RIAH – Chapter 58: Permission to Go Out

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Chapter Fifty-Eight: Permission to Go Out

It was Friday morning when Xiao Yu received the final draft for the participating drawing and its introduction file from Nannan.

Xiao Yu spent over ten minutes editing the text and its summary. He planned to wait until noon, and as soon as the competition registration opened, he would submit his work.

Xiao Yu looked at the sentence ‘Registration successful’ and heaved a long sigh of relief.

After staying busy for a whole month, he finally settled this tremendously difficult problem.

It would not be accurate to say that all the work was now done. After all, there was the voting pre-selection, semi-finals, the fight for the exhibition booth, etc. However, Xiao Yu had the knowledge of what was going to happen. In his opinion, he was confident that he had at least won the Ragnarok competition as a stepping stone.

Next, there was an even bigger problem.

It was related to the exhibition product for the Autumn Conference Release.

Xiao Yu was unsure what rank YL’s exhibition would get this time. However, YL’s capability was undeniably strong regardless. It would not be a problem to achieve top twenty in the exhibition placing. Since Xiao Yu had demanded that they swap exhibition placements, he would need to present a product that was worthy of placing in the top twenty.

Xiao Yu felt that it was quite a difficult task even for himself, yet this responsibility was now on Nannan.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Thank you for your hard work! I’m quite satisfied with the final drawing.

[Nannan]: Thank you for your hard work Guru.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: As for the exhibition product, I happened to have an idea recently. I’ve written down most of the requirement details.

[Nannan]: Okay Guru, I’ll look at it over the weekend.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Hm… it’s a little different this time. Can you design anything other than jewelry?

[Nannan]: ?

[Nannan]: It depends on what it is. If it’s clothing, then I’m completely clueless.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It’s kind of related… Never mind, I’ll send you the file first.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: document.pdf

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You can think about it over the weekend and look up related information. If there are any questions, then just ask me next week.

After Xiao Yu’s identity was half-exposed, he did not need to use his iPad sneakily anymore. However, his Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both account was still something that he should not log onto in front of Yan Jin.

That was why, although the time spent online had increased, there was no change to the amount of time that Xiao Yu could get in touch with Nannan.

[Nannan]: Okay Guru, I’ll have a look first.

On the other side of the screen, Nan Wei opened the file and skimmed through. “Ehhh?” He gasped as he let go of the mouse and dragged his childhood sweetheart over from the living room.

“You can’t even let me have a peaceful morning…” The childhood sweetheart grumbled even though his body was obediently following along.

“Have a look at this.” Nan Wei turned the monitor towards his childhood sweetheart.

The latter took a quick glance and immediately concluded: “A jewelry case? You haven’t designed this sort of thing before. Don’t be stubborn and quickly reject this.”

Nan Wei retorted: “Have a closer look.”

The childhood sweetheart reluctantly replied: “I’ll have a look, but I’m saying this upfront that you can’t make me design it just because a jewelry case is rectangular.”

“Cut the crap. Hurry up.”

The other person was left with no choice but to look at the screen. And that was when he knew that the situation was more serious than he thought.

At first glance, he had the same thought as Nan Wei, gasping another “Ehhh?” At second glance, he felt that his eyes were starting to feel painful. At third glance, he struggled to decide whether to make a call to Yan Jin.

“What are you doing?!” Nan Wei quickly snatched the phone away from his childhood sweetheart as he shouted: “Don’t even think of making any phone calls. Is this the first day you got to know my cousin? Even my brother can’t interfere with his life. I don’t want him to retaliate against me either.”

The childhood sweetheart sighed: “This IS the first time I realized that Yan Jin was such a person. He even took this person to the old mansion without uttering a single word about it.”

“If my cousin did not mention it, then he must have his reasons.” Nan Wei replied just like the brainless Yan Jin fan he was – supporting his cousin no matter what.

“Well excuse me, other than understanding that the more one flaunts their relationship, the faster they break up. I really can’t see any other logic from this.”

“I’m warning you, don’t curse my cousin. He must be serious this time. We might even drink some celebratory wine soon.”

The childhood sweetheart snorted and replied: “For this wedding to happen, Yan Jin would have to dissolve the Yan family first.”

Nan Wei agreed with that statement. So long as Yan Jin was still the only heir to the Yan family, it was definitely impossible for him to get married to another man.

However, Nan Wei had unwavering faith in Yan Jin.

Ever since childhood, the name ‘Yan Jin’ had been associated with miracles in his heart.

“Don’t change the topic. Back to the issue. What do you feel about this thing?”

The childhood sweetheart went silent for a while before he answered sorrowfully: “*Sighs*. This Guru sure is lucky.”

“Of course. That’s my future sister-in-law.”

“There’s just one question,” the childhood sweetheart rubbed his chin as he sifted through his memories: “If I remember correctly, ten years have already passed since we last went to the Four Seasons Manor.”

Nan Wei was equally troubled: “That place didn’t leave a big impression on me, so I’m asking you for confirmation.”

“Hm, are you sure you’re just asking me for confirmation?” The childhood sweetheart changed his tone and declared: “Okay. I have confirmed that FISH must have been to the Du family’s old manor, which was why he had this inspiration. If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.”

“Let’s drive there this weekend. I’ll tell cousin that we want to find somewhere to vacation and have him mail the keys over. Hahaha, I’m so smart. That way, I can avoid getting in touch with cousin directly and not expose my motives!”

Nan Wei praised himself for his quick wit as he tapped on his childhood sweetheart’s shoulder: “I’m counting on you this time, oh great architect.”

