RIAH – Chapter 193: Escape

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Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Three: Escape

Nan Wei couldn’t stand by any longer and interjected, “Hey, my master is still in danger. Why are you still messing around?”

“Who said Xiao Yu’s in danger?” Yan Jin laughed.

As he said so, something moved in Yan Jin’s shirt pocket. Then, a grimy but excited hamster waved a little paw to greet the other two.

Nan Wei looked blankly at the hamster. The words “what the fuck” were written across Chu Ge’s face.




“If your guy isn’t here in ten minutes, we’re done here,” the abductor yelled and hung up.

“Big brother, how goes it?” the person next to him asked.

“Wait another half hour. Then drive.”

Xiao Yu’s heart missed a beat.

It took exactly thirty minutes for his form to completely change.

But, there was a requirement…

*Cough cough*, hey, brother.” Xiao Yu tried to get their attention.

His abductor turned towards the noise. “Behave yourself. Otherwise, I’ll gag you.”

“No-no, *cough cough*, my, my old illness is acting up again.” Xiao Yu pretended that he was unwell and coughed repeatedly. “I can’t breathe.”

“What illness? Hey, chop off one of his fingers and he won’t be ill anymore,” the guy next to him said.

Xiao Yu: “…”

How come the standard tricks weren’t working?

The abductor sneered coldly. “Trying to trick this daddy?”

“No, no, *cough cough cough*.” Xiao Yu felt a drop of cold sweat run down his face and got to the point quickly. “I mean to say, big brother, could you please give me my medicine? Otherwise, I really will die.”

Xiao Yu’s facial complexion truly didn’t look well, and his request was logical. Surprisingly, the abductor believed him. “Where is the medicine?”

“It’s the blue bottle next to your hand. I need two bottles per dosage. Thank you very much.”

Without much effort, the abductor was able to find the medicine. Before giving it to Xiao Yu, he marveled, “What the heck is this? It looks so weird.”

“Rich people even have different medicine,” the other guy mocked.

“Bah! What rich person? This guy is just a rich person’s plaything. A prostitute!”

The abductor crudely dumped the medicine down Xiao Yu’s throat and then viciously threatened, “Alright, no more tricks. I’m the boss here, and what I say goes. Otherwise, I’ll really end you!”

*Cough cough cough* okay, okay, *cough cough cough*.” Xiao Yu truly began coughing from the medicine.

“Hey, boss, this bottle looks pretty good. Could it be made of diamonds?”

“Who cares? Once we’re done with this, we’ll be able to afford anything.”

“Boss is wise.”

The abductor casually threw the bottle aside, and it landed next to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu forcefully repressed his coughing and wheezed quietly for a bit. After recovering, he even deliberately quieted his breathing.

In contrast, his heart began pounding wildly.

There was still some leftover fluid in the bottle. The witch’s secret brew glimmered strangely. Through the transparent bottle, Xiao Yu could see the reflection of his own smile.




This car’s trunk was very large and full of junk.

There were random objects littered everywhere. There were even two rather large cages.

These things would serve as excellent cover for him.

When his abductors had initially abducted him, they had frequently turned around to check on him. However, after a few minutes, they had realized that he wasn’t wailing to be let go. Instead, he was obediently lying there with his eyes closed, so they let their guard down.

Thirty minutes passed very quickly.

The abductors’ leader muttered, “Drive.”

The expensive vehicle slowly started up.

None of them noticed the youth lying in the truck suddenly open his eyes. In the next second, the youth suddenly disappeared.

In place of the youth was an unremarkable ash-gray hamster.

The coarse rope fell on top of the junk. The muffled thump was covered by the sound of the engine starting.

Xiao Yu didn’t dare stay for long. He scampered furiously towards the small crack.

Although the width of the crack was definitely smaller than his waist, Xiao Yu didn’t seem to care.

It was just some loose flab. And, he didn’t have that much.

Creatures like hamsters could flatten themselves a little to get through obstacles.

The car smoothly exited the garage. No one noticed a hamster pancake dropping out of the back of the car.

After dropping to the ground, Xiao Yu returned to his spherical form and rolled around twice. Then, he relaxed, back against the floor with his four paws pointing towards the sky.

It was hard to believe that he’d gotten out just like that.

Xiao Yu stared towards the sun for a while, thinking, and then plopped back onto his paws.

Did Yan Jin realize he had been abducted yet?

If he knew, would he currently be panicking?

He hadn’t been abducted for long. Xiao Yu’s intuition told him that Yan Jin didn’t know yet. Of course, he hoped that Yan Jin wouldn’t find out about this.

However, he still couldn’t help but worry…

It was the same feeling as someone wanting to report back to family that they were safe after barely escaping a fire.

The ash-gray hamster looked around in all directions and quickly confirmed his own location.

YL’s office was extremely close to SI’s parking garage.

