The First Breakup – Part Twenty-two

Translator: translationraven



However, the young man was not aware that the way Song Yucheng was looking at him was off. He had approached because he had seen that Song Yucheng was not in good shape, and he wanted to check if he was all right. He was soon grabbed by his tie by Song Yucheng.

“You…” Caught unawares, the young man’s head dipped at the pull. Song Yucheng’s lips, smelling of alcohol, were placed right by his ear.

“How about doing me a favour?” Song Yucheng kept his mask of gentleness on, even in a time like this, but he was unable to hide his inborn strength and his thirst for prey.

“What favour?” The young man was unperturbed.

“Take me away from here, and I’ll reward you.” Song Yucheng could still put a small smile in the corners of his lips though the heat in his body was making him unsteady on his feet. Even so, he showed no weakness. This quiet endurance became a sort of special allure, and was particularly heart-stirring.

There was a trace of a look of appreciation in the young man’s eyes.

He had come here today for Song Yucheng.

He had actually become interested in Song Yucheng the first time he’d seen him over the livestream. He could see the strength and viciousness under Song Yucheng’s gentleness, and understood his many-layered plans, designed to loose the prey in order to have a better hold on it.

Song Yucheng’s retaliation against Xu Muzhi, in particular, was of great interest to him. He had been concerned about almost every detail, and couldn’t help but stay to watch it all unfold, to watch Song Yucheng and see what sort of amazing person he would be when he completely shed his disguise.

Right now, the teen standing before him had the body of a just-matured man, but his slim body was still weak and fragile. In contrast to that, his inner strength, even when tormented with raging lust, was still abated, and he wielded it with ease.

He really was perfect.

The young man’s gaze on Song Yucheng was quiet, and deep.

Xu Muzhi’s old arrangements were indeed good enough to keep things hidden from the young man, but they were not enough to hold up against his deliberate investigation. To put it plainly, like how Xu Muzhi had seen through the internet celebrity’s scheming, Xu Muzhi’s actions were as plain as day to the young man. Every move of his could be broken down if the young man so wanted to look into it.

This was why he had known about everything from the beginning; he had just not been in any hurry to take action. When he found out that Chu Rong had been deliberately moved away by Xu Muzhi’s manipulations, however, he got anxious. He quickly sent someone to protect Song Yucheng in secret, and also caused some trouble for Xu Muzhi at the same time to give him no time to make his move on Song Yucheng. He then went over to the venue personally to see what condition Song Yucheng was in.

It now looked like he had come at the right time. As he thought that, the young man said calmly, “Looks like your favour isn’t a small one.”

“But you can take care of it, right?”

“I can.” The young man looked at him for a bit, turned around and said something to his subordinate, and took Song Yucheng up in his arms, princess-style. He left the hall from the other end, and, after exiting the club, he went straight to the hotel he frequented most in China.


In the top-floor suite of the hotel, the young man instructed his subordinate to get a doctor for Song Yucheng and sent a message to Chu Rong at the same time to tell him to come get him.

“What did you say?” The subordinate who’d received the instructions was stunned. He’d thought that the young man had brought Song Yucheng back because he had some designs on him. Plus, Song Yucheng was under the influence of the drug now and it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of his situation. He had not imagined that the young man would have no intention of doing anything.

Wasn’t this a little… not right? The subordinate looked doubtfully at the young man and did not move for a while.

But the young man gestured for him to do as instructed.

He did have a favorable opinion of Song Yucheng but now was obviously not the time to get acquainted. Besides, Song Yucheng was drugged now. If something did happen between them, it would be because of simple lust, and meaningless.

With that thought in mind, the young man pulled the blanket up to cover Song Yucheng up more and sat by the bed, watching him as he waited for the doctor to arrive.


Song Yucheng had gotten himself out of danger for now, but the situation was a mess outside.

Chu Rong sent Li Zhao home and made his way back, his brain buzzing with his plan to confess his love to Song Yucheng. He had not managed to confess to him in person the last time, and this time, he had managed to make Song Yucheng’s heart soften a little, so he wanted to tell Song Yucheng all of his thoughts and feelings.

Before he returned to the club, Chu Rong fixed his hair and made sure he was looking his best, then went in. He discovered to his surprise that Song Yucheng was not there.

He wasn’t just absent — the present Chu Rong had given him had been left behind too. It sat on the windowsill of the balcony.

Did this mean that he was not willing to accept him? That he was not even going to give him a chance?

Sadness gripped Chu Rong’s heart immediately. By chance, he noticed a broken glass by the side, and found it strange.

Song Yucheng was an all-round gentleman, so even if he was going to reject him, he would do return the item to him, face to face, and not simply leave it here. The way this glass had fallen and broken, too, was telling. So the greatest possibility was that… Something had happened to Song Yucheng.

Chu Rong picked up the glass and touched the alcohol residue. He held his finger up to his nose, and his expression changed immediately.

A drug…

He had had a lesson on this when he’d first entered the entertainment world. He had learnt what sort of taste to look out for, and what sort of alcohol and smoke-able things were problematic. The glass he held in his hand right now had obviously had something done to the alcohol in it.

So who was it? Did Song Yucheng drink it? Where was he now? Chu Rong’s head was filled with chaos instantly but he quickly forced himself to calm down.

Chu Rong felt that whoever it was, and whatever that person wanted to do, Song Yucheng must still be in the club. He had been outside seeing people off after all, so it was impossible for him to not have noticed if someone had taken Song Yucheng away.

