RIAH – Chapter 101: Chairman Yan Plays a Game

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Chapter 101: Chairman Yan Plays a Game

For the industry, the week lasting from 16th January to 23rd January became a special week.

That week, new topics continuously sprang up on the forums for designers, and the fans of the two corporations endlessly fought in debate. All one needed to do was to randomly click open a topic on technique analysis in the forum, and after ten replies, it would descend into a warzone. Being on the losing end, the headquarters of SI burst into action. Don’t even mention the workload surge for the advertising department, even in the design department, no one, not even the human Xiao Yu, could escape clocking in overtime. YL, which was betrayed by its own Chairman, also exploded. Being abandoned by their Chairman while they hung between “life and death” was already bad enough, what worsened the situation was the fact that the Chairman’s replacement seemed to be extremely unreliable.

While the rest of the world acted like these seven days were dark and unclear, YL’s decision maker, the twenty-eight year old Chairman, was akin to a cultivator in seclusion, dwelling at home with his pet for the entire week.

During the first two days, Yan Jin still paid a bit of attention to the general affairs of the corporation as well as the latest news. But very quickly, perhaps because he felt that victory was already in the bag, he gave himself a vacation where he was unreachable.

As for the itinerary of this vacation, Yan Jin asked for Xiao Yu’s opinion. He stated that his new car was ready and that he could carry Xiao Yu’s cage together with them to the Four Seasons Manor or any another location for their trip.

Xiao Yu was shocked by the fact that Yan Jin got a new car.

If Xiao Yu remembered correctly, Yan Jin had a total of three cars. One of them was a Lamborghini that was featured on Spreading Fire. Another was a Maserati that he drove to work. And the last was a Rolls Royce that was usually used to take Xiao Yu on trips. All three of them were expensive luxury vehicles. Xiao Yu had sat in all three of them and thought that they were all very comfortable. He could not fathom why Yan Jin felt the need to buy a new car.

Not to mention, the only reason he got this new car was to carry Xiao Yu’s cage…

Although Xiao Yu felt touched, this emotion was quickly overwhelmed by his hatred for people flaunting their wealth.

While Xiao Yu was excited by the prospects of Yan Jin getting a new car, Xiao Yu rejected Yan Jin’s suggestion without thinking much about it.

Firstly, he recently went on a trip to the Four Seasons Manor and on that very trip he almost lost an eighty million dollar contract, causing him to have a lingering fear in his heart about the place. He would not be in the mood to visit there again within a short period of time. Secondly, Xiao Yu was a designer with professional conduct. At such a critical juncture, instead of frivolously going on a vacation, he would much rather stay at home and wait for the latest news.

After his vacation plans were turned down, the obviously disappointed Yan Jin could only turn his attention toward his cell phone to see if his secretary had sent him any messages.

And so, while Xiao Yu laid on the coffee table playing his game, Yan Jin sat behind him hugging a pillow as he stared at his phone. This scene of the person and the hamster looked especially harmonious.

Xiao Yu was very satisfied by this state of being close to each other, yet not interfering with one another. Usually, Yan Jin would be busy settling the affairs of his company even on the weekends. If he managed to set aside some time, he would surely bring him to the second floor to play or to cuddle together in front of the TV. It was rare for them to quietly sit together while doing their own thing. He really hoped that this serenity could last for a while longer.

It was a pity that the heavens did not listen to Xiao Yu’s wish.

Five minutes ago, Xiao Yu started a little game on WeChat. Surprisingly, his luck was not bad, and he was able to get a high score. He only needed to advance a bit more in order to be the highest scorer amongst his group of friends. But at the most critical second, a finger appeared before Xiao Yu’s eyes and lightly tapped on the screen.

The little person took one step forward and dropped the box.

Game over.

Yan Jin looked at Xiao Yu curiously: “I didn’t do anything, why is the game over?”

Xiao Yu calmly said: “Squeak.” What are you doing?

“Nothing.” Yan Jin innocently blinked his eyes.

This was an expression that was rarely seen on Yan Jin’s face and Xiao Yu was shaken. He restrained the strong discomfort in his heart and logged onto Toxic to ease his shock.

Thirty minutes later.


Xiao Yu manipulated his character to rush toward the enemy’s base. The first wave of enemies were taken out. Only he remained from his side. He just needed to grasp this chance and he should be able to destroy the enemy’s crystal!


The crystal was right before him and he estimated that it would take the enemy at least eight seconds to revive. Xiao Yu could almost see the victory screen.

As if his character was infected by his excited mood, it energetically rushed toward the crystal!

Then he watched as it charged toward the spring and ran off screen.

Xiao Yu: …

Yan Jin came out from the bedroom with a magnanimous expression: “Just now, the internet connection was poor so I restarted the router. You weren’t affected, I hope?”

After the internet came back on, he saw the curses from his teammates on the channel. Xiao Yu used a helpless tone to reply on the channel: “I disconnected just now.”

After that match, Xiao Yu lifted his head to look at Yan Jin, who seemed to be seriously focused on his phone, and asked like a broken recorder:

“Squeakk.” It’s boring to play by myself, do you want to play with me?

“It doesn’t matter to me. Sure.”

That might be what was said, but the magnificent smile that Yan Jin could not cover up was enough to reveal what he actually thought.