Childhood sweetheart: “……”

Didn’t he only mention, ‘asking for confirmation’?

That same afternoon, Yan Jin was quite shocked to receive a QQ message from Nan Wei that said he wanted to go on a vacation, and requested for Yan Jin to mail the keys to the Four Seasons Manor over to him.

Coincidentally, he had just been to the Four Seasons Manor two days ago. If Nan Wei were to go at this time, they would not need to clean up much.


That weekend, Xiao Yu was finally able to openly start gaming in front of Yan Jin.

That was only after he had guaranteed a hundred thousand times that his eyes were no longer in pain, really not in pain anymore.

Yan Jin waited anxiously as he watched Xiao Yu play his game until it ended. He finally could not hold back any longer and asked right after Xiao Yu had finished a match: “Is this game really that fun?”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment before he typed: “Actually, it’s not that fun.”

“Then why are you playing it all day long?”

Yan Jin felt deeply upset that their interaction had abruptly decreased.

Xiao Yu thought mentally: It’s probably because I can avoid being played by you.

However, seeing Yan Jin’s seemingly aggrieved expression, Xiao Yu felt a bit softhearted.

Fine, I’ll play with him for a while.

Xiao Yu plodded his way in front of Yan Jin and squeaked a few times.

Yan Jin reached out his hand as Xiao Yu obediently climbed on top of his palm and laid backwards.



Yan Jin took a picture of it with satisfaction written all over his face.

When Xiao Yu thought that it was more than enough, he quickly ran back to his iPad and began to choose his characters while Yan Jin was uploading the picture to his social media account.

By the time Yan Jin noticed, Xiao Yu was already lying on the iPad, tugging on the bow and arrows.

Chairman Yan resentfully glared at the iPad that stole all of his hamster’s attention. If his gaze had temperature, the iPad would probably have a hole burnt through it.

“Fishy, you’ve been playing that game all day long. Aren’t you bored?”

“Hm?” Xiao Yu was in the middle of a team fight, so he half-heartedly typed: “It’s okay, I guess. It’s not like I have anything else to do when we’re at home.”

Yan Jin thought for a moment before he tested the waters: “If that’s the case, do you want to accompany me to the company?”

“Oh.” Xiao Yu answered without thinking.


Hold on…

What did Yan Jin just say?

In that split second of divided attention, Xiao Yu’s character was killed off by three players hiding in the bushes.

It probably took less than two seconds.

However, Xiao Yu was no longer in the mood to care about his game.

What did Yan Jin just say? Bring him to the company?

To what company? Of course, it was to Yan Jin’s company, YL’s headquarters!


Xiao Yu wanted to immediately agree to the suggestion, but the game match had already begun. Without any choice, he could only return an apologetic look to Yan Jin and point at the game that had already started on his iPad.

Yan Jin chuckled: “I know, Fishy refuses to forfeit.”

Bringing up the past made Xiao Yu feel somewhat ashamed.

Seriously, why was there a need to remember the things he said before so clearly?

Anxious to properly discuss the matter with Yan Jin, Xiao Yu played his game like he was on steroids. Using his unusual display of capabilities, he swiftly destroyed the enemies’ crystal and ended the game.

Xiao Yu quickly closed the game to the tune of the victory sound effect and opened the memo app as he typed:

“You’re really going to bring me out?”

“I always had this intention.”

“Then why haven’t I heard you mention it before?”

Xiao Yu was somewhat doubtful. After all, Yan Jin had never once mentioned that he wanted to bring Xiao Yu to his company. The few times that they had gone outdoors, they mostly went to the veterinary clinic or on vacation.

Seeing that Xiao Yu did not object to the suggestion, Yan Jin’s mood immediately got better. He conveniently revealed the plan that he had before: “The first month, I gave you a walnut. Do you still remember it?”

Of course, Xiao Yu remembered it. That thing was still accumulating dust in the corner right now.

“That’s a positioning device. My initial plan was that if you could wear it and not take it off, I would bring you to the company. The company can’t be compared to our house. There are too many people walking in and out the company. Without the positioning device, I can’t feel at peace.”

Yan Jin left out one detail. The main reason he wanted to bring Xiao Yu to the company was not because he was worried that his hamster would be bored at home, but because even when Yan Jin was at work, the chairman missed this cute little fellow.

Later, due to safety considerations, Yan Jin painstakingly gave up his ‘selfish desire’.

That news was like a bolt out of the blue to Xiao Yu.

Ohmygod, if I had known earlier that wearing that locket would grant me permission to go out, I wouldn’t have taken the walnut off even if I was beaten to death.

There was no medicine to cure regrets, however, Xiao Yu could now start over again and grab the chance that had once slipped through his paws.

“Bring me out. I promise to wear that walnut at all times, and I will not go running about.”

Xiao Yu batted his big round eyes as he attempted to act cute.

“Sure.” Yan Jin took the chance to make a request: “Give me a kiss. I’ll bring you to the company on Monday.”

When Xiao Yu heard the condition, he instantly blushed as he angrily turned his body away.

Yan Jin was trying to turn Xiao Yu back to face him when he was caught off guard by the little fellow, who suddenly bent over and held his finger in his little mouth.

“Squeakk.” I’ve kissed you.

Xiao Yu grinned craftily – after all, Yan Jin didn’t say where to kiss.

Yan Jin was dazed for a second and immediately caught on. He couldn’t help but to break into laughter: “Fine, just this once. There won’t be a second time.”


Just when Xiao Yu was immensely pleased with his wits, he realized that he was being scooped up and then –

He was pressed onto a certain evil-hearted chairman’s palm and kissed to his heart’s content.

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