RIAH – Chapter 174: Explosive News

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Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Explosive News

YL’s announcement also gave NN a scare. It was already too late to retract their statement. Now that two hours had already passed since NN had made their announcement, it was no use crying over spilled milk. Even if NN deleted their announcement immediately, it wouldn’t stop the spread of the news.

Furthermore, deleting it from their official blog would in some sense confirm that there was a problem with the engagement.

There was no other choice. In the end, they decisively chose to bite the bullet and stubbornly ignore YL’s announcement.

However, they couldn’t persist with such stubbornness forever. Without any further response from Yan Jin, how long could they keep up their facade?

Since Yan Jin was a cold forbidding chairman who never accepted any interviews, very few people had his personal phone number. Even within the country, the media wasn’t able to get a hold of him. Now that he was out of the country, contacting him was an impossibility. Their energy would be better spent on fishing for information from YL’s employees.

When Yan Jin really didn’t want to be contacted, it wasn’t just the media that couldn’t find him. Even Nan Chan, his supposed fiancee, couldn’t contact him.

And this time, it was clear that Yan Jin really didn’t want to be contacted. To avoid any information leaking from anyone’s loose lips (like Shao Yue’s), he’d even blacklisted very close friends. It really was quite heartless.

But it was okay. Yan Jin’s close comrades had already grown accustomed to such treatment. It didn’t trouble them one bit. Rather than worry what Yan Jin was up to, they worried more about how his lover would react.

How would he react when he saw NN’s announcement?


Xiao Yu didn’t react at all.

He didn’t even go check out NN’s post.

Because he’d been involved in an extremely annoying matter at eighty thirty in the morning, he’d left his phone in the bathroom. He couldn’t hear the ringtone at all. Finally, when he checked his phone after eleven, he received a major shock from the hundreds of missed calls and found out about the news.

But what was the extremely annoying matter?

“Sorry, I still don’t understand. Could you repeat it again?”

Xiao Yu held the contract that had just been handed to him with a stone-cold face.

Right, rather than looking puzzled, he didn’t even seem to care.

It was in stark contrast with his questioning words.

“Simply put, after you sign those contracts, you’ll be FX’s top shareholder. I’ve heard from Chairman Yan that you like to design the exterior of electronics. You’d be able to make any of your imagined designs a reality with us,” the lawyer repeated his words again.

Xiao Yu felt like he was still dreaming.

He didn’t feel like pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming though. Why should he punish himself for others’ mistakes?

He only wanted to strangle Yan Jin right now.

About four or five days ago, Yan Jin had told him that he’d buy a tablet that Xiao Yu liked. Xiao Yu had been happy for so long.

But that promise had gone unfulfilled for so long. When Yan Jin left earlier without presenting the tablet to him, it had seemed like Yan Jin wanted to find an appropriate time to give him a pleasant surprise.

Xiao Yu, who had been looking forward to it so much, didn’t want to ask about it either. Otherwise, it would seem like he cared a lot about it. It wouldn’t do at all.

It was just a tablet after all…

He’d waited and waited until this point.

After sending Yan Jin to the airport this morning, Xiao Yu had felt sad about it for quite a while.

*Sigh*, he didn’t know how long Yan Jin would be gone. When would he finally be able to get his tablet?

Then, a lawyer had paid a visit with some random unknown object.

Xiao Yu was actually quite familiar with FX.

It was the company that made the tablet he wanted.

But what the heck was all this about becoming FX’s top shareholder?!

FX was the number one electronics brand in the world. They had countless electronic appliances under their brand. Their advertisements were common on domestic television channels.

It would be like someone saying, “As expected, XXX perfume is better,” even though the brand was mentioned, the emphasis was still on the perfume.

Shouldn’t purchasing a gift based on the comment above mean purchasing XXX perfume rather than the top shareholder position?

The difference between these two were too large. Would normal people interpret “the brand of tablet that he wanted” as the top shareholder position?

Oh, right, in light of everything that had happened, it was Xiao Yu’s mistake treating Yan Jin as a normal person.

Xiao Yu indifferently thought about it.

Chairmen really were no joke. It was about time that something like this happened again.

But an impartial observer might notice that if it wasn’t for Xiao Yu’s habit of rejecting Yan Jin’s gifts, Chairman Yan wouldn’t have been so heavy-handed.

It was a clear example of “things can only reverse at extremes.”

“There must be a mistake.” Xiao Yu laughed uncomfortably. “I’ll go get Yan Jin right now.”

If you don’t explain yourself, don’t think of entering the bedroom tonight!

Just when Xiao Yu was about to stand to go grab his phone in the bathroom, he belatedly realized something.

Yan Jin… was out on a business trip.

He’d personally sent Yan Jin there two hours ago. He’d probably already boarded the plane.

So… he essentially didn’t need to doubt whether it was a mistake anymore.

