RIAH – Chapter 145: So It’s Okay

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Five: So It’s Okay

Yan Jin had a beautiful dream.

In his dream, he successfully got his Fishy drunk.

Fishy, whose furry ears had popped out, was flushing red as his pale body laid on the snow-white bedsheets. He was sobbing and sniffling under him as he leaned forward to reward those dark red lips.

Then, he woke up.


The huge difference between reality and dream made Yan Jin dazedly stare at the familiar ceiling for a long time as he lay on his bed. After he repeatedly analyzed what had happened last night, why he was there, and where was Fishy, Yan Jin’s sight landed onto the pillow beside him.

He saw a hamster sleeping soundly.

This reasonable yet unexpected scene made Yan Jin recall the memories from last night.

Then, he let out a defeated sigh and used his hands to cover his eyes.

For all he had planned, never had he expect Xiao Yu to be such a good drinker.

The previous time when he saved Xiao Yu from the hotel, Yan Jin thought that the younger man was completely knocked out due to that bottle of vodka. However, from the current situation, it seemed that if Lin Zhou had not drugged him, that bottle of vodka may not even have affected Xiao Yu too much.

In fact, all that was not important at all. The main point was, he actually lost to his lover in terms of alcohol tolerance.

That was simply the darkest history of his entire life.

Yan Jin turned over and buried himself into the blanket.

Not too long later, he pulled the blanket down again and stared resentfully at the little fellow lying on the pillow.

Xiao Yu was sleeping soundly as a little bubble formed on his nose. It seemed like he was dreaming about some delicious food as he smacked his lips a few times.

If he were to describe Xiao Yu at the moment, he was simply too illegally adorable.

…… Oh well.

That was the hamster he chose, and he must accept it.

Even though he felt pity that he was not able to do those secret things in the end, this was not that bad too.

Chairman Yan closed his eyes helplessly as he fell into a deep slumber once again.

The handsome man slept beside the grey-furred hamster. Their heads were touching and even their faces had a similar touch of happiness.

This rare scene looked like it was made up.

At this moment, it was as if time had stopped. Even the rustling spring breeze was not willing to disturb this rarely seen setting. It quietly went away and left silence in the room and blocked the bustling noise outside the window.

The headache and discomfort from the hangover were not worth mentioning in this warm atmosphere. Time and work were also tossed to the back of their minds. As they fell into deep slumber, they both had one thought: to let this moment last longer.

The warm sunlight poured onto the human and hamster on the bed as the bedroom fell into silence.

It was beautiful, just like a fairytale.


It was 8.30 a.m. and the venue was the meeting room for YL’s senior executives.

“I don’t think the chairman is coming.” Secretary Fang pushed his spectacles as she spoke with a familiar certainty.

“Then let’s all take a day off, just like yesterday.” Shao Yue who always wished for the whole world to be in chaos was the first to comment.

“True, true.”

“Day off it is.”

Along with Shao Yue’s opinion, the people around him quickly expressed their agreement.

YL was a unique company. Before Yan Jin had taken over the company, it was like gold and jade on the exterior yet rotten and decayed on the inside. The shareholders were all idling and waiting for their fortune to be used up and their employees were all muddling through their work.

After Yan Jin had taken over YL, they had several major revamps. Not only were the shareholders changed to a new group of people, even the employees were all kicked out and new employees were hired to replace them.

Up till today, a majority of the employees were mostly people from the younger generation. Some were even employees with one to two years of work experience after they had graduated from university. There were not many in YL who were older than thirty-five years old. So, during meetings, the atmosphere was always lively. Only a handful of them were employees headhunted from other companies. Under the influence of the majority, they soon found themselves influenced by these youngsters and started to express their honest opinions.

For example, this design director who was headhunted over from SI. He was already in his fifties, but he did not seem like he was going to retire any time soon. He was radiating health and vigor and was not reserved like a senior employee would act at all. Immediately, he opposed the flow. “Day off? We can’t even finish our work on hand. We can survive without our chairman. Go back and do whatever you need to do.”

“Old Zhang, don’t say that. We should live life happily while we can.” Shao Yue replied.

“Live life my ass. A week’s worth of work is not going to decrease. You can live your happy life yourself. Our department is staying back to finish our contracts.”

Shao Yue grumbled, “Yet our chairman isn’t here…”

“Can you be compared to Chairman Yan? He can finish your three days worth of work in one day.”

Indeed, the week’s worth of work that had to be done would just be arranged a week in advance. No matter what holiday it was, the work that needed to be done would not be less. If they were to take a day off, they would need to come back on the weekends to complete it. Aside from a workaholic like Yan Jin, there were not many who would mess up their work arrangement.

Shao Yue had nothing to say.

“May I interrupt,” Secretary Fang adjusted her spectacles again. “I’m not asking for everyone’s opinion.”

She waved the thumb drive in her hand and spoke unhurriedly. “Chairman already informed me last night that if he could not come to work for the next two days, he will inform everyone of this week’s outline conclusion and next week’s arrangement.”

Everyone present sunk into a bewildering silence.

