Chapter 73: Out of Seclusion

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When it was time to receive Linglong from her seclusion, it was different from the time they sent her there.

Mn. If it had to be described, Xiaoding would evaluate it as a grand occasion.

Putting aside Eldest Senior Brother, Senior Brother Jiang and Xiaodong, even Ning Yu tagged along. After all, when he arrived, Linglong had already gone into seclusion and the two had not greeted each other. Ning Yu felt that it would only be respectful if he came along.

Xiaodong felt that Senior Brother Ning simply wanted to join in the fun.

In the last few days, Xiaodong had already figured it out. Ning Yu might look like an immortal with no attachment to mortal desires, but in actual fact, he especially liked to play mind games, loved when things got lively, and loved to make fun of others. Returnflow Mountain was too serene and quiet, and the boring daily life here was most likely enough to choke him. However, with his sickly body, he couldn’t be a nuisance even if he wanted to. Now that a rare opportunity to go out with everyone had risen, he definitely would not miss it.

Other than them, there were also Senior Brother Di Wenhui and… Auntie Qi.

Auntie Qi’s intentions were different from Mo Chen and the rest.

Mo Chen and the rest came out to receive Linglong with empty hands, but Auntie Qi, with a cloth baggage in hand, firmly requested to tag along.

The cloth baggage contained the clothes and shoes that she had newly made for Linglong these past few days. Auntie Qi reasoned that Linglong had brought so few things to her seclusion, and most likely did not have enough change of clothes. So, there was a need to bring her a set of clean clothes to change into.

Xiaodong scratched his head.

They really did not think of this.

Well, that was normal. How would a bunch of boys think of something so trivial? Not to mention, to them, if there wasn’t a change of clothes, they just wouldn’t change clothes. What was there to fuss about?

Fortunately, the path to the back of the mountain was not hard to walk. After living on the mountain for so long, Auntie Qi’s body had already been conditioned pretty well, otherwise things would have been held up. As for that cloth baggage, Jiang Fan and Xiaodong had initially wanted to carry it for Auntie Qi, but Auntie Qi simply waved her hands and repeatedly said that it wasn’t necessary.

Though Xiaodong and the rest felt that everyone else was like their own hands and legs, Auntie Qi felt that the distinction between men and women had to be maintained. It was best that clothes that belonged to a lady stayed away from their hands.

Of course, no one here could guess Auntie Qi’s considerations.

Di Wenhui silently walked at the very back, not making a single sound along the way.

He roughly knew.

Everyone knew too.

Knowing was one thing, but since Di Wenhui did not talk about it, everyone understood and acted oblivious.

Most likely, they had to continue this act until they saw Senior Sister Linglong, and let her break this stalemate.

After getting up and having their morning practice, they had immediately set off for the back of the mountain. The sky had only just begun to brighten. The forest was covered in morning mist, and the surroundings were very quiet. A stream of water flowed between the forest and hills. Round pebbles accumulated at the bottom of the clear stream. Fishes which they could not name swam in the water. The rocks and trees close to the banks were filled with thick, deep green moss.

“There’s not even a single magpie or rabbit on this mountain of yours.” Ning Yu shook his head. “It’s too quiet.”

“Do you want to eat roasted magpie or fried rabbit meat?” Jiang Fan unceremoniously said, “If you have something on your mind, just say it outright. Why don’t we have the kitchen prepare you roasted magpies to satiate your desires?”

Ning Yu glanced at him. “Thank you very much, but I think there’s no need.”

Xiaodong turned his head to look. He was no longer that afraid of Ning Yu. Though, the main reason was because given Ning Yu’s temper and behavior, it was hard for anyone to be afraid.

“Senior Brother Ning, there’s no need to be polite.”

Jiang Fan covered his mouth and joyfully said, “He’s not being polite. It’s just that even if he wanted to, he can’t eat them. He can’t digest meat.”

