RIAH – Chapter 61: The Surprisingly Helpful Nannan

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Chapter Sixty-One: The Surprisingly Helpful Nannan

Other than the elevator, most of the things that were meant to provide convenience for Xiao Yu were already installed.

For example, the mini staircase that used to be fixed to Yan Jin’s desk was now in every corner of the villa so that it would be convenient for Xiao Yu to loiter around at ease.

The existence of these things had increased Xiao Yu’s entertainment activities. Bearing the brunt was the miniature artifacts that were on the second level. Xiao Yu had spent the past few days playing in them thoroughly and even found numerous surprises and little presents.

Some of which were in the artifacts’ mechanism. An example would be the secret room, or the treasure map hidden behind the wall. Most of the treasures found were colorful snacks. Occasionally, he would find some cute little bells. And some of those were obviously specially arranged by Yan Jin. For example, the little fish drawing carved on the corners or the melon seeds that were hung on the trees with thread. Whenever Xiao Yu tugged one of those, it would reveal a little paper drawn with hearts on the other end of the thread. He then handed over those little papers to Yan Jin when he arrived home later that day and he received a lot of kisses in return.

After that incident, Xiao Yu decided to never ever tug those melon seeds on the trees again.

Even if he did tug on them, he would hide the little papers and not let Yan Jin see them.

Aside from these, the most crucial thing was that Xiao Yu could finally go up to that mysterious third level that he had never stepped into.

The second level was originally filled with vacant rooms that were set aside. Now that every room had been decorated with Xiao Yu’s miniature artifacts, they had almost completely transformed into entertainment rooms, giving this solemn-looking villa a soft and adorable image.

After analyzing the situation on the second level, Xiao Yu’s curiosity about the third level had greatly increased. With the help of the elevator, he had secretly gone up to look around when Yan Jin was not at home. He felt… kind of indescribable.

Indeed, the third level was not like the second level where it had guest rooms. Instead, it had a big living room and a few smaller rooms. The white-colored table and chairs matched the white piano in the corner, which made it seem like a place to hold a tea party on a relaxing afternoon.

It was a pity that despite Yan Jin getting the helpers to clean up the villa every one or two weeks, this level still seemed to be ragged, as if it was desolate for years. The smaller rooms were all locked up just like the ones on the second level, making it impossible for Xiao Yu to enter them.

Xiao Yu was not sure if it was his imagination, but he felt that the third level seemed to be a little eerie. As long as he was there, there would be an indescribable eeriness.

If he had come up from the staircase, he would not have gone here immediately from the living room. However, if he had taken the elevator, he could immediately see that snow-white wall from the living room.

There was an oil painting that hung on the wall. The woman in the painting was grandeur and elegant. She was sitting upright on a European style wooden chair as if she was in eighteenth century Europe.

The strange thing was, the gigantic oil painting was covered with so much dust that Xiao Yu was unable to see the woman’s features clearly. He could only vaguely tell that she had a pretty appearance and a graceful, well-proportioned figure.


It may have been because Xiao Yu was playing too happily these past few days, which made him accidentally forget about Nannan.

Of course, Xiao Yu would never have forgotten about the Autumn Release Conference. He had spent the last two days constantly thinking over the exhibition product. However, that design file that he left with Nannan to ponder over last week was something that he really had forgotten.

It was Thursday morning when Yan Jin casually mentioned, “Once we’re done selecting the design drafts this week, I will have time to properly accompany Fishy.” His words made Xiao Yu immediately realize that YL’s design drafts had already entered the voting period. And that would mean that the mid-preparations for the Autumn Release Conference had reached its final stage, and the conference would be beginning soon after.

Xiao Yu turned pale with fright as he waited for Yan Jin to leave before he immediately contacted Nannan.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You there??

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: How’s the progress on the design requests that I gave you earlier? I’m sorry, I was a little busy these past two days and didn’t contact you earlier.

Xiao Yu was very flustered. Right from the start, he had assumed that Nannan would never be able to do drawings that weren’t jewelry designs. If that was the case, he could only take the risk to find a substitute drawer instead. But he had previously estimated that finding this substitute drawer may need a month or so. Without him noticing, it had already dragged on until today, making it too late to find a substitute.

To think that Xiao Yu would make such low-level mistakes. If he was still working at SI, such mistakes would cost him an entire month’s bonus.

[Nannan]: Oh Guru, I was just going to look for you.

[Nannan]: I’ve been busy working on this for the past two days. It’s almost done. I planned to directly give it to you when it’s done. It’s only a half-completed drawing for now, but I’ll send it over to you. Hold on~

Nannan sent over a file.

A half-completed drawing already? Xiao Yu felt confused about this situation. Although it was gratifying to know that Nannan could draw something other than jewelry, but wasn’t it too much that he had already completed it halfway? Xiao Yu had told Nannan before that a drawing should never be rushed, that rushed works would never be the best. Moreover, the design this time was difficult to begin with. So, what did Nannan mean by saying that the drawing was half-done?

Plus, it would be useless to draw anything when there was no inspiration.

Xiao Yu got a little angry at Nannan’s half-hearted attitude. But that anger only lasted until the moment he opened that drawing.

When Xiao Yu saw that drawing, his feelings, how should he describe it… Perhaps it was like how Yan Jin had felt when he first received the drawing from Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both.


Nannan… actually had such standards?

