RIAH – Chapter 105: To Those Who Cannot Take Advice

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Chapter One Hundred and Five: To Those Who Cannot Take Advice

Xiao Yu rolled around on the iPad and finally laid flat with his paws stuck out. He dazed out, quietly staring at the ceiling.

Xiao Yu did not expect that without him realizing, it was already time for him to confront Yan Jin. Time was passing too quickly. He felt like not too long ago, he had just turned into a hamster who was abandoned with no one to rely on and was still worrying about how he would continue to survive. Xiao Yu did not expect that in the a blink of an eye, he would worry about whether he could live on.

But the person Xiao Yu was referring to was not himself. “He” was referring to the human Xiao Yu.

After all, human Xiao Yu would get into that car accident in about one month.

For a long time, Xiao Yu thought that he absolutely must warn human Xiao Yu not to leave his house under any circumstances on that day. However, to this day, he still had not thought of how he could “appropriately” warn human Xiao Yu of that incident.

To be honest, if someone were to suddenly appear and claim to be his future self, telling him that on this certain day, he would get killed by a car accident…

No matter how he looked at it, it had to be a conman.

In short, Xiao Yu would never believe it. No matter what evidence that person presented, he would never believe it. It was not like he was suspicious by nature, but according to his character, he would delete such fraudulent messages right way without even opening them.

That was why regardless of how Xiao Yu thought about it, he couldn’t think of any way to go about it. Despite that, he drafted an email scheduled to be sent to human Xiao Yu on the morning of March 14th.

If it was of any use, it would be to everyone’s delight. If it did not work, human Xiao Yu could only resign to his fate.

Regarding this matter, Xiao Yu had already gotten over it. After all, he had already been reborn. Even if human Xiao Yu really met an accident, as long as it did not affect him, nothing would matter.


Just as Xiao Yu was letting his imagination run wild, a message came from QQ.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Chairman Yan, I heard about it. I hope you’re fine?

Xiao Yu snorted coldly.

In his previous life, after he failed to provoke Yan Jin, he dejectedly returned to his office. The whole incident took less than ten minutes. It may sound scary that SI’s chief designer had blocked YL chairman’s path for confrontation. Truthfully, the incident was not as elaborate as they thought. Only a few people in YL were aware of it, much less SI.

Yet Lin Zhou must have been able to get wind of this incident in a timely manner because the human Xiao Yu had told Lin Zhou about the plan.

The price to pay for trusting the wrong person was something that Xiao Yu understood very clearly right now.

As for Lin Zhou’s message, Xiao Yu originally planned to fool his way through and end the topic. He even typed out the reply. Then, he suddenly remembered the unique relationship between Lin Zou, Yan Jin, and himself. He decided to test out his theory.

Did Lin Zhou really know about the mystery designer that was on Yan Jin’s mind for years? How much did he know? Should he say that he knew everything?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It’s over already. I have a whole new level of respect for your company.

Since he was going to test the waters, Xiao Yu could only try his best to imitate the way Yan Jin would start a conversation. That sentence sent chills down his spine.

Indeed, such a tyrannical chairman’s tone was not something a small character like him could handle.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: My deepest apologies, Chairman Yan. FISH thinks highly of himself. No one dared to go against him in SI. He has been stressing that the mystery designer plagiarized his work and refused to listen to our dissuasion. If he offended you, I’m truly sorry.

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth and forced his gaze away from Lin Zhou’s babbling nonsense.

Lin Zhou was seriously good at talking behind people’s back. It almost gave Xiao Yu the urge to reach through the screen to strangle him to death.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I had a few words with your chief designer. He isn’t very offensive. He’s quite an interesting young man. Much more interesting compared to those complacent people who steal what was entrusted to their care.

This was the first time Xiao Yu praised himself so exaggeratedly and even made vague accusations at the same time.

Even though he felt bashful about it, slapping Lin Zhou in the face this way pleased Xiao Yu very much.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Chairman Yan has good taste. My junior is indeed a capable person. If he had a design major background, he could have even better achievements.

Xiao Yu did not quite understand why Lin Zhou said that. Was he trying to jeer at him as a nonprofessional? If that was the case, fat hope.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I care more about capabilities.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Indeed, Chairman Yan.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: This junior of mine studied at an overseas university. He is still having problems adjusting to the environment back home. As his senior, I am partly responsible for his actions. I hope this incident will not affect our friendship.

Xiao Yu stared for a while and finally realized that Lin Zhou’s focus point from the beginning was not to apologize for the fact that human Xiao Yu had offended him, but for the fact that “FISH was not a design major and that he didn’t go to a local university”.

That would prove that FISH was not the mystery designer that Yan Jin was searching for all this while.

That also meant that, first, Lin Zhou knew Yan Jin had been looking for the designer from that time.

Second, Lin Zhou knew that Xiao Yu/FISH was the person that Yan Jin had been looking for.

Because Lin Zhou lied.

