Neon Street Lights – Story Two (NSFW)

Written by Blue Jay



Neon Street Lights” 

Story Two



It had been over two days since the first encounter of Ysaac with Lukas in more than five years. An encounter that Ysaac did not imagine would go down the way it actually did. 

He could still feel those lips on his, that feeling of his body against his, and that tingling sensation down in his stomach every time he thought of it seemed to never stop. But frankly, what had ended up being the cause of keeping him up at night was neither of those.

It was the idea that maybe, maybe Lukas felt something for him back. 

What a ridiculous idea. There was nothing the guy felt for him, obviously it was nothing more than just the heat of the night. And yet, just yet, Ysaac couldn’t get over the gnawing feeling that perhaps… 

No. He sat up in his bed, with the hand that had just been going down his bare abdomen now behind him, supporting his body. His entire world felt warm, heated, uncomfortable, and dizzying. Ever since that night, he had been unable to get the visual of Lukas just tossed on the couch, his shirt unbuttoned and hair messier than it had ever been. The image of those lips he had wanted to conquer since he first dreamt about him back in university.

It had even gone as far as Ysaac fantasizing that same evening, dreaming and thinking about that touch, wanting to hold him down and force him to do his bidding. Yet, what stopped him every time from pursuing these fantasies was the fact that Lukas had become the one person he despised, and more than anything, Ysaac just wanted to destroy him. Even those lustful desires roaming around freely in him wouldn’t be able to stop that, and that was what he had decided. 

He needed a shower and a drink. Maybe a few drinks. A lot of drinks. 

After a quick, cold shower to try and cool his head off, Ysaac put on a black shirt with the only vest he had on top, coupled with a pair of black jeans and some steel-toed boots. As per usual, he barely combed through his damp curly hair, leaving it settle down to cover half of his face and then left the apartment. Today, he wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s career as RAM. Plus, it was late at night. 

Combined with the repeatedly appearing image of Lukas in his mind, Ysaac was simply not in the mood of going after business branches of the Wolf. 

The fact that the Gray Wolf was his old classmate, someone he quite frankly had quite the affections for before dropping out due lack of funds, was still settling in his mind. He never really saw Lukas in such a light, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. The guy never had money issues and always wore expensive stuff. How dumb was he, Ysaac lamented at himself as he walked through the ever busy streets of Inseon. 

“Lukas can go fuck himself,” at some point Ysaac shrugged and decided to stop overthinking it. There was no point to it. Plus, he wasn’t going to change his goal. Money-hoarders like the Gray Wolf should all fall down, so the rest can have a chance. In his eyes, a noble goal – even if the means he used to achieve it were everything but noble.  After all, a list of criminal activities was not the best thing to have on your name, but since nobody actually knew his face aside from Lukas, they had no means to prove he was RAM. And he was confident in the ability to cover up his tracks. 

A bright blinking neon light to the side caught his attention. His dark eyes focused on it, with the lights coming from a label of a popular club chain in Inseon. 

“‘Green Eyes’,” Ysaac muttered to himself, a vague memory coming in his mind. 

Back in university, him and Lukas had visited the same bar for months on end. Every week, every Friday. Same time of day, and always the same drinks. 

A savoy affair for him, Lukas would say. And then Ysaac would follow with a grin that he wanted a dark’n’stormy. 

A long sigh of melancholy left Ysaac. He missed those days, the days where him and Lukas were actually friends and not enemies, the days where he didn’t worry about anything aside from university and life. Those were the days, he lamented. Now? It was a bunch of bullshit. Part of which he himself had started, especially the bullshit running through his mind and body whenever he thought of Lukas. 

“Enough,” Ysaac grumbled lowly before making his way into the club. After showing an ID and a quick look from the guards, he was let through in the place.

It was just like he remembered – dark, yet vibrant, with music blasting from the speakers. People dancing, naked skin showing through the gaps in the clothes as people danced together. Loose hair, cybernetic enhancements glistening in the moving blue, purple and pink lights, and eyes with wide open pupils, a sign of the alcohol and drugs people found in places like this. 

He smiled. The perfect place for him to blend in. Who would be able to search for him if he became one of them, a person dancing their worries away, flirting, groping, kissing and who knows what? Alcohol and stimulations were the best way to forget oneself, after all. 

Approaching the bar, Ysaac noticed with the corner of his eye someone leaving the VIP room. The door was left half open, and he was able to see a few bottles of very expensive liquors inside. How inviting. 

“Hey, can I have a dark’n’stormy? And, also, can I take the VIP room?” There was no way Ysaac was going to skip on free barely opened liquors. That was so free he just had to go for it. 

“Do you have a green card?” the man at the bar grumbled, getting to do his drink with record level speed. 

“Sure as hell I do,” Ysaac took out from one of his pockets what looked like a green card, showing it to the bartender before putting it away. 

One got a green card if they visited the place enough and paid enough, meaning it was basically the “Green Eyes” club chain recognizing you as a special guest. You could also get it with connections, but Ysaac had no need for that – or to steal it. His college life had given him plenty of opportunity to blow his money on drinks in this place, thus letting him acquire the green card. 

