Chapter 105 – Killing

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The stench of blood that assaulted Luo Xiao’s nose this time was much more pungent than before, and he could hear the wailing of the members of the caravan, but he did not pity them at all. 

They had tried to kill Jiang Yao, and this was something that Luo Xiao would never forgive them for. Also, he knew that if he let them free, they would just be back to cause problems again, later on in the future. 

It was much better to cut the problem at the roots and not allow it to cause problems later. The attractive face of Luo Xiao was cold and devoid of emotions. He was not able to help Jiang Yao right now, but he knew that he would become stronger in the future, and then he would be able to help him. 

For now, the best he could do was to temper his soul and his mind. Previously, due to the corpse puppets attack on his village, where he had lost his family and friends, he had a hard time accepting the scent of blood and the sight of death, but now he understood that he could not always be so weak minded. 

If he wanted to stand by Jiang Yao’s side, he had to become stronger, so he did not shy away from the sight in front of him, but looked at it with expressionless eyes.

“Xiaoxiao, are you feeling sorry for them?” Jiang Yao asked as he looked at Luo Xiao. He knew that Luo Xiao was much gentler than him, and the ruthlessness that Jiang Yao was showing right now might not be something that Luo Xiao could accept.

But contrary to what he might have expected, Luo Xiao looked at him, and his expressionless face broke into a gentle smile. “I just regret that I am not strong enough,” Luo Xiao said as he shook his head with a regrettable expression on his face. “If I were stronger, I would be able to get rid of them for you, but since I cannot do that, then I am satisfied with seeing their end. I am not so stupid as to pity someone who wishes to kill us. They deserve every ounce of pain that they are experiencing.”

Jiang Yao was taken by surprise when he heard Luo Xiao’s words. He had thought that he would be queasy about the whole situation, and nauseous, while seeing and smelling all that blood, but now he understood that it was not only him who wished to change for the sake of accommodating Luo Xiao, the younger man also wanted to become worthy of standing side by side with him.

This recognition made Jiang Yao’s heart beat wildly. He knew that he was important to Luo Xiao, but he was not aware of just how important he was, and knowing it now was enough to make him feel excited. 

His Xiaoxiao was simply too cute!

Luo Xiao sensed that Jiang Yao was looking at him, and he raised his head, only to see the extremely handsome face of Jiang Yao come closer and closer as he pecked his lips gently.

“Dearest, I promise that I will make them suffer greatly,” he said with a low chuckle. 

The arm that was wrapped around Luo Xiao’s waist, and which was pressing him against his chest, tightened slightly, and the other hand slowly rose into the air. Again, thousands of ice shards appeared in the air beneath Jiang Yao. Some of them were only half a meter long, but others were up to two meters in length. 

These ice shards were sharp like razors, and they were glistening in the moonlight. 

A sinister smile spread on Jiang Yao’s lips as he flickered his fingers, and the ice shards descended towards the ground underneath him rapidly. 

They impaled the people who were lying on the ground and made it impossible for them to move. Many died as the ice shards reaped their lives in mere minutes, but others were not so lucky, their vital points were not hit, but their bodies were still riddled with wounds and ice shards that had impaled them to the ground. 

Some of the people were releasing low moans of pain, while others were screaming in agony, but one thing was the same for all of them, no one was standing any longer; all were lying on the ground. And as the ice shards began to melt, they started making a large stream that was being dyed red from the blood that was pouring out of the bodies of the dead and injured on the ground.

No one begged for mercy, no one asked for a swift death. They all knew that the more they spoke, the angrier Jiang Yao would become, and the more pain they would have to suffer. 

When they had accepted the money from the Fourth Prince, they knew that they would die if they did not succeed. 

And die they did. All of them perished miserably. After half an hour, only two living beings existed apart from Jiang Yao and Luo Xiao, and those were the two experts who had made the Illusion Array. 

They were lying in the carriage that belonged to Jiang Yao and Luo Xiao, and the roof, which was now riddled with holes, had managed to give them enough shelter in order to survive. But even so, wounds could be found all over their bodies as the ice shards had embedded themselves in their flesh.

Jiang Yao landed on the ground and put Luo Xiao next to the two people who were lying on the floor groaning in pain and agony. They knew that while the caravan people would die in agony, it would be nothing compared to their fate. 

The caravan people were merely purchased by the Fourth Prince, but the two of them belonged to the Fourth Prince. Their end would be painful.