RIAH – Chapter 62: Rumors Say That the Chairman Is Getting Married

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Chapter Sixty-Two: Rumors Say That the Chairman Is Getting Married

Yan Jin would never log on to his side account in the morning, so the message that was sent out did not receive any response after a long wait. Xiao Yu felt a little disappointed.

It seemed like he could only wait until the afternoon for a good show.

That entire morning, Xiao Yu had nothing much to do, so he opened Toxic, planning to play a few rounds.

After the previous incident, where his identity was exposed, Xiao Yu no longer had a strong inclination to level up his rank. He even developed some psychological trauma towards Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both’s gaming account, which made him want to stop playing. In any case, Yan Jin had registered a new account for him, so if he wanted to play games, he could just use Fishy’s game account.

After logging in to Toxic, Xiao Yu realized that there were some promotional activities for the release of new hero characters. Even the additional purchase of character icons would be quite worthwhile. Previously, when he saw such promotional activities, the hamster would just look at it for satisfaction and then look at other players display their new character icon to his heart’s content. After all, he knew that he had no way of spending money on these games because this iPad originally belonged to Chu Ge and it was tied to a xBao account which also belonged to the doctor. Xiao Yu did not know what the password was, and he would not have used it even if he knew.

However, right now, Yan Jin had opened a xBao account for him. It had no other use, so it should be fine to use it on these games, right?

Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment and ended up giving in to the temptation to buy the new hero character and the new character icon.

When he saw the confirmation ‘Transaction successful’, he couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Xiao Yu harbored the guilt and excitement as he immediately tried out his new character for a few rounds. He wondered if it was the special effect from the new icon, but Xiao Yu’s performance today was exceptional as he sang the victory songs aloud.

Just as Xiao Yu was prepared to play another round, a message suddenly popped out.

[Grey-white SS]: Don’t play games all day and night. It’s bad for your eyes. A hamster’s eyesight isn’t good to begin with, do you want it to get worse?

Xiao Yu was taken aback – how did Yan Jin know that he was gaming?

As if Yan Jin had heard Xiao Yu’s question, he continued to message.

[Grey-white SS]: It’s the game’s new monitoring function. Once you’ve been online for more than three hours, it will inform me.

They actually had such functions available? Xiao Yu felt dubious about it, but the truth was right before his eyes, so he was forced to believe it.

[Fishy]: ……

[Fishy]: I was wrong. I’m sorry.

[Fishy]: Is it lunch break for you now?

[Grey-white SS]: Yes. What’s the matter?

[Fishy]: It’s about Chu Ge, of course. Didn’t you see the message I sent earlier?

[Grey-white SS]: Oh, him. Lol.

Xiao Yu could tell the elaborated meaning that combined the essence of language and culture from the simple-looking ‘lol’.

Someone’s gonna get hurt real badly…

[Grey-white SS]: You don’t have to worry about him. Take care of yourself and don’t game for too long. If you’re bored, go run on the wheel. It helps to lose weight.

Xiao Yu obviously couldn’t agree to not worry just because Yan Jin had asked him not to.

Xiao Yu had never expressed concerns over Chu Ge’s matters. But this was not just something concerning Chu Ge alone, it also involved Yan Jin.

And Yan Jin was the spark that lit the flames of Xiao Yu’s burning curiosity and gossiping soul.

Moreover, how was he fat? He was mellow and full, got it? Hamster breeds were meant to be mellow and full to be beautiful!

[Fishy]: Hn. I’m not fat at all.

[Fishy]: angryhamster.jpg

This series of hamster expressions was something that Xiao Yu liked to use in his previous life. Now that he had become a hamster, he loved using it even more. The hamster emoticons were not as cute as him (self-proclaimed) of course, but it perfectly expressed what he was trying to show.

[Fishy]: Tell me! If you don’t tell me, then you won’t see your little hamster anymore when you get home tonight!

That was quite an obvious method of provoking someone. Normally, it wouldn’t be useful at all. The great chairman Yan wasn’t just an average person … This technique was super effective against him.

Indeed, Yan Jin sighed helplessly on the other side of the screen as he surrendered.

He had no choice. Fishy was the hamster demon that he had pampered to this stage, he would have to oblige to him no matter what.

[Grey-white SS]: Okay then. What do you want to know?

Xiao Yu thought for a while before he asked what he wanted to know the most.

[Fishy]: Why did Chu Ge take your hair?

[Grey-white SS]: Probably to curse me with some voodoo. That’s the only way he could win against me after all.


Xiao Yu gritted his teeth in frustration.

What, he thinks I’m stupid? Even if I’m a hamster now, my intelligence hasn’t deteriorated. Those soap operas about aristocratic families weren’t watched for fun only! Taking a hair sample when no one is looking? That is the typical plot for a paternity test drama – I have seen it all a long time ago, okay?!

[Fishy]: Nonsense. It must have been taken for paternity testing! You cheat! If you continue to do that, you’ll really end up losing your little hamster!

[Grey-white SS]: You even know about paternity tests?

[Fishy]: I’m a hamster that has lived for many years. I’ve seen such things a long time ago on television.

Yan Jin almost burst out laughing but he wasn’t the only one in the office. Luckily, he still managed to suppress his laughter and prevent his image from crumbling.

Even so, Secretary Fang, who was tidying up the documents, was deeply shocked by what she had seen.

Her chairman, their chairman, that Chairman Yan who was cold, aloof, and careful with all his expressions no matter what… There was such a day when he would unexpectedly smile foolishly while holding his phone?