Powerless, Xiao Yu looked at the lawyer, who was doing his best to stifle a laugh.

The lawyer pushed the pen in Xiao Yu’s direction again.

It was probably impossible to send the lawyer off after so many preparations had already been made.

Xiao Yu relented and gave a genuine smile. “Do you want anything to drink? There’s plenty of beer and white wine.”

“There’s no need; I don’t drink alcohol. Maybe it’s better to discuss business first. There’s a lot of paperwork to sign.” The lawyer adjusted his glasses.

“… Can I refuse to sign?”

“That would be even more inconvenient. A few days ago, FX stopped manufacturing goods. There’ll be trouble if we delay this until next week. Everything is just waiting for your signature.”

Xiao Yu: …

He didn’t know whether he should release the profanity on the tip of his tongue.

“By the way, the tablet that you wanted is super new. We haven’t started producing the first batch yet. Every minute you wait to sign is another minute you wait for this tablet,” the lawyer added.

Xiao Yu looked up wordlessly. This definitely wasn’t about whether he could get the latest-edition tablet… He worried that he’d be left with FX related trauma after this.

“Then, then, tell Yan Jin to get them to continue production…”

“That’ll be pretty difficult. Chairman Yan left under the strictest of privacy this time. I can no longer reach him.”

Xiao Yu wanted to say that he could definitely reach him, but upon further thought, he felt it wouldn’t be so easy.

Everything had already been planned for during Yan Jin’s absence. Chu Ge would be coming on the weekends to keep him company. Next week, Xiao Yu would be moving his desk to the third floor. There were tons of other particulars as well…

Could he contact Yan Jin?

Xiao Yu didn’t want to test the limits.

Everything had already been prepared to such an extent. Yan Jin’s attention to detail left him without the option to reject.

Feeling trapped, Xiao Yu took hold of the pen with a trembling hand and slowly said, “After signing this, can I still lead a normal life?”

“Of course. Do you even need to ask?” The lawyer smiled insincerely. “No matter if you’re worth a hundred million or billion, you can lead a normal life as long as you want it.”

Xiao Yu’s first word was successfully written askew.

Thinking that the single word was worth several hundred-millions, he looked at the word that didn’t look at all like “Xiao”.

Fuck, when Yan Jin gets back…

“Umm, well, the company is in Country M. As a shareholder, would I need to do anything like travelling or getting my citizenship status changed?”

On such a topic, Xiao Yu was completely ignorant.

“Of course not. You don’t need to worry at all about company related matters. Chairman Yan will settle all of it for you. You can just treat this like an additional bank account. All you need to do is wait for a dividend at the end of the year.” The lawyer paused and then added, “And as the top shareholder, if you have any request for company policy changes, the company will comply without question.”

“No, no. I was only asking; I don’t have any request.” Xiao Yu wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead.

“But I heard from Chairman Yan that you wanted to redesign the exterior of that tablet…”

“You heard wrong then,” Xiao Yu said through gritted teeth.

Once he finished signing the huge pile of contracts and sending the lawyer off, Xiao Yu collapsed limply onto the sofa. He felt like all his energy had been emptied out.

It was a long while later when Xiao Yu sluggishly reached his hand out for phone, only to remember that he’d left in this bathroom.

With great difficulty, Xiao Yu climbed off the sofa and walked towards the bathroom.

Before picking up the phone, he thought of calling Yan Jin.

Despite knowing that he wouldn’t reach Yan Jin, he was still going to try a hundred times every day. When Yan Jin returned, Xiao Yu was going to scold him to death.

But when he picked up his phone, he could only stare blankly at the hundred missed calls.

Before Xiao Yu could recover from his stupor, another phone call came in.

Xiao Yu mechanically pressed the answer button, letting Nan Wei’s voice burst through.

“Master, are you okay? I called so many times, but you didn’t answer! I’ve been scared to death and almost called the police!


“Master, you mustn’t jump to conclusions. My brother will be at your place soon!”

“I-I was just, uhh, signing some contracts,” Xiao Yu blankly said. “I left my phone in the bathroom earlier while I was dealing with the lawyer. Right, why didn’t I just call the police…?”

“Master, what are you talking about? It can’t be that you haven’t heard the news yet?”

“What news? I only just saw the hundred missed calls from you and Chu Ge. What happened with YL?” Xiao Yu asked, bewildered.

“…So you really haven’t heard the news,” Nan Wei awkwardly said. “Then it might be better if I don’t tell you.”

“It doesn’t matter; you can tell me. Nothing can surprise me.”

After the shock of his net worth exceeding a hundred million, Xiao Yu didn’t think he could be surprised by anything else.

“Then, then I’ll really say it then…”

“Sure, I’m listening.”

“Well, that is, it’s about the engagement between Cousin Yan Jin and Nan Chan…”

Xiao Yu: …

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