RIAH – Chapter 37 : Cat and Mouse Partners

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days

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Editor: Slumber

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Cat and Mouse Partners

Thankfully, Fan Xiaoge was still level-headed – even though she was freaked out by that grey-colored creature on the coffee table, she managed to suppress the urge to scream out loud. She forcefully cracked a smile on her face.

“Mr. Yan, is this your hamster? It’s so cute.”

Fan Xiaoge’s mind was spinning nonstop – where did the problem come from? She had heard from Chu Ge that Yan Jin kept a Scottish Fold cat that he adored and pampered.

For the sake of winning a favorable impression from Yan Jin, she tolerated her hatred for small animals with great difficulty and bought a fairly-obedient Persian cat. But at this moment, who would be able to explain why the Scottish Fold cat became a hamster?!

Her hatred toward small animals was also classified into various degrees – dogs and cats were barely tolerable, but hamsters… that was like asking for her life.

Yan Jin pretended not to hear what Fan Xiaoge said. He did not think that there was a need to bother with such insincere praises.

“’Leave it at the door.” Yan Jin emphasized once again.

Fan Xiaoge clenched her teeth as she squatted down and placed Faye on the porch. Then, she silently took off the thing hanging on Faye’s neck and secretly clasped the item in her palm.

“Meow.” The cat felt pain from the tug as she meowed aggrievedly.

“I’m sorry Faye, you stay here for a while. I’ll come back quickly to pick you up.”

After Faye settled down, the two people sat on opposite ends of the sofa as they conversed awkwardly.

“Mr. Yan, you are being too formal, you can call me Xiaoge…”

“Not at all. I’m not that close with Miss Fan.”

“Regarding our wedding banquet and the actual dates…”

“Since the Yan and Fan families insist on making their own decision, I’ll let them hold their own wedding.”

It was indeed an awkward conversation – Fan Xiaoge was one-sidedly expressing her opinion the whole time, but Yan Jin refused to give any good responses.

Xiao Yu aimlessly walked around the coffee table. Even he could hear the rejection from Yan Jin’s every sentence. Yet Fan Xiaoge insisted on pretending that she did not hear them.

However, from the conversation between them, Xiao Yu realized something strange – although Yan Jin did not plan to accept this marriage, it seemed like he was being pressured by something that made him unable to reject the proposal. And Fan Xiaoge clearly knew that — which was why she could come here to pester Yan Jin.

This was the first time that Xiao Yu had seen such a real-life version of a ‘green tea bitch’¹– Fan Xiaoge had the disgusting motive of ‘I want to be married into the Yan family and become a rich mistress written all over her body. Even her adoration towards Yan Jin was obviously fake; yet she still thought that she had covered it up well.

Were these two people really involved in an aristocratic marriage of convenience?

Xiao Yu was a little puzzled. From his point of view, Yan Jin did not seem like the type who would rely on his dad’s wealth as a rich kid of the second-generation. The public also never mentioned what Yan Jin’s family was like; instead, they focused on reporting what Yan Jin was like or how YL was doing. Compared to a setting whereby this rich and powerful second-generation son was forced into a marriage of convenience, Yan Jin was more suitable to be tagged as a chairman who stood his ground against the opinion of the masses as he pursued his true love to marry that Cinderella.

“We’ve discussed quite a bit. You must be thirsty, I’ll go make some tea.” Fan Xiaoge stood up and looked at her surroundings: “The kitchen must be that way, please wait for a moment.”

Yan Jin frowned as he got up as well: “There’s no reason for a guest to make tea. I’ll do it.”

“Just sit back Mr. Yan. It’s a rare opportunity for me, so I’ll show you my skills.” Fan Xiaoge smiled wittingly. Without waiting for Yan Jin to reply, she promptly made her way into the kitchen.

Yan Jin sat back down again and chuckled.

Xiao Yu did not know if Fan Xiaoge heard that chuckle, but having heard it himself he was so terrified that he broke out into cold sweat.

After being with Yan Jin for so long, Xiao Yu knew when Yan Jin was really laughing and when he was purely hinting that someone was going to get into trouble.

Yan Jin raised his head slightly and faced the lowest part of the second level corridor. He asked, “How does it feel to see your ex-girlfriend?”