There were some obvious traces of inexperience on handling the details. However, the drawing thoroughly displayed the soul that it was trying to express.

This made Xiao Yu remember how he himself was many years ago. He was a nobody back then. Did he move his teacher, whose reputation was well known far and wide, with a drawing like this?

Xiao Yu looked through the drawing several times in detail. Then, he thought over his choice of words before he sent the message over to Nannan.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: This drawing doesn’t seem like your usual design style. Sillysmile.jpg

Xiao Yu dared not believe that Nannan’s standard would leap so much in such a short time. The checks done by the Autumn Release Conference committee were quite stringent. If Nannan were to use underhanded methods, there would be big problems later.

Xiao Yu was not scared of that, but it would be bad if he implicated Yan Jin and YL.

[Nannan]: No worries, Guru. I’ve found a big boss who graduated from the architectural faculty. He’s part of my gang, there won’t be any problems.

[Nannan]: So how is it, Guru? I think the drawing is pretty good in my own opinion.

Xiao Yu felt very complex. It was not just Nannan, even he thought that the drawing was really good.

That was not a bad thing. Instead, it was a very, very awesome thing. It was just that worrying so much before, and then suddenly getting hit by this pleasant surprise left him in a daze.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It was indeed well-drawn. There are some small details that should be amended slightly. Continue working on it and you shouldn’t have any problems getting out the final product.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I will send you the details that I need to you change. You can adjust it based on your own thoughts.

[Nannan]: Okay~

After they had ended the conversation, Xiao Yu still couldn’t come back to his senses. He looked through the drawing several times again before he was convinced that he was not dreaming.

The drawing that was completely in accordance to what he had in mind, was going to be completed.

It was as if Xiao Yu had seen the Four Seasons Manor with carved railings and jade inlays in that unfinished drawing.

Hair-raisingly gorgeous.


The sound of the door unlocking interrupted Xiao Yu’s daydreams.

Xiao Yu subconsciously turned to look at the clock – it was nine in the morning.

Did Yan Jin forgot to bring something and returned to get it?


If that were the case, then Yan Jin would have definitely told him about it beforehand. Plus, Yan Jin was never in a situation where he came back home midway. The timing was not right either because he would normally leave the house at around six-thirty in the morning and reach his office at around seven-thirty a.m. It was only nine a.m. right now, so it was only possible for Yan Jin to be here if he turned back immediately after reaching the office.

However, if Yan Jin had reached his office, then he could have instructed his secretary to come over to get the things that he had forgotten. There were similar incidents that happened before where Xiao Yu had seen Yan Jin’s secretary come over to pick up documents. What was it that Yan Jin had to retrieve it himself?

It was not Yan Jin.

That realization made Xiao Yu panic.

He was currently on the coffee table with the iPad beside him. Other than that, he had no other equipment he could use.

To prevent this person from entering the house was impossible. Logging into his QQ and getting help from Yan Jin would also take too long. And that was when Xiao Yu clearly heard the second lock turn.

In that instant, when the door was pushed open, Xiao Yu made a prompt decision and leapt towards the sofa. He tumbled a few rounds and hid his tiny body behind a leaning cushion.

Then, Xiao Yu held his breath as he carefully peeped his head out and saw the intruder through the gap between the cushion and the armrest.

It was Chu Ge.

Xiao Yu who panicked for nothing: ……

What Xiao Yu did not know at that point was that Chu Ge was in fact more nervous than he was.

Chu Ge moved quietly into the living room, looking around like a thief. After confirming that there wasn’t anyone in the house, he immediately squatted down on the spot.

Xiao Yu watched as Chu Ge kneeled with his face close to the floor. Not knowing what misdeed the man was trying to do, Xiao Yu pondered for awhile and decided to speak out.


Chu Ge inhaled sharply as he subconsciously turned around.

No one was there.

“Squeakkk!!” I’m here, I’m here!

Xiao Yu’s continuous squeaking finally caught Chu Ge’s attention. The man looked at the hamster that was on the sofa and sighed in relief.

“Fishy, what are you doing here?” Chu Ge scooped Xiao Yu into his hand as he answered himself: “I know, it must be that fellow Yan Jin who forgot to put you back into the cage. That’s so irresponsible.”

Xiao Yu smiled silently.

Chu Ge wanted to bring Xiao Yu back to the bedroom, but after some thinking, he decided not to do anything extra. If Yan Jin were to find out that he had secretly entered his house, the chairman would definitely retaliate.

Hence, the doctor put Xiao Yu back onto the sofa.

The moment Chu Ge bent over, his eyes sparkled.

“Aha! Traveling far and wide, only to find it so easily.” Chu Ge said as he picked up a strand of hair from the sofa and carefully sealed it into a zip lock bag that he brought along with him. Then, he patted Xiao Yu’s little head and spoke with intentions of currying favor:

“Fishy bro, you must never let Yan Jin know about this, okay? I’ll bring you some melon seeds next time.”

Xiao Yu smiled as he nodded his head and Chu Ge left perfectly contented.

Then, Xiao Yu walked back to the coffee table, unlocked his iPad, opened his QQ account and clicked on the conversation column with Grey-white SS.

[Fishy]: Yan Jin, Yan Jin, Chu Ge secretly came over just now and took away a strand of hair.

[Fishy]: smilinghamster.jpg

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