RIAH – Chapter 113: Making Glutinous Rice Balls

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Making Glutinous Rice Balls

Yan Jin was in the driver’s seat whereas Xiao Yu was comfortably taking up all the space in the back.

The sound effects from the movie boomed as if they were not afraid of affecting the driver.

The pitiful Chairman Yan had no choice but to switch off the music player in the car and drown out the noise with earplugs.

It wasn’t peaceful for long before an unpleasant sound effect echoed within the vehicle. The groaning sound went on for five minutes before Yan Jin could not stand it any longer. He pulled the car over and turned around.

On the display screen was a typical censored scene. Although the sound effects were disturbing, the entire screen was covered with mist and nothing else in sight.

Yan Jin sighed in relief and saw Xiao Yu who was lying flat at the side.

The little one was wearing an auspicious red colored cotton-padded jacket with the pointy hood falling off the side. The hamster was curled up into a ball like a gray and red-colored plush ball.

The plush ball was breathing rhythmically that upon closer inspection, he could even see its back heaving as the hamster was sleeping.

Yan Jin shifted out of his seat and reached out to switch off the video.

The strange and clamorous sound effects disappeared, yet the plush ball did not even react to the change.

Not too long after, a gentle and comforting lullaby played inside the vehicle.

The journey continued.


When they arrived at the destination, Xiao Yu was still asleep.

There had been too many things happening lately that had worn Xiao Yu out mentally. Even when he spent all day playing games at home and did nothing else, he lost so many matches that he was questioning himself.

He had woken up too early that day. There was the fumbling around with his belongings and the change of environment. It did not take too long before Xiao Yu started dozing off.

While the video was still loading, the hamster was already unconscious. The sound effects that appeared later were simply because the video was on auto-play and it switched to the next episode.

Yan Jin did not wake him up as he scooped up his little furball simply went into the Four Seasons Manor.

Xiao Yu slept for a long time. It was dinner time when he woke up.

He rolled over and lay on his back with his paws stretched out. He later stood up as he rubbed his eyes.

The room was the same room as before. Xiao Yu did not forget about that.

The sky had already darkened which meant that Xiao Yu could see even clearer. He quickly found Yan Jin who had been playing on his mobile phone in the spacious room. He walked towards Yan Jin’s direction and realized that the texture beneath him seemed a little different.

It was a soft mat placed inside a cradle that would sway as he walked in it.

“Squeakk.” You bought these pointless items again.

“Hm, you’re awake?” Yan Jin put down his phone and spoke: “The cradle is very useful. Don’t you feel that you can sleep more comfortably?”

Xiao Yu looked coldly at Yan Jin.

Comfortableness aside, the problem was that within the Four Seasons Manor, there were no less than twenty beds. And that did not include these little cradles, little cotton nests, little wooden hutches, and straw-weaved nests……

Although there was no concrete evidence, Xiao Yu was almost certain that he had been using pet items from this brand. As soon as this brand released a new series, Yan Jin would surely buy it for him even if it was just a new color of the same item.

If not for the fact that this brand was an overseas brand, Xiao Yu was almost convinced that it was Yan Jin’s company.

The vacation this time was not considered a long one. They had departed on Monday and would be returning on Thursday. It could not be compared to that ten-day self-declared vacation that Yan Jin approved himself after confirming that the deal was undoubtedly within their grasp.

Speaking of which, on New Year’s Day, Yan Jin was insane enough to turn down an eighty-million deal simply because Xiao Yu had too much fun. Seeing how indulged Yan Jin was toward Xiao Yu as time went on, he wondered what crazy things the chairman would do if Xiao Yu had not wanted to return on Thursday.

On Tuesday, it happened to be the Lantern Festival [1]. Under Xiao Yu’s suggestion, Yan Jin brought his pet and took over the kitchen of the Four Seasons Manor to make glutinous rice balls together.

Yan Jin’s artistic attainments with his cooking skills were decent, but he had never made glutinous rice balls himself before. If he had the craving, he could have purchased a packet from any eatery or the supermarket. There was no need to make it himself. In fact, before Xiao Yu appeared, Yan Jin spent most of his time in the company and even avoided going home after some incident had happened. There weren’t many chances to cook for himself, much less such extra activities.

However, although Yan Jin was the same as Xiao Yu, making glutinous rice ball for the first time, Yan Jin got the gist of it after several tries. The rice ball he made was decently-sized and round. As for Xiao Yu’s… it was slightly unbearable to look at.

At first, the hamster was earnestly stuffing the sesame filling into the glutinous dough. However, due to limitations of his body size and his ‘hands’, it was impossible for him to do better than Yan Jin. As such, Xiao Yu began freestyling after a short while. There were not many round-shaped rice balls; instead, there were plenty of flat, pointy, and out-of-shape ones.

Moments later, Yan Jin, who was prepared to cook the glutinous rice balls, realized that Xiao Yu had gone missing.


Although the hamster was not in sight, his voice could still be heard.

Yan Jin stared at the pile of ‘glutinous corpse balls’ that Xiao Yu had made and then picked out one that was particularly bigger than the others.

The warm ‘glutinous rice ball’ played along and squeaked.

“Hm, this doesn’t bad. We shall cook this.”

Yan Jin’s evilness was leaking out from him, making it obviously sensible.

“Squeak!” It’s me, it’s me!

Sensing that he was being moved around, the rice ball started squealing louder.

“Squeakk!!” It’s me, it’s really me!

