Chapter 68 – Sweet and Bitter

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay


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Luo Xiao felt how his entire body turned to mush, his consciousness turned blurry and his breathing rapid as he was being kissed passionately by Jiang Yao.

Somehow they had kicked their shoes off and were now laying on the bed, entangled in each other’s embrace, fully occupied by entangling their tongues and feeling the other. 

A fire was burning within their bodies, every time their hands touched the other, it felt as if electricity was running through every cell. Withdrawing was almost impossible for Jiang Yao, a small voice within his mind kept telling him to take him right then and there, but his reasoning was still intact. He knew that Luo Xiao was not ready, so he held back. 

Slowly he withdrew from the kiss, his eyes were deep with lust as he saw how Luo Xiao’s chest was heaving up and down from trying to catch his breath, his lips were swollen and red and glistening wet, enticing him to lean in for another kiss. An attractive blush was all over Luo Xiao’s face, making him seem so attractive. 

The clothes were wrinkled and messy, and at the same time, the collarbone of Luo Xiao could be seen underneath the clothes, making Jiang Yao’s eyes constrict, especially when he noticed the sizeable bruise on the skin. 

The mood that had heated up quite a bit suddenly cooled, and Jiang Yao quickly sat up, wrapping Luo Xiao in his embrace and gently traced the bruise with his finger. 

A shiver ran through Luo Xiao’s body and he felt himself weaken by the touch. Luo Xiao knew that his entire body was covered in bruises from the time he had been beaten badly, but he had forgotten about it when he saw Jiang Yao.

The bruises had also been on his body for a rather substantial amount of time, so he did not consider them problematic anymore and knew that they would vanish completely after a few more days, but just looking at that one bruise made Jiang Yao’s eyes emit a bloodthirsty ray of light, darkness shrouded him and he was only barely able to regain his senses instead of rushing back to Jiang Bai to kill him for not protecting his lover as he had been tasked to do. 

“Jiang Yao?” Luo Xiao called out when he sensed that the emotions were swirling within the older male, and he was slightly confused. 

“Undress,” Jiang Yao ordered Luo Xiao, he wanted to see how injured he really was, how many wounds were hidden underneath his clothes, but Luo Xiao did not move, instead his face turned red like a tomato, his hands clutching the collar of the clothes and his hands trembling slightly. 

Realizing what he had said and how it could be understood Jiang Yao smiled slightly when he saw how Luo Xiao looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and he quickly explained himself.

“You have a bruise on your collar bone, I want to see if you are hiding other bruises on your body,” he said with a gentle voice as he stretched out his hands and gently covered Luo Xiao’s hands with them, warming the smaller boy up with his gentle gesture. 

“I am not hiding anything,” Luo Xiao muttered and looked away slightly embarrassed, but the words made Jiang Yao’s eyes even darker. So he had other bruises too? 

“How many bruises do you have?” Jiang Yao asked with a low and hoarse voice. He was fearing for the answer but at the same time, he wanted to know the truth. 

“Uh, a few?” Luo Xiao said, trying to avoid the question, but the more he wished to avoid it the more persistent Jiang Yao became. 

“How many is a few?” He asked with a gentle smile on his face, but the smile was dripping of bloodthirst, and Luo Xiao shivered. Not because he was fearful of Jiang Yao, but because he feared for the person who was going to be slaughtered later on for touching him.

Even when Jiang Yao was this bloodthirsty, Luo Xiao felt no fear, instead, he felt it endearing to know that someone would become so upset because of him. 

Luo Xiao was not willing to undress in front of Jiang Yao, he was simply too shy, and Jiang Yao was also not going to force him, he feared that if the younger man really did undress in front of him, then he would no longer be able to hold back. 

“Let us lay down and rest,” Jiang Yao said with a smile on his face as he reached out his hand and dragged Luo Xiao back into his embrace before lying down, enveloping the younger male in his big frame and feeling at peace at last.

The last week and a half had felt like an eternity to Jiang Yao. Although he had been busy dealing with his own matters, not for a moment had he been able to forget the young man, he had worried about him and he had wanted to rush to his side and stay there every day, but he knew that it was about time that Luo Xiao was able to look after himself. 

Also if he really did spend all his time together with Luo Xiao, then he would draw unwanted attention towards the youngster. This was something he wanted to avoid, not to mention it was rather unbecoming for a direct lineage descendant to come running to the academy all the time. 

Luo Xiao had been working hard during the time he had been at the academy, he had his nerves wound tightly the entire time and had not dared to really relax, yet the moment he was within Jiang Yao’s arms, he let go of all his worries. 

