RIAH – Chapter 194: Surveillance

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Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Four: Surveillance


After Xiao Yu drank the witch’s secret brew version two and returned to his hamster form, Yan Jin firmly tucked Xiao Yu into his shirt pocket. He didn’t mind how dirty Xiao Yu was.

“*Squeeak*.It’s too cramped in here. 

Xiao Yu struggled to turn his little belly.

“Endure it for a bit. It’s safer to keep you close by.”

“*Squeak*.Isn’t this a little too close though? 

“No, this distance is perfect. If there’s a sniper on the opposite building, I’ll be able to instantly protect you.”



Xiao Yu didn’t have any response to Yan Jin’s delusions.

As he was sorting out his complicated thoughts, Xiao Yu sat in Yan Jin’s pocket as obediently as he could to avoid Yan Jin’s nervously trembling hand.

Despite his outward disdain, Xiao Yu’s heart felt warm at Yan Jin’s concern. It felt like it was happily blowing bubbles in a pool of honey.

*Sigh*. He didn’t expect Yan Jin to care so much.

If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have tried to scare him with this, Xiao Yu thought hypocritically.

“*Squeak*.What are you going to do now? 

“I’m just going to wait and see first,” Yan Jin said uncertainly. He closed all the other windows on his computer and restarted it. Then, he opened a secret program.

At that moment, nobody could have guessed how powerful Yan Jin’s “wait and see” could be.

When Xiao Yu saw Yan Jin bring up the live feed from the video camera inside the car with just a few clicks, Xiao Yu truly had to admire Yan Jin.

This was the difference between the truly rich and the noveau riche. The truly rich even had video cameras installed in their cars just for a situation like this.

“*Squeak*.Why is this video camera’s angle so strange?

Xiao Yu didn’t really know how video cameras were traditionally installed. But, he could understand if it was pointed front-to-back, back-to-front, or even bottom-to-top. But, Yan Jin’s camera angle—

The angle was hard to describe. It was too slanted and positioned too low for any use. It seemed to be positioned on the seat looking outwards. From the computer screen, Xiao Yu could barely see anything aside from the abductor’s thigh, much less their faces.

What was even stranger was that there were three separate cameras, all positioned too low and slanted. Only the driver’s, senior abductor’s, and junior abductor’s thighs could be distinguished. There was also the empty passenger seat.

“Nope, this angle’s perfect,” Yan Jin said flatly. “You’re exactly this tall.”

“*SQUEEAAK!!*.What the fuck is this bullshit?! I’m a tall guy at over 1.8 meters!

Yan Jin hid a smile. He looked down at Xiao Yu and grunted in agreement.

What the fuck? After a moment, Xiao Yu realized something.

Examining the monitor again, Xiao Yu found that that was actually the case.

The angle was far too low for a human, but for a hamster no longer than twenty centimeters, it would be quite accurate.

He’d actually thought Yan Jin having video cameras in his car was a mark of a truly rich person, but in the end, they were just for Yan Jin’s own perverted selfish desires.

For a moment, Xiao Yu recalled that his terror had been captured by Yan Jin’s eighteen video cameras during the car accident.

Thus, Xiao Yu began to protest randomly.

*Squeak squeak squeak*. You had eighteen cameras back then, and now you only have three. Do you not love me anymore?

“Stop causing trouble. The other fifteen haven’t been repaired after crashing into the railing. These delicate instruments are rather hard to repair.”

Xiao Yu: You win.

“Win what?” Yan Jin asked.

Xiao Yu: “…”

*Squeak*. You really win. 

Xiao Yu lifelessly retreated inside Yan Jin’s pocket.

It was hopeless. This guy was too perverted.

“Hmm? Are you badmouthing me?” Yan Jin narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Yu had no choice but to climb out again. He grabbed Yan Jin’s finger, pretending to fawn, “*Squeak*.” How could I? I was so moved after seeing you care so much for me. *Kiss*. 

“You little troublemaker. I can tell you’re not sincere.” Then, Yan Jin’s tone suddenly changed. “I’ll let you off just for today. I made a mistake first, so scold me all you want.”

*Squeak*. Save your breath. It’s too late for you to act pitiful. 

Xiao Yu hugged Yan Jin’s hand and pressed his entire self into it.

*Squeak*. I like you. 

“Mmm,” Yan Jin softly said.

For a while, they enjoyed each other’s company. Then, Xiao Yu thought of something else that was strange. It was still related to the video cameras.

*Squeak*. Were all the other fifteen cameras for hamster-watching too?

“That’s right.”

*Squeak*. That’s strange. Why didn’t you point them directly at me instead of the hamster? I don’t spend very much time as a hamster inside the car.

Yan Jin said with a straight face, “I wouldn’t do something that violates your privacy without your consent.”

*Squeak*. Please tell the truth. 

“…The shorter the time, the more I should cherish it.”

Ever since his Fishy had turned into a human, Yan Jin could count the number of times Xiao Yu had resumed his hamster form on one hand. All of the playthings and the cage he’d purchased from various stores were useless now. They were all collecting dust in the trunk of the car.

