Chapter 56 – Class

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay


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Luo Xiao nodded his head. He understood that it could be difficult to get along with those who were excessively arrogant.

As they continued forward, they soon found that there was a podium lowered into the ground in the middle with benches and tables surrounding it, all higher up so that everyone would be able to have a clear view of the podium at the bottom.

The benches were numerous in numbers but only a handful of students were present. The benches were all old and made from wood, their surfaces were smooth from many years of usage.

There was a handful of students present sitting in small groups on the benches of two or three each. in total there were eleven people, with Jin Chuan and Luo Xiao they were now thirteen.

Everyone lifted their heads when they noticed Jin Chuan coming closer, but their eyes widened when they saw Luo Xiao by her side. Their eyes quickly scanned his body and the already wide eyes widened in shock when they saw the fabric from Royal Cloth on his body.

Murmurs erupted in the class. No one had ever been able to join the academy while the year was ongoing, but here was a new student who appeared while the year was already had a third passed.

They could all sense that he was only a low Sky Ranked soul Cultivator, so he was clearly not admitted because of his outstanding talents. Had someone opened a back door to him? But that had never happened before, just how powerful was his backing?

Everyone were muttering to one another, but Jin Chuan completely ignored them as she tightened the grip on Luo Xiao’s hand and took him to a bench not far from the others, but not too close either. She then sat down and gestured for Luo Xiao to follow, before she released her hand.

“There are five classes for soul cultivators, depending on the rank you have. We are the lowest of all ranks, the Sky Class, and that is also why the quality of our classes is the lowest. When we become Moon ranked, the quality will increase, and it will increase even further when we reach the Heaven rank. When we are at the Emperor rank we will be treated almost as well as royalty.”

“Everyone will want to have their hands on Emperor ranked experts, but the majority of them have already been recruited by the Royal Family and their different factions before they become Emperor ranked experts.”

“The majority only reach the Emperor rank because of the cultivation resources that they are gifted by the person they follow. The better the talent the better treatment, but most of them also have to pledge their loyalty with a blood oath, so they lose their freedom. I would never accept that, even if it meant that I would be given cultivation resources.”

Jin Chuan snorted when she said this, it was clear that to her it was important to be flowing freely like the river, to be unfettered like the wind.

Just as Jin Chuan finished speaking a middle-aged man made his way into the podium. He lifted his head and looked at the few students before he nodded his head.

His eyes then landed on Luo Xiao and a slight frown appeared on his forehead.

“Before starting today’s lesson, I would like to make an announcement,” the man said, making everyone quiet down and look at Luo Xiao with great interest, “as you might have noticed we have a new student in the class. Due to personal reasons he was unable to attend the school at the beginning of the year, and due to our principal’s magnanimous nature, he was accepted when he showed up yesterday.”

The corner of Luo Xiao’s lips twitched when he heard this. The principal was not very magnanimous, he would have done everything in his power to keep Luo Xiao away from the academy if he could, but he dared not go against Jiang Yao, however this worked much better for Luo Xiao.

He was not willing to make his relationship with Jiang Yao known, he understood that he was currently too weak to stand by his side, and he would instead become the soft underbelly of him – his weak spot.

Since he had accepted and acknowledged his feelings for Jiang Yao and wished to stand by his side, then he had to enhance his strength as fast as possible.

After the introduction, Luo Xiao listened intently to the middle-aged man who was explaining about heaven and earth essence and how it could be turned into both soul energy and Qi.

Luo Xiao had never before heard about the theory behind heaven and earth essence, soul energy and Qi, and he listened with rapt attention.

While Luo Xiao was filled with interest towards the lesson that was happening in front of him, the rest of the academy was filled with rumors about Luo Xiao.

The rumors had appeared last night about the unknown young man who had appeared, looking as attractive as a spirit, and wearing clothes from Royal Cloth. A new student who had been accepted into the academy while the year was ongoing – something that had never happened before.

Now there was finally a name to the figure, and his name was spread throughout the academy like a whirlwind.

In a room lavishly decorated sat a young man with white hair. Around him were a dozen young men and women, all of them looking at his annoyed countenance and none of them brave enough to speak.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, two young men stepped into the room, and everyone turned to look at them. Their faces were flushed with excitement and they completely failed to sense the heavy atmosphere within the room.

“Your Highness, the one you asked us to find was easy to locate!” one of them started explaining with laughter.

