RIAH – Chapter 53: Post-holiday Syndrome

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Chapter Fifty-Three: Post-holiday Syndrome

After coming back from the Four Seasons Manor to Yan Jin’s three-story villa in the city, Xiao Yu strongly felt like something was amiss.

Previously, he thought that this villa was in a great environment with an advantageous location. However, after the visit to the Four Seasons Manor, Xiao Yu felt that the range of activity in this villa was too limited. Only after going through comparison can one analyze the problem from a guest’s perspective – land was extremely expensive in the urban district. Even with the wealth that Yan Jin had, he couldn’t possibly build a private manor in the city center. No matter how great the villa was, it could not compare to the Four Seasons Manor.

The mini artifact in the second story was still attractive to the hamster. However, for some reason, Xiao Yu constantly felt lethargic when he played in it.

The day they arrived home, Xiao Yu was in a muddled state for the entire afternoon. At night, even when Yan Jin tried to tease him with melon seeds, Xiao Yu still couldn’t perk himself up.

Xiao Yu’s current hamster condition was quite puzzling to Yan Jin.

When Xiao Yu was still human, he would experience a similar ailment that afflicted several others after every long vacation. They all had a common name –

Post-holiday syndrome patients.

After a long vacation, the patients would feel lethargic in everything they do, with no appetite and an unwillingness to work.

Although Xiao Yu did not have much work to do normally, after such a mentally and physically relaxing experience, he regrettably fell victim to this post-holiday syndrome.

Most of the veterinary clinics were closed during this long holiday period. However, Yan Jin was so worried about Xiao Yu’s condition that he planned to get the clinic owner to return.

Xiao Yu thought that it would be impossible for Yan Jin’s plan to go through, so the hamster kept the attitude of a bystander. Never had Xiao Yu thought that Chairman Yan would cover the return trip and successfully got the clinic owner, who was spending his vacation in a neighboring province, to come back. Even the veterinarian that Yan Jin had privatized was called back at the same time.

Xiao Yu, who had witnessed the whole incident, was once again sighing sorrowfully about how his world view was limited by poverty.

Speaking of which, it seemed weird that Yan Jin would only display his overbearing chairman aura and act like someone from a television drama when it concerned Xiao Yu. On normal occasions, Xiao Yu could not notice Yan Jin’s foolishly rich characteristics.

Xiao Yu was forced to undergo a full body examination that very night. The results reported that aside from gaining one extra gram of the weight that he had painstakingly lowered, Xiao Yu’s body did not have any problems.

It was also perfectly normal for a human in the same situation to have gained half a kilogram or more.

Yet discovering no problems made their headaches worse. If they discovered a problem, they could have fixed it accordingly. That caused Yan Jin to worry for two whole days, and he even started to consider finding a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to have a look.

If Xiao Yu knew what Yan Jin was thinking, the hamster would have laughed himself to death.

Traditional Chinese medicine? Had this fellow ever seen a TCM doctor before? Those doctors could only consult patients based on their complexion and feel their pulse, okay? How were they going to work on a hamster?

Feel his pulse? His two-millimeter thick arms? Even if there were tendons and veins, how were they going to feel it?

Based on his complexion? Wasn’t it always the same?

Based on his fur coat? Buying a certain breed of hamster from a certain xxxbao shop with the same selling price may even get you ten hamsters with nine different color coats.

Thankfully, before Yan Jin could do such a crazy thing, Chu Ge, who was visiting on the last day of the holiday, hit the nail right on the head regarding the truth.

“What sickness could it be? From how I see it, your hamster got so accustomed to that manor of yours that he’s rejecting this urban villa.” Chu Ge sloppily adjusted his frames as he concluded.

“Fishy wouldn’t…”

Just as Yan Jin was trying to stand up for his hamster, Xiao Yu nodded his head vigorously from the sidelines.

“Squeakkk!!” Yes, that’s it, that’s exactly what happened!

“Squeakk!!!” Stop looking for a doctor. If you continue to check, you’ll make a mountain out of a molehill!

Yan Jin: “……”

Chu Ge was glad: “See that? Fishy agreed to what I said. From how I see it, no appetite and reluctance to sleep are both symptoms of the post-holiday syndrome. Did you two maintain your regular lifestyles at the manor?”

“We did sleep later than usual.” Yan Jin answered honestly.

During the time they stayed at the manor, Yan Jin and Xiao Yu often cuddled together to count the stars in the middle of the night. The city’s pollution was worse, so it was hard to see the starry sky. Of course they would make full use of the rare opportunity – Yan Jin even specially brought a book about astronomy that they referred to as they viewed the stars.

As a former human, Xiao Yu was equally full of zest.

“I’ve told people like you before not to live an extravagant life just because you’re young. Health is the asset for a revolution after all.” Whenever the topic concerned such matters, Chu Ge instantly returned to his main profession and transformed into an earnest and well-meaning doctor as he began to advise.

“Get to the point.” Yan Jin was obviously not keen.

Chu Ge choked for a moment before he reluctantly replied: “Among the young people who came in for consultations after the long holiday, post-holiday syndrome was seen quite commonly. Tell me, have the symptoms reduced over these last two days?”

“It does seem better. At least he doesn’t spend all day lying around.”

“That’s it. That’s post-holiday syndrome, no doubt. This is similar to how jet lag affects a person. It will naturally get better after some time.”

Chu Ge concluded, then suddenly recalled something: “Coming to think of it, didn’t you go together? Do you have any problems?”

