RIAH – Chapter 116: The Truth Will Still Lead to Death

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: The Truth Will Still Lead to Death

Xiao Yu laid back on the bed with complex feelings.

Although Old Wu just provided him with a bunch of conspiracy theories, at least he had confirmed another fact, which was a good thing –

Yan Jin did own a hamster.

More accurately, perhaps he was Yan Jin’s pet for the past eight months.

Back then, he had been reborn into a hamster. Now that he was back, did that hamster die from the car accident?

To be honest, its lifespan was nearing towards the end anyway, and such a departure wasn’t too upsetting.

Xiao Yu imagined what would have happened if there was no accident. He probably would pass away in front of Yan Jin’s eyes a few months later when his time was up. Such a scene might be worse than how it was now for Yan Jin.


Xiao Yu naively hoped that whatever happened to Yan Jin would not be as bad as it could be.

…… He should leave, just like that.

At the very last moment, he did not even manage to say goodbye.

Xiao Yu buried his head into the blanket.

Urgghhh, this is so frustrating. Just one more second and I would have revealed my identity.

Just one more second.

One second more…

“Didn’t you that say he was awake?”

The familiar voice stopped his train of thought.

Xiao Yu pushed his blanket down immediately and revealed his face.

That familiar face appeared right before his eyes.

There was a difference between his vision as a hamster and as a human. For example, he no longer needed to tilt his head up to look at everything and his vision was much clearer.

From direct observation, Xiao Yu thought that Chu Ge’s face was much more annoying than what he looked like during his hamster life.

“Yo. You recovered quite well.”

Chu Ge took half a step back and looked at Xiao Yu from head to toe. “That should be all. He’s fine. He can get lost now.”

“How could you say that?” Even though Xiao Yu knew Chu Ge personally, to be treated with such an attitude made him pissed.

“How should I say it then?” Chu Ge snorted coldly, “Do you know where this place is? Do you know the cost incurred per day of admission? For a person like you to enter a place like this, you probably owe it to your previous life’s good fortune.”

Xiao Yu never knew that Chu Ge’s words could be so vicious. When he heard the doctor say that, he almost couldn’t hold back from jumping to his feet and punching him in the face.

“Ayyy, Little Xiao, Little Xiao, we’re in the hospital, spare me some face yeah?” Old Wu noticed that the situation was turning bad, so he quickly intervened. A good old man for decades was not for show, it was his forte to mediate a quarrel.

“Oh, you even want to hit me? Come on then.” Chu Ge swayed with the clipboard in his hand, “You don’t even have to worry if things go wrong. There’s me after all. Even if you turn into a vegetative state, I can still bring you back.”

This hospital was in good condition, and it had good facilities. Even the clipboard for patients’ records was not the typical wooden board but made out of metallic material instead. Chu Ge’s hand raised it so carelessly that it looked as cold as frost.

At this point, Xiao Yu finally calmed down.

No matter what he said, that was too much of an exaggeration.

“What is this place? Isn’t this a hospital?” Xiao Yu turned his gaze toward Old Wu.

“Yep, this is a hospital. It’s that number one private hospital in S City,” Old Wu replied.

Xiao Yu didn’t have to think much to understand that of course it had to be the number one private hospital. Chu Ge was a doctor at this place after all.

“Then why can’t I be here?”

“We are in the special ward. The cost per day is about three hundred thousand and must be booked two years in advance.” Chu Ge answered his question.

For a short moment, Xiao Yu wasn’t sure if he should be ridiculing the three hundred thousand cost or the two years in advance booking.

“Then how did I get in here? Was I not unconscious all this while?” Xiao Yu was truly stunned by the astonishing price.

“This place was not prepared for you initially. But god knows why the big shot from this ward destroyed our equipment and demanded to be discharged from this hospital. Coincidentally, our normal wards were fully occupied. So, we had no choice but to transfer you here after your surgery.”

“We just tidied the room yesterday and today it’s in a mess again.” Chu Ge pointed at the mess by Xiao Yu’s feet.

Xiao Yu: “……”

The apology was stuck in his throat, it did not move out nor did he swallow it back down.

“What type of surgery did you do? There isn’t a single scar on my body.” Xiao Yu’s voice was starting to weaken.

“First aid for drowning.”


“You did not have any external injuries, but you were in the water for too long. You weren’t breathing anymore by the time you got here. My boss insisted to make me save you, so I let the nurse try.” Chu Ge paused before he continued, “Artificial respiration.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

The number of times he was left speechless in this one day was record-breaking.

“I wonder why I didn’t let you die just like that.” Chu Ge raised that metallic clipboard once again, “It’s not too late now. Want to let me correct my mistake?”

Xiao Yu: “Where are your medical ethics?”

“Medical ethics? You almost killed my friend and yet you’re talking about medical ethics?” Chu Ge’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile.

Xiao Yu: “……”

He had the urge to cry.

Fine, he finally understood why Chu Ge was acting so abnormal.

Honestly speaking, if anyone else had gotten Yan Jin into a car accident, he would never ever let that person off easily. No matter what reason that person had, he would never forgive them. If the situation was different, his actions might have been worse than Chu Ge’s.

Thus, from a certain point of view, he really couldn’t be angry with Chu Ge.

But-but he really didn’t mean to crash into Yan Jin. His braking system had malfunctioned and he, he…

Xiao Yu took two steps backwards, terrified: “A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist, not his fist.”