Amidst the silence, almost everyone was deeply impressed from the bottom of their hearts.


Xiao Yu pulled his hat downwards for the fifth time and worriedly asked for the fifth time, “Look, is it still obvious?”

Today was the day he had arranged to meet with Nannan. Xiao Yu had been nervous since early morning because his furry ears had not disappeared yet. As he noticed that the arranged time was closing in, he had no choice but to find a hat from the bedroom to hide his extra pair of ears.

However, after adjusting himself in front of the mirror for almost half a day, Xiao Yu was still worried that it would be exposed.

Yan Jin flipped another page of the newspapers in his hands. Without even looking up, this was also the fifth time, he answered that question, “I can’t see it.”

“Hey, what kind of attitude is that?” Xiao Yu said discontentedly. “Speaking of which, it’s your fault that I ended up like this.”

If it were not because Yan Jin had ulterior motives the day before and tried to get him drunk, his ears would have disappeared by now.

Yan Jin, the accused, had no choice but to lower the newspaper in his hands and sit upright to accept the reprimand. “Yes, yes. It’s all my fault.”

“Hn. Not sincere at all.” Xiao Yu was very displeased.

“What should I do to be considered as sincere?” Yan Jin asked.

Xiao Yu gave it a thought and took the opportunity to raise conditions. “For example, arrange Nannan to work in YL with a salary better than an intern and less work than a normal employee?”

“Anything you say.” Yan Jin went back to reading the newspaper again.

That request was not much and Yan Jin did not even bother to think about it.

However, due to “ulterior motives” that Xiao Yu was not aware of till today and witnessing how Yan Jin was acting absent-mindedly, only concerned with that newspaper, he immediately started to throw a tantrum.

Xiao Yu, who was even jealous of the newspaper, leaped forward and took away the thing on Yan Jin’s hands and replaced it with his own waist. Next, he took the chance to circle his arm around Yan Jin’s neck.

“Is the newspaper that interesting?”

Yan Jin helplessly hugged Xiao Yu and smoothed his lover’s back. “Not as interesting as you.”

“Then why are you not looking at me?” Xiao Yu pursed his lips.

“Maybe because when I’m looking at you, I can’t help but want to kiss you.” Yan Jin answered honestly.

Perhaps the answer did successfully please Xiao Yu. He laughed lightly and spontaneously leaned forward.

After a lingering kiss, they were both slightly breathless.

Xiao Yu was especially helpless in this area. He had never learned how to catch his breath during kisses and every time after they shared a passionate kiss, he could only lay in Yan Jin’s embrace and catch his breath bashfully.

Yan Jin’s gaze darkened as the hands holding his lover’s head moved to take away the irksome-looking knitted hat

A pair of grey colored ears that obviously did not belong to a human was nervously sticking upright. It felt good to touch as his hand lingered between the grey and white fur. The slightly pinkish interior was redder than usual after being suppressed by the knitted hat for so long.

Yan Jin was fondling them with admiration.

He had lost all his face for this pair of ears. Every second he could not play with them was like a kind of loss.

He was like a giant dragon who was guarding its treasures, carefully checking his treasures, making sure that everything was still intact.

“Hey.” Xiao Yu’s tone was slightly proud. “Your actions are suspiciously perverted.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I mind. It won’t look good when others come over,” Xiao Yu said.

“It’s still early. You might as well let your ears out to breathe,” Yan Jin retorted.

“It’s not early already, don’t quibble…”

Xiao Yu grumbled, but his body acted honestly as he laid in Yan Jin’s embrace and obediently allowed his sensitive ears to be played with.

Moments later, Xiao Yu felt a hot sensation on his head.

Yan Jin looked on helplessly as those adorable pair of ears disappeared into thin air. Although his expression remained unchanged, he was endlessly regretting it internally.

“Oh great, they’re finally gone! I told you it’s about time.” Xiao Yu was so happy that he almost jumped in the air. He happily got off Yan Jin’s body and sat beside him as he checked his mobile. “Nannan has not replied yet. I suppose he’s driving right now. He should get here soon.”

“Hm.” Yan Jin answered disinterestedly.

“Oh right, you still mean what you said earlier right?” Xiao Yu saw Yan Jin’s slightly vacant look and quickly emphasized again. “I’m referring to giving Nannan a position with good benefits.”

“Of course, it’s all up to you.”

“But I thought I remembered you saying that you would never abuse your powers for someone without abilities?” Xiao Yu purposely mentioned that incident, hoping to reveal Yan Jin’s sanctimonious pretense. “Or are you just coaxing me and once you return to work, you’ll turn back into that icy-cold chairman who is strictly impartial and incorruptible?”

Yan Jin recalled about the incident that Xiao Yu had mentioned. Although his memory was outstanding he could not recall when he had said that to Xiao Yu. Despite that, it did not stop him from using it to flirt.

“The main point is not whether that person had ability. It’s about outsiders.” Yan Jin smiled as he pinched Xiao Yu’s thin waist and received a surprised squeak.

Before Xiao Yu could scream and try to escape, he heard a low but clearly worded answer,

“You’re an insider, so it’s okay.”

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