RIAH – Chapter 114: (Real) Fish and Hamster You Can’t Have Both

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Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: (Real) Fish and Hamster You Can’t Have Both

It was a meteor shower.

A real scene of raining stars.

A large number of meteors shot out from the same direction in the sky. As they fell, the starlight spread out in a flash as it brightened the dark sky, similar to how it lit up Xiao Yu’s eyes.

The night sky within the mountains was very clear. A meteor with a little tail lagging behind it whistled past as the bright light sparkled. It was extremely clear as if it was within reach.

It was astoundingly beautiful.

Yan Jin stood behind Xiao Yu. It was unclear if he was watching the meteor shower or looking at Xiao Yu that was underneath the falling stars.

Under such circumstances, it was strange for him to forget to bring an electronic device to record this beautiful scene.

After a short while, Yan Jin softly reminded, “Remember to make a wish.”

Xiao Yu nodded solemnly as he never tore his gaze apart from the night sky.

Legend said that for every meteor that fell, a soul would be heading to the heavens, bringing along the wishes that people had made.

Xiao Yu knew that he should be making a wish. He wanted to make a wish. However, perhaps his brain cells were too distracted by the enchanting scene before him that his emotional state was in chaos. It was in disorder like butterflies dancing in the air, making it impossible to focus.

So it turned out that there was a meteor shower today.

This was his first time seeing a meteor shower.

In the city, the night sky always seemed unreal. It was hazy and faraway. In addition to that, he had been immersed in work, occupied all night for all those years. Such a miraculous scene was probably impossible to see from the Internet in his previous life.

Was there ever such a day in his previous life?

Xiao Yu could not remember.

Maybe not.

…… it was Yan Jin again.

It was Yan Jin again who fulfilled all these beautiful experiences that he had wished for in his previous lifetime.

Xiao Yu lifted his head even higher. If he didn’t do that, he would have trouble controlling the sadness in his eyes.

He wasn’t sure why, but during this blissful time together, he could not help but wonder –

If Yan Jin knew about his real identity, would he feel that he was not a person worthy of all his efforts?

Regardless of whether it was this absolutely beautiful meteor shower or the thoughts that were more touching than this starry night, Xiao Yu never thought that he would be lucky enough to have them.


The short-lived astronomic marvel of the universe soon faded away. It was so fast that Xiao Yu did not have a chance to make a wish.

After the sudden miraculous burst was a long, long silence. Millions of bright lights that combusted into nothingness left the most perfect song as it finally returned to darkness.

“Squeak.” Yan Jin.


“Squeak.” Thank you.

“That’s too plain.”

Yan Jin lifted Xiao Yu higher and said, “A kiss maybe?”

Xiao Yu pushed away Yan Jin’s big face, expressing his despise for Yan Jin’s chairman character to act cute.

Seeing that his hamster was unwilling to take initiative, the chairman leaned forward to kiss that little stomach.


Yan Jin’s character setting was fickle.

“What did you wish for?”

“Squeakk.” It won’t come true if I say it, so I’m not telling you.

“Squeakk.” What did you wish for?


“Squeakk.” Don’t use my excuse.

“I hope that Fishy’s wish will come true.”

“Squeakk!” Are you an idiot? How is that meaningful?

“Sharing my luck with you isn’t meaningful?”

The night breeze was strong as Yan Jin held Xiao Yu close to his chest. His voice was gentler than the night sky.

“After all, I don’t have any wish to fulfill any more.”


The short holiday soon came to an end as the hamster and human began their journey back home.

This time, Xiao Yu did not throw a tantrum and refuse to leave.

He was an understanding hamster after all. Seeing how Yan Jin’s mobile had over a hundred messages, urging him to return, his conscience did feel uncomfortable.

Although Yan Jin was a little dumb when dealing with him, he was also a chairman, a person who played a critical role in YL.

He could not let any major incidents happen just like the previous time.

The incident that happened with the deal was still a traumatic event for Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu could not understand Chairman Yan’s logic for giving up a deal worth a few million dollars just like that. Thus, he had no choice but to moderate his own little temper.

If something were to happen, Yan Jin may not feel the heartache, but Xiao Yu would on his behalf.

In fact, Xiao Yu’s uneasy conscience was meaningless. Be it the previous time or today, Yan Jin’s conscience did not feel a pinch.

If Yan Jin’s holiday trips were inversely proportional to YL’s achievements, whereas his holiday trips were directly proportional to Xiao Yu’s happiness… which also meant that Xiao Yu’s happiness was inversely proportional against YL’s achievements, then Yan Jin…

Would not mind shutting down YL at all.

Such a theory was not an exaggeration. Many people might not understand it if they heard that. However, the reason why they could not understand was simply because many people in the industry had no idea what YL meant to Yan Jin.

In the near future where things would be exposed, people might feel that it was unnecessary to operate YL after all.

Of course, all of that was something to be taken up later in writing.

Right now, Xiao Yu was facing a very, very big problem.