Chu Ge laughed: “Haha.”

“Hey doctor, despite what happened, Little Xiao is still a patient. He finally woke up. Shouldn’t you examine him?” Old Wu asked.

“What is there to examine? It’s just drowning. We rescued him, yet he didn’t wake up immediately. Even a pig doesn’t sleep as long as him.”

“How could you say that as a doctor? Are you really a doctor?”

Xiao Yu: “Old Wu, Old Wu, don’t raise your fists, spare me some face yeah?”

“Who are you?” Chu Ge was completely undeterred as he continued, “Visiting hours are fixed for the special ward. It’s already this late. Why are you still here?”

“Ayyyy Old Wu, Old Wu.” Xiao Yu quickly stopped Old Wu who was rolling his sleeves, “I’m a little hungry. Could you get me something to eat? I want to eat old duck meat starch noodle soup. No spring onions, no parsley, and more chili.”

“No, he’s too…”

“I can resolve it myself here. Could I trouble you to run this errand for me? I’m super hungry after not eating for an entire day.”

Thankfully, Old Wu was not an impulsive person. After Xiao Yu successfully convinced Old Wu to buy his noodle soup, he finally got a chance to talk to Chu Ge in private.

“You see bro…”

“Stop acting like we’re close. If you want to beg for forgiveness now, it’s too late.” Chu Ge didn’t bother to give any face, “You look decent enough as a human, but how could you have a pig brain.”

Xiao Yu mentally said “I’m not angry,” three times before he finally suppressed his urge to hit someone.

“I know you’re close with Yan Jin. I’m really, really sorry about the car accident. If given another chance knowing that it was Yan Jin in the other vehicle, even if I had to turn the car down the bridge, I would’ve never crashed into him.”

“Stop, hold it. Showing your pitiful act? Not interested. Regardless of who sent you to do this, I don’t care at all.” Chu Ge finally put down his “lethal weapon”, but the icy cold sarcasm did not lessen one bit: “Make a guess. Chairman Yan knew that you were a potential threat. Then why did he purposely let you live?”

At this moment, Xiao Yu really felt like he could not win the argument even when he was right: “I was not tasked to do this. It really was an accident.”

“Haha.” Chu Ge brushed off Xiao Yu’s defense as he turned around and walked out.

The white robe fluttered like a white avian dancing in the air, using its untainted feathers as it arrogantly glanced at the dust on the ground.

Compared to purely doing his job as a doctor, Chu Ge’s ethics were established on the foundation as a human being.

To return good for evil was something he would never do throughout his entire lifetime. To impartially treat an enemy the same way as a patient was even more impossible.

For enemies, he would never save them.

From that perspective, Chu Ge was not a good doctor, or maybe not a good person even.

However, he did have the ability to be willful. In the upper-class circle, Chu Ge’s reputation was on par with the hospital.

“Since you’re awake, pack your things and scram. The ward will charge you three hundred thousand after two p.m.”

When the doctor was at the door, he said his last sentence: “I urge you to tell the truth earlier. That way, you will suffer less and die a little more peacefully.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

Normally, wouldn’t it be “If you tell the truth, I’ll let you live?”

Why would telling the truth still lead to death…

It was 1:30 p.m. when Xiao Yu saw the bill when he was discharged from the hospital.

Although he was mentally prepared, when he saw the price, he was still shocked by it –

There was no charge for the three hundred thousand per admission day rule, and even the cost of the machines that he had broken was not included.

Also, since he did not have a major surgery, the final bill was in a completely acceptable range even though he had stayed for three days and two nights at this exceptionally pricey hospital.

Xiao Yu happily paid the bill, leaped, and made his way out of the hospital.

Chu Ge was right; he did not have any physical injuries. Although he was unsure about not breathing by the time he was sent here, his health figures were fine after he was rescued and there were no repercussions.

Old Wu advised him to change to a hospital to do another check-up and to apply for a leave from work for the next two days. Xiao Yu did as he was told. He could not reject such advice from a good person. In the end, he couldn’t outtalk the senior and was sent home by him.

He even made a mistake when he was telling his address. Xiao Yu unconsciously said Yan Jin’s address. Luckily, he quickly corrected himself.

After he alighted, Old Wu was still reminding him to do a check-up at the hospital and to be careful with YL making things difficult for him. Xiao Yu promised all of it, of which he quickly forgotten after he turned away.

Those messy problems could be saved for later. He just wanted to enjoy his life right now.

To be able to bask under the sunlight and breathe again using his human body, Xiao Yu couldn’t feel more satisfied than this.

After experiencing death once, Xiao Yu felt that there shouldn’t be anything more critical than life and death in a human’s lifetime.


Hm. That was what he thought initially.

Until he personally received the lawyer’s letter that is.

Translator’s Note:

Hi everyone! Just wanna use this chance to address an issue about the ‘Fishy’ stickers/images that was posted for the last hundred odd chapters. Those stickers are from IMGICA Lab. Inc. and can be purchased if you have Line account(?). The thing is, these pictures are not made for RIAH but instead simply selected because it’s the closest to our image of Fishy. We are using it as a creative common license without the intention of selling or re-propagating it for other uses, (definitely not claiming it as ours). Therefore, please do not discredit the artist of those lovely images, neither should you attempt to use it for profits.

Thank you! ♥♥♥

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