RIAH – Chapter 144: First Attempt at Drunk Play

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Editor: thepinkfleurdelis

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Four: First Attempt at Drunk Play

Indeed, he should not have put too much faith in Yan Jin.

He only looked high-class on the surface.

Xiao Yu let his thoughts wander as he sighed and played with his mobile in the passenger seat.

“Is there anything you want to buy?” Yan Jin asked while driving as he took out a stack of papers and passed it to Xiao Yu. “I made a list. Have a look and see if there’s anything else I missed and add on to it.”

Xiao Yu absent-mindedly took the papers and immediately realized that something was wrong with the thickness of the document.

“So thick?” Xiao Yu held the five-centimeters thick document in his hand with astonishment written on his face.

With such thickness, one might have thought it was a dictionary.

“Hm? Not really.” Yan Jin disagreed. “It’s better to buy more to be prepared just in case.”

Xiao Yu lowered his head to look at the “dictionary” in his hand.

Page 1 Shopping List

1 – Food Container

1.1 Food Container Frosted, Blue, Heart-shaped border Frosted, Blue, Flower petal border

Skipping to the third line…

Frosted, Red, Heart-shaped border

Onto the tenth line…

1.2 Food Container Enamel, Blue, Flower petal border

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

Page 5 Shopping List

2.1 Small House Spring, Plastic (Model 01) Spring, Plastic (Model 02)

He flipped to the tenth page and it was only up till 2.5 which was still about Small House, just that the type of season had changed to Summer.

More interesting was how the list was repetitive. It may be because Chairman Yan felt that the first shopping list looked too complicated, so he used Excel to redo the information into a table form with the exact same content. He even beautified the table and put a watermark image of a hamster at the bottom.

Which was why the five-centimeter thickness was not too much, after all, there were two sets of shopping list…

As if.

“You must be mad.” Xiao Yu muttered softly.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” Yan Jin did not catch what Xiao Yu had said but it did not affect his pleasant mood, nonetheless.

“Nothing. I don’t think there’s anything else we need to add.”

Xiao Yu conveniently tossed the “dictionary” to the side that was originally used to dump nutshells and trash. He then asked with mixed emotions, “Could the car fit so many things?”

That priceless Rolls Royce Phantom that Yan Jin had drove had already been scrapped during the accident. However, Yan Jin still had two other vehicles and one of them was another Rolls Royce that they were in right now. It was quite spacious inside but not as big as the Rolls Royce Phantom. They probably could not fit everything that was on the shopping list.

“Oh, I’m aware of that.” Yan Jin heard Xiao Yu’s problem and answered unhurriedly, “We only need to choose the item and the employees will deliver it to our place.”

“…… Pet shops do deliveries nowadays?”

It had been quite some time ago and Xiao Yu could not remember too well. But, he could still vaguely remember that the size of the shop was not big at all. Also, there were not enough employees around that it seemed possible for them to do home deliveries.

“They had some renovation recently and expanded their business.” Yan Jin vaguely summarized the matter. “One would eventually need to catch up with the society’s pace.

Xiao Yu still felt that something was amiss and there was a indistinct guess he had in mind. However, that possibility seemed too illogical, and so he quickly tossed away the idea.


Xiao Yu looked at the shopping mall that rose steeply from level ground like a tall skyscraper. He questioned dumbfoundedly: “Did we come to the wrong place?”

“We’re at the right place. The pet shop expanded their business and moved to this area.”

Yan Jin closed the car door and calmly escorted Xiao Yu to that gigantic shopping mall with over a hundred stores that sold all kind of pet items from ground level to the top level.

It was supposedly a shopping mall but except for the sales person, there was not even a single person in sight. 

When Xiao Yu entered the fifth store that sold hamster pet products, he finally could not hold it in any longer. Enduring the burning gaze of the sales personnel, he forcefully dragged Yan Jin to a small corner of the store.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jin asked.

“You dare to ask me what’s wrong? Explain yourself, what is happening?” Xiao Yu pinched Yan Jin’s wrist as he interrogated fiercely.

