RIAH – Chapter 50: Four Seasons Manor III

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days

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Chapter Fifty: Four Seasons Manor III

Xiao Yu sat along the window ledge, spacing out as he leaned against the glass. The window was sealed to prevent the hyperactive Xiao Yu from accidentally rolling out the window.

It was day time when Xiao Yu finally understood why this manor was named Four Seasons Manor.

It didn’t look real at night as Xiao Yu had only seen the brilliant red maple leaves and missed out on the fact that the Four Seasons Manor was actually surrounded by three colorful layers.

Aside from the maple forest, there were two other types of trees. The first, outermost layer was full of evergreen camphora trees. The dense green needles did not seem to move a bit despite the cold breeze, as if they were forever living in the season of spring, full of abundant greenery. The second layer was the golden-yellowish maidenhair tree whose leaves glowed under the sunlight like a bountiful autumn October. As for the innermost third layer, it was represented by the beauty of all trees – the maple forest – which symbolized the summer where the sun shined the fiercest.

If a little more time had passed, they would be able to see the last layer when the first snowfall wrapped the forest in white.

This amazing design – the design that surrounded this manor with gorgeous colors – was the reason why this area was named Four Seasons Manor.

If it was any other season, the maidenhair and maple trees would not have turned into what they looked like now. Neither was it possible to see the bizarre scenery of all four seasons appearing at the same place. The Four Seasons Manor was the most beautiful during the transition between autumn and winter. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the Four Seasons Manor could only deserve to be called a manor that contained all four seasons during that period of time.

As for Xiao Yu, he had obviously arrived a little too early. He would not be able to see the snowfall and therefore couldn’t have seen the complete Four Seasons Manor.

However, to have the chance to visit such a place, Xiao Yu felt that he had no more regrets in his life.

That mini artifact was modeled after the Four Seasons Manor, and the real Four Seasons Manor was even more elaborate  beyond comparison to the model. The exquisite floating pavilion, the twisted corridors built on the water’s surface, the skillfully constructed towering buildings, the bejeweled jade palace built with uncanny workmanship, and the white-stoned barriers – none of that was enough to describe even the smallest fraction of this manor.

Hidden in the uninhabited dense jungle, shrouded by an ancient atmosphere that was entirely different from modern life – it was truly a paradise on earth.

In Xiao Yu’s opinion, classifying the manor as a cultural heritage site would not be a problem at all. It was no less than those pseudo-classical artifacts – this manor’s history was authentically thousands of years old.

In fact, this manor was indeed passed down from Yan Jin’s maternal grandfather’s lineage. Due to its remote location, the past residents had already moved out. After Yan Jin took over the manor, he did not have any plans to handle the property, so after some minor renovations, the chairman decided to recklessly misuse the property as a vacation site that he rarely visited every year. Whenever he planned to visit, he would mobilize a few helpers whom he could trust from the Yan family to tidy up the place.

“I didn’t think that we would get a chance to visit this place this year. We were busy nonstop up until the end of the year – SI’s chief designer is too troublesome.”

Yan Jin had unknowingly walked towards the side of the window. He sighed as he estimated the duration for the next visit.

Xiao Yu heard his own name and squeaked scornfully.

Troublesome your head. With him as the ‘mystery designer’ keeping watch on YL, the human Xiao Yu was the one getting oppressed.

Come to think of it, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but recall his memories, how did his mission change from screwing up Yan Jin’s company to keeping watch on YL and attacking SI?

The situation seemed to be overly complicated. In conclusion, it was all Lin Zhou’s fault.

“I’ve asked the helpers to tidy the innermost rooms of the manor. Do you want to soak in the hot spring later?” Yan Jin asked inadvertently.

There’s even a hot spring?

Xiao Yu was stunned by the earth-shaking financial ability. The Four Seasons Manor that towered over the mountain peak exceeded the cognitive range of a commoner like him. He did not think that the manor included a hot spring. Don’t tell me the entire mountain actually belonged to Yan Jin?

Xiao Yu mentally looked down upon the evil wealthy people like Yan Jin and then returned a reserved squeak.

“Squeak.” Okay then.

“Remember to eat less during dinner.” Yan Jin reminded.

The manor’s food and clothing expenses were prepared according to the Yan family’s standard. Plus, with its unusual geographical location, the choices were tastefully chosen. Yan Jin was used to it and did not feel that there was any problem, but to Xiao Yu, it was like opening a whole new world.

Normally, Yan Jin would cook some pretty good homemade dishes himself. That included semi-manufactured food products out of convenience’s sake, or he would simply get take-out. Regardless of what junk food it was, they didn’t feel guilty at all when eating them. Yan Jin would put on his everyday work suit as well as any random shirt at home.

Which was why when Yan Jin wore a dark-colored silk bathrobe as he leaned against the recliner, picking at the side dishes with his chopsticks, Xiao Yu dropped the melon seed that was in his paws.

If a scented incense was added to the picture with string instruments playing in the background, this scene would feel like a live television drama.


Yan Jin threw the ivory chopstick onto the helper’s serving tray and got off the recliner.

Xiao Yu was scooped up to Yan Jin’s chest, making it easy for the hamster to see the well-defined broad chest under the wide open robe. Contrasted against the dark navy-blue bathrobe, the fair and healthy skin color seemed even more vibrant.

Xiao Yu blushed as he felt puzzled at the same time.

He had not seen Yan Jin working out regularly, so how could this fellow have such a good body?

Could there be some inside story? Like consuming hormones and stuff like that?

In fact, there was an inside story, but it was different from what Xiao Yu had in mind.

