RIAH – Chapter 158: The Evolved Incapable Ruler

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Editor: thepinkfleurdelis

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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Eight: The Evolved Incapable Ruler

Xiao Yu got along very well with his colleagues at YL. In fact, it was so good that he would always receive countless greetings of “Hello chief” when traveling between the third and thirtieth floor.

There weren’t many changes in terms of how he interacted with his colleagues compared to how he was at SI. It was only that the attitudes of his YL colleagues were amazing – a far cry from his SI colleagues, that the situation had developed the way it did.

In the hearts of many YL employees, Mr. Mystery was like a god-like character. That was why they viewed Xiao Yu from a viewpoint of a fan, automatically highlighting his merits and dismissing his mistakes as ‘no one is perfect’.

He Xinjia was without a doubt one of the two colleagues who were closest to Xiao Yu. They had known each other for a long time and had similar interests because she was a fujoshi. The other person was Oliver, whose Chinese name was Jing Mo.

Jing Mo was the assistant that Yan Jin had specially arranged to assist Xiao Yu in his work. On the surface, he was there to help Xiao Yu get accustomed to YL in his daily work. In actual fact, he was a spy ordered by the great Chairman Yan to supervise his lover, preventing him from getting asked out for lunch dates by colleagues with ulterior motives.

From a certain perspective, Yan Jin was probably the person with the most ulterior motives.

At least, that was what Xiao Yu always thought whenever Jing Mo told him: “the Chairman is looking for you”.

The event that made Xiao Yu’s relationship with Jing Mo a lot closer was the day he saw Jing Mo’s boyfriend coming to pick him up.

Although Jing Mo looked gentlemanly and studious, his boyfriend was a muscular, 190cm tall man with a buzzcut. While everyone else was covered with a thin jacket because of the recent weather, that man was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, waltzing his way through the doors of the design department. It was a big shock to Xiao Yu who was tidying up the design drafts near the office doorway.

Jing Mo had already packed his things up. While he was helping Xiao Yu tidy up the papers, he had been looking outside the door. When he noticed the person that he was anticipating, he grinned and went up to meet him.

The muscular man pulled Jing Mo into an embrace and shot a cold glance at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu: “……”

“Hold your random jealousy. That’s our chief designer.” Jing Mo pinched the man in a reprimanding tone while he indirectly proved their relationship to Xiao Yu.

“I’m not jealous.” The muscular man laughed it off and took another look at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu wondered if it was his imagination, but he could sense the taunting in those eyes.

Just as expected, the muscular man’s next sentence proved Xiao Yu’s guess:

“Two bottoms can’t get together anyway.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

I-Is it really that obvious?

In conclusion, after that incident, Xiao Yu’s relationship with Jing Mo had gotten a lot better. Honestly speaking, it was like a friendship that only two bottoms could have.

“So you mean it’s really obvious?”

On a sleepy afternoon, Xiao Yu suddenly asked Jing Mo that question.

Jing Mo answered with another question, “You mean the thing between you and Chairman Yan, or the fact that you’re a bottom?”

Xiao Yu: “…… B-Both.”

“If it’s the first issue, seeing how obviously Chairman Yan had been acting, it’s only natural to notice it. As for the second issue……” Jing Mo gave a slight smile, “It is pretty obvious.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

That’s it. It’s all because of Yan Jin’s indecency.

Daily blame-pushing √


Coming back from the design department, Xiao Yu was immediately bathed in Yan Jin’s resentful gaze from the moment he pushed open the chairman’s office doors.

“What took you so long?” Yan Jin nudged the lunch box that was beside his hand, “It’s cold already.”

Xiao Yu then recalled that he had promised Yan Jin he would accompany him for lunch. It was already 1.30pm.

“I chatted with Jia Jia and the gang.”

Yan Jin snorted in an enigmatic manner and pretend to look at his documents again – he was obviously throwing tantrums again.

Xiao Yu was amused. He went up and poked Yan Jin’s arms and reached out for his pants in a spiteful manner. If it was in the past, Yan Jin would have definitely grabbed those mischievous claws and bit them as punishment. However, the jealous Chairman Yan would not relent no matter how he was manhandled. He would only pretend nothing had happened and continued to look through his documents without being distracted.

“Hey, you’re really ignoring me? Isn’t it just being late for an hour.”

Xiao Yu messed around for a while. He originally planned that if Yan Jin ignored him, he would just strip him naked. He did not expect Yan Jin to remain so unfazed that he would quickly feel too bored to continue his actions.

There’s nothing to see anyway. It’s not like I’ve never seen him naked before.

Reluctantly, Xiao Yu was about to properly apologize when he suddenly remembered another issue. Instantly, he dropped the idea of apologizing.

“Wait. In fact, it’s all your fault. You met with Jiajia in private all day long. Otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up talking to her for so long.”

“I met with He Xinjia in private all day long?” Yan Jin repeated.

“And you dare be jealous of everything. Where’s Jiajia? Where did you hide her?” Xiao Yu began to look around the room as if he was determined to search for his colleague.

“Hold on.” Yan Jin sensed that something was amiss and quickly pulled his lover into his arms, struggling to restrain his restless limbs. “Since when have I looked for He Xinjia? And all day long?” he asked innocently.

