RIAH – Chapter 63: The Miserable Chu Ge

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Chapter Sixty-Three: The Miserable Chu Ge

Chu Ge was having a bad headache.

Two nights ago, he was having a drink in the corner of a bar while waiting for someone. He imagined that it would just be a very normal night. It turned out that some blond came in, waddling his way from nowhere, completely drunk. When he walked past the doctor’s table, that man tilted his head and his entire body went crashing into the table, swiping the rows of bottles onto the floor, covering it in shattered glass pieces.

Destroying someone’s property was one thing, but that blond’s forehead had a cut from the glass fragments, which made blood seep out from the wound very quickly.

The thundering sound of bottles smashing freaked Chu Ge out as he immediately got up from his seat. But a few drops of liquor still managed to spill onto his newly-bought windbreaker.

Such rotten luck out of nowhere had Chu Ge on the verge of sprouting vulgarities. However, due to his professional conduct as a doctor, he decided to help that person and prepared to dial for an ambulance.


Who would had expected that when Chu Ge reached out to tap the man’s shoulder, the blond abruptly jumped and pushed him away, before he rolled to the bottom of the table.

Even as the blond was lying on the floor, his mouth continuously mumbled: “I’m- I’m the Yan family’s young master!”

Chu Ge was bending down when he froze.

Yan family?

“Brother Mian are you okay? Brother Mian?” A few of drunkards saw their friend in trouble and quickly came over to help.

This noisy underground bar was not considered a high-class venue. The deafening songs and flickering lights kept people so distracted that even such a big ruckus did not attract much attention from their surroundings.

Chu Ge didn’t usually visit such places, but he did have a date here today. Hence, he did not have a choice but to reluctantly agree to it.

It was just that things had developed beyond his expectation.

“Brother Mian, Mian, let’s go.”

“I’m not leaving. Who dares to get rid of me? I’m the young master, I’m the one…”

“Okay, stop being an embarrassment. Let’s scram.”

Chu Ge pushed the frame of his spectacles – this blond’s words bothered him somewhat.

A few youngsters with colorful dyed hair held the blond up and forcefully dragged him away. One of the guy with red hair stayed back to thank Chu Ge.

“Oh. No problem, it’s nothing.” Chu Ge politely replied as he offered his cigarette box.

“Hey, don’t say that.” The red haired guy replied shyly but generously reached out for a cigarette and lit it.

Chu Ge took out another cigarette for himself but did not put it in his mouth. The doctor held the cigarette between his fingers and asked casually: “Who’s that guy anyway? Drinking that much and wailing away.”

“Bro, this bar is Brother Mian’s territory. How could you not even know Brother Mian?” The red hair guy lowered his voice: “That’s the Yan family’s young master. Filthy rich. Everyone’s flattering him.”

Chu Ge asked puzzledly: “Yan family? You mean that family that does jewelry business? I don’t think that guy is called brother Mian…?”

“Heyyy, you’re talking about the Yan family’s eldest young master. This one’s the second young master.”

Second young master?

Those familiar words connected and formed a somewhat strange combination.

But that was how Chu Ge realized who that blond was.

Yan family’s second young master – that was the boy Mr. Yan’s second wife gave birth to from the second marriage after Madam Du passed away. He was twelve years younger than Yan Jin, which meant that he was just sixteen or seventeen years old now. Probably still in high school. In Chu Ge’s eyes, he was still just a kid.

Madam Du passed away when Yan Jin was eight. Mr. Yan grieved for three years after his first wife passed away before he remarried – It was uncommon in their social circle. The lady Mr. Yan married was Yan Jin’s step-mother. Chu Ge had seen her five or six years ago. However, it was quite some time ago, and they never really interacted with one another, so the doctor was unable to recall immediately.

Chu Ge had seen that blond before, but back then he wasn’t a blond yet, just a black haired boy who was not very well-liked.

While Chu Ge was deep in his memories, the red hair guy carried on talking: “Sigh, we have no idea what’s wrong with him today, calling us out in the middle of the night. If his dad wasn’t rich, who would bother to flatter that wimpy kid.”

Chu Ge strongly agreed to that. He too felt that this ‘Yan family’s second young master’ was too arrogant, just like a spoiled second-generation brat.

“Oh well. He still dares to do as he pleases in front of other people with that kind of brother. When would it be his turn to inherit the Yan family?”

Chu Ge continued to worm facts out of the red haired guy who didn’t seem to notice at all. He replied: “He wasn’t in line at first. But earlier, Brother Mian claimed that he’s the natural born child and that this brother of his wasn’t even the Yan family’s child to begin with. Sooner or later, those family properties would all end up in his hands.”

Chu Ge was so frustrated that he almost laughed. Yan Jin was not the Yan family’s child? That debate had been over since eight hundred years ago, and now a high schooler was talking about it? It seemed like this second young master thought that he could do whatever he pleased without fear of interference. Not that Yan Jin bothered to care about him spouting nonsense anyway.

The difference in age was obvious. Anyone can see that this second young master, who was just playing around and waiting for death, was now enthusiastically trying to come forward like a prodigal son. In the end, this child wouldn’t even be worthy of becoming an obstacle in Yan Jin’s path to inherit the Yan family’s business. Two years later, when Mr. Yan retires from his spot, the old man might even end up begging Yan Jin to spare that child a meal.

Based on the friendship between the Yan and Nan family, Chu Ge had heard some secrets from his elders. For example, how the majority of the Yan family’s businesses were located overseas. Which meant to say that the rightful person in power was not Mr. Yan, but Yan Jin’s grandfather. Another hearsay was how that elderly man was particular about well-matched families in terms of social status and how one should only have one marriage in their life. At first, the elder did not agree to Mr. Yan’s remarriage. In an unpleasant way of saying it, he thought that agreeing to let that woman even be considered part of their family tree was already good enough despite her status and family background.

