RIAH – Chapter 33: Hamsters Can Get High Cholesterol Too

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days

Translator: iamfeiii

Editor: Slumber

Quality Check: Draygan

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Hamsters Can Get High Cholesterol Too

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Leave the risks to me, Chairman Yan. There’s no need for you to bear any of those risks on this matter, you just need to be my guarantor this time. The only thing you should worry about is selecting the candidate for the contract.

[Grey-white SS]: As for the contract, it’s not a problem at all. I just don’t understand why you are doing all this when none of it benefits you. Or should I say, why are you putting in so much effort to help YL?

[Grey-white SS]: If you have any motives, you may speak your mind. I am very grateful for the deal – I wouldn’t mind giving you some compensation as an individual.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I’m not doing this for any benefit, plus, I’m only helping YL one-sidedly. If anything, we’re just making use of one another. Like I said, I just wanted to prove my abilities. Aside from remuneration, I don’t need any other form of payback.

[Grey-white SS]: This question might sound presumptuous, but if you can’t answer me, then I’m afraid we won’t be able to continue our collaboration.

Xiao Yu’s heart skipped a beat as he read that sentence.

Wasn’t Yan Jin being too much? Just because of such small matters, he’s now planning to reject him?

If there was a contract binding them, Yan Jin probably wouldn’t be so cautious. Perhaps some people didn’t trust things that they couldn’t control after all.

But, it wasn’t like he didn’t want to sign the contract – if Yan Jin was willing to sign a contract with a hamster, Xiao Yu wouldn’t mind either. If a signature wouldn’t work, he could press his paw print on it, right?

Xiao Yu thought about this aggrievedly.

[Grey-white SS]: Why did you choose YL? There are several other design companies in the circle that are way better than YL.

After worrying so much, Xiao Yu thought that Yan Jin would probably ask him about his family situation, why he wasn’t able to reveal his face or etc., but never did he expect for Yan Jin to ask that question instead.

What an easy question.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You promise that’s your only question?

[Grey-white SS]: That’s the question that I want to know the answer to the most.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Okay, since you’re asking so sincerely, I shall answer you truthfully.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Actually, I’m a Philocalist¹ who only serves the beauties of the prosperous era.

Yan Jin: ……

[Grey-white SS]: So, you’re referring to, hmm, which person in our company? I could arrange an introduction for you.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Chairman Yan, you’re too humble. Is there anyone else that would fit the description of the ‘Beauty of the Prosperous Era’ better than you?

[Grey-white SS]: You’re a woman?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: 100% Male.

[Grey-white SS]: ……

For the next five minutes, Yan Jin did not reply and that made Xiao Yu quite nervous. He did not know if Yan Jin bought his words, or maybe he wasn’t willing to collaborate with him anymore. Thankfully, Yan Jin did give him a way out in the end.

[Grey-white SS]: I’ll make arrangements for the guarantor – I won’t let you be at a disadvantage. As for the other matter… If you can successfully get into the top three for the original design competition, I will consider it.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Alright. Thank you, Chairman Yan.

After sending that last message, Xiao Yu felt a little sullen. If he could get into the top three, Yan Jin would still need to consider collaborating with him?

Wasn’t that too strict?

Little did Xiao Yu know that Yan Jin’s ‘consider’ had a different meaning from Xiao Yu’s understanding of ‘consider’.

Such a beautiful misunderstanding. (shrug)

In the afternoon, a notification came from Nannan as well.

[Nannan]: Guru~ I’ve finished drawing.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Okay, I see that it’s the same speed as the previous round. Send it over then.

Nan Wei nervously sent over the drawing and turned to look at his childhood sweetheart for comfort.

Childhood Sweetheart: “Relax, you’ll end up redrawing it anyway.”

“Dafug? Can’t you say something nice?”

The childhood sweetheart who readily accepted advice: “No worries, whatever kind of bullying you’re receiving now, you can stipulate it back from your brother in the future.”

“Which brother you’re talking about? I have two brothers. Are you referring to my blood-related brother or my cousin brother?”

His childhood sweetheart thought seriously for a moment about that question and answered with confidence: “Both.”

Nan Wei gave a rare nod of agreement. Honestly, he was just making sure whether Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both would do something bad to his cousin’s company, which was why he used underhanded methods. Never did he expect to find out about his cousin’s surprising secret.

After the success of the millionaire’s deal, Nan Wei had already called off all investigations on Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both. That Little Apple incident was purely an accident because his childhood sweetheart had forgotten to unfollow the account and was blinded by that post. After that, they decided to repent and immediately unfollow Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both’s account.

Well, it was a happy occasion nonetheless? Why did his own cousin and brother work together and hide it from him? That really made his fragile heart suffer a terrible blow.

And so Nan Wei secretly decided to pretend that he was unaware of all these things and when the day came for his cousin to admit it himself, he’d give a look of disdain and answer that he had known about everything long ago.

Wow, that scene would be so impactful from just imagining it.


[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I’ve gone through all of it. There’s a big improvement compared to the previous one. Well done, well done.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You have got to pay more attention to the details. Detail no. 01, 10, 17, 23 and 27.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: But you don’t have to focus on the details on the next drawing – the main objective of what this drawing is trying to express isn’t coming out. If you have time, go on a vacation. Back then, I found my inspiration when I was in City C. There’s ample time this time around, so you don’t have to rush it through and do it at your pace.

[Nannan]: Wait, wait, wait, hold on, Guru, did you forget that I’m a shop owner of a certain xxxbao shop that I still have to operate?

