RIAH – Chapter 179: Retribution (III)

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Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Nine: Retribution (III)

So that was what had happened.

Xiao Yu took a cookie and threw it into his mouth.

The fragrance of lemon blended perfectly with the sweet cream, spreading its flavorful taste to every taste bud as he chewed and making every bite a pleasure.

The taste reminded him of his feelings in that moment.

It was a little bitter and a little sweet. And, when both were combined, it was what happiness would taste like.

Xiao Yu picked up the files he had arranged in the morning and went to look for the highest authority at YL at the moment – Chu Ge.

Since the day before yesterday, the doctor had pushed aside his work at the hospital and came to YL to be their full-time chairman. Of course, this arrangement was agreed upon implicitly. YL’s core members knew deep in their hearts that Shao Yue still had to be their chairman in name when facing the public. That was why Chu Ge had asked Xiao Yu to cover up for him so as to not raise any suspicion among YL’s employees.

Although all the preparatory work turned out to be unnecessary because Chu Ge knew Shao Yue.

Even without Yan Jin informing him, Shao Yue had guessed long ago that Chu Ge would be taking over. He was very willing to push all the responsibility onto the doctor and had readily made the necessary arrangements beforehand.

He helped Chu Ge come up with a false identity as a distant relative who had come to YL as an intern while Yan Jin was away. Although the declaration was criticised by everyone, it allowed Chu Ge to come and go safely and unnoticed during his stay at YL. Moreover, Shao Yue was a shameless person to begin with who did not care about everyone’s impression of him. The move turned out to be worthwhile.

In the spacious office, Chu Ge sat upright on his seat while he used the computer.

Originally, there was only Shao Yue in this office. With the addition of Chu Ge, it not only became neat and tidy, but it also looked even more spacious than it was before.

Perfect wife material…

Xiao Yu squinted his eyes.

“Fishy? Come here.” Chu Ge saw the designer and automatically moved away from the computer and walked towards the couch.

“Shao Yue isn’t around?” Xiao Yu was quite curious.

“He’s probably at HR to try to get leave, or should I say trying to get leave in order to spend time at HR?” the additional information that Chu Ge added, completely changing the meaning of the sentence.

Xiao Yu gasped and asked, “He’s not into Qin Xi, is he? Although she’s a gorgeous lady…” both of them don’t seem to be compatible at all.

It’s not good to talk behind people’s backs about their love lives, Xiao Yu thought as he quickly shut his mouth.

“It’s probably not her. Shao Yue isn’t a person who would be interested in the quiet type. Hmm… In fact, I’m not too sure who that person is.” Chu Ge pondered as if he were very interested in the topic. He guessed, “Could it be that lady with the very beautiful smile, or that really gorgeous lady with short hair…”

“Hold it, hold it. I’m not that curious to know.” Xiao Yu quickly interrupted, seeing how Chu Ge planned on listing every lady from the HR department.

The doctor gave an embarrassed smile as his expression turned serious, “Any thoughts after seeing that picture?”

“I’m really sorry for creating such big trouble for YL…”

Xiao Yu had come to apologize.

Xiao Yu already knew what these people were up to. He was thankful to have them as his friends and very grateful that they were doing this for him. However, that didn’t mean that he would shamelessly accept their valuable kindness, be immeasurably self-satisfied and not repent for his mistakes.

Which was why…

“I swear I won’t do any strange office play anymore!”

Xiao Yu took a deep bow.

Chu Ge: “……”

Alright, at least this means that their presents did have some effect.

But the development of this matter would also impact Yan Jin’s welfare. Would Yan Jin wipe out the entire team when he came back?

Chu Ge did not dare to gamble on Yan Jin’s character.

Even though Chu Ge was panicking internally, he still put up a stern and calm look. “That’s right, that’s how it should be.”

“I’ll give you this. Take it as my early wedding gift for both of you.

Xiao Yu accepted the gift with both hands and was shocked by the sudden weight. He looked down and saw an expensive looking… first aid box.

He proved himself to be Chu Ge……

Xiao Yu recalled the basic medical knowledge he had learned from Chu Ge and felt a chill down his spine.

Chu Ge sneakily scooted closer and explained, “This is not a normal first aid box. There are some of those things inside so don’t you look down on them. A man is different from a woman when it comes to that aspect. Like for example, do you know that compared to normal…”

“Ahhh, let’s talk about that next time. Let’s talk about the picture first?” Xiao Yu quickly stopped Chu Ge before he opened that can of worms.

“You’re right. That is indeed more important than this.” Chu Ge’s face was full of pity.

“…… Is there no way to salvage the situation?” Xiao Yu’s tone became depressed.

“Basically, yes. They have no intention to negotiate and they have good timing. All we can do is to find a way to minimize the losses before Yan Jin comes back.”

“I’m fine with any arrangement. You can say that it’s me who climbed into Yan Jin’s bed, sacrifice me, and save the company from the damage.” Xiao Yu blurted.

