RIAH – Chapter 103: One Week

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Chapter One Hundred and Three: One Week

Yan Jin’s archer was a hero character with a huge performance difference between his upper and lower limits. Xiao Yu originally thought that Yan Jin’s playstyle was closer to the lower limits, but after watching for ten minutes, the hamster was shocked by the realization that the chairman’s abilities seemed to be hovering around the upper player limits.

The two hero characters met again on the middle route. Yan Jin, who had more experience points, casually shifted his character around and killed Chu Ge without losing a single drop of blood.

Very quickly, the scores reached 7-0. In fact, as a long-time player of Toxic, that was the first time Xiao Yu realized that it was possible to have such a score in a solo battle. Normally, the opponent’s crystal would have been destroyed after the player’s third or forth death. However, Yan Jin did not aim for the crystal. He even specifically commanded his minions not to stray too far from their defensive lines and played for ten whole minutes before the opponent’s tower was destroyed.

“Eak.” Xiao Yu called out weakly and successfully caught Chairman Yan’s attention.

“Hm?” Yan Jin lowered his cell phone and exercised his fingers.

“Squeakk.” How did you suddenly become so good at it?

Xiao Yu tried to probe.

Yan Jin watched him with a faint smile, implying all that needed to be said.

“Squeakk.” But you were terrible at it yesterday.

“That was a matter of yesterday.” Yan Jin reminded.

In fact, the reason Yan Jin was so terrible at the game yesterday was not because he was a newbie. It was because he felt that the little hamster using his two tiny paws to play a game was extremely adorable. When they were doing team battles, the hamster would be caught in a situation where two paws were not enough, and Xiao Yu would even put his feet into action. At that point, Yan Jin would silently switched to his camera app and sneakily take commemorative photos. As for team battles… those were not important.

Plus, whenever Yan Jin made a stupid move in the game, Xiao Yu would angrily voice his squeaks and gesticulate while saying gaming terms that the chairman couldn’t understand at all. Yan Jin found it to be new and interesting. Thus, he aggravated the situation even more by attempting some of the world’s stupidest moves.

Yet the above mentioned facts did not mean that Yan Jin did not ultimately get the gist of how to play the game after playing for three hours straight. It was true that he did not like playing games, and he almost never played any. However, he did have a relatively close hacker friend who was passionate in breaking codes and pirated software in his younger days. As such, Yan Jin did have some basic knowledge on how to play such games.

There would always be this kind of person in this world. No matter what they did, they would always learn faster, and even better than an average person.

Besides, the opponent was Chu Ge…

Eighty percent of his skill points had become invalid, and the remaining twenty percent were used on medical science.

Yan Jin had known for twenty years that Chu Ge was terrible at gaming.

Which was why –

“You should have more confidence in me.”

Xiao Yu fell into silence. He remembered Chu Ge claiming that Yan Jin was a fast learner in everything. He also remembered how Yan Jin said earlier on, “That’s not good. I just started playing not long ago.”

Initially, Xiao Yu thought Yan Jin was referring to the fact that he had just started playing not long ago; he would surely lose the game. Who would have expected that what Yan Jin really meant was, “It wouldn’t be good to crush Chu Ge as a newbie, would it?”

Xiao Yu felt very conflicted.

While he felt sorry for Chu Ge, he also felt that Yan Jin’s existence itself was a cheat.

At the same time, he seemed to understand Chu Ge’s feelings.

To have such a fellow for a friend, it must have been tough on him.

Chu Ge’s hero character revived again, but it was already a hopeless situation. Even if Yan Jin’s archer was to stood still in the middle, the minions on auto-pilot mode were almost done with destroying Chu Ge’s crystal.

The moment the crystal was destroyed, a phone call came.

Yan Jin laughed lightly and answered the call on handsfree mode, putting it in front of Xiao Yu.

“Will it kill you to let me win just once!!!” Chu Ge was bursting with rage from the other end.

“Squeak.” I’m sorry.

Xiao Yu apologized and was knocked on the back of his head by Yan Jin.

“I’m not done with you for bribing my pet.” Yan Jin spoke into the phone.

“What bribe are you talking about? If it wasn’t because I had something to attend to in the afternoon, I would not have rushed to ask for a duel now.”

“You’re afraid that you’ll lose even more tragically in the afternoon, aren’t you?” Yan Jin spilled the beans.

“Tch. I’m not skilled enough, so I shall not comment. This is the end of our friendship. Bye.”

Yan Jin did not object and replied with a question: “What are you up to in the afternoon?”

The opposite end suddenly went silent. Yan Jin did not talk either and the silence continued for four to five seconds.

The eerie atmosphere slightly puzzled Xiao Yu. He looked at Yan Jin and was shocked to realize that the smile on Yan Jin’s face earlier was gone.

“… to the hospital.” Moments later, a sulky reply came from the other end.

Xiao Yu became even more confused.

What’s wrong with Chu Ge going to the hospital? He is a doctor after all. Shouldn’t he be at the hospital working already? Could it be like what the news were saying about how doctors are suffering from occupational disease? But Yan Jin said that Chu Ge was just a doctor in name, and it’s impossible for him to get an occupational disease. Plus, even if Chu Ge was really ill, he could have gotten himself checked out in his own hospital, right?

Yan Jin hummed a reply and let out a sigh. He laughed: “If you had told me your sob story earlier, I might have allowed you to have the upper hand.”

“… Scram.”