[You’ve deleted one message.]

[Nannan]: Okay Guru, no problem. I will go on a trip within the next few days, there are fewer people during a workday.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Oh right, you’re a relaxed freelancer. That’s so nice.

R-relaxed freelancer…?

Nan Wei stole a glance at the mountain of orders, after-sales reviews, and criticism as he swallowed that mouthful of blood.

A certain childhood sweetheart gave Nan Wei a pitiful glance before getting off the seat as he prepared to escape.

[Nannan]: Yes, Guru. I’m very free.

Nan Wei turned around to look at that person whose hand was just twisting the doorknob. He smirked coldly: “Option one, I’ll go on the trip to look for inspiration and you’ll send out the goods; option two, you go for the trip to look for inspiration and I’ll send the goods. Which do you prefer?”

The abovementioned childhood sweetheart: “… I’ll leave it to you to decide.”

The childhood sweetheart who Nan Wei had claimed for his own accepted their fate, even if he had to bend over.


When Yan Jin came home that night, he bought a big bag of dried fruits and nuts.

Xiao Yu who was angry at Yan Jin the entire day was instantly appeased by the chairman’s gift. That being said, he had to stand his ground. So, Xiao Yu awkwardly turned his little body away, refusing to walk over to Yan Jin who was holding the bag of dried fruits.

Yan Jin immediately understood Xiao Yu’s pretentious act and began his temptation play: “Fishy, come over here. The supper I owe you, I’ll give it back ten times, okay?”

Xiao Yu, who had no sense of integrity, immediately jumped into the pile of nuts.

Kacha –

One of Yan Jin’s hands was on Xiao Yu and the other swiftly pressed the camera shutter button. In the next moment, it was posted onto Yan Jin’s social media account.

Fishy who is chubby like a ball. [Picture attached]

Shortly after, that photo of Xiao Yu lying on that pile of nuts as he gorged himself attracted a huge wave of likes and replies.

[Chu Ge]: Great appetite indeed. This is all because of Master Yan’s efforts.

[Nan Wei]: Can you flaunt something that’s more worthwhile? What’s with all these pictures nowadays? You’re an elite chairman, Cousin!

[A certain childhood sweetheart]: In fact, hamsters can be very expensive. Though, this one looks like one of those normal white winter hamsters.

[Veterinarian]: Chairman Yan, your hamster is too fat. If this goes on, it’ll lead to more health issues, like high cholesterol. I suggest forbidding such high-calorie intake and increasing exercise time.

The veterinarian’s account was only seen by Chu Ge among Yan Jin’s group of friends, which was why only Chu Ge saw that reply.

[Chu Ge]: Actually, Yan Jin, I think what he said makes sense.

[Nan Wei]: Meow??

[A certain childhood sweetheart]: To think that you two had friends that we weren’t aware of. Remember to introduce us next time.

Yan Jin would have glanced through that messy conversation in a flash. But there was one message that made him stare at it for a whole half-minute.

That’s right, it was a message by that veterinarian.

High Cholesterol. Those words were like a flash of thunder as it tore apart the bright, sunny weather.

Hamsters can get high cholesterol too?

Yan Jin lowered his head and looked at his palm. The only thing he saw was a furry, grey ball of fluff that was munching away. Not too long after, the hamster had devoured that pile of dried nuts right into his stomach. Then, Yan Jin tiled his hand a little to gauge the hamster’s weight. He was unsure if it was his own imagination or if the hamster was indeed slightly heavier.

Watching Fishy who had his fill as he lay on the spot and burped, Yan Jin felt a bit complicated.

The next day, Yan Jin took a day off, brought Xiao Yu to the hamster clinic and completed a full package of health checks.

When it was done, Yan Jin had the two-page report in his hands. He was depressed and frustrated.

The other categories turned out fine, except for the weight category. Compared to the first health checkup that Xiao Yu had done, the hamster had now gained fifteen grams in total.

What kind did fifteen grams look like? Xiao Yu was about fifty-five grams, which was to say that within that one month, Xiao Yu had gained a third of his actual weight.

At this point, without even needing the veterinarian to tactfully suggest Yan Jin to not tease the hamster with dried fruits and nuts, the chairman decided to take on his responsibilities and ask for an effective diet method.

“Does your hamster normally run on its wheel a lot?” the veterinarian asked.

“The wheel?” Yan Jin seriously thought about it and answered truthfully: “If the running wheel you’re referring to is that colorful, round, pillar-shaped things, then I’ve never seen him run on it before.”

“That’s bad. Compared to limiting his diet, exercising is the most effective way to maintain his health.”

Yan Jin benefited a lot from the long and detailed discussion with the veterinarian.

And so, when they got home, Xiao Yu stared blankly as he looked at Yan Jin’s desk.

Xiao Yu’s cage was indeed still on top of Yan Jin’s desk. However, that desk was unnecessarily long. Yan Jin took up about half the desk on the left as Xiao Yu’s cage was on the other end on the right. In between the cage and Yan Jin’s space was the iPad. The hamster and human always kept a friendly distance away from one another – Xiao Yu would not mess around on Yan Jin’s territory and Yan Jin’s side would remain as the stern and serious atmosphere like how a chairperson’s desk should look like.

But at this moment…

There was a single running wheel, a miniature slide, a see-saw that he had no idea how to use, and a swing… just like a theme park.

Translator’s Note:

[1] 颜控 (Philocalist/Appearance-con/Appearance-complex/Face-con/Face-complex) – a person who loves and appreciates beauty in all things.

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