Xiao Yu struggled with difficulty and finally pried open the dough that was wrapped around him. His head popped out and the first sight that greeted him was Chairman Yan who was trying his best to suppress his laughter.

Instantly realizing that he had been tricked, the hamster launched for a bite at Yan Jin.

He did not succeed as he bit into the glutinous rice.

The rice flour was prepared by the helpers who added the local nuts and coarse grains that could be found within the mountains. That was in consideration for the little hamster and it tasted pretty decent.

Xiao Yu did not resist as he took another bite.

It was slightly sweet.

“You made a mess everywhere.” Yan Jin said, somewhat unhappy: “Be responsible for your own actions.”

“Squeakkk.” Hn, a sweet lady will clean it up for me.

“I’m referring to my hand.” Yan Jin tapped Xiao Yu’s little nose helplessly: “Lick it clean.”

“Squeakk.” No way. You can wash your hands.

“Fine.” Yan Jin placed Xiao Yu onto the table and acted like he was heading outside.

“Squeakkk!” Wait! Get me out of this first!

Xiao Yu was currently sitting in a rice ball that bigger than himself. Since he was worried for his life earlier on, he managed to poke his head out from it. However, his paws were still stuck inside the rice ball, making it impossible for him to move.

“There’s hot water over there, you could jump in and take a bath?” Yan Jin pointed at the pot of boiling water.

“Squeak!” Yan Jin!

Yan Jin smiled wordlessly as he folded his arms and watch the hamster idly.

If was out of Xiao Yu’s expectations for Yan Jin to not help him out. For a moment, he was unsure of what to do.

However, he had known Yan Jin for far too long that he knew that mischievous smiling face of his was demanding Xiao Yu to plead to him. Hn, no way.

The pair of little eyes moved around and an idea instantly flashed through his mind.

“Squeakk.” I’ll take a bath then.

With that, Xiao Yu laid down on his side. With a little push, the entire hamster was rolling towards the pot of boiling water.

*Rolling –*

He landed onto a warm surface.

Of course, it was not into the pot.

Xiao Yu looked proudly at Yan Jin as the cute little face formed an emoticon that needed a spanking.

Yan Jin sighed as he spoke: “Is it so hard to say something nice?”

“Squeakk.” It’s not hard for you to please me.

Xiao Yu replied as he lazily lay on Yan Jin’s palm. It was almost as if he was saying, ‘Serve your master’.

Without any other choice, Yan Jin could only bring Xiao Yu back to his room and take the little yellow ducky boat into the bathroom.

The door was closed for three hours.

That night, they ate the glutinous rice balls that the helpers made.

It was quite embarrassing to admit that they had played in the bathroom until they forgot about the time. That was probably a stain in Yan Jin’s life in the past. As for now…

Not only was Yan Jin used to it, but the helpers in the Four Seasons Manor kept their calm at the unexpected.

Something like Chairman’s character setting was destroyed long ago, just like the rice ball made by Xiao Yu.

The human and hamster happily enjoyed the Lantern Festival at the Four Seasons Manor.

Later that night, Yan Jin brought Xiao Yu to the mountain.

The mountain where the Four Seasons Manor was located was technically Yan Jin’s property. However, when the chairman inherited this plot of land years ago, there were too many people who were against it. Many of them were eyeing it as well. Due to his good living habit of avoiding confrontations, Yan Jin did not make many developments to the surrounding natural resources. Otherwise, with such good conditions, the profits of a vacation resort could be very frightening.

The forest at night was quiet as the moonlight doused the forest with a thin layer of light, making it hazy and peaceful.

“Squeakk.” Where are we going?

Xiao Yu was puzzled as it was not the summer season where fireflies could be seen at night.

“Secret.” Yan Jin acted mysteriously.

Since Yan Jin said it, the hamster decided not to press the issue as he obediently lay on Yan Jin’s palm and acted dead.

Since he did not have to walk on his own anyway, he decided to leave it to Yan Jin.

Thankfully, the Four Seasons Manor’s location was not at the bottom of the mountain, so it did not take too long for Yan Jin to reach the mountain top.

There was a pavilion at the top. The chairman placed Xiao Yu onto the stone table as he took a seat against the railing to catch his breath.

When they headed out, Yan Jin did not even let Xiao Yu bring his iPad along. After waiting for ten minutes, the hamster started yawning and grumbling after seeing how Yan Jin had no intention of moving forward or returning.

“Squeakk.” It’s cold here. Let’s head back.

“Cold?” Upon hearing that, Yan Jin turned around to scoop Xiao Yu onto his palm. He blew his warm breath onto the hamster and asked, “Is it still cold now?”

Let alone being cold, it even felt hot.

Blushing red, Xiao Yu tugged on the shawl on his neck.

“Squeakk.” So, what are you exactly up to!?

To cover up his shyness, Xiao Yu squeaked exceptionally louder.


Just as Yan Jin was hesitating to explain, he suddenly saw something that made his eyes sparkle.

“Shh.” Yan Jin put his finger on his lips. That was the first time that Yan Jin acted so sexily and dotingly in his lifetime: “Don’t make a sound. Turn around and look.”

“Squeak.” What.

Xiao Yu was still displeased as he turned around with his lips pursed.

Then –

He saw the galaxy that filled the sky.

Translator’s Note:

[1] 元宵节 Lantern Festival – the final event of the Spring Festival, which happens on the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar.

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