RIAH – Chapter 130: The Light at The End of The Tunnel

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty: The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Xiao Yu started dreaming again.

He dreamt that he had turned into a hamster again and was rolling around in Yan Jin’s palm.

Ever since he had returned to his human body, he would dream every night, and the content of the dreams would always be related to Yan Jin.

The daily interactions that he did in a hamster’s body could now only be sought after in his dreams.

That was why even if he knew it was just a dream, Xiao Yu didn’t want to wake up.

However, this time, the dream seemed a little different.

Previously, no matter what Xiao Yu tried to do, Yan Jin would quietly watch him without any words or smile and would definitely not lean forward to kiss him.

Instead, he would silently watch him with a cold and heartless gaze that Xiao Yu had never seen before.

It was as if he was telling Xiao Yu that the past was the past and would never come again.

Xiao Yu was used to it already.

He was used to the expressionless Yan Jin. He was used to how Yan Jin would reach out for him, yet turn to leave in the next moment. He even got used to how when he finally got to see Yan Jin, he would then stop in his tracks as he saw the chairman holding the hands of some unknown bride.

He wanted to breathe, but he dared not to.

He lowered his head and looked at himself. He looked at the ten-million-dollar debt he was burdened with, and he saw that he was just like a useless failure who was chasing after someone and some future that he did not deserve have.

It should had been that way.

However, this time, he heard that incredibly familiar voice ringing in his ears.

“Fishy, wake up.”


This was the fourth time Yan Jin had dialed Chu Ge’s number within the hour.

For the first three calls, Chu Ge was still willing to fulfill his duty as a doctor and repeatedly explain the possible conditions that an intoxicated person could be in. Despite repeatedly informing the chairman that “It’s really okay,” “it was not some kind of drug, the only effect it had was hypnotic,” “He will surely wake up tomorrow morning,” and “If you really insist on bringing him to the hospital, please send him elsewhere and don’t mention my name because I can’t afford to lose face over this”.

But, this was the fourth time.

There exists a thing called the “Three-strikes law”. Even as a self-proclaimed benevolent doctor (?), Chu Ge also had a temper.

It had only been ten minutes since the last call asking him, “Should I cover him with blanket or switch on the air-conditioning system?”. At this rate, Yan Jin would have given him a hundred calls by the next morning!

Chu Ge’s frustrated and helpless voice could be heard from the other end of the call. “Sir, enough is enough. I already told you that it is just a tranquilizing-hypnotic medicine. Plus, there is also the fact that he drank a lot, so there is a possibility that he would not wake up throughout the night… He is definitely fine. I guarantee this with my character, my doctor ethics, and my integrity!”

“But his body temperature suddenly increased. Could he be having a fever?”

“It’s perfectly normal for body temperature to increase after drinking alcohol. Could you use your common sense? And if he really did have a fever, then that’s not really a problem, just ask me for help and I’ll keep him alive.”

“I think he’s forty-five degree Celsius.”

“Dafuq, are you mad? Forty-five degrees Celsius? You think he is an oven? If he really was at that temperature, he will roast himself to a crisp once he reaches fifty degrees. It’s useless to send him to the hospital at this point. Just buy a grave for him or bury him at the Yan family’s graveyard since it’s all your call now…… I already told you that he’s really okay, and he’s definitely doing fine. if you really insist, then send him to Yihan (T/N: probably Chu Ge’s colleague) and we assure you that we will keep him alive… I have not settled things here. Could you please stop tormenting me? I’m hanging up.”

Yan Jin who got hung up on did not feel angry either. The worry in his mind had already surpassed all other emotions.

He set his mobile aside as he frowned and put his hand on the forehead of the person lying on his bed.

It was scalding.

If it were any other person lying on the bed, someone more distant, Yan Jin would never even bother. If they were close, even for a person like Chu Ge, the chairman would at most help by dialing for an ambulance.

But, this person was not them.

The young man before him had a very handsome face with good facial features. His skin was delicate like porcelain. It may be because he was still asleep, but he looked sort of childish with his lips smacking like a kid that had not grown up. Even in his sleep, he would unconsciously plump his cheeks, just like that hamster whenever he was unhappy and throwing a tantrum.

This person was his Fishy.

Even though his exterior had changed, Yan Jin could still tell that this person was his Fishy.

This person was who he almost narrowly missed and the only miracle in his entire life.

Interestingly, this person’s name was homophonic to Fishy.

This was Heaven’s will.

At that very moment, Yan Jin was absolutely convinced that God existed.

Because back then, he chose to name that hamster who he had no idea where he came from, Fishy, in hopes that his life would not end prematurely. And looking at the current situation, it was like the heavens had answered his prayer.

Many times Yan Jin thought that maybe if he could have been slightly more rational when he realized Fishy was gone, to have been calmer and more collected, to have done more investigation, he may have found out long ago the identity of this young man whom he had met before.

However, that hypothesis could not be proven because the pain of having a loved one brutally taken away was all it took to overwhelm all other emotions.

It was all his fault.

“I’m sorry. I made you suffer too much.”

