RIAH – Chapter 52: The Lazy Holidays

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Chapter Fifty-Two: The Lazy Holidays

Xiao Yu wondered how Yan Jin felt about this trip to the Four Seasons Manor. At least for Xiao Yu, it was a fulfilling one.

The Four Seasons Manor was already a paradise on earth, and the hot spring in the back courtyard was the most precious gem of the entire paradise.

The sun set in the west as the moon rose above them.

Yan Jin would occasionally move around. He would also move Xiao Yu onto the shore in the meantime.

“You’re soft like a pancake.” Yan Jin poked Xiao Yu, who had flattened, and asked worriedly: “Are you alright, Fishy?”

Xiao Yu lifted himself off the table as the hamster pancake instantly swelled.

“Squeakk.” Good as new.

“That’s good to know.”

Yan Jin’s voice was somewhat hoarse and it seemed to be even more attractive than usual. His face was slightly flushed, probably because he had drunk some liquor.

The heavens gave this person too much preferential treatment; even his alcohol tolerance seemed to be taken care of. Yan Jin had a physiology that made it hard to get drunk. If Yan Jin was making a business deal right now, he could settle it with a few bottles of low content alcohol like this.

However, whether a person could get drunk or not all depended on the situation.

For example, this moment was the most suitable time to get drunk.

A few glasses of sake under the moonlight.

The superb liquor in that jade glass flowed with an enchanting fragrance that involuntarily intoxicated a person.

The bright moon was surrounded with resplendent stars that filled the entire sky, sprinkling a hazy gauze-like radiance.

Liquor did not intoxicate as one intoxicated oneself. The moonlight was truly beautiful tonight.

Xiao Yu watched the scenery before him as the mild-colored moonlight poured down. The person in front of him became impossible to unravel. He watched as Yan Jin’s lips opened and closed, but he could not make out what the latter said. Behind him was a whole maple forest that danced with the breeze, painting a gorgeous color that was neither too dark nor too light for the night.

If Xiao Yu was a literary person, he would have recorded this scene at that moment. Unfortunately, he was not. All he could do was suppress his agitation that was on the verge of spilling out from his heart and linked every little bits of details and make it into a solid appearance.

Fortunately, he was a designer.

He could not have done much, but he could instill all those strong and gorgeous emotions into priceless precious stones.

Even so, it was more than enough.

In his mind, he may have a train of thought for the exhibition item for the Autumn Conference Release now.


Xiao Yu had heard before that some people would become dizzy after soaking too long in the hot spring, but he never thought that such a thing would happened to himself.

He never once thought.

That was why Xiao Yu could not even react when he felt dizzy and was quickly rushed into the room by Chairman Yan.

Yan Jin settled Xiao Yu on a dry towel and placed a small dish of fresh water beside him.

“Fishy, do you feel better now?”

Xiao Yu struggled to open his eyes as he squeaked back weakly.

“Squeak.” Better.

The temperature in the room was slightly lower. That made the giddy symptoms disappear almost completely. But Xiao Yu still could not understand why he would faint from soaking in the hot spring.

He assumed it was normal to feel faint after soaking too long because of how different everyone’s physique was. He could understand why Yan Jin did not faint, and that he was the one who fainted first.

But, the problem was that he did not even get into the water, okay?!

He fainted because of the steam? Was he really that fragile?

…… That was debatable. After all  Xiao Yu wasn’t sure about a hamster’s physiology.

Under Yan Jin’s various accommodations, Xiao Yu’s life was practically maintained at a human’s standard. At the start, he initially thought that he would get locked in a cage, forced to eat poor quality hamster food, yet none of it ever happened. He even accidentally obtained an iPad that he could utilize however he wanted. If not for the fact that he could only see four fingers whenever he stretched out his paw, Xiao Yu could not be sure that he really had become a hamster.

“Fishy, are you really alright?” Yan Jin seemed to be anxious. Xiao Yu was such a small creature that Yan jin couldn’t even tell where he was feeling unwell. It made the chairman feel even more helpless than seeing a child sick.

“Squeakk.” I’m really fine. Shoo, shoo.

Yan Jin was so close that it was possible to have a rare chance many people sought but failed to obtain  – to touch that handsome face that made humans and Gods alike resent him. But when it came to Xiao Yu, it would not receive the treatment that it deserved.

The face was even pushed away out of dislike.

In this regard, Yan Jin did not feel any sort of wronged emotions. Instead, he felt happy that Xiao Yu was slightly more energetic.

Those so-called cat slaves and dog slaves were brought up that way. In fact, it was the same logic.

Xiao Yu felt much better after he lay still for a while. The hamster attempted to roll over like a carp as he got up, but had failed without any surprise. The hamster slipped and rolled into Yan Jin’s palm.

“I wonder if there’s psychiatry available in the veterinary clinic.”

“Squeakkk.” Xiao Yu squeaked loudly in protest.

“Okay then. I won’t tease you. Let’s not soak in the hot spring for the next two days. We’ll do a full body checkup after we get back home.”

“Squeak.” Okay then.

Xiao Yu agreed unwillingly.

After a whole day of excitement and passing out from soaking in the hot spring, Xiao Yu fell asleep very early that night. He slept in the cage from home that Yan Jin brought over in the car trunk.

Aside from the cage, Yan Jin even brought the iPad. However, during this period, Yan Jin was just like Xiao Yu, with almost nothing to do all day except take a few occasional phone calls. Most of the time was spent playing around with Xiao Yu. Although from Xiao Yu’s point of view, Yan Jin’s actions were more like one sidedly playing him, instead of playing with him.

In conclusion, Xiao Yu barely had a chance to touch his iPad – not that he dared to touch it.

