Chapter 36 – Threads [April Fools]

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Chapter 36 – Threads


Their meal together went alright and nothing was out of the ordinary. Even with the occasional staring from others, Luo Xiao felt quite at ease as the two of them ate.

Once they were done eating, Jiang Yao decided that they should take a walk around Heavenward City.

It was a scorching afternoon as the Jiang Yao held Luo Xiao’s hand and calmly walked through the streets. They were busy streets indeed, as the city was a major trading point for many cultures and countries.

“Is your home town like this too?”

“Cloudsoar City? It’s much bigger, Xiaoxiao. It’s after all my hometown, so of course it’s much bigger and grander. This is nothing,” Jiang Yao smirked, clearly enjoying the slight feeling of superiority he felt when he compared this inferior place to his hometown.

Not like it really made a difference to Luo Xiao – the poor child probably would be unable to even imagine just how different Cloudsoar City would be compared to Heavenward City, which Jiang Yao considered beneath him to even take a stop in whenever traveling.

Jiang Yao held Luo Xiao’s hand tightly this time around. He wasn’t going to let the youngest leave his side, not after he had gotten lost so quickly the first time.

“What shop did you stop at before?” Jiang Yao decided to ask, making Luo Xiao look up with slight surprise.

“I was looking at some jade carvings…”

“Do you want a jade carving of me?” Jiang Yao suddenly raised an eyebrow, startling Luo Xiao once more.

Get Jiang Yao a jade carving of himself? What?

“No, no! I mean… You probably have at least a hundred already…” just like the sudden question, the reddening on Luo Xiao’s face was even more sudden, making Jiang Yao laugh.

“Well, I don’t have one from you, so…”

The thought of him gifting Jiang Yao a jade carving made Luo Xiao blush even more, his face heating up like a lamp that seemed to attract tons of gazes from people passing by them.

“Alright, alright, let’s just go see them anyway,” the prince smirked to himself, enjoying both the visuals and the thought of the gift as the two made it through the busy streets over to where the jade carving merchant was.

What Jiang Yao didn’t notice, despite his overwhelming strength, was that some people had taken an odd notice of the two of them. Or more like odd people had taken notice of the two of them.

“Is that the youth Fourth Prince told us to watch?”

“He matches the description, it seems that’s him.”

“Keep watching, it seems we may have a chance here…”

Once the duo was at the jade carvings merchant, Luo Xiao’s gaze immediately brightened as he once more could look at the beautiful figurines.

“Which one do you like the most?”

However, even after a few minutes of looking at the figurines, Luo Xiao decided not to ask Jiang Yao to buy any of them. After all, there was really no need to do so as he had already received plenty from the other man.

“Let’s just go back…” he muttered, shaking his head slightly and letting Jiang Yao lead the way back to their hotel.

However, once back at the hotel, Jiang Yao sighed a little as he opened the door to their room. “Xiaoxiao, I have to go for a bit. I will be back by tomorrow morning, so wait patiently here.”

He was fulfilling a promise he had given Luo Xiao – of course, since he was to not be by the other male’s side for a bit, he had to let him know, unlike the previous time where he was gone for a long time.

“You can order whatever food you want from the hotel, so don’t worry about it. And don’t starve yourself like before!” he sternly warned the other before disappearing, the door closing behind his back.

As soon as Jiang Yao’s figure disappeared, a few others appeared in front of the door. “The prince is gone and it seems he left no protection for this youth. Do as the Fourth Prince ordered.”

Luo Xiao was about to sit down and meditate in order to raise his cultivation while Jiang Yao was gone when he heard the door opening again.

“Jiang Yao? You’re back already?”

But just as he turned around, he realized – that was no Jiang Yao. Instead, it was four men, their faces covered with black cloth, only their cold murderous eyes visible.

Those eyes were so similar to the Corpse Puppet’s – empty, soulless, hungry just for blood and death… It instantly made his body stiffen, his breath stuck in his throat as he were unable to even make a sound as those memories resurfaced.

As soon as the men moved, the cold glint of weapons coated with poison following their figures, the world seemed to slow for Luo Xiao. He was going to die… He could feel his heart beat fast, pumping adrenaline in his no longer weak body… yet he couldn’t move a step before he felt it.

The cold metal pierced his fragile body, deep into his flesh, cutting him like butter. He could feel it.

There was nothing he could do about the coughing fit of blood escaping him as his lungs filled with blood, as his hands suddenly felt cold, as he could see the blood pouring out of his quickly weakening body… As his heart slowed down and eventually stopped.

Luo Xiao could only stare at those men with those big, beautiful eyes of his which quickly lost their shine. And with a dull thud…

His body fell on the ground, dead.

Somewhere far away, an invisible thread suddenly snapped.




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