RIAH – Chapter 175: Sense of Security

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Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Five: Sense of Security


Nan Wei became nervous when he did not hear any response from the other end.

Xiao Yu opened his mouth and shut it again.

He honestly did not know what to say.

If this were to happen to anyone else, it would be a scene of a heartless scumbag ditching his gay lover and marrying some rich lady in pursuit of wealth and fame.

Right after receiving the breakup “fee”, the news of their engagement immediately appeared. In addition, the “scumbag” was uncontactable at this point –a textbook example of the routine of a two-timer.

Then again, the saying comes to mind: “Quantity changes are caused by qualitative change”.

If the lawyer had presented a blank cheque earlier instead of that horrifying contract, Xiao Yu might really have gone into a panic.

But now…


Who ever heard of anyone giving a company as breakup fee?

Not Xiao Yu anyway.

Even when he had heard about all sorts of Chairman-related stories from the many love-struck ladies in the office, none of them were as exaggerated as this situation.

At the very least, imagination had logical roots, but reality was often stranger.

Moreover, although Xiao Yu admitted that he had no clue about managing a business, it did not mean that he could not read. He was the cream of the crop who enrolled at University F after all, his reading comprehension skills were just fine.

Part of the twenty centimeter thick contract that he had signed was indeed related to FX’s stockholder matters, but the rest of it wasn’t!

He would have to be blind to not see“YL” in big letters on those papers.

Not only were there mentions of FX and YL, there were a few more brand names that Xiao Yu felt were very familiar. Yet, when he asked the lawyer about it, he only replied, “There’s no problem at all. These are just affiliated contracts and our main issue is still on FX.”.

Xiao Yu realised that he may need to re-evaluate whether his net worth was only a few hundred million.

It couldn’t have been just a breakup fee. It was more like a transfer of assets.

(Chairman Yan’s background narration: It’s just pocket money.)

Under such circumstances, connecting the dots to Yan Jin’s impromptu business trip and the sudden engagement announcement…

Xiao Yu began to wonder if Yan Jin was caught in some kind of trouble.

As for the engagement, Xiao Yu… didn’t really care.

The first time that Xiao Yu heard rumours of Yan Jin’s engagement with Nan Chan was all the way back when he had not reunited with the chairman yet. Back then, he was extremely sad when Shao Yue had told him about Yan Jin’s engagement. When he eventually reunited with Yan Jin, he did ask the chairman about it and his answer in summary was something along the lines of:

Firstly, he was so gay that it was impossible for him to have any reaction towards women. Secondly, no person or family members were qualified to force him into marriage. Lastly, even if he was to be forced at gunpoint to marry someone, that person will never be Nan Chan.

Xiao Yu was obviously intrigued, asking, “Why can’t it be Nan Chan?”.

“Because Chu Ge is very protective of Nan Chan.” That was how Yan Jin had replied.

Xiao Yu had misinterpreted the meaning of “protective” at first. It was later when he got to know Chu Ge’s real identity that he finally understood.

The reality was something like this – Chu Ge, who knew Yan Jin’s sexuality, would never allow his own cousin to marry the chairman. And if such a thing were to happen, Chu Ge would expose his own identity and return to the Nan family. That way, and only that way, the Nan family would no longer need Nan Chan to continue with the arranged business marriage.

“Master, Master are you okay? Master?!” Nan Wei started to raise his voice.

“I’m fine. I know the engagement is a fake one. He must have his own plan… I believe in him.”

Xiao Yu hesitated for a long time before he gave a confident answer.

He believed Yan Jin every minute that passed, and every second made Xiao Yu believe him more than ever.

The sense of security was not purely his own, neither was it an assumption. It was Yan Jin who went through a lot of trouble to make him feel safe.

He must not waste Yan Jin’s feelings.


“That is so you, such a kind-hearted soul… Oh! Someone hit me in the middle route, there’s a few of them.” Chu Ge said while he played the mobile game. “If it were someone else, no one would have put up with a person who is so frequently uncontactable.”

Xiao Yu chose not to remind Chu Ge that the doctor was the one who got bullied the most. He focused on the game on his mobile. “Fear not, go ahead and start a match, I’m coming.”

With their mage’s crazy moves and their jungler’s questionable command, they successfully won the team match.

The opponent’s archer started to curse on the public channel.

Xiao Yu moved his hands away from his mobile and asked while waiting for the countdown, “If Yan Jin is really marrying Nan Chan, will you really go back to take over the family business?”

“Don’t make it sound so horrible,” Chu Ge waved his finger while he stared at his mobile’s screen. “The correct logic is: if the Nan family really forces Nan Chan to marry Yan Jin in order to gain his support, then I’ll have no choice but to go back and become a stronger pawn for them in exchange for Nan Chan’s freedom.”

For a moment, Xiao Yu did not understand how his version of the events had been so horrible, as Chu Ge’s version sounded just as bad.

“How could you be sure that it’s the Nan family forcing Nan Chan to marry Yan Jin? Maybe Nan Chan has been in love with Yan Jin right from the start? I remember that the Yan Jin and Nan Chan couple combination is quite popular on the forums. Plus, Nan Chan has been pretty open about her fondness towards Yan Jin.”