“It’s just like what you see…”

“That store back then was only that big. How could they have moved here?”

“There’s a lot of stores here. That store a while ago was only one of them.” Yan Jin answered.

“B-But how could a shopping mall only sell hamster pet products?”

“There’s a row of spectacle stores opposite YL. There’s also a Japanese ramen center with the entire first level that only serves Ramen, just five-kilometer drive away from here. Oh right, there’s also a famous candy store near our place too. If all that was possible, why is it not possible to have a shopping mall that specializes in pet products?” Yan Jin explained in a clear and logical manner. “Plus, it’s not only hamster products, there’s other pet products meant for other rodent species. There’s not much difference, but this area sells rodent pet products. We will be heading to the store that sells cat food later.”

“B-But, there’s no one here…” Xiao Yu was already losing his confidence.

“Is there anything wrong with slack business on a business day? Even YL has sales peak and non-peak periods.”

Xiao Yu was rendered speechless.

With a feeling that something must be wrong somewhere but uncertain of what it was, he ended up spending his entire afternoon shopping with Yan Jin in the mall. When he got tired of walking, they chanced upon a home cooking restaurant that had all his favorite dishes on the menu. Thus, they ended up enjoying their meal at that place.


When they arrived home, it was already late at night. Xiao Yu who was not even the one driving, felt like he was going to fall apart. He could only imagine how exhausted Yan Jin must have felt.

“You can go ahead and take a shower first before you retire early.” Xiao Yu threw himself onto the couch, his eyes already closing.

“Not showering together? It would support a minimal carbon environment.”

“Get lost.”

By the time Yan Jin had his shower, Xiao Yu had already dozed off on the couch. If it were like any other time, Yan Jin would probably carry Xiao Yu off to the bed. But this time, he “cruelly” woke him up.

Xiao Yu opened his eyes confusedly and saw Yan Jin smiling beside him.

“You’re done with the shower. My turn then.”

“Go on.”

After a warm shower, Xiao Yu came out from the bathroom feeling freshed. When he went into the bedroom and did not find Yan Jin there, he couldn’t help but feel something was weird.

Xiao Yu walked out of the bedroom and saw the dining room dimly lit.

Yan Jin was wearing loosely-fitted, low collared pajamas. When he saw Xiao Yu, he shook the wine bottle in his hand. “Want to have a drink?”

“You want us to drink wine?” Xiao Yu looked at the table that had dishes that went well with alcoholic drinks and several bottles of liquor whose brand names could not be seen clearly. He murmured doubtfully. “You know I can’t drink.”

“You can’t drink only when there’s outsiders present. There’s only the two of us, so why can’t you? You’ll change back eventually, right?”

That made sense, but Xiao Yu was still puzzledly by it. “Is there any meaning? Is there anything special that we’re celebrating today?”

“To celebrate that everything is back on track.” Yan Jin helped himself and poured a bottle of clear pale yellowish liquor into a tall glass. With a face full of anticipation, he said to Xiao Yu, “We’ve bought all we need, and I wish that a misunderstanding like that will never happen again.”

“Okay then. It is worth celebrating.” Xiao Yu nodded his head and agreed with Yan Jin’s explanation.

After they had found one another, they’d quickly confirmed their relationship. It was so fast that Xiao Yu could hardly react in time. Yan Jin was quite considerate to hold this make up celebration today to toast for resolving their misunderstanding.

“I’ll say it first, I can’t drink too much.” Xiao Yu took a seat beside Yan Jin as he took the tall glass.

“It’s okay. It’s okay to drink less.”

A weird glow flashed in Yan Jin’s eyes as he raised his glass to toast.

Once the sip of liquor touched his tongue, Xiao Yu knew that something was amiss.

He did not know which country’s language it was on that wine bottle packaging – it must be from a country whose language he did not understand anyway – so Xiao Yu was unsure what kind of wine it was. However, he was sensitive enough to realize that the alcoholic strength was not low.