To say, or not to say.

Regarding his real identity, he had been struggling with it for over a month.

No, no, no, maybe it had started during the Heart Lock incident.

The more indulged Yan Jin was towards him, the guiltier he felt for lying to Yan Jin about this matter. At the same time, it made it more difficult to reveal his identity.

What if Yan Jin didn’t like him anymore after he revealed the truth? After all, when he was a human, his relationship with Yan Jin was almost considered as nasty.

Yet he could not continue to keep him in the dark anymore as he did not have much time left.

No matter what, he should tell Yan Jin the truth before he died.

Xiao Yu even thought of writing his last words in a scheduled email to Yan Jin so that the chairman could find out about the truth after he passed away. That way, he might forgive him because he was no longer around.

However, such a thought was denied by Xiao Yu himself.

He could not lie to himself. Yan Jin was not a person he could brush off with his final words on a piece of paper.

Some things had to be said directly to Yan Jin…

The journey back home was not as smooth as how they had arrived.

It was quite late when they departed, and the weather didn’t look good. Yan Jin had predicted that it would start to rain when he boarded the car. Indeed, it started raining not even halfway into the journey.

The fine water droplets hit the car window, adding some joy to this plain return journey.

The rain and thunder soon darkened the night sky. It wasn’t even that late.

The thunder rumbled around them as bright lights ripped through the sky.

It was the first spring thunderstorm. It signified the second month of spring where the earth was awakening from its hibernation.

It was the Insects’ Wake¹.

“What do you want for supper?” Yan Jin asked as he drove.

“Squeak.” Anything will do.

Xiao Yu answered half-heartedly as he pondered over his problem seriously. Not even the rumbles of the thunder could be heard.

“We brought home some nuts and vegetables. I’ll add more dishes for you once we’re home.” Yan Jin was in good spirits.

Xiao Yu had enjoyed the past few days, so he was naturally happy too.

If Xiao Yu was still depressed after the trip, Yan Jin would seriously consider the possibility of an emigration.



“Squeakk.” T-the meteor shower was amazing to watch.

“Hm. I think so too.”

When the words reached his throat, Xiao Yu was terrified.

A short while later…



“Squeakk.” The rice balls were super delicious.




“Squeakkk.” I really like you…r place.

“Hm… hm?”

“Squeakk.” The Four Seasons Manor.

Yan Jin laughed softly: “Then let’s go back next time. When do you think it is appropriate to take a leave?”

“Squeak!” Irresponsible!

“Hm, I don’t have a choice. I do have a pet who likes to wreak havoc.” Yan Jin naturally admitted the truth about his irresponsibility.

“Squeakk.” Who’s the one havocking?

“Me.” Yan Jin answered calmly.

Xiao Yu snorted.

After another short while-

“Squeakk.” I have something to say.


Xiao Yu acted timidly for a long time and stared at Yan Jin who was driving the car seriously before he finally mustered his courage.

For the sake of explaining his identity better, Xiao Yu forcefully requested to be seated on the front passenger seat during their journey home. It was a calculated move.

The time was right, geographical and social conditions were favorable. All that was left was the final push.

Before Xiao Yu opened his mouth, he even nastily wondered that since they were currently in the middle of nowhere, it would be impossible to flare up even if Yan Jin wanted to. By the time they reached home, the chairman’s fury might even be gone by then.

“Squeakkk.” In fact, I’m not a hamster demon…

It was supposedly an evening that was close to nightfall, yet it was as bright as daytime right before their eyes.

It was not the spring’s lightning, nor was it the light from the horizon.

Compared to that faraway power, this was even more terrifying, even more ominous than that pale glow of light.

In that instant, Xiao Yu could even feel the pain that irritated his eyes because of the bright glare.

The loud screech that came from the car tires sounded like it would tear the entire sky apart.

Xiao Yu endured the painful bright lights as he turned around and saw the other car from the front window.

He saw Yan Jin’s panicked eyes. He had never seen such an expression on Yan Jin’s face before. He saw Yan Jin fall on top of him as he turned the steering wheel away. But it was too late…

Before the loud crash could be heard –

Xiao Yu could not remember today’s date in time. He could not recall that car license plate number that was so familiar that it made him feel horrible. He did not remember his fear of living or death.

He could only remember that sweet tasty rice ball, the glorious stream of shooting stars, the sound of Yan Jin’s deep laughter as he tilted his head, and the words that he had not said in time.

The information that had exploded in his mind was colder than the water had sealed his breathing. His brain had never felt any clearer and he understood everything in that instant.

But now, these were none of his concerns.

He only cared about the person who was silly enough to fall on top of him.

He smelled warm blood and the world before him was in ruins.

There was a scream that was stuck in his throat.

The scream that said –

“Yan Jin.”

Translation Notes:

[1] 惊蛰 Jing Zhe/ Insects Wake – also known as the 3rd of the 24 solar terms, which usually happens between March 6th to 20th.

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