Xiao Yu coldly had Yan Jin use their 10 mbps internet to download Toxic, then he helped Yan Jin set up Grey-white SS as his account.

As someone with experience power-leveling, Xiao Yu knew that it was not convenient to use a high level character. And so, both he and Yan Jin made new accounts and he taught the basics to Yan Jin as they went along.

Originally, he thought that even without ever playing Toxic, Yan Jin should have played similar mobile games before. Whether it was a tower defense game, a MOBA¹ game, anything was fine. Toxic was a beginner friendly mobile game. It should be easy to pick up for people with even a bit of experience.

But very quickly, Xiao Yu discovered he was mistaken.

“Why am I bleeding?”

“Squeakk.” Because you’re standing under the enemy tower.

“Where is the crystal?”

“Squeakk.” Click on the minimap, it’s the red spot at the top.

“Where is the minimap?”


After experiencing questions like “Who are my teammates,” “Who killed me,” “Where am I,” and “What do I need to do?” the nightmarish explanation period was over. After Xiao Yu finally clearly explained the basic rules to the newbie Yan Jin, Xiao Yu prepared to stop playing against the computer and bring him into an actual game when Yan Jin set his phone down.

Xiao Yu looked at him strangely.

“It’s almost time to sleep.”

“?” Xiao Yu turned his head to look at the clock on the wall.

Eleven o’clock.

Wait, if he remembered correctly, they should’ve started playing after dinner. That was to say that they spent five hours at the training camp fighting against the computer to teach Yan Jin to play?

“Squeakkk!!” Wait, one last match!

Yan Jin grabbed Xiao Yu and completely ignored how he struggled for his life. Yan Jin entered his bedroom in a satisfied mood and put Xiao Yu, who had not gotten enough, into his cage. Crouching lower, he gently said: “See you tomorrow.”

After wasting an entire night for no good reason, Xiao Yu hopelessly fell asleep. There, he had a sweet dream of scoring five kills in a row and becoming a supreme god in the game.

At this point, he was yet not aware that he would be wasting an entire week’s worth of time.

The second day, with Xiao Yu’s training, Yan Jin finally stepped into actual combat.

Yan Jin operated his phone carelessly, expressing absolutely no interest in this boring game.

His attention was entirely focused on the adorable little hamster that was energetically jumping here and there on the iPad next to him.

“Squeakk.” Choose your character quickly.

“Which character is strong?” Yan Jin resisted his impulse to gather the little guy into his palms to rub and pinch. He reluctantly diverted a bit of his attention back to the game.

“It depends on the situation. Looking at your position. Generally, a powerful mid game mage would be…”

Five minutes later, the two of them entered the game. Xiao Yu selected a reliable assassin, intending to exhibit his skills in front of Yan Jin.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Yu coldly stared into the greyed out screen:

“Squeak.” (What-)

Xiao Yu couldn’t believe it. Forget about the fact that Yan Jin did not opt to take the lower route as an archer, what was he trying to do by constantly following an assassin that was jungling and snatching his experience? After circling the jungle once, Yan Jin was even higher level than him. Just then, an enemy assassin came to compete with them, and Xiao Yu was not his match. He was able to run away after much difficulty only to see the blood covered Yan Jin charge toward the enemy. Before he could even say anything, he watched as Yan Jin got instagibbed. Then the enemy that suppressed him with his level teleported over and killed Xiao Yu.

After Xiao Yu revived, he took on the arduous mission of one versus nine. He struggled to persist, but after twenty minutes, the opponent destroyed their crystal.

Xiao Yu was depressed, but he turned to comfort Yan Jin:

“Squeak.” It’s okay, this is only your first battle. Let’s play another match.

They lost the second match , the third match, the fourth match…

At noon, Xiao Yu was finally given some reprieve while Yan Jin had lunch. He listlessly checked the forums, but even YL’s triumphant results could not comfort the wound in his heart.

Di Di.

Xiao Yu thought that it was Nannan, but once he clicked open QQ, he found out it was actually Chu Ge.

[Chu Ge]: Can I ask you a question? It’s related to Yan Jin.

[Fishy]: Sure, just ask. I have been keeping an eye on him.

[Chu Ge]: Just now, I seem to have seen him online in my friends list on Toxic. Was I mistaken?

[Fishy]: It seemed like he wanted to play with me, so I downloaded a game for him. Is there a problem?

[Chu Ge]: Ummmmm.

[Fishy]: What is it?

[Chu Ge]: In that case, can you ask him for me if he remembers how he said that no matter how bored he was, he would never touch such a low class hobby in this lifetime?

[Fishy]: …

[Fishy]: So that’s why he’s so terrible at it?

[Chu Ge]: Hmm, he’s really bad at it? Since he was young, he could pick up on things really quickly. I thought that if he did play a game, he would become an expert.

[Fishy]: Trust me, he’s bad.

[Chu Ge]: That’s great. I’m going to invite him to a 1v1 PvP².

Xiao Yu thought back to the time when Chu Ge displayed his skill of gifting his head to his opponents while using a limited edition character. Then, he confidently replied.

[Fishy]: Don’t worry, you will definitely win.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games

[2] PvP – Player versus Player

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