As the liquor reached his stomach, Xiao Yu silently assumed that it was a fruit wine that had low alcoholic strength. After all, Yan Jin was aware that he would transform if he had too much liquor. That was why when his tongue was stimulated by that spicy sensation, an unnoticeable frown appeared on Xiao Yu’s face.

What is Yan Jin trying to do?

Xiao Yu did not feel that Yan Jin would harm him. But very obviously, the celebration must not be his only motive.

As if realizing that there was a change in Xiao Yu’s emotions, Yan Jin explained. “I didn’t manage to find liquor with low alcoholic strength at home, so I took this as a substitute. You’re okay with it?”

Xiao Yu smiled. “Of course I’m fine.”

The two-person toasted again.

Yan Jin pretend to be looking at his tall glass but in fact, his eyesight had been glued on Xiao Yu’s body.

From the tips of his hair that were still dripping, to that pale neck under the dimly lit lights. The mischievous water droplet landed nicely onto his collar bone and rolled off the skin into that thin shirt.

“That’s about it.” Xiao Yu’s cheeks were already blushing as he turned to speak. “If I continue drinking, my… I’m getting drunk.”

He rigidly changed “my ears will pop out” to “I’m getting drunk.”

There was no other reason to it. Simply because when Xiao Yu turned around, his eyes met Yan Jin’s deep gaze. Even though the chairman instantly hid his invasive gaze, Xiao Yu was very sure that he did not miss that.

Oh, so that’s why.

Xiao Yu swirled the tall glass in his hand as his lips curled slightly.

“Fine. I’ll just get drunk. It’s rare that I get to drink and who knows when the next time will be. I’ll have one more glass.” Xiao Yu hiccupped and took the initiative to fill the tall glasses for both of them. “Here we go. Cheers.”

Yan Jin accepted the tall glass feeling flattered.

When his lover had turned around earlier, he almost thought he had blown his cover. Thankfully, it seemed like everything was going smoothly.

“It’s okay to get drunk. I’m here after all,” Yan Jin guaranteed confidently.

Xiao Yu smiled without a word.

As they finished the side dishes, the two with different thoughts in mind finished the entire bottle of wine and began their second bottle.

When they were on their third bottle, Yan Jin was already slightly unconscious. His gaze kept moving towards the top of Xiao Yu’s head, as if he was anticipating something.

“I think I’m almost drunk. This is the last one.” Xiao Yu poured the wine firmly without spilling a single drop. He even personally delivered the glass into Yan Jin’s slightly trembling hands.

“Cheers.” Xiao Yu smiled and kissed Yan Jin’s cheeks.

Yan Jin gritted his teeth as he drank the wine and then pressed his lips onto the person beside him.

Xiao Yu played along when Yan Jin demanded a kiss.

“Ahh, I’m really getting drunk after this one. I really can’t drink anymore,”

Xiao Yu said as he calmly filled their glasses again.

Yan Jin giddily finished his drink again.

“This is really, really my last one. Once I’m done, I’ll surely go down.”


Chairman Yan’s head hit the table.

Xiao Yu smiled as he put the wine bottle to the side and poked Yan Jin’s waist.

Completely motionless.

Xiao Yu took his mobile and checked the time. He made a rough estimation of his transformation timing and did not delay any further. He promptly picked up Yan Jin off the table and moved him back to the bedroom with much difficulty.

After he threw the motionless Yan Jin onto the bed, he also climbed onto it.

He stared at Yan Jin’s sleeping face for a while and could not hold back anymore…

He burst into loud laughter.


*Sigh* It’s true that I will transform if I’m drunk, but there is a time gap before that happens.

If Yan Jin was creating a situation where his ears would pop out and proceed to do kinky stuff with him, then it would really be a pity. Because if he consumed too much alcohol, he would end up skipping the part where his ears popped out and straight away transform into a hamster.

Most importantly, he really had no idea where Yan Jin got his confidence that he could get him drunk.

Xiao Yu laid on the pillow as he waited for the moment he transformed. He wondered…

Had he ever told Yan Jin before that his alcohol tolerance was very good?

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