RIAH – Chapter 102: The Wish of a Lifetime

Translator: Twin.Fishes

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Kai

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Chapter 102: The Wish of a Lifetime

[Chu Ge]: Ah, but he’s not online right now, and I’m busy in the afternoon.

[Chu Ge]: dismayed.jpg.

[Fishy]: You don’t have to be in such a hurry. It wouldn’t make any difference if you were to challenge him two days from now.

[Chu Ge]: You don’t understand. Don’t say two days, even two hours would be enough for that Yan Jin fellow to transform from trash to a genius.

[Fishy]: Don’t exaggerate, he’s really terrible.

[Chu Ge]: I’ve known him for over ten years, and I understand him too well. If I don’t defeat him while he is still new to the game, I will definitely not have a chance afterward.

Originally, Xiao Yu wanted to say that Yan Jin had already started playing yesterday night, but he was afraid of destroying Chu Ge’s confidence, so he stopped himself from saying anything.

[Chu Ge]: Master Fishy, my hamster master, this is my wish of a lifetime! Make him log on and fight me! If I could kill him just this once, I won’t have any no more regrets!

[Fishy]: But he truly is very bad…

Chu Ge has sent you a red envelope¹.

[Fishy]: Leave it to me.


After lunch, Xiao Yu immediately suggested that they log on. Yan Jin was visibly very dissatisfied with this suggestion.

Although he enjoyed sharing in another aspect of his pet’s life, this game inevitably occupied too much of Xiao Yu’s attention.

Chairman Yan, who was even jealous of a game, regretted agreeing to play with Xiao Yu while he tried to change the subject: “Don’t you want to play at the Crystal Palace?”

“Squeak.” What Crystal Palace?

Xiao Yu assumed that Yan Jin was talking about in-game content and did not make the connection.

By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late.

Chairman Yan narrowed his eyes dangerously. Then, he picked up his phone from the table and went into the kitchen, pulling the glass door shut with a swish behind him.

Bringing up his contact list, he dialed a number.

Xiao Yu immediately rushed over to the kitchen, trying to make up for his lapse, but he did not make it in time.

Xiao Yu and Yan Jin’s gazes met across the glass door.


Xiao Yu pulled at the glass door. Looking at Yan Jin pitifully, his eyes were earnestly big as he blinked them sincerely.

The usually pitiless Yan Jin… lowered his phone and took a picture.

Xiao Yu pressed on his attack while he had the advantage. Going with the flow, he laid on his back, exposing his white little belly.

“Hey? What do you want? Hey?” Chu Ge’s voice could be heard from the phone.

Yan Jin casually hung up, then pulled open the glass door and scooped Xiao Yu up.

He rested a finger on top of Xiao Yu’s belly. Xiao Yu wanted to hold onto Yan Jin’s finger and act cute, but it was a pity that his waist was too fat and he muster up enough strength. His limbs were too short to reach, and after two futile attempts, he ended up panting for breath as he laid at the center of Yan Jin’s palm, playing dead.

“Explain it to me clearly.” Yan Jin suppressed the fervor in his heart and spoke coldly.

“Squeakkk.” T-that is, at the time Chu Ge looked like he was very busy, so I told him he could go. After all, I could play with the miniature artifact at any time.

After debating for a while, Xiao Yu chose to sell out his friend. Although he did feel like he was letting Chu Ge down, he truly wasn’t able to come up with a better excuse when he was exposed so suddenly.

“If he was busy, then why did he agree when I asked him to take care of you?” Yan Jin called Xiao Yu’s words into question: “Not to mention, he is the Yan family’s private doctor. Even though he is registered as a doctor in the hospital, he should not have encountered a situation where he was unable to get away.”

Most people had trouble lying to Yan Jin’s face. Chairman Yan seemed to have some sort of special power to see through lies, not allowing any room for pretense to hide.

