RIAH – Chapter 161: Assets That Could Not Be Given

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-One: Assets That Could Not Be Given

Since it was a deal that had once warranted further consideration, it should not be a problem if it got approved, right?

Xiao Yu argued with himself as he carefully pressed Yan Jin’s official stamp on the document.

Normally, Yan Jin would not personally go to business meetings for a collaboration project like this. After he gave his approval for the projects, he would leave the meetings to his subordinates and straightaway sign off on the contracts when they got back to him. Xiao Yu planned that he would tag along for the business meetings and if he was in luck, he could possibly catch Lin Zhou at the scene.

When everything got settled, he would apologize to Yan Jin for his mistake, act cute or something – it should be easy to pull it off.

Next, Xiao Yu placed the now approved document to the bottom of the other approved ones. He took stiff steps back to his desk and hid himself behind the computer as he sneakily looked towards the door.


“Feeling better?”

Yan Jin who had concluded the meeting swiftly, showed his concern for Xiao Yu’s condition.

“What?” Xiao Yu did not understand.

“Didn’t you say that you’re not feeling well? Are you feeling better?”

Yan Jin reached out to put his hand over Xiao Yu’s forehead but was quickly blocked by Xiao Yu.

“Don’t, I’m fine already. I’m just feeling tired from looking at the drawings for too long. I’m all pumped now.” Xiao Yu looked everywhere else but at his lover – a very typical guilty behavior.

Nobody would believe such clumsy acting, let alone Yan Jin.

The chairman narrowed his eyes as he began to recall how he got duped before the meeting.

In fact, the reason he had been duped was very simple – concern blinds a person’s heart, and not even he could escape that fate.

“Why are you staring into space? Shoo, shoo.” Xiao Yu began to physically move him away.

Yan Jin played along as he got pushed into his seat. At one glance, he could tell that someone had touched his working desk.

While the He family’s technological research nowadays was no longer limited to improving a person’s memory, Yan Jin’s memory power was still abnormally outstanding in comparison. Especially when it comes to sensitive things such as his working desk and confidential documents.

“Are you sure that you’re fine?” Yan Jin asked once again as precaution.

“I am, I am. Carry on with what you’re supposed to do and don’t affect my work.” Xiao Yu replied.

Okay then.

Yan Jin pretentiously went through two files of document and caught sight of a very nervous Xiao Yu just as expected.

If his furry ears were out now, the pair of pitiful looking ears would be upright stiff due to fear of exposing himself.

It should be illegal to be so adorable.

Of course, it was a little pity that he could not see them now.

Yan Jin suppressed his evil thoughts and pretended that he did not notice anything wrong and carried on typing away on his keyboard.

The office’s atmosphere got obviously less tense as Xiao Yu let out a big sigh of relief. He could finally focus on his work now.

Half an hour later, the colleagues from the design department called for Xiao Yu. Without saying anything to Yan Jin, he went straight out the office doors and quietly closed the doors behind him.

Yan Jin, who seemed like he had not noticed anything, pulled out the document from the very bottom of the stack.

With a few glances, Yan Jin could already guess the whole picture. In fact, even if he had not looked at the document, Yan Jin could even guess what had happened. After all, things that would make Xiao Yu put in so much effort were most definitely related to SI and Lin Zhou.

Compared to Xiao Yu, Yan Jin’s grievances with Lin Zhou went even further back in time. Initially, the reason why Yan Jin had not taken any actions was to observe what the real boss behind Lin Zhou was trying to do. If he missed the chance to pull the weeds up by its roots, it would only make things even more complicated in the future. That was why he did not make any careless moves.

However, not making a careless move did not mean that he could not make any move.

All Xiao Yu needed to do was ask.

There would be no concerns for gains and losses, right or wrong.

No matter what his wish was, he would fulfil it for him – Yan Jin was confident of that.

Flipping to the last page where the signatures were required, Yan Jin looked at the slightly smudged stamp and felt his heart wrench a little.

*Sigh* When will his Fishy learn to trust him a little more.

Well it was one thing to not have trust in him, but at least Xiao Yu should be more scheming when it came to fighting for his own benefits. It’s so heart-wrenching to see him so pitiful.

It was just a contract. Did he look like one of those strictly impartial and incorruptible people who would not care for their loved ones?

He had obviously already told Xiao Yu that he was a person who practiced extreme favoritism.

As Yan Jin’s boyfriend, not only did he never ask for mansions, expensive cars, or branded watches. Xiao Yu had even only spent two thousand dollars from the secondary credit card Yan Jin had given him, and it was for a department lunch gathering? What the hell?

Seriously, couldn’t Xiao Yu just fulfil his wish and declare his authority over his lover?

When Xiao Yu was still a hamster, just as Xiao Yu’s owner, Yan Jin would give up on a contract worth eighty million dollars. Now that his pet had upgraded to his lover, as Xiao Yu’s legal boyfriend, Yan Jin didn’t feel that Xiao Yu was getting the privilege that he should have as a world-class rich and powerful person. Even when he gave Xiao Yu a necktie, he would receive a return gift from him. The moment they mentioned assets, Xiao Yu would begin to feign ignorance and divert the topic.

