RIAH – Chapter 59: Our Chairman is Aloof as Ever Today

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Chapter Fifty-Nine: Our Chairman is Aloof as Ever Today

At YL Corporation.

Yan Jin arrived at his company half an hour early as usual.

“Good morning, chairman.” “Chairman, morning.” “Morning, Chairman Yan.” “Chairman Yan.”

Yan Jin received multiple greetings from his employees as he walked from the front desk to the elevator lobby. He acknowledged all of them with a nod as he walked steadily to the elevator that was specially designated for the chairperson under the crowd’s gaze.

No one noticed a pointy little head with two erect grey-colored ears, cautiously popping out from Yan Jin’s jacket pocket. It looked around its surroundings before it got pushed back by the expressionless Yan Jin who had sensed him.

Our Chairman is aloof as ever today, the employees agreed unanimously.

However, as the woman who was the closest to Yan Jin in this company, Secretary Fang felt that their chairman seemed a little different than usual.

For example, there was a gaudy-looking package on their chairman’s work desk today. It looked like one of those junk food packages. But then again, Chairman Yan would never eat such snacks.

In addition to that, she may have seen the pocket of Yan Jin’s jacket move when she was giving her morning report earlier.

At that moment, Secretary Fang was still in the middle of giving her report, and she couldn’t help but pause when she saw that. Later, she braced herself as she continued reporting under the chairman’s doubtful gaze.

When she was leaving the office, Secretary Fang raised her head and took another look. That was the moment when her 1.0 vision (with the help of her spectacles) clearly saw a pair of unknown objects hooking onto the edge of that pocket.


Haunted in broad daylight?

Too bad that single moment was too short. Before Secretary Fang could show any reaction on time, the door closed as she exited the office.


The not-so-dull sound of the closing door, thumped heavily against Secretary Fang’s heart. She still had lingering fears as she recalled the eerie scene that she had saw earlier. Then, she suddenly remembered that weird and incomprehensible psychic she met during the holidays. That person gave her two pieces of cinnabar talisman which were probably in the bag that she brought to work today…

In the office, Yan Jin sighed in relief after he saw Secretary Fang leave. He began speaking:

“It’s okay now, you can come out.”

The slight bulge on his chest pocket shook before a little head popped out from it.


Xiao Yu depended on his own strength to flop out from the pocket, landing onto Yan Jin’s right hand that was already prepared to catch him.


Successfully landing on four limbs, Xiao Yu straighten his legs as he attempted to stand up. Who would have guessed that Yan Jin would suddenly make it difficult for him, manipulating the hamster with his nimble hands to involuntarily put him into a lying position on Yan Jin’s palm.

Before Xiao Yu could understand what Yan Jin was trying to do, the hand that was wrapped around him began its next course of action.


Yan Jin gave Xiao Yu a weak squeeze as he used his palm and fingers to secure the hamster’s waist, he then used his thumb and rubbed against the little stomach.

“Squeakkkk!!!” It’s too itchy, help!!!

Xiao Yu screamed tragically.

When Yan Jin had enough fun and placed Xiao Yu onto the desk, the hamster felt like a scrapped hamster.

He laid back with all four limbs spread out as he panted heavily.

After a short while, Xiao Yu calmed down as he flipped over with difficulty and stared grudgingly at the main culprit.

However, Yan Jin at this moment was sitting upright as he began to settle his work in a regular manner.

It was as if nothing had happened earlier.

“Squeakkk!” Xiao Yu grumbled in dissatisfaction with his fur sticking out in all directions.

“Fishy, knock it off. I’m working.” Yan Jin spoke seriously for once as he concentrated his gaze on the computer screen.

Xiao Yu felt extremely depressed; extremely, extremely depressed.

However, he really wouldn’t dare to interrupt Yan Jin, who was in work mode.

Without a choice, Xiao Yu walked to a corner as he pitifully smoothed the messy fur on his stomach.

Five minutes later, in the quiet chairman’s office, Yan Jin was working as Xiao Yu played his game. They did not affect one another and were surprisingly harmonious.

Yet, such harmony only lasted for an hour.

To protect his eyes and lower back, for every hour that Yan Jin worked, he should exercise his neck and bones.

That was the first time that Yan Jin ever faced up to the advice that Chu Ge gave him. He also decided that he should keep up with this ‘wonderful’ habit from today onwards.

It just so happened that there was a readily available ‘exercise equipment’ right here at that moment.



The ‘exercise equipment’ screamed tragically.


The fourth time, when Xiao Yu saw Yan Jin letting go of the mouse, the hamster coldly waited for the chairman’s hand to approach. Then, right when the fingers were in front of his eyes, he opened his mouth without the slightest hesitation, and bit!

Tch.” Yan Jin resentfully released his hand.

“What are you doing?!” Xiao Yu typed angrily.

“Hm…” Yan Jin hesitated for a moment before he answered: “Deepening our relationship.”


Xiao Yu watched Yan Jin sarcastically. He had already understood that the reason Yan Jin repeatedly tortured him was purely a form of relaxation after dealing with his heavy workload.

Do not underestimate Xiao Yu just because he was just a designer. His job scope involved some typical work matters. When one added ‘chief’ in front of their title, Xiao Yu was considered to be one of the core members of the company. Even if he was not directly involved in major projects, he would have seen someone working on it before. He had witnessed Yan Jin working for the entire morning and his workload would be impossible for anyone else to handle. Seeing how Yan Jin had finished all that in the early morning, his capabilities were undeniable. As well as…

Xiao Yu suspected that this was the result after Yan Jin had violated him every hour.

The answer was affirmative.

Even Yan Jin did not expect that the result from this ‘spiritual food’ would be so effective. He had not even asked his secretary to get him coffee the entire morning, yet he was still able to maintain this energetic state.

