Chapter 63 – Sharp Tongue

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay


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“Doing the deed but washing your hands of it, truly opening my eyes today,” the man said as he looked at Luo Xiao with disdain, but to his surprise, Luo Xiao just started chuckling as if he had heard the dumbest joke. 

“You sound so jealous of me that you even made up a fictional rich old lady,” he chuckled and shook his head. “Just because I have some connections and you do not, doesn’t mean that you should come up with stories to make yourself feel better.”

The light voice indicated that Luo Xiao had not taken any words spoken seriously. Truth was that Luo Xiao preferred not speaking if he could avoid it, but if someone stepped across his line, then he would not be polite to them. 

Luo Xiao’s mouth was quite sharp, not leaving even the slightest bit of face for the person who had spoken up. 

“You are saying I am making up stories, but how else would you explain why a weakling such as yourself has gained some clothes from Royal Cloth?” the man asked with a sneering voice, his face turning menacing as he felt insulted and as if his dignity had been stepped upon. 

“Why should I explain myself to you?” Luo Xiao asked with laughter in his voice. “Use your brain a little and you’d know it’s impossible for someone who is merely acquainted with the direct lineage descendants to request this much clothes for their lover.”

Although Luo Xiao was not in the mood to explain anything, neither did he want to expose his relationship with Jiang Yao, but he could not let rumors continue like this, so he decided to kill some of the rumors going around, as it would affect Jiang Yao’s reputation in the future. 

“What did you just say?” the man who had caused the scene was livid with anger, his face was alternating between paleness and red and his entire body was trembling. 

“You did not understand me?” Luo Xiao snorted while glancing at the man, “I am sorry but I only speak human. If you cannot understand it, then I can do nothing about it.”

The expression on the man’s face was getting worse by the second, he tightened his hands and his teeth were clenched so tightly that they almost shattered. 

“Are you saying I am not human?!” he finally exclaimed. It was him who had looked for trouble with Luo Xiao, but right now he was the one who was jumping around in madness while Luo Xiao was casually sitting back and enjoying the show. 

“I just said I only spoke human,” Luo Xiao dawdled, “it is not my problem whether or not you understood what I said.” 

The rest of the people in the class were watching breathlessly and felt rather shocked by what Luo Xiao was doing. 

The people who had seen Luo Xiao so far had felt that he was a quiet and naive young man, easily bullied and not fond of talking, but right now he had a rather domineering atmosphere surrounding him, speaking up for himself and causing the opposing party to be burning from anger and helplessness. 

Those who had wanted to join in on mocking Luo Xiao were now thanking the gods that they had not said anything, as they could guess that if they did they would have been roasted as much as the now raging expert. 

Luo Xiao said nothing more, just put his entire attention towards the entrance, waiting for the teacher to enter. 

The smart people within the group had managed to catch the hint of Luo Xiao that the one behind him was one of the princes. He had pointed out something that had even made them curious. 

It was simply impossible for the followers of the direct line descendants to even afford this many clothes from Royal Cloth for themselves, so how could they buy it for their lover? It was clear that the one backing him was a prince or princess themselves, but the question was, which prince or princess was he affiliated with, and how important was he for the said royal in question. 

All the ones with these thoughts were rather intelligent, and they enjoyed watching the havoc that was caused by people underestimating Luo Xiao, so they kept quiet while wondering which prince or princess was the one who had taken a liking to this young man. 

Was it the Sixth Prince? Everyone knew that Overseer Zhu was the most revered alchemist that followed the Sixth Prince, and he had taken an interest in Luo Xiao. In that case, was it not possible for Luo Xiao to also follow the Sixth Prince? 

Unfortunately, the Sixth Prince was known to be a neutral power, so there was also the chance that the backer was with another one of the royal family, but the Sixth Prince had already done him a favor by allowing his alchemist to take him in. 

But who had such power and was able to make both Jiang Bai and Jiang Guanyu follow his requests? Was it the Fourth Prince? He held the most power within the capital currently. But what if it was one of the others? 

The ones who had reached the conclusion that it was a direct lineage prince or princess, that was behind Luo Xiao, all decided to leave him alone, but none of them wanted to tell others about it. If they could see someone else mess up their lives, then the former would have so much amusement. 

“Your tongue is sharp, but not all of us are humans.” a second of those boys who had more courage than brains stepped forward, his hand pointing at Luo Xiao and his face haughty. “Everyone knows that humans are the weakest. Regardless of who your backer is, know your place ingrate.” 