Although he had joined YL not long ago, he really, really liked YL so much that he treasured the company like his own child. Just like any other YL employee, Xiao Yu earnestly hoped that YL could grow stronger through the stormy weather At the same time, he also hoped to become YL’s windbreaker and protect it using his own means.

He had not had such an ability in the past, but he could do that now.

Chu Ge was stunned by Xiao Yu’s declaration.

He thought that the designer had started to understand things properly from how he acted earlier. It seemed like there was a long road ahead.

“I’ve thought about it. This incident has minimal impact on me, because regardless of how the rumors spread, the truth will reveal itself once Yan Jin comes back,” Xiao Yu concluded with his eyes sparkling. “It won’t take too long, I believe in him!”

Chu Ge smiled and asked, “Think about it. If Yan Jin were not out on a business trip right now and this happened, would he choose to abandon you to keep YL safe?”

He wouldn’t.

Xiao Yu did not need to guess. He could come to a conclusion immediately.

That’s right, if it were Yan Jin, he would definitely not throw him into that kind of situation. He would gently pull him into an embrace and comfort him with love and drive away all of his insecurities.

But Yan Jin was not here right now. So, to compensate for this loss, he could only use a method more troublesome with more meager effects, to achieve his goal.

Xiao Yu did not think that his thoughts were incorrect. His gaze was filled with determination as if he was a knight protecting his kingdom right now. He would hold his sword as he marched down the path of devastation.

“…… Yan Jin must have saved a planet in his previous life to be able to meet you,” Chu Ge easily concluded. He already understood what Xiao Yu was trying to say. And it was his turn now to convey their thoughts to Xiao Yu. “However, things are not so dire that we need to sacrifice a top-class designer with a net worth over ten million. The results of our discussion earlier this morning are to not be overly bothered about this incident. YL is not as bad as to be affected by such a small incident, much less Yan Jin – we can afford losses. Moreover, his plans on making his relationship with you public and official are not as easy as you think.”

Chu Ge let out a laugh as the thought came to his mind. “Honestly, I’m not being ill-informed and narrow-minded, but there is not a single heir from the wealthy and influential families in the country, whose net worth is over a hundred billion, that has declared that he’s gay. It’s unheard of. It is a huge thing that will rock the entire social circle.”

Xiao Yu nodded his head: “But I believe in him.”

“Haha, you didn’t believe in the wrong person. I have faith in him too that he is prepared to be that first person for this epoch-making event. But, there is really no need for you to be worried about this incident. Who knows maybe Yan Jin is looking forward to having this opportunity, to make use of it and announce his relationship with you…”

A bold suggestion suddenly popped into his mind. It was so bold that it almost scared Chu Ge to death.

D-Don’t tell me, it’s on purpose…?

The timing is too much of a coincidence, and that assistant director had been in YL for so many years already. With Yan Jin’s character, how could he make such a grave mistake and let someone with an ulterior motive to stay by his side for so long?

Chu Ge gave Xiao Yu a complicated look.

“But, I still think that I should do something. After all, it’s a mess I created.” Xiao Yu was almost convinced by the doctor, but he couldn’t let go of the fact that he was not much of a help in this incident.

“What you need to do is to eat well, live well, and do whatever you need to do. To remain unmoved would be our best counterattack. As for the rest of it…” Chu Ge confidently declared, “Rest assured and leave everything to us.”


Xiao Yu walked out of Chu Ge’s office with mixed feelings. As he walked back to his own office, he quickly met Jing Mo on his way.

The other designer looked how he always looked, as if nothing had happened, giving Xiao Yu a nod.

Next was Shao Yue who had been kicked out of the HR’s office once again, coming up to Xiao Yu greeting him.

And then there was Qin Xi, who was accompanied by her group of friends asking Xiao Yu if the cookies were tasty and conveniently swooping away two pieces.

Then there was… the entire design department.

One by one, they submitted the results of their blood, sweat, and tears that they had worked on throughout the entire morning. His email inbox was so filled with overflowing attachments that it pushed that spam email to a corner. Normally, these things would only be submitted after endless coaxing.

No one would believe that this was not intentional.

That’s right, the picture had been exposed. At exactly twelve noon, that gigantic bomb had gone off sending shockwaves on every social media platform. Without Liu Ye by their side, the external help that Chu Ge hired was unable to stop the initiator. After all, they had no intention to negotiate with them in the first place. The threat email was just to piss them off and the chaotic situation that followed was just to make it more interesting.

Despite the storm raging on the internet, YL who was in the eye of the storm did not show any signs of wavering.

After YL had gone through several rounds of retrenchment and hiring of new bloods, it would be an understatement to describe the people left at YL as high-calibre talents – they were genuinely hardcore fans of Mr. Mystery. While the outside world jumped at the rumor of Xiao Yu sleeping his way up the ranks, there was even a group of people among those at YL who felt that Yan Jin was a scumbag to be away on a business trip at such a critical time.

That chairman is not worthy of our soft, adorable, easy-going, talented, innocent and kindhearted mystery designer!

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