RIAH – Chapter 156: I Already Understand

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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Six: I Already Understand

Sure, Xiao Yu was aware that YL’s elevator was extremely fast. After all, it took only a minute and half to go from the first to the thirtieth floor. But it was still rather annoying to go up and down ten times a day.

Yan Jin had mentioned that his office was on the thirtieth floor, but hadn’t he been joking?

He must have been joking, right?!

Only the heavens knew how he had felt when he was notified that he had to temporarily share an office with Yan Jin because there weren’t enough desks in the design department.

When Director Wang had announced it, He Xinjia had burst out laughing at Xiao Yu’s expense while throwing meaningful looks at him.

What kind of looks? Of course she was imagining her workplace sexual fantasies!

Xiao Yu had known He Xinjia for a long time, but he had never realized that He Xinjia was also a fujoshi.

He had only discovered this fact when on the first day, after the welcome party, He Xinjia had specially dragged him away to sneakily ask him:

“Between you and Yan Jin, who’s on top?”

This very obviously was a trap.

Sadly, even though Xiao Yu realized her intentions, because of the shock, he wasn’t able to come up with a rational response fast enough.

Which was as good as an admission.

He Xinjia shrieked on the spot and then immediately covered her mouth while looking around. In a low voice, she said to Xiao Yu, “All this time, I’ve been saying that if such a desirable husband like Chairman Yan has never sexually engaged a woman, he must either be impotent or gay. Looks like he’s gay indeed!”

Xiao Yu stared up wordlessly and nodded.

He too had come to the exact conclusion before. Furthermore, he had actually personally tested his hypothesis and verified its authenticity.

He Xinjia had only been able to guess their relationship because of her fujoshi’s intuition. However, among the rest of their colleagues who originally hadn’t suspected anything, they couldn’t suppress their suspicions after Yan Jin’s conspicuous actions.

Even disregarding the other evidence, the mere fact that Xiao Yu’s office was on the thirtieth floor indicated that there was something going on.


“Why do you need to go back down again? You just came back twenty minutes ago?” Yan Jin grumbled.

“How can you even complain?” Xiao Yu almost died from anger. “If you didn’t put my desk up here, would I even need to run around like this?”

Yan Jin blinked innocently. “This is the company’s arrangement. There’s nothing I can do if there’s not enough space on the third floor.”

“If you keep this up, you’re sleeping on the sofa tonight.” Xiao Yu threatened.

“…If it weren’t set up like this, you’d never come visit me.” To protect his lawful rights, Yan Jin could only honestly say, “Furthermore, this will subtly spread the news of our relationship. Otherwise, they’d be too shocked when we publicly announce it.”

Xiao Yu ridiculed, “Is there any need to subtly spread anything? Who in the company doesn’t know of our relationship?”

Not too long ago when Xiao Yu hadn’t yet formally joined YL, YL’s employees had pondered the riddle that had quickly spread through the entire company: who was the bitch that had managed to get her hands on Chairman Yan?

Right, the issue wasn’t whether Yan Jin had fallen in love, but rather with whom. Everyone could already deduce that Yan Jin definitely had been caught by the vortex of love.

Yan Jin was well-known for his self-restraint and clean lifestyle. No matter how his horde of fans in YL wildly extrapolated any clue to mean that he had a secret lover, those fantasies were simply fantasies and were only meant for self-amusement. Regardless of what anyone said, there was never any solid evidence that indicated Yan Jin had a secret lover.

After that week’s meeting, no one had had any hard evidence that Yan Jin had fallen in love, but they had all firmly believed it.

Love didn’t lie. Even if those in love didn’t say anything, their eyes would give away the sweet and bitter feelings of romance.

For those that attended that week’s meeting, they had quickly collected ideas. After confirming that Yan Jin definitely had found a partner, they had debated who had managed to move the emotionless king while clicking their tongues in astonishment.

Shao Yue, the only person who had more information, had chosen to keep quiet. Although he loved the thrill of revealing the truth to others, he was a tactful person. Other people’s business was other people’s business. He didn’t dare spout rubbish about Yan Jin’s relationships.

Who knew what Yan Jin would do when he went crazy? After seeing the unprecedented and never-to-be-repeated funeral, even close friends such as Shao Yue still felt fearful recalling those memories.

Who was Chairman Yan’s lover? Who could win over the bigshot Chairman Yan?

This problem had started perplexing YL’s employees two weeks ago. The small group of gossipers investigated any person that had any contact with Yan Jin as a potential candidate for consideration as Yan Jin’s partner, from the powerful Nan Family’s young miss to even the elderly woman that had met Yan Jin while sweeping the streets. No matter if it was unreasonable or if they weren’t a good match, the group happily considered every guess.

Sadly, from start to end no one had stumbled on the truth because the people that had come infinitely close to the truth had formed their own group. In their smaller group, their discussions had become extremely frenzied.

So it could be said that the truth could only be grasped by the hands of the few.

It was fine though since the truth didn’t remain a secret for too long.