The bartender didn’t care that someone had just left the VIP room, instead just shrugging as he handed the glass of alcohol over. “Go ahead, then. Five hundred yen. Tab or you’re paying up?” 

Ysaac answered by just putting a few banknotes down on the bar, taking his drink and making his way over to the VIP room. He had made sure the guy had already left the club, so there was absolutely no issues entering the room. 

And sure as hell, as soon as he found himself inside, those expensive bottles of booze were right then and there, barely touched. 

“Jackpot. And I don’t even have to pay,” he chuckled to himself as he sat down on the leather sofa, looking through the bottles before picking up a bottle of cognac. 

He took the liberty to drink half of his own drink before filling the rest up with the expensive cognac. It was going to be a good night, Ysaac thought to himself, yet as he was about to take a sip, the side door of the VIP room opened. 

“Do you like my alcohol choice?” Lukas laughed as he leaned on the door, a smirk on his face as he looked at Ysaac. 

“Fuck off, moron,” was the scoff, pretending to be a proper response to the question. 

His mood had immediately turned sour as soon as he had recognized the voice. So much so that he lowered the glass, already not feeling like drinking anymore. Looking up, he finally took a better look at Lukas, who was leaning on the doorframe and smiling. 

His hair looked just as messily put together as last time, only he was wearing different clothes. It was a suit again, just a more expensive looking one with embroidered details. Something, at which Ysaac frowned before sighing and looking away. 

“How did you know I was here?” he grumbled, finally taking a sip of his drink. The alcohol burned his throat, making his eyes widen for a split second before he leaned back in his place, clearly intent on not leaving his spot. 

Even with Lukas right then and there, it was Ysaac’s day off today. No crimes. Well, unless it came to taking all the alcohol Lukas had already paid for. That was no crime, it was Lukas doing him a favor. That was how he saw it and he wasn’t going to change his viewpoint on it.

“Just a hinch,” Lukas chuckled before closing the door behind him, making sure that it was locked, just like the front one. That way, nobody from the outside would be able to enter. The two of them could still leave, of course. 

“A hinch, my ass,” Ysaac rolled his eyes, putting his glass down and finally taking a good look at Lukas. Obviously the other had tracked him somehow.

The last time the two of them were in “Green Eyes” together was five years ago, and, frankly, Ysaac didn’t remember much from it. It was a night filled with alcohol, dancing, stimulants, sweat and blood… Everything a college student from Inseon could get their hands on, they probably had it. A party to end the year, so to say, even if for Ysaac that had been the last time he saw Lukas as he had dropped out of the university due to lack of tuition funds. And he wasn’t someone who’d willingly let himself be caught in a deal by the loan sharks. No way in hell. 

From what he could see, Lukas hadn’t changed one bit. Well, he had clearly aged and grown his hair out a bit more, but aside from that, everything from the smirk on his face to the style of clothes he wore was the same. 

Lukas chuckled, walking forward, but stopped before sitting down. “Can I?”

The other man almost instantly raised his eyebrows. “Can you? Silly question. You could probably kill me in the room and get away with it, asshole.” 

“Well, you’re not wrong,” Lukas laughed softly, sitting down on the other side of the big sofa and picking up one of the empty glasses. He then filled it up with some ice cubes from the tray and reached over to take the cognac Ysaac had poured himself from earlier. 

However, his hand never got the bottle, as Ysaac had grabbed it and pulled it away from him, his eyes glaring into his in the meantime. “Mine. Find your own.” 

“Have you gotten greedier over the years?” it was Lukas’ turn to raise his eyebrows before shaking his head and pulling over a bottle of whiskey and pouring himself from that. 

“I only greed for alcohol,” Ysaac responded before hiding behind his own drink, taking almost half of it in one go. 

Lukas, naturally, didn’t believe him one bit that he only greeded for alcohol. There was something else he was greeding over, but he decided not to mention it, at least not yet. He was sure Ysaac was plenty aware of it already. 

He smiled. “Want to have a drinking contest? Like the old days, you know…”

“Old days? Don’t make me out to be some thirty year old wrinklebear, bastard,” Ysaac’s low grunt followed before he downed the rest of the cocktail he had. “But if you want a drinking contest, go ahead. I’m here to get batshit drunk anyway, might as well help it.” 

And with those words, he poured himself another full glass of cognac, ready to down it as soon as Lukas showed any indication of doing the same. Normally, one would be drinking small shots in a drinking game, but Ysaac was having none of it. Even if it were to kill him, he only cared about forgetting about everything and anything at this moment. 

“And don’t forget to bottoms up,” he uttered before he lifted his glass up and practically downed the whole thing in seconds. 

Lukas blinked in surprise at seeing that, but he wasn’t one to chicken out easily from a challenge he proposed. He followed suit by practically inhaling all that whiskey in his glass. He naturally had taken way less than Ysaac, and his rather unexpected moderation as the two continued to drink together was showing its effects. 