Yan Jin reached out to caress Xiao Yu’s cheek.

But, in that instant, he withdrew his hand and placed it on the young man’s forehead.

It had gotten even hotter.

It was hotter than what it should be for a fever.

More exaggeratedly speaking, Yan Jin felt like his hand got scalded.

He removed his hand and looked at his palm. It had turned slightly red.

At the same time, the man who was sleeping peacefully was now starting to stir in his sleep. His cheeks were blushing as he gasped lightly for air. It was as if he was tormented by the high temperature.

This isn’t right. This is not what intoxication looks like.

Yan Jin instantly made a decision. However, he had no idea what he should do to make Xiao Yu more comfortable.

It had been a long time since he felt so anxious. It was as if he was repaying his debt for being too cold and cruel.

This was probably the second time Yan Jin ever felt so lost and panicky.

The other time was when he thought Fishy was gone forever.

Back then, he thought that there would never be a second time he would feel this way again.

Reality had proved him wrong, and he had never been so grateful to be wrong.

Yan Jin subconsciously looked for the ice pack and thermometer. But, when he stood up to get them, he realized that he did not know where the first aid box was in his house.

Back when he had fallen sick, Fishy took care of him. This time it was Fishy who had gotten sick, yet he did not know what to do at all.

If Chu Ge were here, he would surely mock Yan Jin who was experiencing karma for totally disrespecting doctors and for his absolute unwillingness to learn basic medical essentials.

Yan Jin bit the tip of his tongue and forced himself to calm down. Next, he quickly drew up a list of what he could do now.

First, he would use the Yan family internal line to get a car over and contact the hospital as well. Then, he would contact Chu Ge…

The internal line had been dialed and he was on the last digit when the person on the bed suddenly curled up in pain and rolled back and forth before stopping at the edge of the bed, the blanket having fallen off.


The commotion made Yan Jin turn pale with fright. He did not even bother with the call anymore and immediately reached out to catch the person who was about to fall.

His mobile landed on the floor, flung far away.

This time, the warmth he was expecting did not appear. Instead, it was a normal temperature.

“What’s wrong…”

It was as if Xiao Yu heard Yan Jin’s worrying voice and mumbled.

Although it sounded very soft, Yan Jin could still hear it very clearly –

“Yan Jin.”

The brows that were frowning from anxiety and worries began to loosen up. Yan Jin’s gaze was filled with a gentleness that he had never shown before. It was a pity that the person in front of him could not see him.

“I’m here Fishy.”

“Fishy, could you wake up, please?”

In the next second, something magical happened.


Xiao Yu opened his eyes.

He opened his eyes wide and blanked for a second before he jumped to his feet.

Just like an erupting volcano with raging flames.

Lin Zhou you f**king bastard, how dare you drug me, are you still a human?! Fight me fair and square if you want to! If I’m f**king scared of you, I’ll change my surname to Yan! Dafuq you –


That robust vigorous speech filled with fury was half way through when Xiao Yu stopped cold.

Because he realized that he was squeaking once again.

He lifted his hands and sure enough, he had turned back into a hamster with a four-fingered paw.

What the hell? But I only ordered that glass of Blue Hawaii, and that’s a drink with a very low alcohol percentage. It should not have made my ears come out even. Why did I transform?

Or are there other conditions that would make me transform?

Xiao Yu, who did not expect himself to be forcefully inebriated with a bottle of vodka, was in deep thought and did not pay attention to his surrounding at all.

And so, when he finally shook off his meaningless thoughts, he felt shaken.

The ceiling above him, the huge bed underneath him, and the customized carpet underneath the bed. All these were things that he was very familiar with in his memories.

And this room where he would dream every night had the person that he had been yearning day and night.

Xiao Yu raised his paw to rub his eyes.

Yan Jin was looking at him with a complicated expression.

He rubbed again.

Yan Jin was smiling at him.

*Rubrubrub – *

Yan Jin’s expression changed from helpless to heartache. In the end, he had no choice but to reach out and grab that spasming little paw.

“It’s turning red already, stop rubbing.” Yan Jin let go of his paw and grabbed Xiao Yu’s little waist. “You’re not dreaming. It’s really me.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned even redder.

“Squeakkkkkeekkk.” I-I’m not a hamster demon. I-I am, I am…

The sobbing squeaks were impossible to understand, much less with Xiao Yu being a hamster who spoke hamster language that was a thousand times harder to understand. After squeaking for a long while, even he could not understand what he was trying to say.

But, he knew that Yan Jin could understand him. He knew for sure that Yan Jin understood him.

If this was really Yan Jin and not just a dream where he could not get a reply.

Because these were the words he could not finish back then. These were the words that he had planned to say when he knew that he may not see Yan Jin ever again.

If this was the real Yan Jin, he would surely remember it.

“It’s alright, no need to say it anymore. I know everything now.”

Yan Jin lifted the hamster in his palm just like how he did in the past.

When that simple action happened, both human and hamster felt their hearts clench.

They had never thought there would be such a day again. Thankfully, they were lucky enough.

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