RIAH – Chapter 134: Come To YL

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Chapter One Hundred and Four: Come To YL


Those two letters rang in Xiao Yu’s mind several times before finally disappearing into thin air.

“How could I consider YL…” Xiao Yu felt very perplexed by Yan Jin’s suggestion: “Even without the accident, YL has always been my competitor. It would not be suitable.”

“Don’t assume how YL treats our talents. YL has never been bothered by the past of employees with talent and experience.” Yan Jin proudly beautified YL’s image and praised himself at the same time. “After all, they did have such a wise person as their chairman.”

Xiao Yu was amused by that explanation.

Unable to look straight at Yan Jin’s face that was flushed with success, Xiao Yu turned his gaze away.

Not only did Yan Jin not get Xiao Yu’s message, he pressed even further. “In fact, you should have thought of YL from the beginning. After all, YL is the only place in the industry that would hire you despite SI’s interference.”

Yan Jin was not only unashamed of his twisted truth but even felt proud of his thinking.

Seems like I can pull this through. Very good.

And that seemingly silly explanation was in fact so logical that it made Xiao Yu quite moved by it for a moment.

Just a little bit. About the size of a fingernail.

Yan Jin continued his relentless attack. “You must have confidence in yourself. YL will welcome you.”

“But that’s just what you think. I don’t think it’ll work.” Xiao Yu pushed the chairman away, using the opportunity to lean forward again.

“Isn’t my perspective more important than yours on this matter?”

“That’s true…” Xiao Yu was slightly hesitant.

With no other choice left, Yan Jin pull out his trump card –

He grabbed Xiao Yu’s waist and pinned the designer below him as he said dangerously. “Agree to it or I’ll kiss you.”

The man pinned to the couch was speechless and helpless at the same time. “You’re in heat so early in the morning? Are you a pig?”

“No, I’m just an admirer of a hamster.”

Xiao Yu turned his face away as his face turned red immediately. He muttered, “I need to apologize to those pigs. You’re worse than them.”

Yan Jin pressed a kiss against Xiao Yu’s soft curly hair and spoke into his ears, “Do you agree, or not?”

“How could you do this…”

Xiao Yu tried to push the chairman away but to no avail. He gave up eventually and found himself a comfortable spot in Yan Jin’s embrace as he explained aggrievedly, “I do recognize YL’s designers and they probably are aware of what happened to me. They will have opinions about me from the start and I definitely won’t be able to blend into their circle if I joined YL.”

After working in SI for so many years and so many sleepless nights, what he got in the end was only a body full of scars that pained him deep in his heart. Even at this moment, Xiao Yu could still feel those mocking voices and gazes that cut him like a blade.

Ever since Xiao Yu had been dismissed by SI, if a person like Yan Jin had not appeared in his life, if it was not because of those unfinished words that he owed Yan Jin, then he would surely have restarted his life in another city and escape this place that left him with countless wounds.

Xiao Yu knew that he was just escaping reality, but he did not have a choice. His interpersonal relationships had been horrible since he was young and he did not have close friends with whom he could share his feelings, much less a person whom he could get along with. The only person close to that level was a senior whom he treated him like a friend and a teacher. It was the senior to whom he had poured his heart out and yet not long ago, that person had dealt him the heaviest blow.

It was so heavy that he dared not recall about those events.

Just as Xiao Yu was deep in his memories about the miserable events that had happened, he heard the other person saying into his ears –

“Your problem with making interpersonal relationship is indeed a huge shortcoming. If I was from human resource, I wouldn’t hire you.”

Xiao Yu turned around in shock as if he was doubting if he had heard the chairman correctly.

Yan Jin’s expression did not seem like he was pulling a joke. However, it was not like the chairman was looking down on him or despising him like he had imagined.

In fact, the next second, Yan Jin words made a huge turn.

“But, I’m not from the human resource. I’m the chairman. So if I say you can, then you definitely can.”


Xiao Yu bit down on Yan Jin’s forearm that was hugging him as a silent punishment for his out-of-the-blue flirting.

Yan Jin did not resist the bite and used his other hand to caress Xiao Yu’s hair, willingly bearing the brunt for his little hamster.

After a long bite, Xiao Yu felt bored and let go of Yan Jin.

“Thank you, my lord.” Yan Jin took back his arm and conveniently slipped it into Xiao Yu’s clothes.

“Stop fooling around.” Xiao Yu smacked away the groping hand and looked at the chairman seriously: “Do you really think I can work in YL?”

“The accident was a misunderstanding in the first place. If you are really worried, I can make a statement about it.” Yan Jin was still very casual about how he would deal with the accident. Immediately, he came up with several solutions. “I could hold a press conference, or let SI come out to explain, or just let this incident attract public attention and later clear up the misunderstanding. That’s not a bad idea.”