If it was anyone else, they may not be familiar with the events during his university days. Xiao Yu could understand that. However, if it was Lin Zhou, that assumption could not be established at all.

Xiao Yu had studied locally for a year and a half. After he had been scouted by his teacher, he withdrew from his university and went overseas with his teacher. Before he left the country, he even specially invited Lin Zhou and a handful of good friends for a meal together, drinking until dawn.

Lin Zhou did not lie about his major. It was true that Xiao Yu had not studied formal design. He had mentioned it before in Spreading Fire’s interview as well. But Lin Zhou specifically mentioned that point just to mislead Yan Jin. Yan Jin may have guessed that the mystery designer was a design major student, yet Lin Zhou was telling Yan Jin that FISH was not and would definitely not be that mystery designer.

At this point, everything was cleared up.

All these years, if it wasn’t for Lin Zhou’s obstruction, Yan Jin would have found him long ago and then confessed to him……

*cough, cough* Anyway, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. He shall forgive Lin Zhou on this matter.

After all, if it was not for this magical experience of turning into a hamster, he never would have liked a tyrannical-type of chairman like Yan Jin.

Maybe he would not have liked.

Xiao Yu felt complicated as he replied, “Don’t mention it”.

That night, when Yan Jin returned home, Xiao Yu secretly observed Yan Jin’s mood.

Yan Jin took a cup of water from the kitchen and saw his hamster hiding behind the sofa, revealing that pointy head that was obviously peeping.

Yan Jin pretended he had not noticed and walked over to the sofa. When he walked past Xiao Yu, he swiftly leaned forward and scooped something up in his hand.

“Squeakk.” Xiao Yu helplessly laid on Yan Jin’s palm.

I hid myself well. Could it be that Yan Jin has some telepathy?

“Maybe.” Yan Jin laughed as he pinched Xiao Yu’s plump little waist, obviously aware that Xiao Yu was trying to say something.

Fine, verification completed.

Xiao Yu grudgingly made his judgement. Yan Jin was not affected at all by the confrontation this morning. He was still as joyful as before.

*Sigh* Why were the heavens so unfair? He practiced his facial expressions for almost half a day for the sake of that confrontation. He even went through his speech seven, eight times. In the end, he wasn’t even sure if he had acted as perfectly as he thought in front of Yan Jin. But he clearly remembered how depressed he was for an entire week after he was ridiculed by Yan Jin.

To think that Yan Jin was fine. It was as if this was none of his business.

*Sigh* So frustrating.

Xiao Yu turned over and gnawed on Yan Jin’s pinky finger.

“Itchy.” Yan Jin complained, but he did not pull away from Xiao Yu. Such pampered love.

Xiao Yu, who was not satisfied with small gains, continued to gnawn and coat the finger with his saliva. He even gnawed on Yan Jin’s finger until it turned red.

After a long time, Xiao Yu finally appeased his anger and released Yan Jin.

Chairman Yan, who was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire for the umpteenth time, tried to wipe the saliva-coated finger onto Xiao Yu’s stomach. Little did he expect that Xiao Yu had seen through his ploy and swiftly and daringly leaped from Yan Jin’s palm.


The grey-colored furball landed on the sofa, rolled a few times and fell into the sunken part of the furniture.

In his dizzy state, Xiao Yu opened his eyes and found himself into complete darkness: “Squeakk??”

Ohmygod, am I blind?


Yan Jin no longer cared about his finger. He immediately turned to the sofa and reached his hands into the sunken part and carefully rescued Xiao Yu out.

“Are you alright, Fishy?”

“Squeak.” I’m fine…

Xiao Yu, confused and disoriented, shook his head and then laid down weakly on Yan Jin’s palm.

He listened to Chairman Yan’s nagging of “You mustn’t do that ever again,” “What if I can’t catch you in time?” and “I’m taking away one day of snacks”. Xiao Yu felt relieved as he covered his ears and closed his eyes to act adorable.

Seeing how he’s so concerned about me, I shall forgive Yan Jin this one time.

Oh wait, he must not take away my snack.

Xiao Yu squeaked his threat.

Yan Jin helplessly knocked his hamster’s head: “Remember that. You’re always doing dangerous things. Are all hamster demons filled with adventurous spirit like you?”

“Squeakk.” I’m a special hamster demon.


In his previous lifetime, although Xiao Yu had outstanding design talent, he fared badly in every other aspect. Not only did he rely heavily on Lin Zhou, he even had to find someone else to check whether his speech was suitable for the year end meeting.

Even though he was seated in the position of a chief designer, he was as clueless as a newbie in the company. When he finally made up his mind to confront YL’s chairman, he had to rehearse several times in the washroom and pondered over and over whether his words would be appropriate.

In the end, he left dejectedly and did not make any changes.

If it was the him right now, he would surely do even better, to be more suitable for the position as a chief designer…

Perhaps then, he would suit Yan Jin a little more.

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