RIAH – Chapter 35: The Rumored Fiancée

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days

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Chapter Thirty-Five: The Rumored Fiancée

Tension and hostility instantly filled the atmosphere in the living room.

Xiao Yu froze in shock until he lost the mindset to listen to more gossip as he laid obediently in Yan Jin’s embrace.

Yan Jin smirked, “If that’s the case, could you hurry up and marry that person? Why let her out to bring harm to humanity?”

Chu Ge set aside his act and regained his usual tone of voice: “Hey, how could you say that? If you’re so good at talking, why don’t you say it to her face?”

Yan Jin replied reluctantly: “You thought I didn’t? I really don’t understand your taste in women.”

“Who could have known that this would happen?” Chu Ge dejectedly replied, “You’re not that good either, okay? From what I deduced earlier, I thought that Aunt Yan and Uncle Yan would have asked Nan Chan for marriage instead. Who would have guessed that this Fan Xiaoge would appear out of nowhere?”

“You’re not the only one who thought so. Initially, I thought the person would be Nan Chan as well.” At the mention of Nan Chan, Yan Jin felt his chest feeling stuffy as moodiness took over him. He then reached out to undo the buttons on his shirt collar in frustration.

“I used to think that she broke up with me because I was too busy with work and neglected her. Who would have thought that such things would happen? Now that I think about it, I always wondered why she would randomly ask me things about the Yan family.” Chu Ge shook his head as he continued, “Say, did she know that we actually know each other?”

“If she knew, would she still have done such a moronic thing?”

The mention of that incident fueled the rare anger in Yan Jin.

Basically, in their social circle, most of them knew who Yan Jin was. However, very few of them had heard about Chu Ge. The doctor had once disappeared without a trace for ten years, which was why people who once knew Chu Ge in the past would all recognize him as the family doctor for the Yan family. No one would have thought that Chu Ge had a close relationship with Yan Jin. Even more so, they would not have imagined that Chu Ge came from a background that was as powerful as Yan Jin’s.

So, when Yan Jin met his “fiancée”, who he assumed that he should not have met before, the chairman felt that his view of the world’s morals were brought to a greater height.

The chaotic scandals among wealthy families were nothing new to Yan Jin, but never had he thought that he would step into that quagmire on that fateful day.

Moreover, it was in such a dramatic fashion.


“Mr. Yan, why don’t you have a seat?” Fan Xiaoge smiled pleasantly as she showed up with delicate makeup: “Why are you staring at me? Could it be that there is something on my face?”

Although that was what she said, Fan Xiaoge did not seem like she would take her mirror out to check. The lady was certain that her face was perfectly done for this day. As for why she had said that, Fan Xiaoge was merely giving Yan Jin an excuse for acting too dumbstruck at her beauty.

The lady looked at Yan Jin’s handsome profile as her eyes were filled with immature adoration like she was a young girl who was experiencing puppy love: “Could it be that the flower petals that flew in from outside are stuck on my face?”

It was then that Yan Jin had realized that he had zoned out for too long. However, the chairman did not apologize. Instead, he took out his phone right away.

“Miss Fan’s beauty is so astonishing that it exceeds even the standards of the natural world. May I have the honor of taking a picture of Miss Fan?”

With that, Yan Jin did not even wait for Fan Xiaoge to agree as he promptly snapped a picture of her.

Fan Xiaoge frowned slightly as she did not expect Yan Jin to be that impolite – that was different from what the rumors were like.

Nevertheless, she did not get angry over it. She was aware that far too many men had fallen for her beauty. She used to be disgusted by them, but after encountering too many of them, she eventually got used to it. Despite that, she was thankful that she had a such beautiful face at this moment, because it allowed her to catch Yan Jin’s attention when he had never made any obvious advances on any females.

Yan Jin pulled the chair out and settled down. When Yan Jin was silent, it gave others a very intimidating impression. However, the chairman’s imposing manner was completely suppressed, which made others feel that he was more gentle and approachable.

Fan Xiaoge thought that Yan Jin acted that way because of her as she corresponded with a blush on her face.

Little did she know that the calmer Yan Jin looked on the surface, the angrier Yan Jin was in his heart.

Just like the calm surface of the wide ocean, it could nurture the worst calamity ever.

“I would like to ask you a question, Miss Fan. Why would you want to marry me?” Yan Jin’s eyes were on his phone as he absent-mindedly asked a question.

Fan Xiaoge prepared for that question long ago. She put on her charming expression as she answered with her alluring voice: “The first time we met was five years ago. It was a really cold night. That was the first time I put on my little gown and followed my father to attend a dinner banquet. Then, I accidentally wandered into the garden. It was you who brought me back to the main hall and you even covered me with a coat.”

Fan Xiaoge lowered her head shyly: “I always thought that it was a one-sided love that happened in our younger days. I never thought that dreams could come true.”

The server walked over and served the coffee. Yan Jin accepted the coffee and dropped two cubes of sugar into the cup.

“For five years, I’ve never forgotten you.”

Yan Jin put down the cup that had almost reached his lips and added another cube of sugar.

Fan Xiaoge felt that her conversation should suffice at this point. She did not understand why Yan Jin was not reacting at all. What was Yan Jin waiting for? Was her confession not sincere enough?

