RIAH – Chapter 120: Funeral, Wedding Ceremony and Crime Scene

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: Funeral, Wedding Ceremony and Crime Scene

Chu Ge was going crazy.

This was already the tenth time he had walked out of the hall because he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

When he heard two days ago that Yan Jin was going to hold a funeral, he could sense a conspiracy going on and was curious to see what Yan Jin was up to. However, the special ward that was smashed into pieces, the never-ending media interviews and the distant members of the Yan family who appeared out of nowhere made it impossible to get away. He had no choice but to delay his appearance at the funeral and had only arrived on the third day.

Then, Chu Ge was surprised to realize how fortunate he had been to be tied down by those trifling matters.


It happened in S City’s biggest hotel; in the large event hall that could hold up to hundreds of people; with about fifteen tables making up a luxurious buffet feast; expensive invitations that were sent out could be obtained via YL’s official website and various avenues twenty-four hours a day; one session every three hours. The only condition was for the attendees to be dressed formally and a special note requesting guests not to wear mourning garments.

Other than the middle aisle in the main hall, the rest of the room was decorated with white lilies, white roses, and white calla lilies. Along the aisle were strung pink muslin curtains layering each other as if descending from the ceiling, secured to the sides by roses that were dark red like blood. Not even the tables and chairs were spared from being decorated with accessories.

The most eye-catching part of the hall was no doubt the huge flower coffin in front. It was four meters by two meters, a fact that made many guests wonder what exactly was placed in it. However, the completely sealed coffin made it impossible for the crowd to even peek at what was inside when they went to the front to offer the flowers.

Because of the overly romantic environment and symphony orchestra playing live with gracious yet non-grieving music, the majority of the guests felt that they were not attending a funeral. If there were emcees and cakes in such a situation, it would be just like a wedding ceremony.

However, that was not how Chu Ge thought of it.

Especially when he saw Yan Jin at the elevated stage, releasing an icy cold aura right at the front with a bunch of security guards surrounding him, stopping every guest that came from an aristocratic family. He guessed that he knew what Yan Jin was up to, but he did not dare to admit it.

Because that guess would offend the whole of society.

Chu Ge paced around the hall for a moment before he walked towards Yan Jin.

Normal guests would be diverted away by the security to have their meals and leave automatically once the session was over. They would mainly appreciate those daily photographs displayed on the monitor screens and follow the flow to finish the ceremony under the instructions of the host. Those with some background, especially if they were from opposing aristocratic family or a shareholder of the Yan family, would be required to speak to Yan Jin before they could be released.

When Chu Ge was heading over, he happened to witness Yan Jin speaking to an elderly guest.

“…… He is my beloved pet. Of course, I have to investigate after such an incident.” Yan Jin’s tone was indifferent and mediocre: “If I had done anything inappropriate, I would like to apologize in advance to you. With all due respect, you couldn’t possibly make life difficult for a hamster, would you?”

“W-what are you saying, how could I possibly…” the person seemed offended with his face turned red instantly as he raised his walking stick.

“Pardon me for transgressing. I am doing this out of love for my pet. Please help yourself.”

The guards at both sides blocked the agitated guest, whereas Yan Jin shut his eyes ignoring them after he finished his words of courtesy.

Chu Ge who had witnessed the entire scene felt a chill run down his spine. His guess was basically confirmed, just that he would have rather not known the truth.

At that moment, Chu Ge finally understood what the strong ill feeling he had had as he stepped into the hall was.

This venue was unlike a funeral, neither was it a wedding ceremony. Instead, it was more like a large-scaled crime scene.

It was a bloodless massacre directed at those opposing families and hostile powers that were related to this incident.

“Sorry I’m late.” Chu Ge pushed the flower bouquet into Yan Jin’s hand as he asked in a lower voice: “What are you planning to do?”

Yan Jin reached out to accept the flowers; however, he did not answer the doctor’s question. Instead, he asked:

“Have you contacted the Nan family recently?”

That sentence flashed twice in Chu Ge’s mind before he understood the meaning behind that simple question.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

Yan Jin asked the question full of malice, and suddenly all the concern and worries smelled like rotten flowers.

“Dafuq, you……” the instant rise in blood pressure made Chu Ge unable to control his emotions. He took a few deep breaths and suppressed his urge to punch Yan Jin. Then, without a word, he turned to leave.

“Sorry.” Yan Jin pulled his best friend’s clothes just in time and revealed an innocent smile when the latter turned around: “I had to confirm for myself. I’ve done it to so many of them, it was no difference with you.”

It was not the first time the doctor had gotten really angry at the chairman. However, this time was no doubt the one time that topped it all off, yet also the only time that he had really felt helpless.

Lies and disguises were meaningless in front of Yan Jin. It was not the first time Chu Ge teased Yan Jin about his ‘supernatural ability’ like in those comic book stories, but he understood better than others that the chairman really did have ability to see through a person’s heart and mind. This was also why those ambitious family members of the Yan family had been eyeing him for so many years, yet didn’t dare to make a move on him.