“You didn’t get what I mean.” Xiao Yu poked Yan Jin’s chest as he said grumpily, “What I mean is, I don’t think I’m good enough. I can’t blend in with YL’s environment. You did bring me to YL in the past. The atmosphere is so amazing. I’m afraid that once I join them it would all be ruined.”

Yan Jin felt helpless confronted by Xiao Yu’s twisted words and forceful logic. If it was someone else, he would never have hired a person with such a mindset no matter how talented he was in his profession. But, he had no choice because the person in his arms would probably be the only flaw that he would have for his entire life. He had to think of a way to carefully protect him.

“In fact, you don’t need to spend so much effort on interacting with those people.” Yan Jin carefully phrased his next words, “With your standards and talent, it’s only fair that you get to be designated as our chief designer. As a gifted talent, it’s only normal that you have some problems with human interaction.”

“Gifted talent, am I?” Xiao Yu seemed to be a little lost. Lin Zhou had once said that to him; however, he had not realized that.

“Without a doubt,” Yan Jin answered certainly. “Your works have soul in them. In my entire life, I have only seen two people that have done that before and you are one of them.”

“Does that mean that all gifted people would have that kind of shortcoming?” Xiao Yu asked foolishly.

Of course not.

There were people in this world who could hide their shortcomings in front of others. They had unpredictable talents that were far above the average persons’ and could capture people’s hearts with ease.

Xiao Yu, who was in front of him, was a very good example.

In fact, YL’s criteria for their recruitment was slightly different from others. They cared more about the employee’s ability to interact rather than their professional standards. Standards could be nurtured but interpersonal skills were a lot harder.

However, Yan Jin would not reveal that truth to Xiao Yu.

“Of course, after all, God is fair. They wouldn’t give all good things to one person.”

It sounded logical. But when the same words come from the person in front of Xiao Yu, the supposedly heartening effect was heavily discounted.

Xiao Yu spent a great effort to suppress his urge to ridicule.

*Sigh* How frustrating. Only twenty-nine years old, net worth more than a billion, great looks, extraordinarily talented, and still unmarried, yet he declared that God is fair. His persuasiveness is not even enough to be a salesperson.

Yan Jin felt awkward, but he could not tell Xiao Yu the truth, that he did have an obvious shortcoming.

Moreover, if it was Xiao Yu, Yan Jin felt that none of it mattered.

He would always be there to indulge all his shortcomings and resolve all the problems that he was not good at dealing with.

That was why it did not matter. His Fishy did not need to do anything that he dislikes, nor to fix any of his shortcomings.

So long as he was here, so long as he did not leave.

“So you’re determined to get me into YL?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Of course. YL would never let go of any talented designers.”

“Lie all you want.” Xiao Yu rolled his eyes. “Ever since I became SI’s chief designer, SI has always been beneath YL. All those posts in the forum have been trashing me. Even so, you still dare to hire me?”

Yan Jin took a deep breath before he answered, “You are the one who, in disguise to help YL, attacked yourself just for the sake of making up for that ‘Heavenly Law’ that we don’t even know exists.”

“It really exists. Didn’t I tell you already? I even showed you the scroll!” Xiao Yu puffed his cheeks angrily.

“Okay, it exists.” Yan Jin replied calmly.

“Shove it.”

Yan Jin smiled without a word.

Moments later, Xiao Yu suddenly recalled something, “Speaking of which, can I use the identity as the mystery designer to work for YL?”

“I remembered mentioning that last night, but you said you would be eliminated by the Heavenly Law.” After that last phrase,Yan Jin could not hold back his laughter.

“You’re too much! It is a possibility!”

“It won’t. I can assure you that the mystery designer is you. It would never be someone else.” Yan Jin said confidently, “If you don’t understand, I can get that friend of mine to directly explain to you.”

Xiao Yu knew which friend Yan Jin was referring to and quickly waved his hand to reject him. “No need, no need. I can understand it.”

Yan Jin nodded and continued, “If the identity as mystery designer could give you more confidence, I don’t mind letting you continue to use it.”

“But that’s not going to be easy to explain. I was still SI’s designer when the mystery designer appeared. Working privately for a competitors company is going to affect our reputation. Moreover, I even helped you to deal with my company. If they were to…”

Xiao Yu’s worries were like a never-ending dam that would never dry up. So, Yan Jin had no choice but to caress his curly hair to stop that head full of worries.

“I’ll make appropriate arrangements for that. Believe me this time, okay?”

Whenever he shared a gaze with Yan Jin, Xiao Yu could never have strength to resist him.

He could only accept.

“You promised. You have to fulfil your promise…”

Xiao Yu said softly.

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