Speaking of which, the game room on the second floor hasn’t been used for many months now, even though I’ve already bought all the mini-buildings, Yan Jin internally grumbled.

Xiao Yu couldn’t understand Yan Jin’s internal complaints, so he could only take Yan Jin’s words at face value.

Right now, he wouldn’t complain any more about the video cameras. No matter how strange their angles were, the video cameras clearly transmitted the abductors’ conversation.

From their scattered conversation and vulgar language, Xiao Yu couldn’t extract much information, but Yan Jin had made three phone calls after just two minutes of listening in.

One of them was to Chu Ge. All Yan Jin said was, “Fishy was abducted. Come immediately.” Another was through the company’s internal lines to Nan Wei, and Yan Jin delivered the same short message. Unexpectedly, the last call had been to Xiao Yu himself.

Xiao Yu’s phone had stayed with all of his clothes in the car. Even though no one would pick up, the video camera clearly transmitted the familiar sound of Xiao Yu’s ringtone.

Then, Xiao Yu heard the sound of what was probably the abductors throwing his phone out of the car window.

Yan Jin located Xiao Yu’s phone using its GPS and made a call to some unknown person. Twenty minutes later, the cellphone that had been tossed out of the car window was resting on Yan Jin’s desk.

At that moment, Xiao Yu truly worshipped Yan Jin to the point that he even began to worry about the abductors.

Perhaps they didn’t know that they were currently fighting a god.

“They still haven’t discovered that you’ve disappeared?” Yan Jin marveled.

*Squeak*. There’s too many random things in the trunk. It’s also a little hard to see since it looks like it’s about to rain soon. 

“Most importantly, they can’t imagine that a large human being can disappear,” Yan Jin pointed out.

*Squeak*.” Xiao Yu indicated his agreement. After a while, Xiao Yu saw that Yan Jin was sending another message. He looked over curiously, confused.

*Squeak*. Why are you talking to the auto center?

“I’m calling them to discuss a financing plan.”

Xiao Yu didn’t understand.

“It’s the same auto center that repaired the car. They lost their main source of income and might declare bankruptcy.”

*Squeak*. They inadvertently saved me, so you’re going to help them in their time of need?

Xiao Yu felt that his guess was quite rational.

“Ehh, no…” Yan Jin said to Xiao Yu while trying to convince the auto center’s boss that he wasn’t a scammer. “I want them to add a crack in all of my cars’ trunks. They have experience in this, so they’ll probably be better at it.”

Xiao Yu: “…”

My goodness, rich people really can do whatever they want.

The auto center had been going bankrupt because their mechanics’ skills weren’t up to par. While the auto center boss went dizzy from the stroke of fortune, the monitored situation inside the car reached a critical point.

Previously, the abductors had always been boasting how lavishly they would live their lives with the payment money, so they hadn’t revealed any important information. However, they had just received a phone call. Perhaps the connection wasn’t that good on the road, so they had switched to hands-free mode. Thus, Yan Jin and Xiao Yu could hear the caller as well.

It was a… woman’s voice.

Xiao Yu saw all the blood drain from Yan Jin’s face.

At this moment, Nan Wei arrived.

Yan Jin simply left Nan Wei inside the office and rushed with his phone into the break room.

Nan Wei didn’t say anything about his premonitions. He sat down on the sofa without a word.

Inside the break room, Xiao Yu didn’t know who Yan Jin was calling.

Yan Jin spoke calmly like a scheming old-timer in a marketplace.

However, only Xiao Yu knew that Yan Jin’s emotions weren’t anything like his tone.

*Squeak*.” When Yan Jin was about to make a second call, Xiao Yu spoke up.

*Squeak*. You know who did it, right?

Xiao Yu couldn’t see through someone’s heart, but he could at least understand some of Yan Jin’s thoughts.

It had nothing to do with ability. It was just a feeling.

“Mhmm,” Yan Jin admitted.

*Squeak*.Is that person very important to you?

After a long silence, Yan Jin nodded.

“Ten years ago, we saw a dark seed sprout. However, we were in the midst of our grief and didn’t quickly exterminate it. I don’t know when, but it has grown up out of our sight. Now, its sinister flowers are blooming.




Yan Jin told the entire story to the other two.

Chu Ge looked relaxed, while Nan Wei had a complicated expression.

“Hey, brother, has Cousin gone crazy?” Nan Wei asked Chu Ge in a low voice with a hand over his mouth.

“Huh? You didn’t know?” Chu Ge revealed a smile that hid a lot. “Indeed, your master isn’t human.”

Nan Wei: “…”

*Squeak squeak squeeak*!” Xiao Yu anxiously wanted to explain and scratched Yan Jin’s finger.

Yan Jin understood and set Xiao Yu on the table. Yan Jin also unlocked his phone and set it beside Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu opened a notepad app and quickly typed out a line.

Nan Wei suppressed his raging heart and approached for a look.

——I’m really Xiao Yu.





Now, Nan Wei had no choice but to believe it.


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