In the past, Xiao Yu had not paid much attention to the various pairings that Yan Jin was involved in. Because of that, he did not know much about the relationship between Nan Chan and Yan Jin. However, he was sure that there were some ambiguous feelings between them, or the support for their couple would not be established.

“It doesn’t matter if she likes him, Yan Jin doesn’t like her,” Chu Ge ridiculed. “She is first and foremost the Nan family’s young mistress. She can’t possibly throw herself at Yan Jin, can’t she?”

“That’s hard to say. Love is complicated to begin with, at least that’s the case for Nan Chan…”

“It’s useless. If Nan Chan really likes Yan Jin, there’s no chance of her outwitting him at all.” Chu Ge looked up. “The moment Yan Jin marries Nan Chan, he’ll definitely make use of Nan Chan to swallow up the Nan family and then kick Nan Chan away without hesitation.”

“What the… Such a jerk?” Xiao Yu blinked his eyes.

“Of course. The Yan family’s ruthlessness is one of a kind in our circle.” Chu Ge lowered his head again, “But you don’t have to worry though. After all, you’re his true love. No doubt about that.”

“Ah, it’s that obvious huh?” Xiao Yu was quite shy about it.

“Yep, Yan Jin always makes sure to squeeze every bit of benefit out of the people around him. As for you…” Chu Ge pointed at Xiao Yu’s mobile. “Is it really okay to leave it on auto mode for so long?”

“Oh! I’m coming right away! Damn it, someone stole my blue BUFF, let’s go, charge!”

Chu Ge had initially planned to come by in the afternoon, but Yan Jin’s crazy disappearing act without informing him beforehand and NN’s official announcement really gave him a big scare. With the addition of Nan Wei’s nonstop calls, he was left with no choice but to leave the hospital early to check on Xiao Yu.

From the way it looked, the worrying was completely unnecessary. Yan Jin had protected this person so well that there was no need to for them to be worried at all.

Then again, it was nice to leave the hospital early. Chu Ge let out a sigh of relief after he left that suffocating environment.

“Oh right, it’s great that you’re here. Help me take a look at these.”

While waiting for the new match to begin, Xiao Yu pushed the folder that was left behind by the lawyer to Chu Ge.

Chu Ge casually took a glance at the documents and drew in a deep breath.


Chu Ge removed his glasses to wipe them before taking another glance at the documents.

Then, he threw the folder back to Xiao Yu as if throwing away something dirty.

“What now?” Xiao Yu grumbled as he was caught off guard.

“Take that thing away from me. My eyes are hurting.”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu did not get it.

“The more you show off, the faster you’ll break up.” Chu Ge returned to his mobile and cursed, “Everyone has got their hero character already? Who am I?”

“You’re the middle road mage… Hold on, what do you mean? What exactly are those? I’m asking you because I don’t understand them.”

Chu Gu snorted. “What else but company shares, stock rights, capital, fresh-smelling RMB.”

“So it’s really not just FX’s shares, right?” Xiao Yu asked cautiously. “Is Yan Jin in some kind of trouble?”

“I don’t think so. If he’s really in trouble, I’d have news of it. Plus…”

Chu Ge paused for a moment and ended the topic, “From what I understand, these are the assets that Yan Jin has on the surface. There’s no need for you to worry. Just treat these as his betrothal gifts to you.”

Xiao Yu was speechless.

No one gives such things as betrothal gifts. He wanted things to be normal, but all these are completely abnormal!

“Hold on, you said that these are Yan Jin’s assets. FX is Yan Jin’s asset too?” Xiao Yu caught an important point. “Isn’t FX a company in Country M?”

“The Yan family dabbles in electronic products as well. Although I haven’t heard of this brand before. It’s probably a small enterprise, I guess. He probably just purchased it few days ago.”

“Hey, what do you mean by small enterprise. FX’s digital boards are awesome, okay? Moreover…” Xiao Yu had so much he wanted to respond to that he did not know where to begin. In the end, he decided to push all that aside and start with a relatively peaceful topic. “Since when has Yan Jin been involved in the electronic product industry? Doesn’t he spend all his time at YL?”

Chu Ge looked at him in surprise. “Is there conflict between those two statements? Even if Yan Jin were to spend all day at home, it wouldn’t affect that fact that FX was one of the Yan family’s assets.”

“The Yan family…” Xiao Yu felt that he caught onto something important. “Isn’t that all under Yan Jin’s control?”

“That’s right,” Chu Ge replied matter of factly.

Okay, I still don’t get it.

Thankfully, Chu Ge added, “That is after he absorbed the local industries.”


“What I mean is, he only has the overseas industries of the Yan family in his control for now. But once he finishes dealing with the local industries, it will only be a matter of time before the Yan family is under his complete control.” Chu Ge casually blurted the supposedly big secret out and added a reminder when he caught on, “Oh right, don’t tell anyone about this, especially Yan Jin, or he’ll find trouble for me again.”

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