Yan Jin could appear at any time, and if he discovered that his hamster had a human soul, that would be far from good. They could still explain the actions that seemed human by covering them up with the excuse of high intelligence (according to Yan Jin’s own imagination). However, if Xiao Yu used the iPad to type words and play games, then that would be impossible to explain no matter what.

The days spent with Yan Jin made Xiao Yu feel very satisfied. The hamster did not wish for any incident to mess up their lives. Also, since it was a holiday, it should not be necessary to carry electronic gadgets around all the time. Spending their days viewing the scenery and enjoying mother nature was not difficult to bear, compared to holding the phone and checking out social media.

Moreover, the signal was very bad at this location. A phone call could occasionally go through. As for Internet access, 4G was a delusion and 2G was barely strong enough. Furthermore, that depended on the time of the day.

When Xiao Yu’s iPad was in Yan Jin’s hand, the only intended use was to play some renown animation for the hamster to watch while he was at work. Normally, Xiao Yu would close them once Yan Jin left the house and did whatever he wanted with the iPad. By the time Yan Jin got home, the iPad would have shut down due to empty battery. Hence, the chairman would not learn what his hamster had done.

Those few days spent in the Four Seasons Manor were simply too idle and boring. For some reason, Yan Jin insisted on watching animations together with Xiao Yu and regardless of how the hamster protested, he would ignore it.

Thankfully, those animated movies were all downloaded beforehand. Otherwise, with the current internet speed they had, downloading a video would probably take an entire day and night.

“This company’s animated movies seem to be doing better. Maybe there will be an opportunity to work with them.”

Yan Jin commented absent-mindedly as he picked up a melon seed from Xiao Yu’s small dish and passed it to the hamster.

Xiao Yu was watching the video earnestly and remained unmoved. After Yan Jin poked him several times, the hamster would then reluctantly take the melon seed, gently bit it to remove the seed from the shell and then placed it back onto Yan Jin’s hand. Next, Xiao Yu would shift the small dish closer to himself to avoid Yan Jin’s evil clutches.

Xiao Yu had watched this animated movie a long time ago. Since it was a classic work, accompanying Yan Jin to watch it again wasn’t much of a problem. If Yan Jin were to play videos meant for preschoolers, then the hamster would refuse to go along with watching them.

The human and hamster basked in the afternoon sunlight as they watched the animated movie harmoniously. If others were to see them, it would probably be a weird scene.

During this period, the iPad had always been safeguarded by Yan Jin. It was not that the chairman would take out the iPad to play with it, but when the contact time with the iPad got longer, it was easy to have some accidents.

One time, Yan Jin accidentally discovered that the iPad had a few games that he had never seen before. Since it was just a few games, he did not think much about it, assuming that Chu Ge probably downloaded them previously. Or maybe his little hamster had accidentally downloaded them while randomly pressing something.

However, the iPad’s internal storage was not big enough for the large number of videos that he had downloaded. Hence, Yan Jin conveniently uninstalled those games.


The two spent five days of the week long holiday in the Four Seasons Manor.

Xiao Yu could feel his bones falling apart. Everyday was spent eating, drinking, lying down, and sleeping. He had maintained in three positions – hamster ball, hamster pancake and normal hamster form. The appearance of the hamster pancake had greatly increased and that led to Yan Jin spending a lot of time worrying if Xiao Yu was having any issues. Perhaps issues like not being acclimated or altitude sickness etc.?

Due to such worries, Yan Jin specially went to check on their elevation. That was when he discovered that they were about a hundred meters above sea level and concluded that there was a high possibility that it was due to altitude sickness.

A hundred meters plus – that was like the height of a thousand Xiao Yus stacked on top of one another.

(T/N: I shall clarify that Yan Jin was just exaggerating the facts – 100 meters above sea level is not that high.)

Xiao Yu had the cool eyes of a bystander as he watched Yan Jin act stupid. The hamster decided that silence was golden.

Every time Yan Jin had asked if he was feeling uncomfortable, the hamster pancake would try his best to buff himself up to answer the question so that he could prove that he was doing alright – he was just feeling lazy after all.

Unfortunately, Yan Jin did not understand Xiao Yu’s painstaking efforts and was constantly worried that the long-distance journey had negative effects on his hamster’s body. Finally, Chairman Yan decided to return home in advance. On the fifth day of the long holiday, Yan Jin forcefully brought home the reluctant hamster who had lingering thoughts of staying.

When the two arrived at the manor, all Yan Jin brought were things that Xiao Yu needed. For example, that giant hamster cage that took up the entire car trunk. There were very few of his own belongings, barely including a few pieces of clothing to change into. In the end, the chairman had to ransack the Four Seasons Manor’s inventory and put up with the spare clothing.

When they were leaving, it was even more exaggerated.

The Four Seasons Manor’s hundred square meters backyard was filled with specialty fruits and nuts as snacks. Xiao Yu walked from the front to the end of the backyard, choosing the empty spots as stopovers as he did an inspection. If he saw something that he liked, he would tap his paws on it. Yan Jin followed behind the hamster. Whichever thing Xiao Yu pointed out, the chairman would get the helpers to move onto the vehicle.

In the end, Yan Jin had taken along fifteen pomelos, twenty tangerines, eighteen bunches of purple grapes and green grapes, five persimmons, six pomegranates, a big bag of almonds, a big bag of lotus seeds and a few big bags of local specialties, filling up the entire vehicle. Not only were the back passenger seats taken up, even the space below Yan Jin’s feet had two pomelos that were properly wrapped up.

And so, they drove back to the city with a bang as the chairman had to constantly keep an eye on Xiao Yu’s condition at the same time. The chairman’s mental and physical health was strained as his driving skills were forcefully leveled up.

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