Regardless of how anxious Fan Xiaoge was, Yan Jin remained undeterred. His only reaction was adding more sugar cubes into the coffee.

Fan Xiaoge gritted her teeth together and continued the topic: “Mr. Yan, you’re the only one I’ve ever liked. I know that my status isn’t befitting of you. A-after marriage, I’ll behave like how I’m supposed to. I’ll do everything that’s within my duties and responsibilities, and I’ll never create any problems for you.”

“You’re saying that I’m the only one that you’ve ever liked?” Yan Jin’s tone sounded calm without any emotions at all.

“Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve deeply fallen for you. How could I like other people?” Fan Xiaoge felt a little guilty, but she believed that such a small, little lie would never be exposed.

Everyone knew that YL’s Yan Jin was completely absorbed in his work; he would never notice a small character like her. Plus, “like”, “love”, and those ambiguous terms were up to her to decipher. Even if Yan Jin eventually found out that she had more than one ex-boyfriend, she was confident that she would be able to lie her way through.


Yan Jin poured all the sugar cubes into the coffee cup. Thankfully, the sugar cubes were those quick-dissolving types, otherwise the coffee would have spilled.

Fan Xiaoge had been observing Yan Jin and she puzzledly asked, “Mr. Yan, don’t you think you’ve added too much?”

“I did.” Yan Jin raised his cup: “Would you like to try?”

“N-no thanks.” Fan Xiaoge had no idea what Yan Jin was up to. She was feeling nervous because she felt that things were slipping out of her hands — It was as if something was interrupting her well-prepared strategy.

“You really don’t want a sip?” Yan Jin acted like he was really concerned with that cup of coffee.

“I-I’m flattered.” Cold sweat started to form on Fan Xiaoge’s forehead as she seemed to understand what Yan Jin was hinting at: “I don’t like fattening things.”

Yan Jin smiled.

“True. No matter how amazing the coffee is, adding too much sugar would make it too fattening for anyone, just like telling too many lies. Don’t you agree, Miss Fan?”

Fan Xiaoge’s facial expression instantly cringed a little.

Did he just say that she was disgusting? He said she was disgusting!

How dare he, how dare he!

Her body shivered in anger, yet she had no choice but to act like she was innocent: “I-I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I-I really like you…”


The sudden buzzing sound that came from a phone vibration interrupted what Fan Xiaoge was about to say. She subconsciously went to check her phone.

It wasn’t hers.

Fan Xiaoge shifted her stiff gaze onto the relaxed Yan Jin, only to see him reject the call when he saw the caller’s name: “I apologize. I forgot to set it to silent mode. It’s a little urgent, may I respond with a message?”

“N-no worries. I don’t mind, please do.” Fan Xiaoge replied in a panic.

Yan Jin smiled as he replied to the message. Ten minutes later, he received a huge chunk of replies. Yan Jin promptly glanced through the responses and turned his gaze onto Fan Xiaoge as he hid all his smiles.

“Miss Fan, I shall put it bluntly.” Yan Jin stared into her eyes as he continued:

“I won’t marry you. I don’t even like women.”

Fan Xiaoge panicked. Her focus was on Yan Jin’s first sentence, completely oblivious to the fact that the second sentence was actually the main point.

Yan Jin’s attitude was too straightforward. It seemed like sweet talking wasn’t enough, so she decided to use her trump card.

“Mr. Yan, this marriage has been arranged by our families. If you reject it outright, neither side will have it easy. Why not go along with the flow for now? I promise you that I really won’t create any problems for you.”

Fan Xiaoge knew better than anyone else about why she was chosen by the Yan family – They needed a chip that could allow them to control Yan Jin, and they had to have it before the family lost all control over Yan Jin. As for her, she needed a chip as well – A chip to get rid of her family’s control.

Nothing was more secure than a relationship maintained by making use of one another as the value of both parties were on par.

Yan Jin chuckled: “No, you’re wrong. You’re the only one who’s in trouble. As for me – “

“I’ve never been threatened by anyone, not even the Yan family.”


Chu Ge listened to the story once again and was amazed by Fan Xiaoge’s shamelessness. He used that chance to reflect on how much of an idiot he was to be taken advantage of back then.

He dated Fan Xiaoge for almost half a year. It was to the point that he even had thoughts of marrying her.

As a lover, Fan Xiaoge was simply too professional. She never asked for expensive gifts, and would never act clingy with him. No matter how late his emergency calls were, or how busy the hospitals were, she would never complain about it and she would even often remind him to take care of his health.

Back then, he thought that it was because Fan Xiaoge was a nice person. Now he realized that all those acts were simply because her goals did not include him to begin with.

When Yan Jin first saw Fan Xiaoge, he immediately thought that she looked familiar. He immediately connected the dots and realized that Chu Ge’s girlfriend was a Chu as well. Just in case, Yan Jin even took a picture of her to let Chu Ge confirm.

It was just as he had expected.

Chu Ge just broke up with his girlfriend two days ago. A car accident that occupied him for days didn’t even allow him time to convey the news to Yan Jin and his friends.

And that was when the doctor received Yan Jin’s message. After going through that message, he was shocked beyond words.

The ex-girlfriend that broke up with him less than a week ago had now become Yan Jin’s fiancée?!

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