Xiao Yu was shocked by that sentence. It was then that he realized that Chu Ge was standing by the second level corridor the whole time, leaning against the railing with both his hands cupping his cheeks, watching them lazily.

His position was nicely oriented behind Fan Xiaoge’s seat. That also meant that when Yan Jin was speaking to Fan Xiaoge earlier, these two men were able to see one another all along.

That being said, this was not the ordinary case of catching a couple in the midst of committing adultery. It was a one-person-show hosted by Fan Xiaoge as Yan Jin and Chu Ge watched on.

In that instance, Xiao Yu was overwhelmed by that terrible taste of interest.

At that moment, Xiao Yu’s feelings towards Fan Xiaoge evolved from disdain to pity.

“It feels quite good. Thanks to you, I’m acknowledging how blind I was in the past.” Chu Ge reopened his scars without restraint. He didn’t lower his voice either: it was as if he did not care if Fan Xiaoge could hear him from the kitchen.

“But we’ve watched enough of the show. Shouldn’t you properly clarify things?” Chu Ge changed his tone to a serious one: “Don’t tell me you’re really planning on marrying this bitch?”

Yan Jin replied in surprise: “You actually scolded a woman? That’s so rare.”

“Hey, stop changing the topic, will you?”

“Relax, Fan Xiaoge won’t need me to take care of her.” Yan Jin’s expression became slightly eerie as he continued, “Nan Wei told me about the Nan family’s situation. There’ll probably be an explosion in the next two days.”

Chu Ge paused and showed a similar eerie expression: “You’re saying… that the Nan family would undertake this matter for Nan Chan?”

“About right.”

“You’re a, such a…” Chu Ge thought for awhile and found a fitting label: “Such a gravely sinful man.”

Yan Jin smiled without speaking.

If someone was willing to blow away the sand in his eyes, he would not mind who that person was.

Xiao Yu puzzledly listened to the two men as they talked in riddles. Although he did not understand them, that did not stop Xiao Yu from supporting Chu Ge’s opinion.

“Squeak!” That’s right, Yan Jin is a gravely sinful man! That’s so on point.



The sudden sound of a cat meowing made Xiao Yu jump in shock. He turned around and found that Faye, who was originally sitting on the porch licking her fur, had unknowingly made her way towards him. Their distance was now less than five centimeters as that pair of bluish-green eyes stared fixedly at him.

Xiao Yu wasn’t scared of cats – during his university days, he even participated in a charity event to help stray cats get adopted. But at this moment, he was simply a hamster!

Facing the natural enemy that was much bigger than his size made him almost piss himself!

Xiao Yu screamed in horror.

“SQUEAKKK!!” Help! The cat is gonna eat the human, I mean, eat the hamster!

“Meow.” Who cares about eating you, hn.

… Wait what?

Yan Jin was the first to notice Xiao Yu’s sudden outburst. He immediately reached out and saved Xiao Yu from the cat’s paw, carefully holding the hamster in his embrace.

Then, Chairman Yan declared to the white cat: “Get lost.”

Maybe it was due to Yan Jin’s natural presence that also had the same effect on animals, but Faye ended up retreating a few steps as if she were escaping back to the porch area.

Xiao Yu tugged on Yan Jin’s clothes and popped his head out with great difficulty as he put up a fierce struggle to climb up Yan Jin’s body.

That was the first time he had ever heard of a living thing that could hear him talk! Maybe Faye was also a cat with a human soul?

Sensing that Xiao Yu was struggling nonstop, Yan Jin doubtfully placed the hamster back onto the coffee table.

The moment Xiao Yu landed, he quickly ran forward a little and reluctantly stopped by the edge of the coffee table. He called out to the leaving Faye.

“Squeak??” Don’t go, you understood what I said?

Faye heard Xiao Yu’s voice and stopped in her steps as she began heading back.

Those soft paw pads silently landed on the carpet.

“Meow.” Of course I can.

“Squeak?” So were you also a human before?”

“Meow?” I’m a cat, how can I be a human?

Fine, all hope is gone. Xiao Yu dejectedly lowered his head.

Faye sat in front of Xiao Yu. Seeing that the hamster didn’t seem to be so happy, she tilted her head in thought and proceeded to open her mouth before Yan Jin could stop her in time –

She licked Xiao Yu’s entire face.

While Yan Jin charged forward, he watched Faye’s tongue move away from Xiao Yu and that eventually calmed him down a little.

