RIAH – Chapter 121: The Meeting of The White Cat and Hamster I

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One: The Meeting of The White Cat and Hamster I

Chu Ge waited for the last funeral session of the day to end before he stopped Yan Jin from leaving.

“You have been cadging a meal for this long and you’re still not done yet?” Yan Jin still had the mood to joke.

“You can’t do this; you really shouldn’t.” Chu Ge was worn out from worrying for Yan Jin. He had just called the few friends that the chairman had, but unfortunately they had been somewhat affected by the Yan family’s dirty tricks and could not make it in time to appear. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and return for a second round of fighting later.

“I will act appropriately; it won’t be too excessive.”

“You don’t think this is too excessive?”

“Compared to what they’ve done, not at all.” Yan Jin sighed as he continued: “No matter what price they pay, it can never be compared to a life.”

Chu Ge’s mind thought quickly, and an idea popped into his mind: “I’ll get you another hamster, okay? You have the cage, food, and everything after all. It would be a waste to leave it there for nothing.”

“I won’t keep any pets anymore. Never ever.” Yan Jin’s tone was slightly depressed as he took a few steps forward. He tapped on the giant coffin that was buried in all kinds of beautiful flowers: “Also, there isn’t any cage left.”

Yan Jin shifted the lid of the coffin to the side with both hands. He shared a look at Chu Ge which the doctor understood, and he moved to lift the other side of the lid.

The coffin had a hidden button which were switched on by Yan Jin earlier. The hundred kilogram lid was not too difficult for the two adult men.

Along with a dull thud, the lid was lifted up to reveal the precious treasure that would be incinerated four days later.

If there was a third person right now, they would probably be puzzled.

Because lying in that coffin was not the hamster that had passed in the accident. Instead, there was a large cage, mini-sized clothing stacked up neatly, a cradle, stairs, tomato-shaped toys, a little yellow duckling…

And there was even an iPad with a name written on it.

Light and gentle flower petals rained down like the rain, as if they were playing the silent finale of a symphony.

Chu Ge felt depressed.

In the past eight hours, he constantly felt the overflowing anger from Yan Jin as if it had been physically there, spreading into every corner of the hall.

However, in this moment, he finally felt the equally matched sadness emanating from that suffocating fury.

When the lid was sealed again, the same dull thud echoed. It was like a deep sigh that came from the bottom of the heart that could not be vocalized.

Whatever suits you.” Chu Ge waved his hand: “Do as you please.”

Chu Ge who was despairing in the face of the setback was just about to leave when someone walked over hurriedly. He said, “Sir.”

“This is Lawyer Hu; he’s a friend I met from overseas. He opened his law firm after returning to the country. A busy man.” Yan Jin gave a short introduction to both of them: “This is my family doctor; his surname is Chu. He has a position in a hospital, and you can see him if you need help next time.”

“I’m flattered.” Lawyer Hu wiped the sweat off his forehead: “Nice to meet you Dr. Chu. I have some matters that I need to speak with Mr. Yan, could you…”

“Chu Ge is my friend, there’s no need to avoid him.”

“Oh, I see, my apologies. Then, I shall speak my mind.” Lawyer Hu took out a file and a small notebook: “The arrangements that you have instructed me to take care of are basically in order. Many of them were caught off-guard by your sudden revolt. They suffered disastrous damage in an instant making it very easy for us to plant our men. The Yan family- pardon me, your father, seems to be planning to resist till the end. There may be some minor problems to take them all together, but I’ve made an arrangement to deal with them. I believe it’s only a matter of time.”

“Well done.”

Such a terrifying topic would cause a heart attack to any listener, but thankfully the listener was Chu Ge who had experienced many violent storms. While he did not have a fit, he did feel his teeth aching.

Of course they would be caught off-guard. It was a world war that had begun with a hamster. There weren’t many causes that could be more surprising than that.

The large stockholders of the Yan family whose properties had been annexed never understood till their last breath that they did not lose because they had failed in getting rid of the Yan family grandchild. Instead, they lost because they accidentally killed a hamster.

“Oh right, regarding that main culprit of the car accident.” Lawyer Hu saw the little note he had made at a corner of the page and mentioned it: “He refused to admit that there was a mastermind, and neither was he willing to be of use to us.”

“That’s not for him to decide,” Yan Jin said as he browsed through the content of the file: “Use some means on him. There’re no unbroken eggs under a rolled over nest. Regardless, if he was being made use of unintentionally, or if he was used willingly, he did something that he shouldn’t have done. For that, he will have to pay the price.”

“I’d say that that person seems a little dumb. He may really be an innocent party.” Chu Ge recalled the patient whom he had met in the hospital. For once, he decided to say something ‘good’ for another person: “Why not just give the honest man a straightforward blow and end him off quickly?”

“Death?” Yan Jin closed the file in his hand as his tone lingered with a tinge of danger:

“I cannot let such a dirty thing into the place where Fishy is.”


Xiao Yu sneezed several times in the chairman’s office of SI. For a moment, he was in a daze as he wondered if someone was thinking of him or talking bad about him.