But Xiao Yu was an exception to that rule. It was unknown why Yan Jin was not only very tolerant of him, but when it was necessary, Yan Jin would even take the initiative to help tighten up the holes in Xiao Yu’s story.

Xiao Yu truly had his methods of dealing with Yan Jin. He could even meet the all-seeing gaze of Chairman Yan for an extended period of time and calmly come up with an appropriate response.

The core of it was slander, and his method was to blather and let Yan Jin’s own brain fill in the details.

“Squeak.” It seemed like he had a friend that was not doing so well in the intensive care unit, I don’t really remember.

Even before he finished speaking, Xiao Yu started to roll around in Yan Jin’s hand.

Roll, roll, roll.

The moment Xiao Yu was about to roll out of his hand, Yan Jin used his other hand to block him.

“Squeak.” Xiao Yu happily climbed onto Yan Jin’s other hand before he obediently stood still with both hands clasped together and continuously bowed.

His obvious act of begging for mercy made Yan Jin happy. Unable to maintain his stern expression, Yan Jin could only forgive this adorable little hamster once again.

When Xiao Yu saw Yan Jin smile, he let out a sigh of relief in his heart, then complacently let out a squeak.

“Squeak.” Do you want to play a game?

“You only know how to play games. Why didn’t you tell me you did not receive your present on your birthday?” Yan Jin intended to be indifferent.

“Squeak squeak.” Xiao Yu squeaked twice meaninglessly to express his dissatisfaction at Yan Jin’s relentless questioning.

“Then don’t you want to go have a look now?”

“Squeak.” Let’s go later. It’s not good to exercise right after a meal. Let’s play a bit first.

Xiao Yu’s anxious appearance alerted Yan Jin that a conspiracy might be afoot. Yan Jin took out his phone and opened the game. As he expected, the moment he went online, he received Chu Ge’s battle request——“Do you dare fight?”

“Squeak.” You can definitely beat him!

Xiao Yu looked at Yan Jin sincerely.

Yan Jin glanced at Xiao Yu with a complex gaze. His finger hovered over the accept button for a long time without pressing on it.

“That’s no good. I just started playing not long ago.” Yan Jin appeared very hesitant.

“Squeak!” You need to believe in yourself!

Xiao Yu was very anxious. He even thought about grabbing Yan Jin’s finger himself and helping him press it. But in reality, he had already done that..

Once he heard the battle theme start and saw the loading screen for the game, Xiao Yu finally let out the breath he had been holding.

He really did not know what Chu Ge was thinking when he sent that red envelope without any warning. It was even one that reached its maximum amount. Xiao Yu followed the habit he developed over a lifetime and subconsciously accepted the red envelope. Before he opened it, he thought it was only a couple of dollars. He only realized that things were not so simple after he opened it, but since he had already accepted it, he couldn’t just return it. And so, he could only complete Chu Ge’s wish.

Now, Xiao Yu was completely relieved and did not notice that behind him, the corner of Yan Jin’s lips had curled into a small smirk.

Battle start.

Yan Jin selected the assassin that Xiao Yu had used before. Xiao Yu watched him choose without a word.

That hero was not particularly suited for newbies to solo with. First of all, this hero needed to kite², but the PvP map was small, making it hard to kite in. Second of all, an archer was not a strong class for soloing. After all, there was an eighty percent chance that the opponent would chose a type of warrior that was strong against archers.

Then Chu Ge’s choice left Xiao Yu utterly speechless— He chose the mage hero that Xiao Yu was cursing earlier. In certain aspects, it was even more unsuitable to solo with than Yan Jin’s archer.

Well, the choice was already made. There was nothing he could do. At the end of the day, Yan Jin was still a newbie. Chu Ge had played this game long enough to be able to suppress Yan Jin with skills alone.

Xiao Yu comforted himself in order to restrain the uneasiness in his heart as he rested against Yan Jin’s chest to watch the match.

