Chapter 106 – Luo Xiao is Furious

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Chapter 106 – Luo Xiao is Furious

Looking at the two people, even Luo Xiao felt no form for pity. His gaze was cold, and he wished that he could rip the Fourth Prince to shreds as soon as possible. 

Not only had his corpse puppet destroyed his old home and even killed his father, but now, the owner of this corpse puppet had wanted to kill the one person that mattered the most to him. Luo Xiao could not help but want to destroy the person who caused it all. 

Killing intent brewed in Luo Xiao’s mind for the first time. He had killed many bandits and people before, but it had never been because of anger.

He knew that those people attacked for their livelihood and for survival, but this was different. These people just wanted to harm Jiang Yao, and this was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He was full of hatred. 

Sensing the sudden killing intent, Jiang Yao looked at Luo Xiao in surprise. It was really rare to see Luo Xiao angry, but right now, he was so mad that even Jiang Yao was surprised. He had never thought that he would become this angry. 

“They wanted to kill you,” Luo Xiao said as he looked at the two trembling men on the ground. His entire being was screaming of killing intent, and his fists were clenched tightly, causing his nails to dig into his palms, and drops of blood fell onto the ground.

Seeing this, Jiang Yao hurried to take Luo Xiao’s hands into his own, and soothed over the taut muscles. 

“Relax,” he said, his voice gentle, but Luo Xiao did not relax. “They tried to kill you.” 

“There are many who tried to kill me,” Jiang Yao said gently as he lowered his head and looked at Luo Xiao’s ugly expression.

“I don’t like it,” Luo Xiao finally said after taking a deep breath. “I finally found a place where I belong,” he continued. “But now that they are trying to take it away from me.”

Jiang Yao’s eyes turned tender, as he heard Luo Xiao mutter, “I will never let anyone harm you, and I will fight for my happiness.”

Jiang Yao was ecstatic, his eyes full of tenderness. He had never thought that Luo Xiao was so defensive about him and their relationship. 

He knew that Luo Xiao treasured him, but now he could feel such direct proof of the feelings in his words, and he was thrilled. Even the Fourth Prince was forgiven for making an assassination attempt this time.

But although he forgave him, he was not going to forgive the two people lying on the ground, but he did not feel like tormenting them anymore. In the end, he just shot a few icicles into their bodies, killing them instantly.

Seeing them die, Luo Xiao felt that they had passed on too easily, but knowing that it was Jiang Yao’s choice, he did not go against it. Anything Jiang Yao decided upon, he would support. 

“Let us leave.” They had already dealt with everyone, and the heavy scent of blood would cause beasts to arrive within a short time. If they stayed, they would have to fight against the beasts to escape. 

Nodding his head, Luo Xiao felt how Jiang Yao reached out, wrapped his arm around his waist, and flew into the air. They had left the bloodsoaked caravan behind in a few moments, and after flying for a few hours, they arrived at a town. 

It was not a large town, but it was large enough to have a few inns and many mercenaries. The town was located at the edge of the Beast Ridge, a mountain range that ran throughout the entire country, and many neighboring countries too. 

Jiang Yao descended just outside the town. The gates should have been closed by now, but due to many caravans making their way over that night, the gates had been opened for a longer time. 

Jiang Yao decided that they would enter the Beast Ridge from this town, and they stood in line to enter. 

As it became their turn, Jiang Yao did not use his token, showing his rank and status as a Demon Prince; instead, he just handed over the gold coins that it cost to enter. 

Luo Xiao was somewhat surprised, but he said nothing and just followed behind him. They entered the town and walked down the busy roads. Although it was night time, the streets were still busy, and the shops had not closed. 

Jiang Yao was used to this sight, but it was still somewhat new to Luo Xiao, and he slowed down his steps as he walked through the streets. Obviously, nothing could compare to Cloudsoar City, but he hadn’t explored it all too much either because of his stay at the Academy.

Seeing the curiosity in Luo Xiao’s eyes, Jiang Yao smiled, took his hand in his own, and started walking down the street.

“Let us enjoy the night market,” Jiang Yao said after thinking for some time, guiding Luo Xiao towards the main square of the town. This central square was full of stalls and people who were showing off their wares on the back of their carriages. 

There was everything that one’s heart could wish for, everything from beast cores to captured beasts. There were herbs and pills, various resources for training, alongside weapons and armors. There were also ornaments and clothes, and even food was sold in smaller stalls. Everyone around them was haggling, eager to buy at the lowest prices. 

As they walked from stall to stall, Jiang Yao wondered what to buy for Luo Xiao, but nothing was outstanding enough to catch his attention.

At least not before they reached a stall that sold herbs and alchemist resources, and Luo Xiao’s eyes were drawn to an old copper cauldron.