His head was using Jiang Yao’s arm as a pillow, his head pressed against his chest, and he was feeling so calm as he breathed in his distinct scent of masculinity and sandalwood. 

Jiang Yao sensed how the entire body in his arms suddenly turned soft, and how his breathing evened out. Soon the boy was asleep in his arms and Jiang Yao also decided to rest. 

With the young man in his arms he slowly drifted into dreamland, and together the two men held onto each other. They were able to fully relax and let go of all their worries at that moment. 

While Luo Xiao and Jiang Yao were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms, Jiang Bai was healing himself and his friends at home. 

He had bruises and cuts all over his body, his bones had broken and his meridians were damaged from the intense cold that had penetrated his body.

It was not only him, but all his friends were also heavily injured from the cold air that had caused them to lose consciousness, and no one dared to speak at the moment as they sensed Jiang Bai’s mood being incredibly foul at the moment. 

Finally, no one could handle the heavy atmosphere anymore, and Fu Chen stepped forward, “Jiang Bai, is the backer of that brat Luo Xiao really the seventh demon prince?” he asked with rather obvious fear in his voice.

He had been the last to collapse, and he had overheard some of the words spoken by Jiang Yao, he had even heard that Luo Xiao was a special person to him, and he was rather seriously frightened because of it. 

When he asked, all the others quieted down and looked at Jiang Bai, they too wanted to know the truth, their eyes were filled with horror. Everyone knew that the seventh demon prince was ruthless and cold. A genius that was hard to come by, the only one in the Royal family with dual attribute – Ice and Darkness, and he was the second strongest cultivator on the continent. 

The men here were all completely loyal to Jiang Bai, they would never betray him, and Jiang Bai trusted them with his life, which was also why Jiang Yao’s threat of killing them was much more effective than being beaten himself. 

“Yes, my brother is completely blinded by this little seductive fox-demon,” Jiang Bai said without hiding the hatred in his eyes. “I don’t know how he did it, but it is clear that he has wrapped my brother around his finger.” 

“But we have to look after him now, I do not think that his highness was joking,” Fu Chen said slowly filled with uncertainty and Jiang Bai grit his teeth in hatred. 

“We will look after him,” he pressed the words through his teeth filled with anger. “We are going to treat him so well that he will feel comfortable with us and show his real personality. I will make him show my brother how fickle and scheming he really is.” 

“Do you think he will fall for your tricks?” Fu Chen asked tentatively. If he already had the love of the seventh demon prince, why would he open up to Jiang Bai as well? He had the strongest of the princes on his side, so getting the weakest was not a benefit for him. 

“He is a kid,” Jiang Bai said with disdain in his voice, forgetting that he was not much older than Luo Xiao, “he is a small kid and he will easily be tricked by me. In the future treat him well and make him feel at home amongst our group of friends.”

The others were slightly hesitant but they quickly nodded their heads. When all came down to it, then Jiang Bai was their leader and he made all decisions, all they had to do was follow him. 

Thinking like this, the group all accepted a medicinal pill that Jiang Bai handed to them, and then they sat down. The pill was a Spring Powder Healing Pill, a pill that could heal injuries to one’s meridians and when they had consumed it they sat down and rotated the medicinal efficiency through their meridians, feeling how the injuries lessened drastically with each rotation. 

The most injured person was Jiang Bai. He was not only hurt internally but he had broken bones and cuts all over his body, he needed much more efficient healing medicines and took a higher ranked pill which he popped into his mouth with grievances. 

Although he was a prince and although he owned businesses and properties to earn a living, it was much less than his brothers. It was just enough to pay for his expenses, so using the more expensive pills still hurt his heart. 

“When I have opened brother’s eyes to how useless and fickle that seductive fox-demon is, I will make him pay me back for using such expensive pills.”

Like this, the night went by at the entire academy. Some places were filled with pain and discomfort while others had relaxation and blissful slumber.

The following morning Luo Xiao woke up, the first thing he saw was the jaw of Jiang Yao, and after blinking a few times, Luo Xiao remembered that Jiang Yao had come to him last night. 

A sweet smile spread on his lips as he felt happy, he nuzzled his nose against the chest in front of him and buried his body in Jiang Yao’s warm embrace, not happy about having to leave it.

As he dug himself into the embrace, he felt the arms that had wrapped themselves around his waist tighten and the face that was previously peacefully sleeping was now buried in his hair where a rain of soft kisses was being placed. 

Luo Xiao was still half asleep. He was moving much on instinct, the feeling of being together with Jiang Yao was something he had missed for a whole week and a half, and now that he finally managed to get him back, he was not at all interested in getting up early, all he wanted was to stay in bed and be wrapped up by Jiang Yao’s strong arms.