“Squeakk!” Why did you do that all of a sudden?!

“Meow.” Giving you a comforting kiss.

Xiao Yu went silent.

That’s it. This cat is definitely a spirit.

It didn’t seem so wrong for a hamster with a human soul to think that the cat also had a human spirit (or whatever).

Chu Ge watched the cat and hamster interact and voiced his amazement: “I did not think that small animals were all so humanized. Now I’m itching to get one myself.”

Yan Jin did not expect for cats and hamsters to get along either. But there was a need to emphasize something:

“It’s mainly because Fishy is more intelligent.”

Chu Ge: ……

Whoever this Fishy-con² is, or whatever it is, I don’t know him.

Seeing that Xiao Yu took a liking to Faye, Yan Jin then placed the hamster on the floor next to the cat. He warned, “If you dare bite Fishy, I’ll skin and cook hot pot out of you, understood?”

“Meow…” This person is so scary.

Xiao Yu acted like he had found his fellow comrade, and he immediately began rambling on about Yan Jin’s hateful qualities. Faye listened puzzledly and occasionally licked Xiao Yu as a sign of affection.

“Squeakk.” “Meowww.”

“Squeak?” “Meow?”

Yan Jin squinted his eyes as he deliberated if he should get a playmate for Fishy, but that thought was instantly overruled.

Keeping one already kept him on his toes. If Yan Jin had another addition, he would need to worry if they ended up fighting. Not worth it, not worth it.

Plus, Fishy is different. Fishy is all he needs.

When Fan Xiaoge carried the teacups out, she saw Faye playing awfully well with the little hamster crouched near Yan Jin’s feet. It seemed like she had missed something extraordinary from earlier.

When Yan Jin saw her walking over, he spoke in a profound manner: “Your cat seems to be smarter than the average human being.”

Fan Xiaoge did not seem to have any issues with that sentence. She could instinctually discern what a person was thinking from their body language. Sensing that Yan Jin’s mood was fairly pleasant at that moment, she replied in a light-hearted tone, “You’re right, Mr. Yan. My Faye is not only smart, she’s also very obedient. After all, there’s a saying that says that pets follow after their owners.”

Yan Jin simply replied with a monotonous mumble.

Fan Xiaoge suppressed the nervousness deep within her as she held the teacup up for a sip. Then, she casually said, “Mr. Yan, I have not brewed tea for anyone else for quite some time. I’m not sure if I’m out of practice. Why don’t you help me examine my brewing skills?”

“No need. I don’t like drinking tea.” Yan Jin straightforwardly rejected her.

“T-this is the tea that I painstakingly brewed. Won’t you just take a sip?” Fan Xiaoge’s expression turned unpleasant as she insisted on forcing Yan Jin drink her tea.

Xiao Yu watched Fan Xiaoge’s unnatural expression and sensed that something was amiss.

That tea… could it be drugged?

This kind of dramatic development in a movie had always been well received by Xiao Yu. Yet at this moment, they were not filming a movie, and Fan Xiaoge was not the lead actress.

Even though Xiao Yu always grumbled about how horrible Yan Jin was, in actuality, the hamster had long regarded Yan Jin as his owner.

The term ‘owner’ was slightly biased, but Xiao Yu always thought of himself as a human even till this day. From the perspective of a human, Xiao Yu had known Yan Jin for quite a while and he was free-loading off of him. Even if it were a one-sided opinion, he acknowledged Yan Jin as his friend – quite close friends in fact.

It did not matter if Yan Jin was his owner or his friend; as a hamster, he had no opinion of Yan Jin’s private life. As for who Yan Jin planned to marry, he had no opinion on that as well. But that did not mean that he could helplessly watch someone trying to harm Yan Jin!

Xiao Yu made Faye lie down as he climbed onto her head. Then with an order, Faye forcefully shot her head up and sent Xiao Yu flying onto the coffee table.

Xiao Yu charged straight towards the teacup. With a leap and a kick, he knocked away that teacup filled with hot tea.

Translator’s Note:

[1] 绿茶婊 – Green Tea Bitch – the slang for a seemingly unaffected, innocent and charming girl, but who was really a dissipated and superficial whore

[2] 鱼控 – Fishy-con – a person who’s obsessed with Fishy. *raise hand*

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