The subject of their discussions had personally appeared at YL, and Chairman Yan did nothing to hide his romance.

For those who hadn’t dared to confirm Xiao Yu’s relationship with Yan Jin on Xiao Yu’s first day, if by the end of Xiao Yu’s first week they still felt that Xiao Yu just had a normal friendly relationship with Yan Jin, they either had a negative EQ or they had already been covertly fired by Yan Jin.

As for Xiao Yu, his current situation had already become such that no matter how hard he tried to conceal their relationship, his peers only looked at him with eyes that said “I already understand.”

What? You’re saying that there’s only a clean friendship between you two? Then explain why your lips are swollen after just ten minutes inside his office. Forget it, I already understand.

What? You’re saying that you don’t have a special relationship with him? Then explain why Chairman Yan pages you every half hour to go up to his office. Forget it, I already understand.

What? You’re saying that you guys haven’t progressed to that step yet? Then explain why every morning you come to work in Yan Jin’s car. Forget it, I already understand.

To counter occurrences like those above, Xiao Yu had already been forced to develop a standard response pattern. First, he’d look up at the sky wordlessly. Then, his silence would be taken as tacit agreement for questions he was unable to directly answer.


“So this should be credited to my subtle influence,” said Yan Jin with a straight face.

“So can I ask you to subtly undo your changes then?” Xiao Yu said.

“You should know that some things cannot be reversed.” Yan Jin indicated his helplessness.

“Then what are you wasting your breath for? Hurry up and sign these documents. It’s all you’re good for anyways.” Xiao Yu indignantly replied in anger.

Yan Jin unhappily curled his lip. He slowly picked up his pen and spun it in palm twice. Then, he let out a cry as if he’d discovered some big news, “Hey, there’s no more ink!”

Xiao Yu: “……”

With exaggerated motions, Yan Jin found an ink cartridge and shook it around. As if he’d encountered some major obstacle, he said woefully, “Looks like it’s all used up. Oh no! What to do? I can’t sign this anymore.

“Maybe I should get Logistics to send some up. Let me find their number…”

During the entire process, Xiao Yu had watched from the side without a word as Yan Jin searched his entire desk to find a phone book so tattered it was falling apart. Just as Yan Jin was about to start flipping through the directory, Xiao Yu reached into his jacket pocket and took something out.


A pen was thrown next to Yan Jin’s hand.

Or maybe “slammed” was more appropriate.

“Sign here,” Xiao Yu said coldly.

Yan Jin’s lips drooped. The entire atmosphere around him seemed pitiful. Removing the cap from the pen alone took fifteen seconds. In that time, he’d looked up three times with his best puppy-eyes, which didn’t suit his image at all.

Xiao Yu resisted Yan Jin’s cute expression full of evil intent and persevered with his cold gaze.

Fine. Yan Jin had exhausted all his ideas of how to get Xiao Yu to stay. He’d been unable to sway Xiao Yu’s stone-cold heart, so he could only sign his approval of leave. He said regretfully, “Hurry and go. Remember to return quickly.”

Clearly, I’m only going to be gone a short while, but Yan Jin’s acting as if it’s a matter of life and death.

Xiao Yu ridiculed Yan Jin internally.

As Yan Jin finished signing, Xiao Yu walked forward and collected the documents in his left hand. In his right, he cupped Yan Jin’s cheek and planted an electrifying but light kiss on Yan Jin’s sexy thin lips.

Before Yan Jin could react, Xiao Yu had already quickly hopped away.

With a red face, he wiped his mouth with his sleeve and curled up the documents. “Wait for me to send the documents down, and I’ll be right back.”


“Wow, he actually signed it.” He Xinjia grabbed the contract with a face full of excitement. Dancing with joy, she said, “Last time when Marketing asked for the fifth floor meeting room usage rights, Yan Jin didn’t give permission.”

“Well, we have an important business need.” Xiao Yu felt that there wasn’t anything unusual.

“Hmph, there’s no way it’s like that. It’s definitely because you went up that he gave his approval.” He Xinjia knowingly said in a confident tone, “If I had been the one to go, probably Yan Jin would have just sent me away with any random conference room.”

“Yan Jin isn’t that kind of person…”

He Xinjia said, “Speak with your conscience.”

Xiao Yu chose to close his mouth.

“Oh right, earlier Oliver was looking for you. He… hey, how come he’s not here anymore?” He Xinjia stood up from her seat for a look. She said somewhat apologetically, “Maybe he went to the restroom. Could you wait a bit for him?”

Xiao Yu looked at the time and shook his head. “I agreed to immediately go back up to Yan Jin. Tell him to come to the thirtieth floor to find me. There’s a dedicated reception room.”

“Wow, that’s so tiresome.” He Xinjia rolled around in laughter. “Planning on how to have fun all day long?”

“No, that’s not true,” Xiao Yu helplessly said.

He Xinjia laughed without saying anything, but her eyes clearly revealed the three words she was thinking:

“I already understand.”

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