“Yesterday a new student appeared in the academy, he was quite famous because he was wearing clothes from Royal Cloth, and he had a white card, so although no one had seen him before he was without a doubt a new student.”

“Today he was seen together with Goddess Jin Chuan, and he introduced himself with the name Luo Xiao.”

“He is a soul cultivator with at the Low Sky Rank. He should be in the soul cultivator class right now, according to eyewitnesses he was dragged there by the hand by goddess Jin Chuan.”

Jiang Bai was quiet for some time, the atmosphere turned even more heavy than it was before, his beautiful features were filled with displeasure and annoyance, but he dared not go against his older brother’s orders. He was very well aware that if he did, then his friends and followers would drop dead one after another.

The majority of his annoyance came from having been ordered around. Who dared order him around? It had only happened very few times throughout his life, but now he was ordered to babysit someone.

He was not pleased. But at the same time, he was also very curious about this small Luo Xiao. If he was really a small low Ranked Sky Cultivator he could not be very old, how could his monster of an older brother take such precautions for a small child?

He had to see this Luo Xiao to make sure what kind of person he was. It was clear that Jiang Bai was curious, but he was also incredibly stubborn. He was not willing to take on this task because he disliked his brother’s bossiness.

“To hell with it!” he sneered and stood up, leaving the lavishly decorated room in a flash. Many of the people within the room were stunned by his erratic behavior, but after a moment of hesitation, they all rushed after him.

Luo Xiao was fully immersed in the lesson, his face was serious and he took down a few notes about things he felt were most important, all in all, he was trying to get as much knowledge as possible, and the teacher who had been prejudiced against him at the start was now pleasantly surprised.

The majority of the students in this class were not listening to what he said, they were focusing on chatting with one another, and they only attended lessons because they were forced to do so by the academy. In fact, they considered it a waste of time since they could spend the time to cultivate at the cultivation facilities instead.

The lesson took a full two hours, the teacher was extra excited because he felt a purpose with his lesson now that someone was listening intently.

While the teacher got a good impression of Luo Xiao, the other students all looked at him as if he was an idiot. They all assumed that he was a naive young master seeing him so attentive to the lesson. If it was not because of him wearing clothes from Royal Cloth, then they would definitely have seen him as a country bumpkin and someone that would easily be bullied.

Now, however, they felt that they had to be a bit careful about bullying him as he definitely had some sort of background, and instead, they figured if they could somehow get close to him and milk him dry of cultivation resources or money.

Only Jin Chuan actually looked past the fact that he was wearing clothes from Royal Cloth, only Jin Chuan was actually interested in befriending him, and although Luo Xiao was slightly naive, he was not slow. He could sense their behavior and ideas on him, and he felt slightly ridiculous. After all, he was not rich or powerful, he had nothing he could give others, all he had was what he was given by Jiang Yao.

As the lesson ended, all the other students rushed to Luo Xiao’s side where they started bombarding him with questions.

“Where are you from?”

“How did you manage to get clothes from Royal Cloth?”

“Who is your backer?”

“Do you want to go shopping with us? Of course we do not have money so you would have to pay for us.”

Questions were barraged at him, all of them were more or less trying to figure out what kind of person he was and how naive he was.

Unfortunately for them, Luo Xiao was rather bright. He was a quiet boy but he was highly intelligent. When he heard them he also heard their underlying words of wanting to know about his backer and wanting him to pay for them. Some of them were even rather straight forward about it.

“Is Luo Xiao in here?” a youthful but regal voice suddenly called out, and the many students around him stopped their barrage of questions, turned around, wide-eyed and looked at the speaker with surprise.

The trademark long flowing white hair was impossible to mistake, the handsome features were so striking that many of the students all gasped in surprise. So this was his backer, they all thought. The ninth prince would indeed be able to cause such a ruckus.

Luo Xiao looked at the speaker and frowned. He did not recognize this person who had called for him, but he could still see that he resembled Jiang Yao. He had heard from Jin Chuan that the ninth prince was currently studying in the academy. Was this the one?

He was unsure, but he still stepped forward and allowed for this speaker to see him.

The moment Jiang Bai laid eyes on Luo Xiao his heart suddenly beat erratically. Although he had no other thoughts about Luo Xiao, he had to admit that he had never seen such a fair and beautiful young man before, he was as delicate and ethereal as a spirit.

“Come here,” Jiang Bai ordered him, his words caused the frown on Luo Xiao’s face to deepen. Just because he was told to come over, did that mean he had to do so? He was not a doll.