“Me?” Yan Jin hesitated for a moment.

After spending the last two days worrying about Xiao Yu, Yan Jin had not paid attention to his own condition.

“Nothing happened to me. I did have a bit of insomnia when I thought about Fishy’s condition, but I took some sleeping pills last night.”

Chu Ge had a face that said, ‘I knew it’.

Yan Jin suddenly realized and answered: “You mean, I have post-holiday syndrome as well?”

“Well, probably not in this case. You probably just haven’t adjusted back to your regular schedule yet.” Chu Ge replied calmly: “Post-holiday syndrome usually occurs in young white-collar office workers who are cautious and conscientious. As for you…”

“You can shut up now.” Yan Jin ended Chu Ge’s nonsense straightforwardly: “Is Fishy okay?”

Chu Ge felt helpless: “I’ve said before that I’m not a veterinarian. If you must seek my opinion, I prefer to believe in science. Since the report shows that everything is normal, then I will believe that there is no problem.”

“Plus, the spectator sees more of the game. I feel that you’re too tense instead.” Chu Ge touched Xiao Yu as if they were best buddies: “Don’t you agree with me, Brother Ham?”

Xiao Yu, who usually couldn’t find a common topic with Chu Ge, nodded his head in agreement this time.

“Squeakk.” That’s exactly the case.

Yan Jin was still unwilling to give up and tried to confirm again: “There’s really no problem, Fishy?”

“Squeakk.” Really. More real than gold.

Xiao Yu nodded his head immediately.

And that was how the entire incident finally ended after running around in circles.

That night, Yan Jin and Chu Ge went out for dinner, leaving the hamster Xiao Yu in the bedroom.

Yan Jin’s original idea was to let Xiao Yu have a proper rest and adjust himself back to normal. However, he made a big mistake –

Not putting away the iPad on the table.

Xiao Yu would definitely not go to bed obediently when electronic devices were readily available.

Xiao Yu, who had not played any games for five whole days, could feel his skills dropping. The moment Yan Jin left home, the hamster immediately switched on the iPad and prepared to make full use of the remaining holiday.

Then, Xiao Yu, who had all his plans thought out, realized that he could not find his games.

First swipe, nothing – Xiao Yu thought that he must have missed them. Second swipe, still nothing – Xiao Yu sensed something weird. Then came the third swipe –

This time, the hamster looked through all of the icons, but still could not find them.

… Where were his games?

Xiao Yu had the shocking revelation that all the games on the iPad were gone.

In that split second, Xiao Yu’s first reaction was that the iPad was in Yan Jin’s hands the whole time. Yan Jin was the only person who could have deleted his games. But why would Yan Jin delete his games?

Could it be… he was discovered?

Wait, wait.

Xiao Yu forced himself to calm down and analyze the situation. If he really was exposed, then it was definitely impossible for Yan Jin to do nothing. The chairman would surely confront him face to face. Since Yan Jin did not have any special reaction, then it must have meant that Xiao Yu was not exposed.

Since he was not exposed, could Yan Jin have just casually deleted those games?

At this moment, Xiao Yu’s brain went into overdrive – He quickly checked the iPad’s internal memory storage and just as he expected, there were less than 2GB left.

It was probably because Yan Jin thought that there wasn’t enough memory, so he deleted some apps to save the videos.

Hm, seems logical.

What a false alarm.

The other games wouldn’t have mattered – Xiao Yu wasn’t playing those games anymore. However, he still downloaded Toxic back onto his iPad.

After downloading the game, Xiao Yu looked at the login screen and hesitated.

Previously, Yan Jin only touched the video apps and ignored the others. Xiao Yu did not expect that the chairman would suddenly mess with the other apps this time.

However, because of the previous offense, Xiao Yu was now worried that Yan Jin would suddenly think about opening Toxic to play.

The problem was that this was his Toxic account. It was tied to his QQ, and his QQ account was Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both.

If Yan Jin was to find out about that…

If Xiao Yu simply stopped playing the game, that would solve all of the problems once and for all. However, Xiao Yu honestly couldn’t bear to let go of his full five-star account. Hence, he could only try to find another way out.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu had a brilliant idea. Every time after he finished playing, he would delete the game. And when he played the game again the next day, he could download it again. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

Yan Jin’s internet speed was really fast – downloading a game would only take a few minutes, so it was not too much trouble.

After coming up with a solution, Xiao Yu instantly relaxed.

The original plan to catch up during the holiday was thoroughly screwed. Seeing how today was the last day of the holiday, Xiao Yu’s road to becoming the best hero was endless and distant.

He had no choice but to hurry on and catch up regardless of how far he could get.

Nannan had mentioned that he would be back the day after tomorrow, so before that time came, Xiao Yu could focus on his game without any distractions. That did not mean that after Nannan came back, he would not have time to play the game. However, the drawing for the exhibition display could only be done with Nannan’s assistance. Xiao Yu found it embarrassing to make someone else do his job while he was playing a game.

Plus, there were no drafts or incomplete drawings this time, only pure inspiration. Even Xiao Yu himself could not be sure whether he could express himself clearly, and he couldn’t ask Nannan to personally go look at the Four Seasons Manor.

Just the thought meant that they were in for a rough ride this time. There was no way that Xiao Yu could play his game at ease with this situation occupying his mind.

That night, Xiao Yu heard the commotion when Yan Jin came back, reluctantly closed the game, and hit the uninstall button.

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