This should’ve be Yan Jin’s first time seeing the map for 1v1 PvP. After he idled in the spring for some time, he opened the minimap and studied it for a good while, then leisurely had the archer run out.

The two of them met in the middle. Chu Ge acted like he had eaten an explosive as he crazily rushed at Yan Jin and spammed his attack mindlessly… At level one, he only had one attack.

In short, he would unleashed all his skills then use his normal attacks mindlessly. Perhaps Chu Ge thought that he could kill off Yan Jin that way.Yan Jin was not to be outdone too as he traded Chu Ge blow for blow.

At level one, the two opponents met in the middle and they released their troops and started fighting. They were only able to use the basic attacks to determine victory and defeat.

This horrible way of fighting virtually injured Xiao Yu’s eyes. He closed his eyes before they were burned blind and comforted himself that it really was nothing for Chu Ge to be so rough with a newbie.

First blood。

D-dead already?

Xiao Yu offered vague words of comfort: “Squeak.” That’s nothing, reviving will be quick.

“Okay, let’s wait for him.” Yan Jin replied.

Huh? What did Yan Jin just say?

Xiao Yu looked toward the screen. Yan Jin’s archer still had a bit of HP left. He was currently standing on the battlefield collecting his troops.

Wait, hang on, Chu Ge was the one who died?

W-why did this happen…

At the key moment, Xiao Yu closed his eyes, so he had no idea what happened. Stunned, he stared at the screen on Yan Jin’s phone with a face full of confusion.

Chu Ge sent a message in the chat box: “That was merely a lapse on my part. Just wait, I’m coming to take care of you.”

Xiao Yu did not know if he was mistaken, but he seemed to have heard Yan Jin snicker once behind him.

Xiao Yu started to drip cold sweat.

The two of them faced each other once again. Chu Ge had full HP and Yan Jin was at half.

This time, Chu Ge was not as reckless. Instead, he restrained himself and diligently farmed the troops for experience. He only went on the offensive after he reached level four.

Xiao Yu had stated earlier that the character Chu Ge chose was unsuitable for soloing, but the situation did not seem to hold true. As a mage with a huge attack range, it was fairly easy for Chu Ge to hit Yan Jin in this small map. This mage had strong nuking power. Once he had Yan Jin in his control, taking care of Yan Jin shouldn’t be a problem. Instead, it was Yan Jin’s character that was a late game hero. It was very hard for him to do well in early game.

That was to say, Chu Ge’s profession was dominating. He only needed to control Yan Jin once and killing him shouldn’t be a problem.

That was what Xiao Yu thought, but he did not know why he was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

When did Yan Jin learn how to kill steal? When did he reach such a high level? He…why hasn’t he been controlled already?

Under Chu Ge’s careful tactics, both parties reached level ten. During this time, Chu Ge utilized his control skill countless times without hitting Yan Jin. The score was still 1-0.

At level twelve, Chu Ge could not help but advance, directly using flash. His attacks exploded on Yan Jin’s body. Who knew that Yan Jin’s fragile and tiny body would not dodge. Instead, he met Chu Ge head on. As an assassin that was classified as an archer and with the help of his equipment, he was quite powerful. The moment two skills hit Chu Ge, he immediately lost HP.

The injured mage tried to run away, but he was killed by a critical regular attack from the archer.

Xiao Yu contemplated as he had already noticed something.

Yan Jin, who had the advantage, did not chase after him. He stayed in his original place, waiting for Chu Ge to revive. This time, he fully utilized a teleportation skill and easily kited Chu Ge, who rushed over to his death.

Translator’s Note:

[1] Red packet – It’s a function in WeChat where someone else could credit money to you.

[2] Kite – “keeping an enemy chasing you while also keeping it at a range where it cannot attack you. This tactic is often used to more safely attack the enemy using a long-range attack or to distract the enemy while others attack it.” – https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/18903/what-is-kiting.

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