin Mian, the direct disciple of this generation’s sect master of Sword Burial Valley. Neither was without status.

Elder Lu was still fine. However, after sitting down and before even finishing a single cup of tea, Jin Mian had already sneakily sized up Eldest Senior Brother three times.

If this was not obvious enough proof that they were here for Eldest Senior Brother, then Jiang Fan would really be the stupidest person in the world.

Could it be…

Jiang Fan instantly recalled the plan that Cloud Sword Sect had.

Eldest Senior Brother had superior talent, and among the young disciples in the various sects and clans, there were only about three to five people who could go shoulder to shoulder with Eldest Senior Brother. Among these people, Eldest Senior Brother was the one with the poorest privileges received at birth. Returnflow Mountain, after all, could not compare against the famed sects and large clans, which were rooted with deep foundations. Countless people had the thoughts of using marriage to drag him over to their side, and not just Cloud Sword Sect alone.

Matters such as this were really a headache. They did not want to tell others to want a mile when given an inch, but giving them a definite rejection would really harm the relationships between them.

In these hundred years, Sword Burial Valley had been steadily deteriorating in power. The quality of the disciples worsened with each subsequent generation. Jiang Fan did not find it the least bit unexpected that they would think of bringing Eldest Senior Brother to their side.

What did they say? Meeting Eldest Senior Brother would achieve the same purpose? Most likely, they took the opportunity while Master was away to come here. They came charging here for Eldest Senior Brother in the first place, and they intended for Master to not be around, so that it would be convenient for them to dirty their hands.

The moment he thought of this, Jiang Fan looked on defensively from the side, as though he was a vile beast protecting its treasure. He definitely would not allow other people to deceive Eldest Senior Brother and take him away.

Jiang Fan was not the only one with this thought. Linglong felt the same way. Furthermore, even the few outer sect disciples who knew visitors had come all believed this to be true.

Elder Lu sized Mo Chen up quietly.

He had long heard of this talented expert within the young generation, but this was his first time seeing him. Mo Chen’s back was tall and straight, and when he came to welcome them in, his movements were especially steady. He was not the least bit impetuous, like most youths were.

After sitting down and having a clearer look, even Elder Lu, who had a wide range of experiences praised in his heart, What good looks.

Mo Chen’s eyes were especially beautiful. Clear and bright, they were filled with spirit.

Elder Lu did not sneak peeks at him like Jin Mian. After sizing him up, he maintained his composure and began chatting with Mo Chen.

Even if it was just idle chatter, the topic would always circle back to Mo Chen.

Mo Chen naturally sensed it as well.

The purpose of Elder Lu’s visit was Mo Chen himself.

Everything he talked about and asked about was related to Mo Chen. Things like his age, where his old home was, and where he had previously visited, were some of what was asked. Though the questions might not sound unexpected given how they were mixed among the other idle chatter, Mo Chen could still sense it.

People had begun to bring up the topic of marriage ever since his fame began to grow a few years ago. Some were a little more direct and said their intentions up front. Some were a little tactful, taking a few detours.

Could it be that Sword Burial Valley had this intention as well?

Jin Mian, whom Elder Lu had brought along, had really exposed it all with those stares of his.

After the idle chatter had ended, Mo Chen said, “Master is currently far away and the date of his return has yet to be ascertained. Elder Lu has such courtesy, but it seems you have come at the wrong time. If you do not despise our Returnflow Mountain for our inadequate service, then please stay and have a meal today. Once Master returns, this junior will definitely report this matter and pick out an adequate day to visit Sword Burial Valley.”

His words were nicely put, but Elder Lu could hear that these were all courtesies. If he truly wanted to treat them sincerely, as with the obligation of the landowner, he should have said to let the two of them stay on the mountain for a few days and treat them as guests.

However, he could not pick out the slightest fault with Mo Chen’s phrasing. After all, the two sects were not previously acquainted, so at the very most, all they could do was sprinkle their intentions with roundabout speech. Since they were not acquainted, Mo Chen’s words were not considered disrespectful.