RIAH – Chapter 107: There Are No What Ifs

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Chapter One Hundred and Seven: There Are No What Ifs

“I’m just puzzled. Why bring him over if you’re so busy??” Chu Ge pointed at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu discontentedly squeaked his protest.

“I can’t possibly leave him alone at home.”

Chu Ge had seen people who made an all-out effort for their pets, but it was his first time seeing the way Yan Jin did things.

How could anyone bring their pets to work? That was like asking to be fired.

*Sigh* Then again, only a chairman would be able to do such a crazy and ridiculous thing.

Chu Ge quickly understood how powerful Yan Jin was.

“I haven’t seen Fishy for quite some time either. Here’s a souvenir.” Chu Ge took out a small pot of dried flowers from his bag and put them in front of Xiao Yu.

“Squeak.” Thank you.

Xiao Yu happily accepted Chu Ge’s little present, completely unaware of the change in Yan Jin’s expression.

“Are you getting a little hunchback?” Chu Ge examined Xiao Yu for a moment, then touched the little hamster’s spine: “Did you play too many games and lower your head too much?”

“Squeak?” Really?

Xiao Yu tried to look backwards to see his back, but his chubby little waist was in the way. Helpless, he could only get Yan Jin to check for him.

“Nope. Still the same as before.” Yan Jin said truthfully. He had been spending all day and night with Xiao Yu and could not see any difference in his hamster.

“Hm, I heard…” Chu Ge seemed to recall something, but he paused for a short while before he continued: “Your company struck gold this time. What’s inside this room isn’t everything, isn’t it? You can’t seriously leave everything to me and then run away?”

Yan Jin did consider leaving all these troublesome matters to Chu Ge, then eloping with his hamster. However, his conscience managed to protest at the most crucial moment.

The reasoning behind the protest went like this: Fishy is watching. Such an irresponsible act is not suitable for his chairman image.

Thus, Yan Jin managed to find his conscience and agreed to complete the work together with the doctor. The two of them quickly entered working mode.

Those who did not know the truth would think that asking Chu Ge, a doctor, to look through these documents would simply create a bigger mess. The handful of people who knew his identity would probably think that so many years of disconnection with the business trade would make Chu Ge an unsuitable helper.

Xiao Yu did not understand why Yan Jin asked Chu Ge to help. He even felt that Yan Jin might as well ask him to help. He was SI’s chief designer after all. At the very least, he would understand the jewelry industry better than Chu Ge, right?

However, Xiao Yu wouldn’t be silly enough to tell Yan Jin that he would help with the documents. If he could choose to play games, why would he want to work? He was not that silly. He would rather focus on playing Toxic.

With Chu Ge’s hep, the documents on Yan Jin’s desk disappeared quicker than before. At this rate, everything could be settled by the next day at the latest.

Yan Jin placed his pen down and spun in his chair. He glanced at Chu Ge, who was still focused on dealing with the contracts, and could not help but sigh with relief. It was a good thing that Chu Ge made a career change back then. Otherwise, not only would he lose a free helper to assist him in crucial moments, he might even have an extremely troublesome competitor.

“What are you dazing out for? Are you still hoping to finish it by today? Then could you please sign your name faster?” Chu Ge reprimanded. He didn’t even need to look away from the documents to know that Yan Jin had begun to daydream.

“Today is not a realistic goal.” Yan Jin contended on strong grounds: “Almost half a year’s worth of contracts are here.”

“With my help, how is that unrealistic? Could you just hurry up?” Chu Ge completed a thick stack of documents within those few exchanges.

“Fishy won’t allow me to stay up late.” Yan Jin said proudly.

Chu Ge finally looked up from the mountain of documents and spared a look at Yan Jin. It was the kind of gaze where a single man would look with disgust and envy at those lovey dovey couples: “Are you serious? If you’re not prepared to stay up late, why ask me over? You only have one room in this office, don’t you?”

“There’s a hotel opposite. You could come over tomorrow.” Yan Jin did not feel guilty at all.

Chu Ge speechlessly rolled his eyes.

After a short break, Yan Jin began working hard again. The two humans continued working until dinner time. In the meantime, Secretary Fang entered the room several times to clear away the completed documents and to hand over the latest reports from the finance department.

Secretary Fang’s understanding of Chu Ge was only to the extent that she knew he was Yan Jin’s private doctor. As such, whenever Secretary Fang stepped into the room, Chu Ge would pretend to look though the first aid box or something. His acting was terrible. Luckily, YL had been swamped with work during this period. Secretary Fang was not excluded as she had been busy from dawn to dusk and had missed her lunch. Whenever she entered Yan Jin’s office, she would be in such a rush that no one could tell if she had even noticed Chu Ge at all.

“Thank god we stopped accepting contracts for the moment.” Even a workaholic like Yan Jin felt exhausted when faced with such an explosive increase in workload. He began to feel thankful that it was a smart decision.

“Your company’s performance is way too outstanding recently. Such an outcome is predictable.” Chu Ge scanned through the financial reports in his hands: “I’ve resolved the issue with the software. Once your reputation has stabilized, your profits next year won’t be too low. You have money and capability, and you meet the prerequisites, yet you don’t dare to groom any confidants…… Having problems with your shareholders?”

Yan Jin, who had abandoned his work long ago to play mobile games with Xiao Yu on the couch, paused and look up: “Uh.”