Ohmygoddammit. Who was the vixen that seduced our Mr. Perfect?

Secretary Fang suppressed her overwhelming curiosity and anger as she picked up a stack of documents and walked over: “Chairman Yan, these are the merchant collaboration and sponsorship contracts for the Autumn Release Conference. It’s an urgent document that was requested by the ministry of foreign affairs. It needs to be submitted tonight.”

Yan Jin didn’t even raise his head: “Leave it there, I’ll look over it when lunch break is over.”

Secretary Fang took in a deep breath as a group of alpaca ran through her mind.

That workaholic Yan Jin, who would only eat one meal if he was busy with work, and sat in his office without even budging an inch for a few hours straight would actually treat lunch break so importantly?

And it had to be at such a crucial period just before the most important annual Autumn Release Conference?

Who was it? Who touched their precious chairman?

Secretary Fang rubbed her temples and flashed a perfect smile with no room for mistakes: “Chairman Yan, I’ve finished arranging the documents. I will take my leave.”

Yan Jin nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Secretary Fang moved to pick up the coffee that had gone cold. In that instant, when she hunched over, her gaze was like an x-ray scanner as it focused on the phone screen in Yan Jin’s hand.

It was just that one moment, but Secretary Fang saw an extremely crucial sentence –

[Grey-white SS]: Marriage? Not a bad idea.

Secretary Fang legs gave in a little as the cup of coffee in her hands trembled before she stabilized it.

Yan Jin’s attention was not swayed by that incident. He held his phone in one hand and rubbed his chin with his other hand, revealing a gentle yet helpless smile.

Secretary Fang staggered her way out of the chairman’s office.

That day, news of Yan Jin’s marriage spread throughout the entire YL building, causing a wave of people who wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves.

“Chairman Yan has a partner? When did that happen? Why are they talking about marriage so early?”

Some expressed their astonishment.

“Ha? What? How could there be any woman compatible with Chairman Yan?”

Some ‘objectively’ analyzed the problem.

“No way, Chairman Yan belongs to everyone. We must think of a way to get rid of that woman!”

Some subjectively tried to resolve the problem.

“Huh? I haven’t heard Chairman Yan telling me that? When is he planning to ask me for marriage?”

Yet another one went crazy.


Xiao Yu was very, very dissatisfied with Yan Jin’s nonchalant attitude upon getting cheated. But the chairman quickly sent over another message that made him slightly control his anger.

[Grey-white SS]: What television shows have you watched?

[Fishy]: Hn. Don’t you dare divert the topic.

[Grey-white SS]: … Okay then. I admit. It’s for the purpose of a paternity test.

[Fishy]: anticipatinghamster.jpg

[Grey-white SS]: The story is quite complicated…

Yan Jin felt speechless about his own hamster’s gossiping skills. If it was about someone else, he might be able to just fool him without a problem. But when the main person involved was himself, instead…

Yan Jin was unsure of where he should start lying.

Thankfully, Xiao Yu did not let Yan Jin stay troubled for too long.

[Fishy]: *cough* This question might be a little offensive, but are you not the Yan family’s child?

From that sentence, Yan Jin could already tell what type of television dramas Xiao Yu had been watching.

It seemed that he could fool him after all.

Yan Jin continued typing as he sighed.

Compared to those television drama plots about aristocratic families that would make the crowd laugh, sometimes reality would be more…

Even more terrifying.

Father and son killing one another, or brothers fighting among themselves – those really weren’t a big deal.

Under the cover of modern science, those shady businesses that were more improper, completely illogical and unimaginable would all become possible.

Yan Jin’s only wish was that the people who were dragged into this quagmire would gradually diminish.

Especially for that Mr. Demon who accidentally ran into his life.

[Grey-white SS]: There might be such possibilities. Maybe we might end up in the streets one day.

[Grey-white SS]: When that time comes, what am I going to do about you, Fishy?

[Fishy]: Don’t worry, I’ll take you in when that time comes!

[Grey-white SS]: You’ll take me in??

[Fishy]: Of course! Confidenthamster.jpg

[Fishy]: I’ll save up a lot of money and provide for you!

For some unknown reason, a 2D image of a cartoon hamster lifting a briefcase going to work appeared before Yan Jin as it successfully made him laugh.

His heart seemed to be wrapped in soft liquid where every heartbeat pumped warmth into his heart.

It was an emotion that had rarely appeared. Yan Jin felt unaccustomed to it… but he did not dislike it.

[Grey-white SS]: Seems like a good plan.

[Fishy]: Getting bankrupt is a good plan?

[Grey-white SS]: So long as Fishy is with me, everything would be a good plan.

[Fishy]: Go away, you’re super mushy.

[Fishy]: disgustedhamster.jpg

[Fishy]: Speaking of which, what do you plan to do with Chu Ge? He’s the main culprit that caused you to go bankrupt.

Xiao Yu had already completely immersed himself in his own imagination and Yan Jin corresponded well with him.

[Grey-white SS]: Hm, what does Fishy think I should do?

[Fishy]: Hn, he’s the type of person that creates trouble all the time because nobody has been watching over him. You should help him look for a wife sooner. Once he gets married, he won’t have so much time.

[Grey-white SS]: Marriage? Not a bad idea.

At that moment, Yan Jin, who was talking in an absolutely unrestrained manner with his pet, ridiculing his own best friend, would not have expected that karma would arrive so suddenly.

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