That was to his liking.

That afternoon, Yan Jin had a meeting to attend. He did not plan to bring Xiao Yu along, but he could not stand the hamster’s cute attacks.

“Squeakkkk~~ ^^” When it came to such critical moments, even his squeaks sounded a little different, as if every tone implied that it was trying to curry favor with him.

Yan Jin did not yield, but his gaze carried a tinge of hesitation.

Xiao Yu persisted as he took two steps forward, grabbed onto Yan Jin’s index finger, and swayed it back and forth.

With just that little strength of his –

He managed to sway Yan Jin’s finger.

And along with it, Yan Jin’s unswerving heart.

Chairman Yan, who never swayed from his decisions, always gave in when it came to anything related to Xiao Yu.

Both parties taking a step back? Impossible.

Just like this morning. It was supposedly decided that Xiao Yu would hide in Yan Jin’s briefcase. In the end, the little fellow used the reason that he could not breathe well inside the briefcase (in fact it was because he wouldn’t be able to see well inside it), and forcefully made Yan Jin transfer him to the jacket pocket.

And they almost got found out when they were taking the elevator.

“You must guarantee that you will never reveal yourself.” In the end, Yan Jin compromised and proposed that somewhat unreliable request.

“Squeakk!” I guarantee to accomplish my mission!

Xiao Yu made a solemn vow.

In fact, Xiao Yu understood why Yan Jin wanted to hide him so thoroughly.

Putting aside the fact that he wasn’t a normal hamster, it was a known fact that Yan Jin had the image of an unreasonable iceberg chairman. For such a person to break the company rule that prohibited employees from bringing pets to work and sneak in such a cute little furry creature… YL’s employees would simply be too disillusioned if they found out.

Speaking of the rule that prohibited employees from bringing pets to work, that was something that Xiao Yu had just remembered yesterday. SI had such a rule of banning pets at work, so Xiao Yu had conveniently asked Yan Jin about it last night. He didn’t expect that he had in fact asked about a crucial topic.

After Xiao Yu reminded him about that rule, Yan Jin did not wish for others to see his hamster that morning.

The afternoon meeting was held at the third level’s meeting room. Yan Jin was impeccably attired as he stood on the stage and gave a speech.

It was rare for Yan Jin to take charge at a meeting. It would happen maybe once every few months, and Xiao Yu had made it just in time. Half of the employees sitting below were Yan Jin’s fans. They stared with their eyes wide open as they fixed their sights on their charming young chairman.

With the podium as a cover, Xiao Yu cautiously peeped half his head out.

At one glance, he saw the group of fans sitting upright with gazes that looked as if they had wanted to eat people.

Xiao Yu was astonished.

Was YL’s management that good? When he was in SI, he had always brought along his earpiece and his phone to such meetings. The person in charge of meetings was usually SI’s vice-chairman. That person was a boring middle-aged man who spoke in an old and decrepit manner. He could go on for half an hour about something that could be done in five minutes – utterly meaningless.

Yan Jin was obviously way better than that person. Using only ten minutes, he had clearly explained the company’s plan for the next half of the month. Not a single word of nonsense spoken.

However, the performance of YL’s employees still amazed Xiao Yu. Employees of such high standards – no wonder YL’s achievements could leap so fast.

All that was left to say – was that everything was a beautiful misunderstanding.

Twenty minutes into the meeting, the next ten minutes were set aside to talk about the Autumn Release Conference in November.

Just as Yan Jin was taking out the flash drive from his pocket, he accidentally took out something else along with it.

“Squ-“ Hel-


The flash drive was flung away and hit the wall with a thud.

Yan Jin immediately squatted, stretched out both hands to scoop Xiao Yu from midair, and embraced him close.

“Are you alright?” Yan Jin mouthed the words.

Xiao Yu, who was still in a panicked state, curled his round little body in Yan Jin’s palm. A short moment later, he nodded his head lightly.

The 1.3-meter podium completely covered the human and hamster.

However, the crowd below was already in an uproar.

Apparently, that ‘squeak’ was heard by more than one person.

“What’s that sound?”

“I think I heard it too. It’s sounded like a small animal.”

“Don’t tell me it’s rats. How long has it been since the meeting room was cleaned up?”

“How could there be rats in the middle of city center?”

“Could it be…”

“Chairman Yan?” Secretary Fang immediately stood up and went forward.

“I’m alright.” Yan Jin stood up without changing his expression: “I dropped my flash drive earlier and accidentally kicked it away when I was picking it up.”

With that said, Yan Jin walked to the wall in a cool and collected manner, picked up the flash drive, and plugged it into the computer.

Some of the employees noticed that Yan Jin’s left hand had been pressed against his abdomen for some unknown reason.

The meeting resumed.

“Next, we’re going to talk about the Autumn Release Conference. Presently, our company…”

The employees who were puzzled by the accident saw how calm and collected, cold and aloof Yan Jin acted. The suspicions slowly disappeared.

What problem could there be? Our chairman is as aloof as ever today.

However, in the next ten minutes, they all thought, ‘Was the air conditioner switched on? Why does it seem to be cold in here?’

Our chairman seems to be a little too aloof today.


The next day, Yan Jin saw that the company entrance had two weird looking talismans pasted on the door.

The iceberg chairman who had never showed his feelings, was agitatedly angry. He ordered the cleaners to get rid of it immediately and called for an urgent meeting to criticize such superstitious ideology. He even set up a rule on the spot that if he found out that any employees had been in contact with such dissident groups, they would be sacked immediately regardless of what position they held.

PS: Secretary Fang who had good intentions but wasn’t helpful in the end, spent the entire day shivering with chills.

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