The drug also had a certain time limit to its effects. Song Yucheng could be intoxicated right now, but it did not mean that he would not be able to fight back. He would still be able to get some basic help if someone wanted to force him to do something.

Chu Rong quickly gave his cousin a call to get him to help. While waiting, he hurried to the surveillance room, hoping to be able to check the footage and see just who had taken Song Yucheng away. He soon had a reply from his cousin and he stopped in his tracks immediately.

Xu Muzhi.

The boss of this club was actually Xu Muzhi?

Ha. No wonder Song Yucheng had been targeted. If this was the case…

Chu Rong headed towards the top floor of the club. He went looking for Xu Muzhi’s room, and every number of every room which he passed made his heart beat with fear — fear that he would be too late.


Chu Rong was the only person in the empty corridor. He ran to Xu Muzhi’s room door as quickly as he could. The innocuous “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door seemed to stab viciously at Chu Rong.

But, the closed door was like a Pandora’s Box, enticing him to open it fully.

A muffled moan came from inside the room, crumbling Chu Rong’s hesitation. His heart sank and he threw caution to the wind. He pushed the door open right away and charged in.

Chu Rong was not going to let Song Yucheng be taken by scum such as Xu Muzhi.

“Let him go!” Chu Rong strode into the room. To his surprise, the person who was being pleasured in Xu Muzhi’s embrace was not Song Yucheng. He was not Song Yucheng, but this person was also someone Chu Rong had not expected at all.

It was actually that internet celebrity who had posted all those negative things about Song Yucheng on the internet. It looked like there was something wrong with him too, and he was seducing Xu Muzhi in a delirious state. Xu Muzhi, on the other hand, was scared limp by Chu Rong’s sudden appearance.

“Rongrong, listen, I can explain.” He hurriedly shoved the clingy internet celebrity aside as he tried to think of something to say to explain away his shame. However, the internet celebrity did not register Xu Muzhi’s intentions, and he scrambled to hug Xu Muzhi’s leg after falling to the floor — he even tried to take it to the next step with a look of intoxicated lust on his face.

This lewd scene made Chu Rong sick; he would vomit if he saw any more. He scoffed, turned around, and went out the door, but his heart was strangely settled.

It was a good thing that the person in there was not Song Yucheng.

But he grew even more worried — if Song Yucheng had not been taken by Xu Muzhi, then where had he gone?

Chu Rong had no more leads. He felt like a headless chicken with no sense of direction. However, he was truly out of ideas. Song Yucheng had no family, no friends. The people closest to him were probably himself, Li Zhao and the other youngsters who had participated in the programme.

Chu Rong took out his mobile phone impatiently to urge his cousin to hurry. He had just sent a message to his cousin when he received a message from an unknown number. The message contained a location, and a name. Song Yucheng.

So was this message from Song Yucheng, or was it from the person who had saved him?

Chu Rong got more anxious after reading that message, and replied: I’ll be right there.

He ran out of the club. He kept urging the driver to hurry as he made his way there, afraid that he would not get there in time. Even with all that hurrying, he arrived at his destination half an hour after he’d begun.

Looking at the low-key yet extremely tasteful design on the hotel, Chu Rong’s anxiety doubled. Fortunately, the manager in the lobby handed him a room key card right away after asking him his name, and gave him a brief summary of what had happened.

“The doctor has seen him. Basic checks and treatment has been administered. The doctor’s prescription is on the bedside table, and you can have a doctor you trust take a closer look at it when you get back.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” A doctor had seen him, so Song Yucheng should be fine now. A rock lifted off Chu Rong’s heart. He had not seen Song Yucheng in the flesh yet, however, so he could not relax completely.

He gave his simple thanks, and went up in the lift, to the top-floor suite where Song Yucheng was.


Song Yucheng was sleeping peacefully on the bed when Chu Rong opened the door and went in. There was no one else other than an attending doctor by his bedside. As for the young man who had brought Song Yucheng here — it was like he had never appeared.

“How is he?” enquired Chu Rong quietly.

The doctor seemed to be afraid of disturbing Song Yucheng’s rest, and he simply stood to move outside to talk with Chu Rong.

It turned out that it really was the drug which Chu Rong had suspected. Fortunately, Song Yucheng had a lot of self-control, or he would have been severely disadvantaged because of his age now.

“Then, he’s now…”

“He’s fine. There will still be some after-effects so let him rest for the next two days. You can get a doctor you trust to give him a checkup tomorrow morning.”

“I understand.” Chu Rong nodded. He sent the doctor off, and went to see Song Yucheng.

Song Yucheng lay nestled under the blanket in the room; he looked like he was sound asleep. Nothing seemed to be wrong at first glance. When he got closer, however, Chu Rong grew involuntarily nervous.

He was just too alluring. This was a unique situation, but a location such as a hotel already was some strong hint in itself. Add the fact that Song Yucheng had been drugged to the mix, and his much-reduced invulnerability… His delicate skin easily conjured up images of what he would look like if he were resisting his desire, what he would look like if he had tears in his eyes.

He would definitely be especially enticing.

Chu Rong took a deep breath and curbed his wandering thoughts. He reached out and touched Song Yucheng’s forehead, and froze in the next second. Chu Rong discovered that the clothes Song Yucheng had on were not the clothes he had worn earlier today.