Between curses and angry glares at Lukas, Ysaac had gradually gotten more and more inebriated with every glass. A bottle and a half of liquor later, his face was flushed red, attention already drifting somewhat in the skies, yet his gaze not once left Lukas. Luke himself was, obviously, quite drunk as well. Just a lot less drunk than Ysaac, mainly because he wasn’t that big of an idiot as him.  

“So, millionaire bastard,” Ysaac begun, putting his glass down rather shakily. 

“What,” Lukas rolled his eyes, exasperated at the millionth time Ysaac addressed him as a bastard. He knew he was a bastard, he didn’t need that moron addressing him as such at every occasion. 

Ysaac’s eyes were half closed, his whole expression looking almost like a mischievous deity about to commit a crime. “Wonder if someone has done you in the ass yet?” 

And without any further notification, Ysaac grabbed Lukas’ tie and held him in place as his lips found the other’s, both somewhat soft, but mostly just messy and hungry. 

At the unexpected gesture, the glass fell off of Lukas’ hand, the leftover drink in it spilling to the side of the couch, only he didn’t really have time to to think about it all that much. That was because he had all of a sudden found Ysaac sitting on top of him, hand on his cheek as the kiss robbed him from all his breath and forced him into submission. 

And whatever gods there were be damned, Ysaac knew how to kiss. The tongue in his mouth, exploring as deep as it could seconds after the kiss began. The hand, slowly running down his cheek to his chin and then neck, with its cold fingers finding themselves under the shirt to tease him further. The body, which weighed down on his in such a pleasant manner that Lukas could do nothing to try and ignore it. 

A very, very long moment later, Ysaac finally broke the kiss, his half lidded eyes taking a good look at Lukas under him. “You know, I’ve wanted to do this since college…” he whispered, his thumb playing with Lukas’ parted lips at that very second. 

Lukas smiled, finally speaking himself. “Such a shame, same goes here.” 

He gave Ysaac no time to react, pulling the other down by the collar on a now much more hard, sexual kiss. There was no way he was submitting himself down to a drunkard. One of his hands held onto Ysaac, not letting him go even for a second, whereas the other very quickly found its way under his shirt, feeling the decently sculpted body underneath. 

“Oi you fuck!” 

Suddenly, he felt his chin yanked upwards as Ysaac almost bit into his neck. His lips locked onto an area there, sucking on it and then licking it, his eyes looking at the quite nice mark he had left as soon as he was done. Not surprisingly, Lukas’ face had turned a pretty shade of pink – a sight that Ysaac would never want to unsee. 

But Lukas was not having it. Even if he had bit his own lip slightly at the kiss on his neck, he wasn’t going to let Ysaac have it his way. 

“Get down here!” He smirked, yanking the other off of him, instead suddenly switching places with him. It was finally him on top, sitting between Ysaac’s legs as he held him in place with one arm and unbuttoned his vest with the other. “Only I’m allowed to be in control.” 

As soon as Ysaac’s bare chest was exposed, despite all of his efforts focused on his protest, Lukas ran his hand down its whole length, too in the mood of seeing what the other had to offer. Obviously, Ysaac had other thoughts about that, lifting his leg in protest and trying to kick Lukas away. 

Only, it was futile, as the position they were in only made things worse, with Ysaac now finding himself twisted weirdly on the sofa, unable to move any further. Lukas smiled, taking the opportunity to suddenly force another kiss on the other before slipping his hand under his pants. 

Instantly, Ysaac’s face was red like a beetroot, especially as that hand groped what was also known as the gluteus maximus of the human body. “You fuck!” He cursed out loud, unwilling to admit how that made him feel inside, with his heart beating like a locomotive and his stomach tingling with butterflies. 

With all the force in his body that he had, he twisted himself, surprising even Lukas as he managed to get himself on top of him once more. It was his turn to order the pace, his hands practically ripping apart the buttons on Lukas’ suit, giving him a prime time view on what was essentially a perfect body. Gorgeously sculpted, with every little piece that any artist dreamed of perfectly defined and formed. It even came with a deep v line, something that Ysaac decided to trace with his fingers with amusement. 

“Let’s see what you have to offer…” 

Only, he didn’t get to see what Lukas had to offer. As soon as he got to unbuckling the belt, something felt awfully wrong in his stomach. Tossing, turning, it was like a poison in his body, making Ysaac freeze above Lukas as he tried to fight it back. 

Sadly, it was futile, as he was forced to cover his mouth, legs fumbling as he attempted to get off of Lukas only to stumble and fall onto the table face first. 

The only thing Lukas heard aside from all of the glass shattering as it fell off the table from the force was a muffled sound of liquids falling onto the ground, together with gagging. His body quickly reacted, getting up to try and help – but by the time he had actually found himself by Ysaac’s side, the man had passed out after emptying presumably most of the contents of his stomach at that time. 

Outside of his worry for Ysaac, Lukas could only think of one thing – that moron. Why didn’t he eat something before coming to get drunk? 

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