Chapter 59: Seen

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Editor: Faith


“Alright, don’t be anxious. Describe it to me slowly.” Mo Chen poured him another cup of water. Xiaodong still looked like he had just woken up. His hair was a mess and his clothes were creased from sleep. He looked like a puppy which had just crawled out of a patch of grass, looking tired and lethargic.

However,Xiaodong had already remembered all he could.

He pondered for a moment, but he still couldn’t think of anything else to say. Senior Sister Linglong’s matter could not be brought up, otherwise he would be a little man who broke promises. Even if Senior Sister Linglong wouldn’t beat him to a pulp after her seclusion, he still couldn’t say it.

So, towards Eldest Senior Brother’s serious and tolerant behavior, Xiaodong could only stare at him, dumbfounded.

He pondered once more and finally brought up a detail from his dream earlier.

“I saw Senior Brother Ning standing on the stone tower with the compass. I was curious back then, so I approached him to take a look…”

Mo Chen suddenly interrupted him. “You climbed the stone tower? Did you walk up there?”

Xiaodong was startled for a moment. He did not expect Eldest Senior Brother to ask such a question.

“No, I didn’t walk, but flew up there… Eh, it can’t be said to be flying either. I-It’s just, in my dreams, I am free to go wherever I want, just like the wind. If I think of going closer, then I will close the distance in an instant.”

Mo Chen nodded. “Continue then.”

As long as it’s a person, everyone knew how it felt in a dream. Sometimes it would feel as if they were floating. There were also times it would feel as if they were carrying immense weight on their back, and no matter what they did, they were unable to break free.

Mo Chen naturally had never experienced Little Junior Brother’s unique experience, but Mo Chen could understand the feeling he described.

“I saw the compass and inner panel moving, and the needle on top was moving too. Just when I peered closer, the compass and needle suddenly stopped. The needle was pointing right at me and Senior Brother Ning suddenly raised his head. At that moment, I felt like he seemed to be able to see me, which gave me a fright.”

Neither Mo Chen’s expression nor his voice changed, but his heart instantly jumped.

“You felt that he saw you?”

Xiaodong shook his head. “No… I don’t know. He probably didn’t see me.”

When people were focused on something, their gaze would look different. They were so close back then, but now that Xiaodong recalled it seriously, though he was frightened by Ning Yu raising his head, Ning Yu’s point of focus seemed to have landed somewhere above Xiaodong’s head. Xiaodong was after all still considerably young, and when he came up the mountain last year, he still looked like a nine-year-old. Though he had grown quite a bit the past year, he still could not be compared to an adult male. When Ning Yu raised his head back then, his gaze… his gaze did not actually land on Xiaodong.

That’s right, it indeed had not.

However, that compass had definitely pointed at Xiaodong.

Xiaodong felt that even if Ning Yu didn’t see him, that compass was indeed a little strange. It might have led Ning Yu to realize something.

Mo Chen felt the same way.

Different from Xiaodong’s guess, Mo Chen was certain that Ning Yu had realized something.

His understanding of Heavenly Secrets Sect, Spiritual Master Hu and Ning Yu, was enough to make such a deduction.

Though Spiritual Master Hu was often laughed at for his absurd ways of handling things, and though it was true he often dealt with affairs too whimsically, no one could deny that Spiritual Master Hu was someone with real capabilities. In these hundred years, Spiritual Master Hu and Ning Yu, the master and disciple duo, could be said to be at the top in terms of talent in the path of divination. If not because Spiritual Master Hu was not focused on human affairs, the position of Sect Master of Heavenly Secrets Mountain would definitely be in the bag.

Since Ning Yu was the disciple that Spiritual Master Hu valued the most. He naturally had incredible skills. His physique was extremely bad, and others had even determined that he would be unable to grow up the moment he was born. If not because Spiritual Master Hu noticed the child’s latent potential, took him in, and even unhesitantly spent a heavy price to throw all sorts of mystical treasures into his body, Ning Yu would have already ceased to exist long ago. Of course, there wouldn’t be the current famous “Little Diviner” either.

“Don’t worry, I will probe Brother Ning later about this matter. You have an incredible character, so even if he realizes something, you don’t have to worry.”

Xiaodong nodded.

With Eldest Senior Brother here, his heart instantly felt firm.

From Xiaodong’s short description, Mo Chen had already gotten the gist.

Little Junior Brother’s talent must have manifested since birth, and not something that he had gotten later through a unique encounter. The reason why he didn’t realize it early on was most likely due to his young age, and his ability not being powerful enough yet. Not to mention, at that age, children wouldn’t be able to comprehend their world and they wouldn’t be able to remember anything they see in their dreams, let alone understand them. Ever since Little Junior Brother lost his relatives, he must have grown and matured quite a bit, so this ability gradually began to reveal itself, and only recently did he realize it on his own.

Mo Chen had never heard of this ability before this. Even in a sect like Heavenly Secrets Mountain, he had never heard of anyone who possessed such a latent ability.

Mo Chen suddenly recalled Senior Liu’s words.

He said that this child’s bone foundation wasn’t great, and he might have other talents. Returnflow Mountain was not a suitable place for him, and it might even hold him back.

Back then, Mo Chen and Master did not really take his words to heart, because Xiaodong had already been officially taken in as a direct disciple. There was no longer any logic in kicking him out of the sect and have him reside in another sect. That was why they simply listened to Senior Liu without really planning to act on his words.

Could it be that Senior Liu was not saying it arbitrarily, but had actually noticed that Little Junior Brother had some other talents?

Mo Chen looked at the slightly silly youngest junior brother of his, and felt that his guess was very unreliable.

Things like talent could not be seen from appearance alone, especially when it came to someone like Little Junior Brother. If he did not bring up the issue himself, no matter how, people wouldn’t have the slightest clue of his talent, even if they watched him for a hundred years.

“Does anyone else know about this issue?”

Xiaodong seriously replied, “I’ve only told Senior Brother. Actually, I’ve been wanting to talk about it, but even I felt that this is too absurd and unbelievable.”

Mo Chen could feel that Xiaodong’s hands were no longer cold and had gradually begun to turn warm.

“Senior Brother believes you.”

Xiaodong nodded heavily.

Right now, he was still uneasy, but this was different from the fear that he had in the beginning.

He was no longer afraid.

Eldest Senior Brother was smarter than he was, had more capabilities than he had, and had a better world view than he did. To Eldest Senior Brother, there was nothing he couldn’t solve. No matter how difficult the matter was, Eldest Senior Brother would always help him without a second thought.

Maybe not too long after, they would be able to figure this out completely. They might be able to find out where his ability came from, how it came about, and how to use it…

That’s right, Xiaodong had already begun to wonder if this ability could be of use.

He wanted to be capable of helping Master and Senior Brother, to carry some of their burdens and worries.