Even if Chu Ge did not give any answer, Yan Jin knew what his answer would be.

Using that convenient and cruel ability.

However, this was also the first time he had seen Yan Jin using that uncomfortable ability so purposefully on a human. On a lot of humans in fact. Even to the extent of using it on him.

At this moment, Chu Ge was, without a doubt, on the verge of breaking all ties with Yan Jin.

Then, he studied the bottomless pit in front of him and the innocent face that Yan Jin had which made it impossible to shrug him off. He took a deep breath and withdrew his foot.

“What the fuck are you planning to accomplish by this funeral? You’ve already taken YL into your hands, isn’t that enough?”

“Of course, it’s not enough.” Yan Jin did not plan to hide his intentions: “If you were in my shoes, would it be enough? Could you not react?”

“Dafuq, I could, of course I fucking could.” Chu Gu was simply too angry as he continued to curse and swear: “You can be angry, but you’re overdoing it. I am sad that this happened to Fishy. The main culprit was still lying in the hospital two days ago. Damn it, if you are so angry then why did you still save him…”

“It would be meaningless to just end the life of that little designer.” Yan Jin interrupted Chu Ge’s words as he lifted the edge of his lips mockingly: “Fishy’s death is not because of the accident. It’s because of me.”

“Because I did not have the ability to protect him.”

Chu Ge was momentarily at a loss for words. He stared at Yan Jin for a long time, as if it was the first day he met this person. Then, he turned around to look at the hall.

For the past two days, all the people they knew from S City had made their visits. Today was the third day, and those who had arrived were mainly entrepreneurs from all over the world. Glancing through the crowd, and Chu Ge could see that they were all familiar faces.

He finally understood why the funeral was held for seven days. It was because Yan Jin wanted to ensure that those families from overseas could make it in time to this event.

A ridiculous thing like holding a funeral for a beloved pet naturally could not fool everyone. The main point of this large-scaled car accident was of course, not to eliminate the hamster that had passed away. Instead, it was a failed attempt to murder the Yan family’s grandchild.

Even if Yan Jin did not make a move, the Yan family behind Yan Jin would not remain unconcerned. The fact that the Yan family had silently approved this ridiculous funeral was also a silent acknowledgement to lend Yan Jin the family’s power and influence.

There were too many suspects in this accident including ones that even Yan Jin had not foreseen. It was highly possible that even people within the Yan family were involved with the accident. Hence, Yan Jin held the funeral in order to gather all the suspects together and investigate all of them one by one.

Those people who showed the slightest hint of hiding something, they and their families would soon receive a stormy revenge from Yan Jin.

Under the threat of the Yan family, these people could not avoid being absent. But if they did attend, it would still be a dead end.

At least half of the ‘main stars’ of this funeral understood the meaning of this event. The other half would be like the person who Chu Ge had seen earlier, using outstanding or pathetic acting skills to attempt to dodge the bullet.

But it was useless.

Because Yan Jin’s investigation was very simple. With only one sentence, a slightly sensitive question, those people who were guilty could never escape the chairman’s eyes.

It was a hopeless situation.

In a certain perspective, it could be said that Yan Jin was using his pet’s death to set up the next best move, a move that was unavoidable.

You came? You couldn’t escape Yan Jin’s eyes.

You did not come? Then obviously you’re guilty.

In the eyes of the outsiders who understood the situation better, that was how it looked.

Perhaps only Chu Ge could really understand what Yan Jin was trying to do.

He had withdrawn his claws and passed his days steadily. If he had gone after power and status, then why would he withdraw his claws? His extraordinary abilities had destined him to be standing at the peak of the world. But, he did not stand there because what he was after was not power or status.

However, a person’s talent would arouse the envy of others.

He could retreat and retreat all he wanted but he could not avoid a person’s mind, neither could he avoid guesses and envy of others who thought he was after something.

From that point alone, Yan Jin had lost because he was ‘young’.

He had lost because of the ‘naivety’ of never having lost a loved one before.


Many would not understand or may purposely overlook it. The person that they were dealing with was Yan family’s strongest heir in their history, an extraordinary talent in business trade that took over power from the family’s previous head at age sixteen.

It was just because Yan Jin had been too low-profile when he returned to the country, overtly concealing his strengths and biding his time, that many people did not have enough fear or warning –

That was why such a tragedy had happened.

Yes, that was what Yan Jin had thought.

The reason why Fishy had an accident was all because of him.

Yan Jin rarely regretted his own decisions, but this time, it was no doubt the most upsetting and most regretful of all.

It was too late to amend anything, and Yan Jin could only vent out his anger.

Even at age sixteen, he would never commit such a self-damaging move as he was now when he crushed his enemies. However, at age twenty-nine, Yan Jin would take his revenge even if he felt it was not a smart move. He would direct it at everyone who was directly or indirectly involved in this incident, saying it to their faces –

Death awaits you.

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