Even though he knew that Ning Yu could not eat them, Jiang Fan still intentionally said it. Senior Brother Jiang was pretty cheeky too.

Towards Senior Brother Jiang’s actions, Xiaodong simply wanted to say: “Well done.”

They stopped at the mouth of the valley, as there was no longer a need to walk any further.

Because they could already clearly see Senior Sister Linglong’s silhouette. Amidst the cover of the green trees, her movement was light and quick, like a nimble little deer. It seemed as if she was flying as she sprinted towards them.

Xiaodong smiled from joy. It had been a few days since he last saw Senior Sister, and he really missed her a little.

In the end, Linglong stopped right before them, and without saying anything else, she first picked up Xiaodong by his collar. She lightly weighed him up and down, as if she was a local buying meat on the city street.

“Why does it seem like you’ve gotten lighter again? You didn’t eat properly these few days, did you?”

Xiaodong scrambled his four limbs in the air, and all he could do was glare furiously at her.

What kind of senior sister was this? He shouldn’t have missed her after all.

Linglong joyfully placed Xiaodong down. Only then did she greet Mo Chen, Jiang Fan and the rest.

“Senior Brother Ning is here too? When did you arrive? You better stay on the mountain for a few more days, and don’t be in a hurry to head back.” She then looked at Auntie Qi. “Why are you here as well? Did you bring these for me? Clothes? Isn’t changing after getting back the same?”

She lastly saw Di Wenhui, and became speechless.

The crowd stared. They didn’t have much to say either.

Linglong turned to glance at Xiaodong.

Though she didn’t say anything, those ruthless eyes of hers clearly expressed her thoughts.

Xiaodong was this close to shouting out “I’m innocent!” out of fear.

He was indeed innocent. In order to hide this secret from Eldest Senior Brother, his conscience had ached for a few days!

Eldest Senior Brother knew, but Xiaodong didn’t say anything.

Mo Chen smiled as he stepped forward without leaving a trace, hiding Xiaodong behind him.

“Is your seclusion this time successful?”

As Eldest Senior Brother spoke up, Linglong had no choice but to retract her angry gaze and reply seriously, “Very successful.”

“Mn. You can tell me in detail when we get back.”

Thus, the group headed back.

This time, Eldest Senior Brother and Xiaodong were walking right at the front. Linglong and Auntie Qi behind them, followed by Jiang Fan and Ning Yu, while Senior Brother Di was left alone at the very back again.

Xiaodong felt that… calling Senior Brother Di over to receive her together with them, was a pretty bad idea.

In front of this many people, he could not show much consideration, nor could he even walk together with her.

With how narrow the path was, it was still alright if two people walked with their shoulders in contact. Add one more and it would be too tight a fit.

Senior Brother Di must be in an awkward position.

Xiaodong’s thoughts were now more comprehensive than before.

In the next examination, there was a possibility that Senior Brother Di could be taken in by Master as a personal succeeding disciple. However, if the news of his relationship with Senior Sister were to spread, there might be people who would say that he could have only become a personal succeeding disciple because of Senior Sister.

Just how hateful of a thought was this.

Senior Brother Di clearly possessed true capabilities.

However… there were only a few people on Returnflow Mountain, and not many people would use this topic as idle chatter.

Not to mention, Senior Sister was not a weakling. If people dared speak of such topics, Senior Sister Linglong would roll up her sleeves and beat them up until they changed their ways.

There was definitely no need for Xiaodong to worry for them.

XIaodong held onto Eldest Senior Brother’s hand as he felt that there was really not much difference between an actual trip and this short travel.

Mo Chen most likely had misunderstood his action a little, and lightly asked, “Tired?”

“I’m not tired.”

It had only been a short time, and Xiaodong was not the least bit tired. His legs were strong.

Mo Chen turned and glanced at Linglong behind him, whispering, “You don’t have to worry about her. I will explain it to her clearly and tell her not to be angry with you.”