Yan Jin definitely belonged to the kind of people who looked slim when clothed and muscular when undressed. That was all thanks to the fact that he visited the gym regularly in the past and went to the horse racing course at least once a month.

However, Xiao Yu had met Yan Jin with very unfortunate timing. Not too long ago, something major had happened to Yan Jin.

That incident could be considered one of the most scandalous problems that Yan Jin had ever faced in his life and the outcome was very severe. Putting it straightforwardly, Yan Jin did not have any choice but to consciously decrease his outdoor activities, retract his claws, and hide his strength while biding his time to divert those vile villains’ attention.

In the opinion of a clueless person (hamster) like Xiao Yu, Yan Jin had set his heart on YL which caused the chairman to even coop himself up at home on the weekends just to finish his work matters like any self-restrained and gloomy workaholic.

Initially, Yan Jin was prepared to cancel his trip to the Four Seasons Manor this year – this trip was an exception because of Xiao Yu.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jin picked up the melon seed and passed it to Xiao Yu: “Why are you spacing out? You even dropped your melon seed.”

Xiao Yu hatefully snatched the melon seed and threw it into his mouth, munching away with his bulging cheeks.

Hn, I will not admit that I was enticed by Yan Jin’s charm.

However, Xiao Yu couldn’t seem to get used to this side of Yan Jin – even though such a lavish lifestyle was indeed more suitable for Yan Jin’s rumored net worth.

That being said, Xiao Yu was very clear that this manor was not simply attainable with just a person’s wealth. Xiao Yu had only seen the items that were in the manor on those appraisal programs. The rosewood and agar-wood furniture, the glazed-colored flower vase that had beautiful flowers in them, and also the ivory chopsticks and bowls made of rhinoceros horn from when Yan Jin was having his meal, which had no trace of cracks – all those objects manifested the background that could not be estimated with just money and status.

That was surely unexplainable by a mere title of second or third generation.

As for Yan Jin’s real identity and family background, to be honest, Xiao Yu really didn’t understand.

When Xiao Yu was still human, in his shallow cognition, the Yan family simply equated to YL Corporation. It wasn’t because Xiao Yu did not care about such matters as he focused all of his attention onto his career instead. It was mostly because of the Yan family itself. It was true that the Yan family seldom showed themselves to the national public. Putting aside the fact that most of their properties were overseas, they even had businesses in the grey areas. YL was an exception that they had on the surface along with some other unknown businesses.

Such a low-profile super-aristocratic family was obviously not in Xiao Yu’s cognitive periphery. Compared to the Yan family, he knew more about the Nan family who were the leader in the fashion industry. Even if their mainstream business wasn’t in the jewelry trade, that super beauty heiress with an extremely high exposure rate caused the Nan family to appear in the industry’s limelight. According to Xiao Yu’s understanding, SI had attempted several times to work with the Nan family, but had not been successful to date.

After Lin Zhou implied that the Yan family was where Yan Jin came from, Xiao Yu specially investigated the matter, but due to lack of networking, he was only left with the unreliable Internet. Under the circumstances of not knowing any key words nor the Yan family’s history, it was indeed hard to find any useful information. The best he could find were those interesting rumors, and even so, those hearsay only revolved around Yan Jin.

For example, YL’s Chairman and xx actress’ late night meetups – Note: the photos were those super blurry types.

The Xiao Yu back then was one of those onlookers who would let his imagination run wild, coming up with some big shot grievances drama. But at this moment, he clearly understood that Yan Jin’s ex was a man and he wasn’t even sure if it was possible for Yan Jin to be interested in women.


Staying in the manor for a few days allowed Xiao Yu to have an extremely deep understanding on how an Emperor would live.

The extravagant interior within the Four Seasons Manor had resolutely changed Xiao Yu’s previous worldview. Following that, the helpers’ attitude flipped his worldview once again.

Under normal circumstances, Xiao Yu was tied around Yan Jin’s waistband as the chairman went around. However, Yan Jin would also occasionally leave the hamster to be taken care of by the helpers.

Such things were not a problem of course, but Xiao Yu never would have thought that those helpers would not treat him like any normal pet.

There was one time when Yan Jin had gone out to answer a call and left Xiao Yu inside the room, as the little one laid on the table thinking about his hamster life.

Then, a person silently approached…

That person placed a dish of peanuts on the table. Xiao Yu had seen that person before – Yan Jin had addressed him as the butler, so he should be considered the person who was in charge of the helpers.

Xiao Yu happily jumped into the dish of peanuts and rolled in it. Under Yan Jin’s supervision, it had been a long time since the hamster had eaten snacks without any restraint. Xiao Yu never thought that he would have a chance to take advantage of this loophole here.

However, before Xiao Yu could even start to gorge himself, he was gently swept aside by Mr. Butler.

“My apologies. Young master mentioned before that you may only eat three pieces a day.”

Xiao Yu: ……

“Would you like some water?” Mr. Butler titled the cup slightly, making it convenient for Xiao Yu to move his head into the glass to drink.

Xiao Yu suppressed his inner horror as he shook his head.


“As you wish. Do inform me if there’s any way I can be of assistance.” Mr. Butler bowed perfectly at a thirty-degree angle and shifted to stand behind Xiao Yu.

“S-Squeak.” Xiao Yu attempted to call out quietly.

“May I help you?”

“…… Squeak!”

Xiao Yu shook his head violently.

For that entire day, Xiao Yu refused to comply with any of Yan Jin’s teasing and even vengefully bit on Yan Jin’s finger – not the blood-tearing bite of course.

Yan Jin sulkily withdrew his finger and began to recall when did he offend this little ancestor of his.

Little did he know that Xiao Yu was just taking revenge on behalf of his limited imagination due to poverty.

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