Chapter 36 – The Seventh Demon Prince

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay

Edited by ONI_Ghost

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Luo Xiao looked at the restaurant. It was clearly a high-end one, and he couldn’t help but wonder what exactly Jiang Yao did to earn money. Since they’d met each other, Jiang Yao had wasted a ridiculous amount of money, but he hadn’t seen him gain anything during their time together.

This made Luo Xiao rather worried as he thought about just how much wealth he could have. Did he have some sort of income back in the capital? Was he rich? Luo Xiao had no clue but he was concerned.

Jiang Yao saw Luo Xiao’s anxious expression. “What’s wrong Xiaoxiao?” he asked. But, Luo Xiao looked at him with big eyes and twisted his hands slightly.

“Are you sure it’s not too expensive for me to eat as well?” he asked with a trembling voice as this place was definitely not cheap.

Jiang Yao laughed. “Are you worried I don’t have enough money?” he said as he patted Luo Xiao’s head, “Xiaoxiao, don’t worry. Just with the wealth I have on me, I can provide for you for the next few eons. Not to mention what I have in my mansion at home, so don’t worry and just allow me to spoil you. If you feel bad, you can always repay me during our own time at the hotel.”

Hearing this, Luo Xiao blushed all the way to his ears and turned his face away. Jiang Yao was truly hateful! He was honestly worried about Jiang Yao’s finances, but now he was being made fun of instead!

Seeing his bashful expression, Jiang Yao had an urge to take him into his embrace and hug him, but he withstood the sudden impulse and took his hand instead.

“I would like a table for two,” he said as he walked towards a servant that was waiting for them.

“This way,” the servant said as they lead them into the restaurant. Although Luo Xiao wore clothes of normal quality, Jiang Yao’s clothes came from the center of the continent – it was clear that he was of high birth.

“You!” someone suddenly called out in a high-pitched voice filled with malice. When Luo Xiao looked over, he felt like facepalming. Why did they have to run into Miss Gao of all people?

Jiang Yao seemed equally annoyed at the fact that she was at the restaurant, but he’d already decided on the restaurant that they wanted to eat at, so he wasn’t going to change his opinion just because a rabid woman had appeared.

“What about us?” Jiang Yao asked with a lazy and rather carefree voice.

“You have no right to enter this place, in fact, you have to beg me to allow you to be here!” she said with a sneer, but contrary to her expectations, neither Jiang Yao nor Luo Xiao started groveling on the ground in front of her.

“Seriously lady, is there something wrong with your head?” Luo Xiao said. He rarely spoke up, but he had begun to feel rather annoyed with this woman and hearing her threatening Jiang Yao, he finally had enough.

Jiang Yao had been ready to step forward, but hearing Luo Xiao speaking, he just stayed silent by his side with a small smile on his lips. He was curious to see how this younger man handled it.

“Repeat what you just said!” the woman yelled angrily but Luo Xiao just shrugged his shoulders. “You insult us time and time again, and now you claim that we can’t even eat at this restaurant? Does it belong to you? Are you the owner of this place? Do you even have the power to tell us what to do and not to do?

“You’re the miss of the Gao family. Yes that is right, but you alone are nothing. So what on earth gives you the right to tell us to beg you? Do you even think you can handle it, if we really did beg you?”

Although Luo Xiao was not completely sure of Jiang Yao’s identity, he had guessed quite a bit of it and he was correct. This miss wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility if Jiang Yao actually bowed to her.

“Well said young man!” suddenly the mature voice of an elderly man sounded in the doorway of the restaurant, dragging everyone’s attention towards him.

In the door stood a rather aged man. His long hair was black with streaks of gray, he had a white beard, and was wearing fine clothes with a fur cape on his shoulders.

“Your Highness,” the man bowed to Jiang Yao when he saw him. His behavior made everyone shocked, especially Miss Gao. She now stared at them with eyes full of shock as fear started creeping into her eyes.

This elderly man was the City Lord. He had full control of all the factions within the city, and although they were constantly fighting with one another, none of them had the power to shake him.

Still, such a man bowed to Jiang Yao and called him his Highness. Didn’t this show that his background was terrifying? Was he perhaps a prince of their Chengzi Empire?

No one would dare to think that he was a prince of the Tiansong Empire, that would simply be their last guess, but even if he were just a prince of the Chengzi Empire, they had to follow his words.

“You are?” Jiang Yao had already guessed his identity, but he still gave him a chance to introduce himself.

“This old one is Ma Fan, City Lord of Heavenward City. This old one is honored by your visit and understands that Miss Gao of the Gao family has insulted you time and time again. This old one will leave the punishment of the Gao family to your Highness.”

Luo Xiao felt shock quickly eat away at his anger when he heard this. Wasn’t it the City Lord’s job to protect his citizens? Yet he was gladly handing over the entire Gao family for the sake of currying favor with Jiang Yao. It seemed that he had truly been taken in by a magnificent person.