However, that was for humans.

Xiao Yu the hamster looked at the familiar buildings and didn’t know why they felt so far. Even the street he traveled every day seemed full of danger.




After much effort, Xiao Yu finally arrived outside of Yan Jin’s office. When Secretary Fang exited the building, Xiao Yu seized the opportunity and carefully scurried inside.

The moment he entered, he saw Yan Jin diligently working with a pen in his hand. He didn’t seem frantic at all.

Although he had just been hoping that Yan Jin wouldn’t find out about his abduction, Xiao Yu still felt a little dissatisfied looking at Yan Jin’s calm expression.

He had been abducted, and Yan Jin was still here calmly poring over documents!

Was there any logic in this world?!


Xiao Yu let out a random squeak to announce his presence.

“Fishy?” Yan Jin looked up curiously, or more accurately, looked down.

*Squeak*.” Hmph.

Xiao Yu slowly strutted over step-by-step to Yan Jin’s foot with a face full of displeasure.

Yan Jin could only put his pen down and watch Xiao Yu walk over as slowly as a tortoise. He had no idea what his lover was up to.

“What happened?”

Yan Jin picked up Xiao Yu in his palm. Originally, he had wanted to ask why Xiao Yu was unhappy and why he had turned into this form. However, when he brought Xiao Yu onto the table, he realized that Xiao Yu wasn’t ash-gray because of his fur, but rather from filthy dust. Yan Jin’s demeanor instantly changed.

*Squeak*.” I was just abducted and barely escaped.

Xiao Yu sounded like a child displaying his injuries to adults after winning a fight. Although the child was insufferably proud from winning, in front of an adult, the child still needed to display their boo-boos in order to get kisses and hugs.

After saying this, Xiao Yu felt a little childish. Just as he was going to indicate that it was fine if he didn’t get his kisses, he felt the air around his whole body suddenly become cold.


Xiao Yu was abruptly knocked out of his own world’s childish tantrum to realize with absolute certainty that the man in front of him was angry.

He wasn’t angry at Xiao Yu. Rather, his anger had no bounds because of what Xiao Yu had said.

“Tell me clearly. What happened?” When Yan Jin spoke again, his tone was so frigidly cold it would make anyone kneel down before him.

If it had been anyone else, they might really have prostrated themselves before him.

Even Xiao Yu recoiled from Yan Jin. He stammeringly recounted what had happened.

When he got to how he had resourcefully escaped from the car, Xiao Yu felt the pressure around him abruptly decrease. As he sighed in relief, he realized something wasn’t right.

*Squeak squeak squeeeaaak!*I suffered through all that and you’re still so vicious to me!

*Squeak squeak squeeeaaak!*It wasn’t easy to escape!

*Squeak squeak squeeeaaak!*No more love for you! Scram!

Xiao Yu wailed and turned to show his back to Yan Jin. He tried to wrap his plump body into a ball, but as he did so, a finger came down in front of him to block him.

“Sorry.” The voice behind him was rough and low. It didn’t sound anything like Yan Jin’s voice.

“I was just too afraid…”

Before he could even struggle twice, Xiao Yu was forcefully picked up off the table and rubbed against something soft.

Well, it actually wasn’t that soft. Men’s chests are quite hard.

However, when he felt Yan Jin’s violently beating heart, Xiao Yu’s own heart softened. The sensations of his own body didn’t need mentioning.

*Squeak squeak*.I’m okay. Don’t worry.

Xiao Yu turned around and climbed up Yan Jin’s shirt.

Two hearts, one large and one small, beat together in harmony.

*Squeak squeak*.I’m really okay. All the dust on me is from crossing the street. Car exhaust smells really bad. 

From an awkward posture, Yan Jin hugged Xiao Yu on his chest for a long time without a sound.

The witch’s secret brew had only been intended for curiosity and amusement’s sake. The original functionality was only supposed to give Xiao Yu hamster ears. Although two bottles had transformed him entirely into a hamster, the duration wasn’t long.

When Xiao Yu felt that he was about to change back, he hurriedly wrenched himself away from Yan Jin and leapt onto the desk.

Just as he landed on the desk, a completely naked man appeared in place of the hamster.

“Well then…” Xiao Yu felt embarrassed by Yan Jin’s intense and affectionate gaze. He rubbed the back of his head and said, “Maybe another bottle is in order?”

Yan Jin shook his head and said, “This matter isn’t over yet.”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu looked at him blankly. “It’s not over even though I’ve already escaped?”

“Of course.”

As he was speaking, Yan Jin pulled out a small bottle from his desk drawer. It looked almost the same as the witch’s secret brew. The only difference was that the bottle’s color was red.

Xiao Yu instantly guessed what the bottle was for.

“Until I settle this completely, let’s change you back to a hamster. There’s less risk this way.”

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