He was quite respectful towards Chairman Zhou. In the past, whenever he was called to the chairman’s office, he would not even dare to breath loudly. It was the first time he had done something as bad as sneezing in front of his chairman, coincidentally, it also happened to be the last time.

Because, after today, Chairman Zhou would no longer be his superior, and Xiao Yu would no longer be part of SI.

“…… It’s because of employees like you that I constantly lose to Yan Jin.” Between the two people who were brought to the chairman’s office, Zhou Jinrong was comforting Lin Zhou with kind words and had arranged for him to be sent to the first aid room to look at his wounds. However, when dealing with Xiao Yu, he began to scold him without caring about the rights and wrongs of the matter: “You don’t even care about the company. What trash did you do for the Autumn Release Conference? You were unwilling to provide us with good designs and instead use such rubbish work to brush us off? You seemed to care more about your own prospects and had been planning for the Star Designers Cup, didn’t you? SI cannot afford to keep a person like you. If you had left earlier, our company wouldn’t even be in such a state.”

Using rubbish designs to brush off the company? Using better designs to enter the competition?

What a joke.

There were many people surrounding them. Many were from the design department who came to enjoy watching the bustling scene. There were juniors whom Xiao Yu had promoted and guided before, and there were seniors who provided their great support to him before. However, towards Zhou Jinrong’s way of misrepresenting the facts, not only did they not raise any protest, they even started ridiculing Xiao Yu in an ear-piercing tone and laughed with malice.

“Such a person should have gotten lost earlier.”

“Director Lin is such a nice person, yet he bit the hand that fed him.”

“Didn’t they say he was a murderer? Why hasn’t he been arrested yet? Our security needs to look more carefully.”

Xiao Yu lowered his head. He did not even bother to retort to those baseless accusations.

He knew that all of them were just dignified excuses. Zhou Jinrong wanted to shift all the blame onto him alone to cover up for his negligence of his job as well as to hide the fact that he could not win against Yan Jin at all.

Even without this accident, he could no longer stay in SI. In fact, he had sensed it long ago and had just been avoiding purposely the fact.

The Star Designers Cup. The Star Designers Cup that he had thought would be the turning point for him, was in fact deadlock. Regardless of whether he had won or not, it would be a deadlock for which he would be blamed for eventually.

“For the sake of the former chief designer, we won’t be pursuing charges against you. I hope you won’t drag the company down with you. Seeing the contributions that you have made for the company for the past two years, you may receive half a year worth of salary. Our ties will end here.”

Will end here.

Xiao Yu gritted his teeth. He did not need to look up to see that disgusting face of Zhou Jinrong.

For such a person to be a worthy competitor of Yan Jin? For such a company to be comparable to Yan Jin’s YL?

Lose? What a fantastic loss.

He once thought that working in SI was the way to repay his teacher, but he had been wrong…

Because such a rotten company was not worthy of him doing so. He finally understood the reason why his teacher had left SI back then and brought him overseas to learn.

He had been making a mistake for far too long. His teacher probably could not tolerate to look any longer in the heavens.

It was twelve noon when Xiao Yu left the office.

Four hours ago, he had walked into SI’s main door, neat and tidy. Four hours later, his blouse which had two obvious tears probably couldn’t be used anymore. He had bruises on the edge of his lips as he was chased out of the company with his head lowered. For a moment, he wasn’t sure where he should go.

Xiao Yu strolled unhurriedly towards the direction of his house. On his way, he walked past the supermarket and bought many cans of beer while being stared at by countless gazes.

His car had been scrapped, and he had taken the public transport to work earlier that morning. The ride was about an hour or so. He had never attempted to walk home from the company back to his place. It would be the first time he had ever done so. What a life experience.

He opened a can of beer, as he walked and drank. The passerbyers who saw him had all avoided him.

Half an hour later, it started to rain.

It was undoubtedly not even two in the afternoon, but the sudden rainfall made the sky darken instantly.

The rolling lightning and loud thunder made Xiao Yu recall that night with rain bucketing down.

At that moment, he even wished like a good-for-nothing that he had not turned back into a human, that he could have forever remained as Yan Jin’s hamster who could be forever carefree and without worries, who never had to to walk alone on this road of sinister hearts.

The water droplets rolled off his cheeks like traces of tears.

Please, please save me…

Xiao Yu shook his head, as he couldn’t help but to mock at himself.

I’m starting to hear things.

Please, please save me…


Xiao Yu looked back abruptly. He was in the middle of a small alley. Passersby were all heading to find shelter, and there was no one in sight within ten meters from him.

Please, please save me…

Dammit. Seriously?

Xiao Yu took two steps back as he started to cry internally.

Wasn’t he unfortunate enough? Car accident, accused of attempted murder, spending his half year worth of salary and losing his job, and now he was being forced to meet spirits?

There was something strange touching his pants. Xiao Yu suppressed his fear as he lowered his head extremely slowly, prepared to run away immediately.

A white cat who was completely drenched, looked pitifully at Xiao Yu as it tugged on his pants. Its light blue eyes were dull-looking.

“Meow.” Have I met you before?

Before Xiao Yu could react to the fact that he could understand a cat speaking human language, his attention was distracted by the bell on the white cat’s collar: “You are…”

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