“Hmph, you’ve finally noticed me? I bet you’re guilty of it.” Xiao Yu adjusted himself into a comfortable position in Yan Jin’s arms and leaned backwards contently. He spoke with displeasure, “Jiajia personally told me that she has been helping out with your orders every single day lately. I even had to sign several days of leave approval for her. Spill it, what is up your sleeve?”

Yan Jin gasped in horror and replied unhesitatingly, “This is an accusation. Outright accusation.”

“But Jiajia…”

“You have been with me in the same office. Have you seen He Xinjia in here during the past few days? You can view the CCTV directly and see where she goes after leaving the design department if you want.”

Yan Jin’s solemn attitude made Xiao Yu felt unsure of his guess. On one hand, he did not think that He Xinjia would lie to him, but on the other hand, Yan Jin’s argument was indeed reasonable.

“She’s probably finding excuses for herself to leave early.”

“Is that so…”

Xiao Yu was still doubtful, “But if she’s not helping you on your orders then why did you purposely help her find ghost-drafters for her drawings?”

That bitch.

Yan Jin silently ridiculed He Xinjia in his heart and decided to take away all her bonuses for that year.

“That was the arrangement when the company was just starting up. We had too many things waiting to be done and we were left with no choice but to make such an unwise decision.”

“But YL is already on track now, so why are we still doing such things?” Xiao Yu pressed on seeing Yan Jin’s avoiding gaze: “And how dare you claim that there’s nothing between you and Jiajia – she’s even willing to do illegal things for you. Tell me what relationship you have with her or else don’t climb into my bed ever again.”

In a moment of desperation, Xiao Yu conveniently forgot that that bed he sleeps at night belonged to Yan Jin all along.


Yan Jin was unsure of how much He Xinjia had revealed and did not dare to take the risk. With no other choice, he could only use his trump card, sneaking his arms around Xiao Yu’s waist, turning him around to face him. He propped his other hand against the desk, making sure that his lover could not escape.

A light breeze blew past.

Just like the light kiss on the lips.

Xiao Yu was immersed in that kiss that had nothing to do with desire. Yet the light touch on the lips was the kind that could summon his lust from deep within.

He always felt like there was a barrier between them. Only when their lips touched, that barrier would disappear momentarily.

If he wanted to let it disappear for a longer time, he would need to do something even more intimate.

“I know you have something that you’re hiding from me. It’s fine just this once since it’s definitely not something I could help you with.” Xiao Yu sighed and continued, “But at least when it comes to this…”

Xiao Yu nudged his knee in between Yan Jin’s legs.

“You should at least let me express myself?”


After the office-play.

Xiao Yu rolled around on the spacious couch in satisfaction. He pointed to the drawings on the desk. “There’s something wrong with your new product releases for the spring season. Aside from re-promoting the Luxuriant Flowers series, there isn’t much issue with the rest. We should see if we could refine it before the drawings for the summer season are out. I have also sorted out the new drawings – I kept one-third of them. Have a look and see which ones you want.”

Yan Jin paid no attention. “I’ll leave it to you to decide.”

“You’re not putting any distinction between your work and private life. Be careful or you’ll be deserted by your followers, you incapable ruler.”

“Are you trying to say that you’re the devil imperial concubine?” Yan Jin teased. “I don’t care if I am deserted by them. King Zhou of Shang could even fool his monarchs three times to entertain his concubine¹, why can’t I do that?”

Tch. Stop joking around, you incapable Majesty.”

“Such harsh words, my beloved darling.”

“Pfft.” Xiao Yu picked up the apple near him and threw it over, “Be more serious when we’re talking serious matters.”

“I’ve always been serious.”

“Fine, fine. I admit my defeat.” Xiao Yu raised both his hands in surrender. “Although I’ve been mocking Zhou Jinrong’s aesthetic, when I was in SI- don’t give me that look, your aesthetic isn’t half as good…, I do think that the chairman should be the one doing the final selections.”

“You’re just avoiding the responsibility to deny their work.” Yan Jin hit the nail on the head. “You should have more confidence in YL. So long as I’m here, I’ll never let what you experienced in SI repeat itself.”

Yan Jin may not know everything that had happened to Xiao Yu when he was in SI, but his understanding was not too far off. He knew for sure that after his lover had been set up, he had unknowingly offended many of his colleagues, and was completely unaware of it himself. That explained a lot of why no one had spoken up for him when Zhou Jinrong had humiliated him in the end.

As for those things, Xiao Yu had already acknowledged and clarified what he needed to know.

Xiao Yu scratched the back of his head and replied hesitantly. “I know what you mean, but I just can’t overcome my own insecurities. Can we deal with it some time later? Moreover, I’m giving you face to let you do the drawing selection. You should be grateful.”

“I thought you disliked my aesthetic?”

“I’ll close my eyes.” Xiao Yu covered his eyes with both hands.

Yan Jin: “……”

“But I think still think it’s better if you do the selection under my supervision.” Xiao Yu added.

“Then what’s the difference from letting you select?”

“Oh, that’s right.” Xiao Yu suddenly realized. “Forget it then. It’s better if I don’t watch.”

“How about this,” Yan Jin casually took a can of beer out from the mini fridge at the side of his legs, “let’s change the format of how you select and you should be able to get rid of that trauma.”

Translator’s Note:

[1] 纣王都能为了妲己三戏诸侯 – King Zhou of Shang (11th century BC), notorious as a cruel tyrant, he fooled his monarchs three times to entertain his concubine, Daji (c. 11th century BC), mythical fox spirit and concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor Zhou Xin.

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