When it came to asset ownership, their country required the actual person’s approval. So if Xiao Yu was to reject him, even if Yan Jin had all the riches of the land on hand, he could never give any of them to his lover.

There had to be something wrong somewhere.

Chairman Yan picked up his pen in frustration and angrily signed his name over the official stamp. When finished, he placed the file to the top of the stack and dialed the internal line.

That little dummy, he didn’t even know that YL’s most confidential documents not only require the official stamp, but also the chairman’s signature.

The internal line got through.

“Secretary Fang, come over to pick up a file. Pay attention to the first document and make a schedule for it. I’ll personally attend the business meeting.”


When Xiao Yu returned, he realized that all the documents on Yan Jin’s desk had been cleared. He immediately guessed that Secretary Fang must have came over to pick them up.

That also meant that his mission was accomplished because Yan Jin would never participate in whatever happened next. With his current position, it would not be difficult to mess around with the meeting schedule.

Obviously, the best case scenario would be for him to meet with Lin Zhou during the business meetings and then ditch this contract after that. If he did not succeed, it would not matter as well. He might as well collaborate with SI anyway. The contact was a big deal, and he refused to believe that Lin Zhou, who just got promoted, would not make an appearance for the entire event.

He did feel a little guilty towards Yan Jin though, and he had no choice but to use alternative ways to compensate him…

Xiao Yu, who was completely unaware that he had already given the game away, walked up to Yan Jin who was diligently working, and kissed him with enthusiasm. In the next moment, he was swept off his feet into the embrace of Yan Jin who was supposedly focused on his work.

“You must be up to something.” Yan Jin had one hand on Xiao Yu’s waist and the other supporting his back. He looked at his lover dangerously. “Tell me, what shameful deed have you done?”

“What shameful deed? You’re gauging the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measures.”

Xiao Yu drew circles on Yan Jin’s stomach as he spoke with a pitiful tone – much better acting than earlier.

After all, knowing that everything was in place already, there was no need to act so carefully. He may still feel uneasy, but it was all taken over by his joyous feelings.

“Hm, seems like I’ve wrongly accused you?” Yan Jin played along.

“Of course, you’re the one in the wrong. All I want is to give you some reward for working so hard. Now it seems like you’re not even working at all.”

Xiao Yu caught the hand that was slipping underneath his blouse and pinched it.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” Yan Jin smiled craftily. “I should compensate you thoroughly.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” For once, Xiao Yu took the initiative to purse his lips for a kiss.

And for once, Yan Jin ignored his lover’s pouting lips and placed a doting and pure kiss on his forehead like a gentleman.

It ended Xiao Yu’s plan to seduce Yan Jin into another round of office play.

Xiao Yu was shocked and surprised.

It was in fact the first time he had been rejected by Yan Jin in such a manner. To top it off, the location was Yan Jin’s most favorite office.

Could this fellow be planning to take a step back to force him to reveal his furry ears?

Xiao Yu thought that the possibility was very high. Normally, he would never let Yan Jin go with his plan so smoothly… but since he had let down Yan Jin first this time, it could be an exceptional case.

“What’s wrong? You want something extra?” Xiao Yu dropped the hint first.

Yan Jin let out a low laughter as he flicked Xiao Yu’s forehead. “That’s all you think all day long. There are obviously other ways to compensate.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

Excuse me? The person thinking about that all day long is obviously you? If not, then explain why the office suddenly had a refrigerator?

And now it seemed as if Yan Jin was the one accommodating him?

Was that even logical?!

“So the compensation you’re referring to is for me to be on top?” Xiao Yu said snappily.

“Even more practical than that.” Yan Jin nudged with the right force on Xiao Yu’s sensitive waist and his lover fell right into his embrace.

It’s not practical for you to be the top person but reasonable to ride.

“What else is practical, riding you?” Xiao Yu had the same thought as Yan Jin.

“I told you it’s not about that.”

Yan Jin was quite speechless at his lover’s lack of imagination. He could only explain himself clearer. “ Materialistic l compensation is acceptable. If I’m not wrong, your wardrobe is lacking a proper suit.”

“There’s no need to wear suits in the design department. That’s the rule you set.” Xiao Yu rejected Yan Jin’s suggestion right away without a second thought and even came up with more excuses. “Plus, I have suits even though you dislike them. You can’t deny the fact that I do have suits, and I don’t think your aesthetic taste is very good.”

Yan Jin sighed as he continued, “You’re taking away my legal rights.”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu was puzzled.

“I want you to wear clothes that I bought for you when you meet people, to stay in the house that I bought for you, drive in the car that I bought for you and to mark you with my name from head to toe.” Yan Jin resentfully buried his head into Xiao Yu’s collarbone area and gently nibbled on the soft skin. “But you’re not cooperative at all.”

“Hey stop it, it’s itchy.” Xiao Yu dodged backwards and wrapped his arms around Yan Jin’s neck. “Okay fine. I know that you have too much money and that you have no idea on where to spend it. Just tidy the funds up and donate them. I’m a man as well. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to have everything paid for by you. Moreover, even if I don’t oblige…”

“Even if I don’t oblige, I can still be marked by you.” Xiao Yu pushed Yan Jin back and matched his unintelligible gaze. He cupped his hands around the chairman’s cheek and said,

“So what are you still waiting for?”

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