Luo Xiao’s only response to the statement was a lifted eyebrow and a calm smile as he retorted, “I never said anything about whether or not you were a human, all I said was that I only speak human. Everything else is your own imagination running wild.”

However, at this moment Luo Xiao was reminded that the majority of those in the Academy were in fact demons from the Demon Empire. He had yet to have a talk with a beast or a spirit as far as he knew, and although humans were as plentiful as demons, they had less authority. It made sense that these demons had a feeling of superiority and were increasingly arrogant. 

“Well, I never expected a human like yourself to be able to tell the difference. Don’t get too cocky just because you have the backing of someone close to a direct line descendant that you are above us! Any demon here is much nobler than you!”

These words were almost like some sort of death threat, yet Luo Xiao found himself unaffected by the vile tone and words that the youth had been spewing before he just glanced at the demon. 

“Idiot,” he murmured with a low voice and shook his head. Just as the youth was about to retort the teacher finally appeared on the podium in the classroom, his face was stern and he was famous for being very strict during lessons. 

Although many just took the lesson to make up for the requirements made by the academy, all of them were paying at least a semblance of attention to the lesson because otherwise the teacher would become furious and it would be worst for themselves. 

Luo Xiao was paying most attention to the lesson. He was quite interested in every new information he could get and his eyes shone with enlightenment while listening to the words of wisdom that the teacher was releasing. 

Every lesson was the same throughout the week, and when it ended no one would partake in another lesson before the following week. 

Luo Xiao was the same. He now had earned two hundred and twenty points, and he had to learn about the different facilities that were available for him at the academy for improving his strength. 

It was not enough for him to just widen his horizon and knowledge, he also had to actually increase his actual cultivation base, so that he would no longer be the weak spot for Jiang Yao. 

Filled with determination, Luo Xiao was ready to leave the class when he was surrounded by the demons who had caused the ruckus earlier and their comrades. 

Demons and humans could cultivate either Qi or Soul Power, while Spirits could only cultivate Soul Power and Beasts Qi. These demons had a talent for soul cultivation, their souls were all spirit souls and one of them had a heavenly soul. 

Luo Xiao sighed. It seemed that they did not have the upper hand verbally so now they wanted to resolve it with their fists. 

The Shadow Guards should be present somewhere, but Luo Xiao was unsure of where exactly they were and whether or not they would arrive in time. 

Luo Xiao looked at the people in front of him. He was a quiet person, but when he felt that someone went over his limits, he would never hold back. Since he had already insulted them, why not continue to piss them off? 

“So you acknowledge that you cannot argue back?” he said mockingly, “since you cannot argue back you resort to physical violence. You are definitely the pride of the soul cultivator department of this academy.”

There were around nine demon experts in the group, the rest of the experts that had shown up to the lesson that day were humans, and although they would not stand up for Luo Xiao, they would not cause problems either. 

Yet, now something interesting was happening in front of them, and they were in no rush to leave the class, instead, they stayed back to see the drama unfold. 

Rumor had it that the last person who tried to attack Luo Xiao had his tendons severed, so now they wanted to see how exactly this young weak expert was going to persevere. 

Luo Xiao knew that the Shadow Guards were likely to be close by, and he was not too scared, but considering that they had not already stepped forward, the youth felt that something was amiss. 

Having been ridiculed by a human time and time again, the young man who was the recipient of the harsh words Luo Xiao let out had his face alternating between green and grey, he was livid, and instead of waiting he swung out his fist, landing steadily on Luo Xiao’s chest, making him take a few steps back. 

Luo Xiao felt how his chest hurt, the pain shot through his entire body, and his eyes glistened with ferocity, but he did not groan in pain as the demons had expected, instead, he smirked and said with a voice filled with disdain, “Your actions prove that I am correct,” he ridiculed, “so you are just all muscle and no brain, yet you want to be a soul cultivator, don’t you think you should have picked the Qi path?”

The man was even more enraged when he was being taunted by Luo Xiao, but before he had the chance to hit again, a shadow flashed by and he was thrown fifteen meters back, with such a great force that when he hit the wall blood sprayed from his mouth. 

No one knew where this shadow had appeared from, and where it had vanished to, only the result could be seen, the demon was in an incredibly sorry state, his body limp as he slid down the wall, his eyes wide open and red as blood vessels had broken. 

Moments after his body started to change. His skin turned purple, his feet turned to hooves and horns appeared on top of his head. His size grew to double the size it had before and he sprouted a tail. 

“Who dares to go against I?” he roared in the silent classroom, his demon shape fully on display.