Even if it ended up with Yan Jin not inheriting the Yan family because of some personal reason, it would never be the second young master’s turn to take over that position. After all, Mr. Yan had quite a few brothers, and Yan Jin had several cousins that were around his age as well.

“That second young master must have watched too many dramas.” Chu Ge was planning on treating this incident like a joke and forget about it. However, what the red haired guy said next made him break out into a cold sweat.

The red haired guy was a young man who spoke without reserve. He took another cigarette from Chu Ge and was absolutely unrestrained with his words: “That’s what I thought too. But earlier, Brother Mian just said that he found a paternity test document that his mother hid. He claims that his brother wasn’t his father’s child.”

The hand that Chu Ge held his cigarette in trembled as the ashes fell to the ground.

Paternity test?

Yan Jin’s identity was almost a hundred percent assured. But if a paternity test surfaced, what if… Would it really be possible?


Chu Ge stared at the red hair guy, who left with his friends that called for him, and pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray.

Then, his gaze landed onto a few strands of golden hair that were on the table.

At that moment, Chu Ge felt his headache, that had never relapsed over the past few years, start to throb again.

That night, when a certain date partner arrived at the bar on time but did not see Chu Ge there, they blocked the doctor’s contact information.


Two days later.

Correction, it should be two days after Chu Ge had stolen a strand of hair from Yan Jin. The doctor’s headache worsened.

Initially, he was simply testing it just in case, to satisfy his own curiosity. Who would had guessed that there really would be a problem after the test?

Chu Ge held the test results in his hands nervously. In the end, he decided to brace himself to seek forgiveness.

Yan Jin knew that Chu Ge was coming over from the beginning. When he received the call from the doctor, he forcefully locked Xiao Yu into the bedroom and sat alone in the living room.

After protesting for ten minutes, Xiao Yu still failed to persuade Yan Jin to let him listen in on the gossip. Although he did gain quite a few benefits from the chairman. Like how the chairman must come home before eight p.m. starting next week onwards and the evening exercise duration should be reduced by half etc.

The little hamster who accepted the benefits reluctantly (proudly) returned to the bedroom to play his games.

Yan Jin, who had signed numerous unequal treaties, had a cold air surrounding him. He held his cup of tea in his hand as he looked at Chu Ge with indifference, making the other man feel shivers run down his spine.

“Hey Yan Jin, I came to tell you some great news today.” Chu Ge pretended to be calm and collected as he planned to deliver this earth-shattering news to amend for his wrongdoings.

Little did he know that after Yan Jin took a sip of his tea, the chairman would complete his speech: “Yan Mian is not my biological brother.”

Chu Ge: ……

“This matter can’t even be considered a secret in the Yan family. But it cannot be revealed to the public either.”

The edge of Yan Jin’s mouth lifted and Chu Ge felt his own legs getting weak.


Will I be silenced?

“Hand it over.” Yan Jin’s hand reached out.

Chu Ge shivered fearfully as he handed over the test results.

Yan Jin glanced through the results before he put it away. His tone became somewhat serious: “What’s your view on this?”

Chu Ge hadn’t recovered from his shock: “What view?”

“Who do you think Yan Mian’s biological father is?”

Chu Ge sensed that something didn’t seemed right.

“Hold on. D-didn’t you just say that you knew long ago that he wasn’t your biological brother? You mean you don’t know who his real father is?”

Yan Jin returned a glance at Chu Ge and smirked: “I said that?”

Chu Ge thought back and recalled that it was true that Yan Jin did not state it that way.

“Although I have no idea what you’re going to do with my hair, I’m still capable of asking for a favor from a friend that works at the test center.”

Chu Ge and Yan Jin had known each other for so many years that the chairman knew what friends the doctor had. Just as expected, Yan Jin simply gave a call and that friend who worked at the test center sacrificed Chu Ge completely.

“Dammit…” Chu Ge wasn’t a fool. After he understood what had happened, he felt that he was being too naïve.

Trying to keep Yan Jin in the dark? Impossible.

Even if Chu Ge did all he could, he would still fail.

Thankfully, the doctor had already grown accustomed to such situations many years ago.

In fact, Yan Jin does not possess any remarkable abilities. If it was not for that little fellow that leaked information to him, Chu Ge’s sneaky acts would never have gotten exposed.

“Let’s start with how you view this matter. We’ll settle our scores later.”

“… I don’t think it’s so simple.” Chu Ge hesitated for a while before he told Yan Jin what he had analyzed last night: “If he’s really an illegitimate child, that woman wouldn’t dare to bring him into the Yan family. To be able to keep it a secret for that long, there should be someone she’s depending on.”

“Hm.” Yan Jin declined to comment.

“Could it be… your great uncle?”

“Hn.” Yan Jin placed the cup of tea onto the table as the loud thud echoed: “Most probably.”

Chu Ge let out a sigh. Back then, he did not want to experience headache over such disgusting things, so he left these complicated struggles behind him. Too bad it was unavoidable after all.

“Leave it. I’ll think of a way. Don’t interfere with it.”

“Hah? Hold on?”

“I think I have not settled scores with you for taking my hair sample without permission to do these tests.” Yan Jin glared icily at Chu Ge and instantly silenced the guilty man.

“I’ll settle this matter once I’ve finished my business. As for you, you have another mission.”

Chu Ge was elated – having a mission is great!

“What kind of mission?”

“The Autumn Release Conference is approaching. There are some issues with the venue. This time, the conference will be held at the neighboring city.” Yan Jin explained leisurely: “I’ll be away for a week. You will help me take care of Fishy.”

Chu Ge: ……

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