Xiao Yu could not understand what the two people was trying to say behind their words. But that did not stop his sharp instincts from detecting an inside story that he was not informed of. After all, Yan Jin did not even look into the topic of why Chu Ge had left Xiao Yu behind on the fifteenth before they ended the call.


Xiao Yu rubbed himself on Yan Jin to curry favor and hoped that the chairman would satisfy his gossipy soul.

To the outsiders, Chu Ge’s identity was a normal, private family doctor for the Yan family. There was absolutely no need to get associated with him. However, Xiao Yu had known the inside stories for a long time, and it was even more obvious to him now. Chu Ge and Yan Jin knew each other for such a long time while maintaining a decent friendship. Furthermore, there was a total lack of respect and carefulness in the tone the doctor used earlier that should exist between a subordinate and a superior. That was to say that there was no way Chu Ge’s identity could be simple.

Yan Jin seemed to be hesitant.

“Squeakk.” Just say it. I won’t tell anyone.

Xiao Yu assured solemnly.

Yan Jin held Xiao Yu up in front of him: “Give me a kiss.”

Xiao Yu, who was desperate for gossip, completely abandoned his morals. He clung to Yan Jin’s face and kissed nonstop.

“Squeakk!” That’s ten kisses!

Chairman Yan, who got smothered with saliva, raised his hand to wipe his face seemingly in disgust and wiped it back onto Xiao Yu’s little stomach.

“Squeak.” That’s too much.

Xiao Yu tried to maneuver his body away to avoid Yan Jin’s evil clutches, but it was a pity that it was inconvenient to move around because of his chubbiness, and he ended up trapped in Yan Jin’s palm.

After taking advantage of the other to his heart’s content, Yan Jin spoke: “Chu Ge…”

Xiao Yu originally thought that it would be like those behind-the-scenes stories about the aristocratic, but he soon found out that it was not the case.

“…Hurt a young lady in a car accident when he was in his third year of high school. She’s still lying in the hospital to this day, so he visits her at the hospital very often.”

When Yan Jin finished talking, the melon seed in Xiao Yu’s hand wasn’t even cracked open yet.

“Squeak?” Finished?

“Finished.” Yan Jin looked at him sincerely.

Xiao Yu looked back at Yan Jin in disbelief.

Finished just like that? Where’s the behind-the-scenes story? Inheritance war? True identities?

None of the scenarios that Xiao Yu had imagined appeared.

He hurt a young lady in a car accident? That’s so vague. At least tell me how it happened?

Yan Jin saw through Xiao Yu’s thinking and added helplessly: “I’m not too sure about the specific details. I only found out about it after the incident. Chu Ge returned to our country to study when he was in junior high school. I remained overseas until I graduated from university, so I’m not too sure about what happened to him.”

Xiao Yu was somewhat skeptical.

How could Yan Jin be unaware of such a big thing? Anyone could tell how close Yan Jin and Chu Ge were.

In fact, Yan Jin was indeed lying.

When dealing with business, Chairman Yan would never lie, and he talked even less in his daily life. However, that did not mean that he had not lied before. When facing the people who were important to him, Yan Jin had long acquired the ability to switch between lies and truths.

Yan Jin understood that Xiao Yu did not have bad intentions and was simply curious about Chu Ge. That was why he did not tell the truth.

First, by telling the truth, he would need to explain a lot of things. Second, he did not want his little hamster to find out about such unpleasant events.

“Well, didn’t you want to play a match? Let’s start.” Yan Jin changed the topic.

“Squeakkk.” But, but… okay.

It was as if Xiao Yu knew that he would not get anything out of Yan Jin even if he probed further, so he obediently gave in.

Fine, fine. I’m not that interested anyway.


One chaotic week passed.

On the first morning after that one week was over, Xiao Yu had just woken up from his dreams as Yan Jin was packing his things. He pulled on Yan Jin’s sleeve bewilderedly while the chairman walked past the table.

“Squeakk.” What are we playing today? There’s a new game…

Over the past week, Xiao Yu dragged along the super newbie Yan Jin and devastated all the famous mobile games. Not only was Yan Jin a quick learner in all types of games, what made it even more terrifying was that he was rich.

Perhaps many people would think that it would be fine to spend some money on these in-app purchases. The most important factor was a player’s techniques to overcome the missions. But these people may not know that when the number of in-app purchases reached a certain level, it would make the game experience as different as if the sky and the earth had turned upside down.

For example, while they were in a match yesterday, they encountered a player who not only disconnected in the middle of the game, he even thrashed his own allies. That person was a true example of a scholar who thrashed his own teammates when disconnected and a warrior that fed himself to the opponent as revenge. Xiao Yu was so pissed that he went to report that person immediately after the match ended. In the end, the system judged the report as invalid and made Xiao Yu moody for the entire morning.

In the afternoon, Yan Jin realized that something was amiss with Xiao Yu. After finding out the reason, he called customer services right away.

Five minutes later, Xiao Yu received a system message stating that in order to protect the game experience for all players, the player with the nasty player conduct had been banned.

In that split second, the shock had overwhelmed the thrill of revenge.

Xiao Yu asked Yan Jin in disbelief how he managed to do that. The latter replied with one sentence:

“It’s nothing, I just bought a dozen hero characters and skins in the game’s marketplace two days ago, so the customer service took the initiative to contact me and said that I could call them up directly if there’s any issue.”

Xiao Yu looked at the VIP12 account that Yan Jin had. It was as if he was looking at the repulsive core of this world.

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