“I see,” Jiang Yao rubbed his chin slightly and looked at the surprised Luo Xiao by his side. He really wished to kill this woman for insulting the youth next to him, but he was also aware that Luo Xiao disliked killing.

He looked at the miss who trembled with rage and fear and began pondering a little. Should he kill her now or later? That was the main question. In the end, he made a decision.

“Miss Gao, leave the restaurant at once, you’re destroying my mood to eat. I will visit you later and settle scores with you,” Jiang Yao said, having made his decision.

He wasn’t going to let this miss go, but if he killed her now, Luo Xiao would feel nauseous and uncomfortable. It would be impossible to enjoy a meal together then.

“Who do you think you are?” Miss Gao said. Although she feared this man, she wasn’t going to just give up. Thus, she took the chance to try and get more information about him.

“Who is he?” Although Jiang Yao didn’t answer the City Lord spoke up instead, “He is His Highness Jiang Yao, the Seventh Demon Prince of the Tiansong Empire! Who do you think you are to insult such a man and his companion?!”

At that point, the atmosphere in the inn seemed to become colder by a hundred degrees. Jiang Yao’s voice suddenly could be heard by everyone, “You talk too much,” he said simply before the temperature slowly rose again.

The City Lord was scared senseless by those words. He understood that calling out his title had caused the prince to be dissatisfied, but he also knew that he had to warn everyone from getting on the bad side of this man. If he started a massacre within the Heavenward City, no one could stop him.

Quickly, the young miss left after hearing who he was. Her face was pale and sweat dripped from her forehead. She rushed home to find a way to get out of her predicament.

After she left, Jiang Yao and Luo Xiao found a table to sit down to eat. No matter what, everyone who was within the restaurant stole glances at them, making Luo Xiao feel uncomfortable.

“This old man will take his leave,” the City Lord said. Cold sweat ran down his body out of fear of what Jiang Yao might do to him. Considering he had displeased him, he was lucky to still be alive.

“Tell me where the Gao mansion is located,” Jiang Yao spoke up once more, forcing the City Lord to quickly tell him.

While he did, Luo Xiao looked at the menu and frowned. The food here was so expensive that it made him feel like he was eating gold.

Seeing his frown, Jiang Yao cupped his cheek with a hand. His handsome face lit up as he smiled and said gently, “Xiaoxiao, don’t worry and just order what sounds delicious.”

Seeing his doting behavior, the eyes of the City Lord widened in shock. He had thought that this young boy was his servant who was with him to care for his everyday necessities, but it seemed that he was mistaken.

However, he couldn’t understand why this child was so important. It was clear that he was rather weak, and although he was beautiful, he was, after all, a man.

Jiang Yao could pick between all the beautiful women and men in the world, why would he choose such a weakling?

But the City Lord wasn’t in a position to question the prince. Thus, he bowed and hurried away. After watching his retreating figure, Jiang Yao looked at Luo Xiao curiously. Although Luo Xiao felt the gaze, he was more interested in finding some dishes. Finally, after much consideration, he ordered a few different ones that they could share.

“Would you like wine or tea with your food?” The servant asked humbly. The thought that the second strongest man of the entire continent was in their restaurant was enough to terrify him, and even more so when he knew that he was serving them.

Luo Xiao was about to answer that he wanted tea when Jiang Yao cut in decisively saying, “Fruit wine.” Not even ordering tea for Luo Xiao, making the younger man glare at him.

Seeing the glare, there were two different reactions. Jiang Yao chuckled and traced his cheek with a finger. “You need to develop a tolerance for alcohol,” he said seriously, “When we return home, many will try to get you drunk, so we might as well start your training now!”

The servant, on the other hand, quickly felt terrified of this Luo Xiao. Although he looked poor, he had the courage of a thousand men, daring to glare at Jiang Yao.

He was even more petrified when he saw the reaction that Jiang Yao had being glared at, and he quickly excused himself before he went to find their best fruit wine.

Not long after the servant returned with the fruit wine and two cups. He had also told the kitchen to hurry with their orders, since they dared not make them wait, and not long after their food appeared.

The servant was ordered to wait just on them, so he stood a bit away and observed their behavior. Not only did he observe them, but many of the people in the restaurant would also cast their glances that way from time to time.

Noticing the behaviour of the people around them, Luo Xiao became incredibly self-conscious, but Jiang Yao seemed to not care at all. “Xiaoxiao, try this,” he said gently as he placed a prawn in Luo Xiao’s mouth when he tried to speak.

“How is it?” Jiang Yao asked with a grin, seeing how Luo Xiao once more flushed red from head to toe. To be fed by Jiang Yao in front of so many people was simply intolerable, and even worse was the fact that he was obviously doing it on purpose!