“I’m asking if you are having problems with your shareholders.” Chu Ge kindly repeated his question.

“Just a little problem. When the cake gets bigger, they all want a bigger bite. If I go too far with my methods, I might trigger some other problems. It’s not easy to deal with.”

“That’s because you didn’t do a clean job right from the start.” Chu Ge concluded directly: “The ones making noise now are major characters. The typical methods won’t work.”

Yan Jin mumbled as the character in his control narrowly avoided a hit, rushed to the opponent’s side while hanging on to his last bit of blood, but ended up dead due to an explosion.

“Squeakk.” Hang on, I’ll avenge you.

Xiao Yu did not intend to interrupt the conversation between the two of them as he focused his mind on the game.

Chu Ge was not bothered with Yan Jin’s preoccupied mind either as he flipped through the shareholder’s details in his hand. He asked: “When is your next general shareholders’ meeting?”

“Shareholders’ meeting? Year’s end.”

“Isn’t it the end of the year already?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

Chu Ge nodded and put the name list directly into the pocket of his coat, which was hung up earlier: “I’ll settle the few most troublesome ones for you. Figure the rest out for yourself.”

Yan Jin looked up again: “I’m not in a rush to settle them.”

“I’m worried about you. To think that your pathetic little company made its chairman go through all these contracts by himself and did not even have the guts to hire someone else to do it.” Chu Ge took a glance at the documents on the desk and said with lingering fear: “I don’t plan on cleaning your mess every year.”

“Squeakk!” What are you talking about, it’s starting!

Xiao Yu spared no efforts to disturb them and forced Yan Jin to focus his attention back onto his cell phone.

After a short moment, while the game was loading, Yan Jin replied to Chu Ge: “Up to you.”

Xiao Yu looked up at the two people.

For some unknown reason, the conversation between the two of them made him feel like during their casual talk, the enemy ships and castles had been destroyed just like that. Oh, such an interpretation may not be modern enough. In modern days, it’s called destroying an enemy just because they felt like it.

It was no surprise coming from an oppressive chairman like Yan Jin. But why did Chu Ge have that aura too? He wondered.

Xiao Yu lowered his head and continued his game. He did not plan to join the alien conversation between them.

That night, when Yan Jin noticed that they had played a little too much and seeing as it was about time, he went straight to the bedroom with Xiao Yu and left Chu Ge alone to work in the dimmed office room.

The tragic Chu Ge rubbed his temples as he continued working on the computer and documents. He told himself repeatedly that Yan Jin was his friend and he should help him out even if he had to kneel.

On the second day, Yan Jin slept all the way to ten in the morning. He was shocked to find that all the documents had been completed. Those that required his signature had been stamped with the company’s stamp and the financial reports had also been categorized accordingly into the respective folders. The partnerships contracts had also been looked through overnight and even the year-end summary had been drafted out by Chu Ge on his behalf. It was even scheduled to be sent out to every employees’ email.

Although Yan Jin was shocked, he was at least mentally prepared. On the other hand, Xiao Yu was stunned beyond words:

“Squeakk?” Is Chu Ge that capable?

Yan Jin nodded in agreement: “If he had inherited his family business back then, they would have monopolized S City already.”

“Squeakk?” Then why did he become a doctor?

“Every youth has a period where their brain doesn’t work too well.” Yan Jin made a rare joke: “It’s just that Chu Ge’s brain took a longer time to recover.”

“Squeakkk?” If he had inherited his company, would he be more powerful than you?

Yan Jin pondered for a moment before he shook his head: “Not possible.”

“Squeakk?” Why not?

“Because there are no what ifs in life.”


Xiao Yu woke up two hours earlier than Yan Jin. In fact, he had not woken up on his own. Someone else woke him up.

Chu Ge stayed up all night and finished everything at eight in the morning. He went into the bedroom to grab Xiao Yu, who was sleeping on the bed’s headboard, went into the bathroom, and locked the doors.

Xiao Yu looked at Chu Ge’s stern expression and all his sleepiness vanished.

Chu Ge passed his phone to Xiao Yu.

The hamster swallowed his saliva and shivered as he typed, “What do you want? Yan Jin is right outside. One squeak and he’ll barge through the doors, you got it?”

Chu Ge lowered his voice as he spoke:

“I once had a university girlfriend who kept a hamster before. Do you know how her hamster died?”

That terrified Xiao Yu even more. He studied Chu Ge’s face and felt that the doctor who had stayed up all night looked like a psychotic killer with those obvious dark circles.

Chu Ge did not know that Xiao Yu had misinterpreted his words as he continued speaking:

“That lady kept on telling me for a whole week about her hamster and I only remembered one thing…”

“When the lifetime for your species of hamster is up, you’ll start to lose appetite and suddenly become thin with hunchbacks.”

“Look at the mirror yourself.”

Xiao Yu turned to the side to look at the mirror.

His weight had been standard for a long time. Yan Jin had not cut his snacks for a long time.

But the little hamster in the mirror did not seem to be as round as that chubby ball of fur as he used to be. The protruding spine even made him look skinnier.

“Do you remember how long you have been kept by Yan Jin?”

Xiao Yu remained silent.

He had indeed been kept by Yan Jin for some time, about half a year or so. But Yan Jin did not have him from birth, nor did Xiao Yu know how old the hamster was, since he had been reborn into this body.

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